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11 Cow Spiritual Meanings and Symbolisms: Real Life & Dreams

11 Cow Spiritual Meanings and Symbolisms: Real Life & Dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of a cow? Do cows represent good luck? Let’s find out!

  • Have you ever wondered if cows are really spiritual?
  • Have you ever thought about the possible spiritual explanations for dreaming of cows?
  • What if the universe is speaking to you?

Well, this is what you will find in this article. 

With extensive study, I have come to realize that cows carry more spiritual potential than we will ever know.

Therefore, there is a need to always study this spiritual animal. In this article, I will talk about the 11 spiritual meanings and symbolisms of a cow, and why you should never trivialize its presence around you.

What does a cow mean spiritually?

What does a cow mean spiritually

In the spiritual world, a cow is known for the following:

  • Strength;
  • Abundance;
  • Fertility;
  • Blessings;
  • Courage.

Let us talk about these briefly.


In the spiritual realm, the universe can use as a cow to symbolize strength. The reason for this is because of the strength of a physical cow.

Therefore, seeing a cow can be a sign of strength impartation. It could also be an identification with the cow spirit animal. If the cow is your spirit animal, you will often show feats of divine strength at intervals.


It is believed that a cow is an omen of abundance. Everyone that sees a cow should prepare for abundant resources.

The spiritual world uses the cow as a symbol of abundant supply. Whenever you are struggling with lack, you will get this message from the universe as encouragement.


When you see a cow feeding her calf, it means fertility. This is a sign of childbearing. Africans believe that a cow is synonymous with the ability to give birth to children


A cow is also a sign of blessings. The Hausa tribe in Nigeria believes that having cows is a sign of wealth. Therefore, dreaming of it is a sign to expect blessings. 


Seeing a cow also means that you should be courageous. No matter what happens, you will be able to overcome hard times – only if you embrace the courage of the cow.

Cow Symbolism

Cow Symbolism

A cow is associated with several qualities of life, and this is what makes them so special. Let us look at the different spiritual symbolisms of cows.

A cow symbolism is fertility. The milk from a cow is believed to be an offshoot of its fertility power. It is believed to bless everyone with the ability to reproduce good things. For females, dreaming of a cow might be the good news of childbearing (if you are expecting one).

Another cow symbolism is generosity. Whenever you see a cow, it encourages you to be generous in your acts of kindness.

Whenever we show love to one another, our light shines brighter and we make the world a better place. 

Cows are a sign of genuine friendship. For example, seeing a white cow means that your friends can be trusted. this connotes a pure and sincere soul that seeks the good of everyone around.

The Prophetic Meaning of Cows

Black and white cow

Whenever you see a cow, prophecies can come. These prophecies are guidelines and clues about the future, and what it holds in store for you. Let us look at the different prophetic messages from cows.

Whenever you see cows vomiting gold coins, it is believed to be a prophetic message of cow business.

This means that you should consider going into agriculture – especially the rearing of cattle. If you have been looking for a business idea, take this as a clue from the universe to help you find your feet in the business world.

When you see 5 cows running in circles, this is a prophetic message that you are stagnant in one position.

Now, this prophecy has come to inspire prayer.

Therefore, take time to pray against stagnation, and start acting out in faith.

Another prophecy that comes from 5 cows running in circles is old habits. This means that you should become transformed from your old ways to new ways.

3 cows in the spiritual world represent the divine ability to live in unity. With this, you will be able to love everyone genuinely. Whenever you see 3 cows, it is a prophetic message of unity, love, and kindness.

11 Cow Spiritual Meanings and Messages for you

The spiritual meaning of a cow

1) A symbol of strength

Whenever you see a cow with big horns, it signifies strength from above. This is a sign to show you that the strength in your soul can get you through any difficult situation.

This message has also been sent to inspire faith, courage, and determination in your heart to achieve everything you have desired.

You can have this experience as a vision, or in real life. Anytime you see a cow with big horns, it symbolizes divine strength from above.

2) You are ready

A cow walking slowly is a sign of readiness. This shows that you are ready to take on the tasks ahead of you.

It means that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead in your future. This also shows a readiness to give it all it takes to be successful.

If you dream of a cow walking slowly and majestically, it signifies a readiness mixed with confidence. That is, you are ready to take on numerous challenges because of your skill, preparations, and numerous qualifications.

In addition to this, the universe can bring this vision to you as motivation.

That is, even when you don’t feel ready, the universe can use this sign to symbolize your readiness. This will push you to act.

3) Don’t give up the fight

The spiritual world can send a message of encouragement to you through cows.

One of the postures of a cow (in a fight) is stomping its feet on the ground.

