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Handprint Spiritual Meaning: Right & Left Hand (Updated)

Handprint Spiritual Meaning: Right & Left Hand

Hands are an important part of human body. Aristotle described hands as a “tool of tools”.

Not only hands perform our day to day basic tasks but they also have a lot of spiritual significance. Hands are mostly used as symbols in different cultures and religions. It can be both simple and intricate.

The hand symbolizes strength, power and protection.

The act of shaking hands symbolizes greetings, hospitality and friendship.

Through hand gestures you can convey messages and feelings which were not possible only through speech.

There is a story within your hands!

What Is Handprint?

hand holding flower

Oxford languages defines handprint as “the mark left by the impression of a hand”.

Handprint also symbolizes the imprint you leave in someone else’s life.

The difference you make through individual and collective actions.

Handprints should not be confused with the footprints.

Footprints are the environmental and social impacts of the processes that sustain us while handprints are changes to environmental and social impacts that we cause outside of our footprints.

Handprint Symbolism

handprint symbolism

Handprint is an important cultural and spiritual symbol. It symbolizes positivity.

In Native American Indian tribes the handprint symbol represented success in hand to hand combat.

They also painted handprint symbol on their faces while being in a war and also on their war horses, clothes and tepees.

There are several rituals of handprint traditions performed through ages around the globe.

  • In ancient Maya culture the children coming of age imprinted their hands on the wall of caves in black and red. The black color symbolized death whereas, the red color symbolized war or life.
  • In Indian weddings brides put their handprints on the walls of their new home. This is a tradition and ritual practiced throughout Hindu community.

It’s also said that if you have an X in the palm of your hand, you’ve been blessed by God.

Handprint Meaning In The Bible

Hands together

According to Bible, hands symbolizes security, divine approval and the good relations that you can have with heavens.

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me. Isaiah 49:16

You are marked by God’s handprints.

His hands molded you and made you into who you are.

The imprint of God in your life is enormous affecting your day to day life from little things to your big life decisions.

Spiritual Meaning Of Right And Left Handprint

Showing hands

Handprint is an important spiritual symbol but its interpretation can be varied based on the factor whether it’s a right handprint or a left handprint.

They stand for separate traits symbolically.

In many cultures and religions right handprint is symbolized for the good luck and fortune while the left handprint is symbolized for evil and the bad luck.

Your left hand also symbolizes the right side of your mind while the left hand symbolizes the left side of your mind.

Left Handprint:

Left handprint is symbolized for evil and bad luck.

In Asian culture left hand symbolizes yin energy.

Yin energy is considered to be slow, cool, wet and dark.

Left handprint is associated with negative energy.

Even to this day, some people believe that being left-handed is a sin.

Right Handprint:

Right handprint is symbolized for the good luck and fortune.

In Asian culture right hand symbolizes yang energy.

Yang energy is considered to be fast moving, loud, active and brightly lit.

Being on the right side has always been the preferred side in any situation in many cultures and religions as it is considered to be the special side of the honor and status.

9 Messages And Signs From Handprint

9 Messages And Signs From Handprint

Handprints are symbols which can be interpreted to read the signs and messages from heaven to process and move forward in life.

These can be haunted and evil messages or maybe a message of good luck and fortune.

Or maybe it could be a warning about an impending danger to watch out for. 

Without further ado let’s explore the messages hidden in handprints.

1) Feeling uncomfortable or guilty 

If you see left handprint somewhere or your left hand itching then it probably means that you are uncomfortable or guilty about something.

Something is making you anxious. Maybe you have done something in the past and now those skeletons in your cupboard are catching up on you right now.

You are uncomfortable about your past mistakes now destroying your present achievement.

You don’t want your secrets to be exposed.

And that wrongdoing of your past is making you guilty and that guilt is eating you alive slowly and slowly, causing you to feel claustrophobic.

It also indicates that you are going through a difficult time and that dark hour of your life is causing you anxiousness.

It also indicates the fear of unexpected future.

2) Something Good

Seeing a large right handprint indicates that something good is coming your way.

Your hard work is going to pay off well.

Maybe the financial success that you always wanted or something personal or that good grades, It could be anything. Maybe you get promoted or that bonus you really needed.

3) Good luck

Seeing the right handprint also indicates that good luck and fortune is on its way.

You need to take full advantage of that good luck.

It’s time to take that exam and try out that lottery ticket.

4) Going the wrong way

If you see left handprint or feel your hand burning around certain people then it represents that you are on the wrong path of your life.

Sometimes you take the wrong decisions in your life and you don’t even know it.

  • It indicates that maybe to fulfill your desires and dreams you have taken the forbidden and wrong path.
  • It also represents bad habits and bad company.
  • It also indicates that toxic person that you have become so close to and that untrustworthy person that you trust so much.

This is a warning sign for you to make right amendments and to open your eyes and make all those wrong decisions right.

5) Meeting someone new

Seeing right handprint daily is a sign from heavens that you are about to meet someone new in your life.

This new person will be like a spring to your cold heart.

Bringing a lot of fortune and good luck with them into your life.

6) Time to spend some time with family

Seeing handprint also indicates that now it’s to make some time for your family in your busy schedule.

Maybe you are living far away from your home and haven’t visited your family in a long time and maybe you are not far away physically but haven’t given time to your family for a long time.

Now it’s time to take a break from your busy schedule to relax and unwind and to spend some quality time with your family.

To give attention to them to make them feel wanted and loved.

7) A new beginning may be on the horizon

Seeing a handprint on a wall is a good sign it indicates that a new beginning is on the horizon.

Maybe you are in that dark tunnel in your life where all you see is darkness.

In this dark phase it’s a sign that dawn is near.

This phase will end soon and a new beginning will start.

It is a sign for not to lose hope at your lowest there will come a time when you will exponentially rise.

There will come a turning point when you least expect it.

You might feel your right-hand itching when you make the right choice.

8) You are not paying concentration to your full potential

Seeing handprint also indicates that now it’s time to think outside the box and get out of that comfort zone.

It’s a message to stop underestimating yourself and realize your full potential.

To achieve all that personal and professional goals.

To give all that you have within you. Sometimes you are so busy in this worldly chaos that you stop paying attention to yourself and don’t know your true self.

So, now it time to know your true self and realize your potential and worth. You should stop underestimating yourself.

9) A challenging decision can also be indicated by looking at the right-handprint

Seeing a right handprint also indicates to make that difficult decision that you have always been fretting about.

To take the leap and see where life takes you.

It could be a very challenging decision and you must be scared to take it but that decision is necessary for you to move forward in life.

It could be a big turning point.

So, set aside all those fears and take that decision.

Final Words

Handprints have important spiritual significance in many cultures and religions.

They may indicate a good or bad sign.

From ages handprints are being used in many rituals and traditions.

All you need to do is to pay close attention to them and capture every detail and then interpret it accordingly. Then take those life changing decisions and move forward in your life.

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