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Home » Dreaming of Fighting and Casting Demons: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Dreaming of Fighting and Casting Demons: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Dreaming of Fighting and Casting Demons: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Spiritual warfare is real. However, it can come via various means.

One of the numerous ways of engaging in spiritual warfare is having dreams of fighting and casting out demons.

Now, whenever you have such a dream, does it only mean spiritual warfare? No, it does not. Dreaming of fighting and casting out demons has other spiritual meanings, which we will discuss in this article.

In the spiritual world, seeing demons does not have to be a sign of demonic attack.

Sometimes, other things around you can take the form of a demon, and begin to fight you.

When you understand the concept of demonology, you will realize that demons have more far-reaching meanings than a dark spirit with large horns. 

The dream you just had about fighting demons might have something related to your life, and this is why you should never joke with the sign you just received.

The spiritual world will not bring this dream to you without a purpose.

Do you know why? It is because dreaming of fighting and casting demons is not commonly seen. Therefore, always pause to reflect on what the universe is saying through the dream you just had about demons.

In this article, we will talk about the 11 spiritual meanings of dreaming about fighting and casting demons. Trust me, there is a lot to learn.

What does it mean to dream of demons?

Demons in dreams meaning

Dreaming of demons means that something is wrong somewhere. You will not see a demon without a purpose; neither will you see an angel without a purpose.

From the concept of demons, you will understand that they are angels that were corrupted by darkness.

This is the only spiritual definition of a demon.

Therefore having a dream about them can only mean that something is wrong.

The real question will now be “what is wrong?”, “How can I fix it?”, and so on. 

Furthermore, another spiritual meaning of dreaming about demons is that your chakras are not functioning as they should.

Therefore, this has exposed you to dark and negative energy. There are reasons why your chakra might stop functioning.

This might be due to a spiritual attack, a self-induced problem, or the effect of an evil eye.

However, whenever your chakras begin to vibrate unequally, you will begin to have dreams about demons.

Additionally, the common spiritual meaning of dreaming of demons is that an evil spirit wants to attack you.

This is what everyone has believed for years, and it is true.

If you have dreams about demons, it might be a sign to ask for protection because a demon is trying to attack you through your dream.

What does it mean to dream of demon attacks?

Demon attacking you

Firstly, it means that you are under attack. There is no better way to say this. Whenever you find yourself dreaming of demon attacks, it is a clear spiritual sign that you are under a spiritual attack.

How did you get to this point? The highest possible reason is that you did not pay attention to all the writings on the wall before the attack happened.

Another spiritual meaning that comes with having dreams of demon attacks is the need for protection.

This dream is saying that you have become too vulnerable.

Therefore, you need to protect yourself.

It is saying that someone is trying to exploit your weaknesses, and this is why the dream had to come in the form of demon attacks. 

Spiritually, dreaming of demon attacks can also mean that you are scared.

In the bible, you will realize that demons love to thrive on people’s fear.

Therefore, your fear sent a signal into the spiritual world, which attracted these evil spirits into your life. This is why thy constantly appear in your dream to attack you.

Dreaming of Fighting and Casting Demons: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Fighting and Casting Demons

What are the 11 spiritual meanings of dreams about fighting and casting demons? This will be discussed right away. Whenever you dream of fighting and casting demons, pay close attention to the following 11 spiritual messages of dreaming of fighting and casting demons.

1) Spiritual authority

In the bible, God says that he has given his children the power to cast out demons out of people’s lives.

God also says that his children can stop demons from attacking their own lives.

Therefore, if you see yourself fighting demons in a dream, it is believed that God is trying to open your spiritual eyes to see how much you can accomplish with his power.

He is making you see that the power in you can defeat demons.

Therefore, wake up from that dream with confidence in the power of God. This is a biblical meaning of dreaming of fighting and casting demons.

2) You have a deliverance ministry


One of the hallmarks of a deliverance minister is dreaming of fighting and casting out demons.

Now, in case you don’t know about a deliverance minister, let me explain it to you briefly.

A deliverance minister is someone that is specially equipped by God to cast out demons out of people’s lives, and stop demonic oppression in a territory.

If you are called into this ministry, you will mostly have dreams of fighting and casting demons, and most times, you will overpower these demons.

Therefore, if you have had a recent premonition that you have a ministry, this dream is a double confirmation from God.

3) Pay attention to your words

If you dream of fighting demons with the words of your mouth, it is important to pay attention to this message.

The spiritual world is saying that your words carry divine power, and can resist demonic powers from gaining access to your life.

Now, if you win over the demons in your dream, it is a good sign that you have been using positive affirmations.

However, whenever you dream of fighting demons with your word, and you lose, this is a bad sign.

It reveals that you have allowed too much negativity into your space through the words you speak.

4) Fight your fears

No fears

If you are afraid of demons, but you find yourself fighting against them in your dream, it is a spiritual message from the universe to strengthen your resolve and make you courageous.