Whenever you see a cow in this position, it is an encouraging message from the universe that you should not give up the fight.

At the moment, things seem hard and impossible to overcome. However, if you keep a positive mind and never stop giving in your best, things will change rapidly.

4) Your friends can be trusted

Have you ever doubted the loyalty of your friends? Trust me, I have done so severally. Now, how can you determine the trust rating of your friends?

You can do this through the vision of a cow.

Whenever you see 2 cows playing with each other, it is believed to be an omen of friendship and loyalty.

This means that your friends have good intentions and can be trusted. There is nothing to be skeptical about when it comes to your friends.

They are for you in all seasons.

5) Keep secrets to yourself

Have you consistently dreamed of a black cow walking alone? If yes, then it is a caution sign from the spiritual realm.

This is a message of deep reflection. The universe is telling you that your secrets should be kept to yourself because the people around you cannot be trusted.

The black color is a sign of secrecy, while the loneliness of the cow is a sign of betrayal.

This means that you stand the risk of betrayal if you fail to keep your secrets to yourself. 

6) You are bouncing back

Whenever you see a wounded cow sleeping, it is a sign of healing and recovery.

What does this mean for you? It means that you are bouncing back from every failure you have experienced.

This is not the time to give up all hope of succeeding. The universe has sent this vision to assure you.

Therefore, keep an open and positive mind, and watch how new opportunities will come into your life.

  • Have you suffered a major loss?
  • Have you lost all your money to a failed business?

All of these are bends in the road. You are about to enter a new world of possibilities and good luck.

7) It is time to connect with the spirits

Spiritual connection is something that should not be trivialized. This is how to keep your soul nourished.

Therefore, if you have lost touch with spirituality, you are going to consistently dream of a beautiful white cow.

Each time you have this vision, it signifies the need to establish a connection with the spiritual realm. Now, how can you establish a connection with the spiritual realm? It is simple:

  • Be conscious that the spiritual realm exists.
  • Practice the art of meditation.
  • Practice the art of prayer.

Always be on the lookout for spiritual signs in your environment.

8) You are having a baby soon

Are you trusting God for a child? Then, cows are one of the major signs of fertility.

Whenever you see a cow feeding her calf, it means that you are going to have a baby soon.

This is a good message that inspires hope and faith. With this message, it is advisable to start buying baby items gradually.

Furthermore, practice the art of thanksgiving to lay hold of the promise from the heavens. With the cow’s energy, you will become fertile enough to have a baby.

9) Refuse to settle for less

Whenever you see a cow fighting its fellow cow, it is a good sign of confidence. This is a message to you that boost your self-confidence.

Having this type of vision means that you should not settle for less.

However, the starting point comes with a consciousness that you are made for more. You need to settle this in your mind every day.

Once this becomes your consciousness, it will be easy for you to reject anything that seeks to undermine who you are.

10) The gods are pleased with you

African and medieval traditions believe in the cow god. In some extreme regions, it is prohibited to eat a white cow.

It is said that white cows are a sign of the gods.

Now, if you dream of 2 white cows walking toward you, they believe it to be a sign that the gods are pleased with you.

Therefore, they have come to bless you with wisdom. Dreaming of 2 white cows is a sign of spirituality. It is a sign of a deep connection with the source of a higher power.

11) Nurture your thoughts carefully

When a cow chews grass, it does so carefully. In the same way, you have to watch what you allow into your mind consistently. Your mentality will be developed according to your thoughts.

Therefore, always nurture your thoughts carefully.

Furthermore, the things you think about will determine the energy you emit.

If you want to fill your atmosphere with positive energy, then it is important to fill your mind with positivity and faith. The next time you see a cow chewing grass, take it as a moment of reflection and become deliberate to always nurture your thoughts in positivity.

Are Cows a good luck sign?

Brown cow

Yes, cows are a good luck sign. Seeing a cow in real life or dreaming about a cow can attract several good things into your life.

Whenever you dream of a cow in the afternoon, it is believed to bring promotion to you at your workplace.

Whenever you see a cow stomping its feet, it is believed to give you the ability to stand your ground on any issue.

Several spiritual and physical benefits come with cows. This is why you should always ask for a cow to come into your life. If you have the cow as your spirit guide, you are going to enjoy one of the best life experiences. 

Final Words

Beyond the meat and milk from cows, spiritual messages can be gotten. As you pay attention to these messages, you will discover changes in your choices, decisions, and quality of actions.

The pure soul of a cow can also influence your spiritual connection, enhance your spiritual sign, and cause you to be highly sensitive to the changes around you. Therefore, don’t trivialize visions about a cow – especially when you see them in dreams.

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