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Double Crown Spiritual Meaning: Did God Touch Me?

Double Crown Spiritual Meaning: Did God touch me?

Have you ever heard that the pattern of your hair can say something about your entire life?

Well, the first time I heard about this was from my mom. She looked at my head and said I had a “double crown hair”.

It did not make any sense to me until years later. I began to realize strange incidents in my life, which made me a believer

The gods of old had the double crown on their heads. This was believed to be a mark that they have been specially assigned a task.

Have you noticed that a pattern on your head looks like you are wearing a double crown? Then, this could mean that something special about your life is yet to be discovered. 

Some people claimed that this could mean a touch from God. Is this true?

This is why you should read till the end to learn more about the spiritual meaning of having a double crown

What is double crown hair?

double crown hair

As explained above, double crown hair has a pattern that seems like wearing a double crown on the head. The most common is to have one hair crown.

Now, this does not VISIBLY appear on most people’s heads.

In most cases, the hair at the crown of the head forms double spiral patterns or what most people call “whorls” or “double hair whorl“.

Your hair whorl patterns may grow in the same direction or opposite directions. But with a visible center point.

The name of this pattern came from the crown of the head in sync with the double whorl that form.

This hair pattern can form on the scalp of both males and females. It is not exclusive or restricted to gender. It’s related to yiur hair follicles growth and you can’t change it.

I have kept my double crown for years and I get more proud of it as I age. 

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with keeping and maintaining it.

Double crowns hair is not common. So, be proud of about your style double crown hair.

This means that you might be among the few lucky ones to be blessed with such a unique hair-forming pattern.

Once you notice it in your head, the next thing should be to discover what it means to have it and how to make the best out of this. 

To discover this, read what comes next in this article.

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Is double crown hair related to spirituality?

double crown hair

Yes, it is related to spirituality.

I mean, why will God create you with such a unique pattern? Does He just do things without a purpose? Hell! No, he doesn’t. I mean, why would only a few people have a double crown?

Most times, we fail to understand the reason behind our designs because we give up too soon on delving deeper to learn. 

From my experience, your head is related to the spiritual world. This is where your crown chakra is present.

Common beliefs said that it helps your connection and alignment to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, having double crown hair is related to spirituality and a sign of God’s love.

According to the myth, the gods of the old had this hair pattern. Now, this does not mean you are a direct descendant of Thor or Pegasus (lol).

However, if this myth is true, then, sharing the same pattern with these mystical beings implies that you possess something special that needs to be discovered

When you closely observe the double whorls on your head, it should be clear that the universe is trying to pass across a message to you.

Sometimes, this message describes your purpose and helps you identify your potential. 

In summary, here are the reasons why double crown hair is related to spirituality:

  • It is not a common hair-forming pattern;

  • Having a double crown means that the gods of old had this pattern on their heads as a mark of identification;

  • This could also be a sign that there is something significant you are destined to accomplish;

  • The double hair whorls or the shape of a crown on your head could also be an indication of royalty and leadership.

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Double Crown Spiritual Meaning

Double crown Spiritual meaning

To further understand the spirituality of double crown hair patterns, here are 5 spiritual meanings you should take a closer look at:

1) A connection to the spiritual world

Having this hair pattern indicates that you have a strong connection to the spiritual world.

Now, this is unlike other people who need to go through meditation practices and so on. Yours is given as a gift.

This is why you can see things without asking for them

In most cases, you are likely to become a psychic or a seer because of how enhanced your spiritual senses will become. 

Most times, I don’t find it hard to connect to the spiritual world.

This is because my energy is always at its peak due to my unbreaking connection to the spiritual realm. Having a double crown and two hair whorls might make you feel different. But, the thruth is you are — in a good way.

2) You are marked for something special

Once you notice this strange pattern on your head, it could be an indication that you have a special destiny to accomplish.

It could be something as simple as leading a generation, causing positive changes in your workplace and so on. 

And in some cases, it could be something that makes you iconic on the earth. Just keep this in your consciousness.

If you have a double crown hair pattern on your head, then, it implies that you are truly a special breed of human and marked out for something special.

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3) Learn to see from two sides

One of the spiritual lessons you can learn from having this hair pattern reminds you to learn to see from two sides.

That is, it warns you against selfishly choosing to see things from your perspective alone. 

The double hair whorls on your head should constantly remind you to learn from others even as you intend for others to learn from you. It has to be a double-sided sword.

Additionally, when you learn to see from both sides of view, it gives you enough information that eventually contributes to making sound judgments.

So, just like your double crown, there is a always two side for one situation.

4) Never be too Authoritative

Also, the double crown means that you need to be cautious against coercion.

Even if you are born to become a leader, you must never become too authoritative over the people you have been sent to lead. 

With love, tenderness, and understanding, you can still become the leader you have been destined to be – while making an impact in droves.

Therefore, let the whorls on your head remind you of this every day.

Don’t assume authority over people without winning over their hearts. 

5) Don’t look down on yourself

Having a double crown makes you who you are as a person. You are different from certain people. Because of this, you stand the risk of being mocked by people.

Now, this might force you to begin to look down on yourself. Well, the universe does not want this to happen. 

Therefore, always remind yourself how special and unique you are.

Even when people look down on you or don’t seem to understand you, never look down on yourself. 

As much as the double crown is a reflection of your uniqueness, it could also be reminding you to never look down on yourself.

That is, see your uniqueness as a strength and not a weakness. God is always behing you and using your double crown to lift you up!

I remember from a young age my hair thinning and people made fun of me for my double crowns. But, your hair whorl is what makes you special to God!

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I have double crown hair: Did God touch me?


No, it does not necessarily imply that God touched you. However, it might also mean that God touched you

Sometimes, it is believed that people with this hair-forming pattern were touched by God on their heads, and this was what brought about the indelible style

However, it is not always true. Most times, the double whorls that form the double hair crown are a special mark from the heavens.

It is mostly given as a mark, and not a touch.

Therefore, having a double crown hair does not imply that God touched you. It could be a mark of identification.

There are even some people who have multiple hair whorls, do you really think it’s a coincidence? It’s a spiritual blessing to be born with a double hair crown.

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Final Words 

I believe you have learned quite a lot from this article. Your double crown hair is related to spirituality. Keep this in mind at all times and let this guide you.

But, remember that your double hair whorl makes you special and unique.

Through your double crown hair, the spiritual world can guide you and instruct you on what to do and how to handle your unique strength and potential. 

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  1. Hi,

    Our newborn (8 months old) has a double crown and I’m intrigued to learn more.
    She is definitely different to our other two daughters as she seems more alert and peaceful.

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