This dream will teach you to learn how to fight your fears.

You might be scared of failing, you might be scared of losing money to a business, you might be scared of breaking up with your spouse, or you might even be scared of taking a major huge step.

Whatever the fear is, you must learn to fight them – just as you fought those demons in your dream.

5) Overcome your past

Do you know that your past can become a demon that is holding you back? Yes, it can.

When you dream of fighting a demon that is trying to hold you down, it is saying that you have allowed your past failures to stop you from advancing, and you need to fight against them.

You have told yourself a lie that you are not good enough for the good things of life.

Well, the universe has a contrary opinion.

This dream is a message from the universe that you are entitled to the good things of life, and your past failures should not stop you from enjoying them.

6) Victory over enemies

This is going to be a long dream.

Therefore, you need to patiently wait for the end before waking up. Whenever you dream of fighting demons and casting them out 4 different times (and winning every time), it is a sign of victory over enemies.

It is a revelation that you are out of reach for enemies because of the power you have in you.

7) Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

If you dream of fighting and casting demons with an angel, this is saying that your guardian angel is around you.

Whether you feel the presence of your angel or not, he is always there to heed your call and grant you answers to prayers.

Whenever you have this dream, it is a revelation about your angel.

This is why your attention will be on the angel of light than the demon you are trying to fight.

Once this happens, create a consciousness of the presence of your angel. This will also make you confident.

8) You have good friends around you

In your dream, whenever you are fighting and casting demons with your friends, it is a clear indication that your friends have your best interest at heart.

That is, your friends are loyal and committed to your success.

This is why they are fighting against those demons with you.

People that have had such dreams explained that their friends also had the same dream overnight, and this led to a cordial relationship that lasted for years.

Therefore, the universe can send this dream as a message to encourage you to keep your friends close because they are the best you will ever find.

9) Pay attention to your thoughts

Spiritual thoughts

Whenever you dream of fighting demons coming out of a hole, it is saying that your thoughts have been corrupted, and this is what is affecting your perception and sense of judgment.

In the spiritual world, the hole that harbored those demons in your dream represents your mind.

Through your numerous negative and corrupted thoughts, you have allowed yourself to be contaminated.

Dreaming of fighting and casting out those demons from the dark hole is saying that you should fight against those negative thoughts.

You need to consciously develop a mindset of positivity.

10) You are battling with confusion in your heart

If you dream of fighting demons in the night, it is a spiritual sign of confusion.

The night is a time of sleep, and it is also a time of the dark. Therefore, you need light to see.

However, if you keep fighting the demons even in that darkness, the universe is revealing that you are battling with confusion in your heart, but you have no clue on what to do.

You don’t know how to overcome such contradictions in your heart.

You need a light to fully overcome these demons, and this light can be gotten through prayers and spiritual guidance from psychics or prophets.

11) Ancestral demons


If you see yourself fighting and casting demons in your family graveyard, it is a sign of an ancestral curse.

In Christianity, having this dream means that a generational curse is about to take effect on your life.

Before this dream, you will have observed several spiritual patterns around your life.

To prevent this negative pattern from forming evidently, you need to fast and pray.

The bible says that the weapon of our warfare is not carnal, but mighty through God. As you wage war in prayers, you are going to overcome those demons, and the pattern will be broken.

Could this Dream Indicate Attacks from Demons?

Spiritual attacks

Yes, dreaming about demons can indicate an attack from demons.

Spiritually, dreaming about demons is a sign that something is wrong with your inner man.

Now, whenever negative energy begins to emit from your soul, you will attract demons into your life.

Demons will not come into your life to play truth or dare.

They come to attack and destroy according to their nature. Therefore, dreaming about demons can indicate attacks from demons.

Should I worry about this dream?

Spiritual problems

Yes, you should worry about dreaming of demons.

The reason for this is that most of the things you will see in this dream are not good.

Some of them are warning signs, while others are bad omens.

Therefore, anytime you dream of fighting and casting demons, you should be concerned.

Seek spiritual help if need be, but make sure you pray and become spiritually sensitive.

Final Words

Demons are not beings to play with. You either fight them or they will hurt you. Therefore, if you dream of fighting and casting demons, take care, be cautious and watch out carefully for more specific details to know which message is for you.

With the 11 spiritual meanings of dreams about fighting and casting demons, you now know what to do whenever you have this dream.

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  1. I had a dream where me and my brother and sister were holding a child down and praying over them as a demon was in them. The demon looked at us and said that was fun and now that they are free the queeb is coming… What does this mean?

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    Julian Gakii achuka

    Thank you for the interpretation of the dream I always dream about casting demons out of people and some on the road,but today I was fighting the golden queen they people whom I helped wanted to tire her where she was tired before but I said no I finished her completely there was a light for the sky someone tryed to touching it but was burnt but when I touched it passed though me and I use it to burn the queen completely…I don’t know what is going on with my life….

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