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Fingernails Spiritual Meaning: Long or Short? Sign!

Fingernails Spiritual Meaning: Long or Short? Sign?

Sometimes it might not seem like it, but all dreams have a secret, hidden meaning that you have all the tools necessary to unpack and decipher.

They’re specific to you. Long fingernails in your dream will probably not have the same hidden messages as long fingernails in a dream that your best friend has. 

Let’s find all the puzzle pieces and put them together.

That’s the only way to find the right fingernails spiritual meaning for you, and I’m going to show you how. 

Fingernails Spiritual Meaning


Fingernails are often symbolic of something you have… or don’t have.

Long nails, for example, links to having lots of something, such as money, fancy cars, or nice homes.

Shorter or breaking/broken nails, on the other hand, tend to show a loss of something. For many, this ‘something’ will be wealth or status-related. 

Spiritual Meaning of Long Fingernails

Long Fingernails

Have you had a dream in which you have long fingernails? This is a good sign in several spiritual circles, and points to a period of growth on a personal, wealth, or knowledge level

On the other hand, long fingernails when you are not used to them are cumbersome.

If this is the case for you, either in real life or a dream, then it could mean that you are in the process of making a decision that is not going to be good for you. In fact, it’ll likely hinder you – just as those long fingernails do

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Spiritual Meaning of Short Fingernails

Man with short fingernails

Cutting or clipping your fingernails is symbolic of losing something, usually money or something of high monetary value.

You might lend someone money or a physical item, which you will not get back. You should consider the sign or dream as a warning NOT to lend or give whatever it is you’re thinking of lending or giving – unless you’re happy in the knowledge that you might not get it back. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Broken Fingernails

Broken Fingernails

Broken nails are usually quite a negative sign, at least in the short term. It denotes something similar to clipping your nails short: losing money, something of high value, or losing something that gives you your status.

The latter could mean a fancy car, home, job, or similar.

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Spiritual Meaning of Fingernails: 7 Signs in Dreams and Reality

Spiritual Meaning of Fingernails

There are times when the spiritual meaning or message of a dream will be exactly as it appears, without any hidden messages or complex situations to unpack.

Seeing neat, trimmed, polished fingernails when yours are a complete mess is probably a sign that you need to spend some time on self-care to bring out your best self. 

Let’s look at a few other common spiritual meanings of fingernails in dreams and reality. 

1) Personal Growth

In several spiritual circles fingernails relate to the idea of growth on a personal level. Nails grow, as do humans – in several different ways. What happens with your nails in the dream is often a signification of how your personal growth is going to go, such as increase, decrease, or unethical or immoral means. 

One example of how context is important is by looking at length or state of the fingernails. Broken nails indicate a break in growth, and possibly even a backwards slide. 

2) Personal Shame

Are your nails dirty, so you try to stuff them in your pockets or keep them hidden in other ways?

Whether it’s in a dream or reality, dirty or unkempt fingernails often points to a sense of personal shame

Are you hiding a part of yourself that you think others would deem ‘dirty’? Maybe you’ve judged yourself, without anyone else even knowing about that little part of you. Whatever the case, don’t you think life is a little too short to be worried about whether or not other people are going to judge you?

People are ALWAYS going to judge you.

Just take a look at celebrities: they’re all being judged, even the ones who are seemingly perfect. 

You’ll never make everyone happy, so why not just focus on making yourself happy instead? 

3) Striving for Perfection

Painting, trimming, filing, or otherwise grooming your nails in a dream, points towards a spiritual meaning of perfection, striving for perfection, and (of course) worrying about what other people want and think

A dream of grooming fingernails can also mean that you need to focus on the tiny details; otherwise, you risk undoing all of the hard work you’ve put in, up until this point.

If you’re rushing to finish something, without properly focusing on it, you might fail. 

4) Shedding and Transformation

If you’ve woken up with an overwhelming urge to change your fingernail nail polish, design, or style, there’s something in your life that’s holding you back.

Like a snake sheds its skin, you must shed what you have outgrown. 

With failure comes growth, so don’t think of it as failure. Life is one long learning curve, and failures are lessons. Shedding old relationships, badly suited jobs, or even hateful countries is necessary for forward growth.

You must embrace this period of growth, shedding, and transformation, so it can change your life.

5) Refusing to Let Go

Are your nails super long in a dream? Alternatively, do you have trouble cutting them because you don’t want to have short nails?

That might be a sign that you need to let go of something or someone, but you’re having serious trouble actually doing it. 

In the same way that very long nails are going to hinder you in the dream, whatever you’re not letting go of will hinder you in your life. At some point, you need to learn when to cut the cord and let them/it go. 

6) Walls and Boundaries

Long, talon-like fingernails in a dream are, sometimes, every bit as talon-like as they appear. You can think of them as claws, just like a bird of prey has, used against you, or by you.

Are you clawing someone else with those long fingernails?

The theme of the dream is likely to do with protecting yourself against something that’s been giving you an uncomfortable feeling. 

If someone else is using their long claws against you, scratching at your skin, then you need to start putting up walls and boundaries.

There’s an evil obstacle in your future, and it’s threatening to destroy everything you’ve worked for

7) Underlying Health Conditions

If you thought that medical and health conditions only had physical symptoms, you’d be wrong. Your mind can tell you a lot about your body, and even more so when you start paying more attention to it. 

Broken, cracked, brittle, or otherwise unhealthy nails in a dream point to something unhealthy within your body. Have you been ignoring a symptom, hoping it will go away? What if it doesn’t go away? 

It’s time for you to get your health checked out, just to make sure. Don’t underestimate the power of your own subconscious! 


Do any of these fingernails dream meanings feel somewhat special to you?

When reading, follow your gut and pay attention to the ones that catch your eye. The meanings that mean something are the ones that your subconscious is trying to pull you towards. 

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