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7 Copper Symbolisms: Spiritual Benefits and Power

7 Copper Symbolisms: Spiritual benefits and power

Today I will explain what is the symbolism of copper and also the spiritual meaning of this powerful metal.

When it comes to precious ornaments and jewels, gold, silver, and diamond are the most valuable. Copper is not seen as a valuable precious metal. This is why people don’t appreciate its value.

However, with this unappreciated metal comes divine powers and benefits that have been enjoyed over the years.

Copper is a metal that has a high electrical charge, which is a good factor for spiritual vibrations and frequency. You will be able to harness the power of the universe through copper metal. 

There are several spiritual explanations for gold, silver, and diamonds. However, it is hard to find an exhaustive article on the spiritual benefits of copper. This is why I have decided to put out this relevant information.

Whenever you see copper, it goes beyond the bright brownish color, which is not appealing and shiny like gold and silver. Several magical properties in it can be harnessed for spiritual purposes. 

  • What are these properties?
  • How can you benefit from copper metal?

This article will explain the spiritual benefit and power of copper in more detail. Furthermore, you will understand the 7 symbolic meanings of copper.

Are you ready to venture into a world of possibilities?

Then read this article till the end.

The Spiritual Meaning of Copper

Spiritual Meaning of Copper

As I have earlier mentioned, copper is not appreciated by people unlike gold and other precious metals. However, it has certain magical properties that can transform people’s lives.

This is a message to you. The fact that you are not appreciated by people does not mean you do not have abilities and skills. 

When you continually look up to people’s approvals, and opinions, you will lose your self-confidence. The best way to overcome depression and self-doubt is to find your inner abilities, harness them, and use them where it is going to be appreciated

As unappreciated as copper is, people still use it when it comes to conducting electrical charges.

Furthermore, other people use it as pieces of jewelry.

This tells you that even though some people fail to appreciate what you have, other people need your skills, and are willing to value you for them.

Also, copper is a spiritual charge. It is used to change your vibrational frequency. I will discuss this in more detail later.

When you see a copper, or dream of a copper, it is a sign to check your vibrational frequency and ensure you are emitting vibration on the proper frequency.

What does Copper Symbolize?


Copper symbolizes healing and magic.

When you need healing, copper is a precious metal to grant your desire. Because of its close connection with mother earth, it can pull out healing powers for your benefit.

Therefore, dreaming of wearing a copper might be a sign of healing from sickness. In addition to this, to prevent yourself from falling sick, it is believed that wearing a copper ring will help. The energy that comes from copper repels sickness and makes you healthy.

Another symbolism of copper is magic.

Practicing magic requires energy. Copper is a metal that conducts high electrical charges. In the spiritual realm, this is a sign of magical power.

If you need an anchor for your magical practice, you can wear a copper ring while performing the magic. It is believed to fill you with more charges for a successful magical practice.

Healing and magic are the main properties and symbolic meanings of copper. Therefore, if you desire one of these, copper is the best metal to keep around you. The universe can also show you a vision of copper to ignite your desire for healing and magic.

7 Copper Symbolism and Powers

Copper Symbolism

What are the 7 powers and symbolisms of copper? Let me show them to you right away. After reading this, you will never underappreciate the presence of a copper metal around you. You will get a copper ring for yourself if you don’t have one.

1) Healing

Copper brings healing to your mind and body when you need one. This is one of the powers of copper metal. The energy that comes from copper is believed to bring healing.

Therefore, if you are sick, wear a copper ring on your finger, or a copper chain around your neck. It is believed to bring about divine healing into your life.

I have constantly worn a copper ring after my first major sickness in 2018. Ever since there has never been a reoccurrence of that sickness.

Furthermore, if you are going through emotional traumas, a copper ring or wristwatch will fill your mind with peace, and heal you of every emotional sickness. If you desire to heal, wear a copper metal on your finger, wrist or neck.

2) Spiritual connection

Because of its close connection to mother earth, copper is believed to be an agent of connection with the spiritual world. It is believed that copper is an intermediary between the spiritual and physical world.

Others believe that copper bridges a gap and maintains a balance between the spiritual and physical world. If you are seeking a spiritual connection, place a copper metal around you always.

Furthermore, hold a copper metal in your hand and imagine yourself connecting with a bright light.

Copper metal will bring spiritual alignment into your soul.

In addition to this, dreaming of copper is a sign that the universe wants you to connect with the spiritual world. It brings a deep desire for spiritual sensitivity and awakening.

3) Stability

The copper metal is brownish. Spiritually, brown color is an indication of stability. The reason for this is that the brown color is similar to the color of mother earth.

Mother earth is an advocate of stability.

The bible supports this by saying that an unstable man will never receive anything from God.

Therefore, you must look for ways to achieve emotional and mental stability for yourself.

Doing this will help you to become effective in everything you do.

Furthermore, by allowing the power of the copper to influence your decisions, you will learn how to balance between your emotion and logic. The copper metal creates a balance between your feminine side and logical side.

4) Numerous Opportunities

Copper metals are symbolic of divine opportunities. If you have prayed for opportunities, dreaming of 3-5 copper metals is a sign that you are going to enjoy such opportunities.

Copper brings opportunities into your life, and these opportunities will change your life. The energy around copper metal is good for good luck and fortune.

Therefore, expect good things to happen to you whenever you dream of copper metal. 

5) Work on your social life

Copper metal does not fall into the mix of other precious ornaments like gold or silver.

Therefore, there is this tendency of feeling lonely and outcasted.

When you see copper metals, it is a reminder that you should work on your social life.

There is a place for you in the world. You have the responsibility to find it, and fit in perfectly.

In addition to this, by wearing a copper necklace, you will attract people of like minds, who will help you to find your place in the social world, and improve your social interactions. 

6) Peace of mind

Copper metal will give you peace of mind. When you are troubled with life’s issues, it is the best time to get a piece of copper metal around you.

Most times, what I do is hang a copper metal on my wall or place it on my window frame. It gives me a sense of confidence and takes away every worry from my heart.

Although, this is a temporary solution.

The permanent solution comes when you become deliberate about contentment and faith. Copper metal will simply help your mind to be stable as you take that decision.

7) Working together

Creating alloys requires copper, bronze, and brass. This connotes working together to achieve a purpose. The universe is encouraging you to find your team of people, and work with them.

When you work with people, it is safer and increases your productivity.

Therefore, you must be deliberate about working together with other people. Doing this helps you to achieve your aim faster, and in a less stressful way. 

These are the 7 symbols and powers of copper metal. Paying attention to these symbolic meanings will help you to appreciate the power of copper. There are 4 spiritual benefits of using copper. Let’s look into this.

Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Copper

Copper neckless

Wearing copper has 4 main spiritual benefits. You are about to enter a new level of enlightenment concerning copper’s abilities and powers. Alright, let’s get into this.


Copper has healing properties that help you to heal up faster. The mechanics behind this cannot be fully explained because the results are generated using spiritual methods.

Wearing copper on your neck helps your body to heal from sickness faster.

Therefore, the next time you fall sick, put a copper necklace around your neck, and watch your healing process speed up.

Good luck:

Copper brings good luck into people’s lives. Therefore, if you desire good luck, wear the copper around your neck. If you want your business to prosper, it is best to wear a copper ring.

The reason for this is that the ring has a direct connection with the hand, and the hand is a symbol of your business.

Having the copper ring on your hand directly influences your business with good luck.

You can also wear it as a bracelet if you are a student. This will assimilate your reading abilities, and enhance your academic performance. Generally, wearing copper brings good luck and prosperity into your life.

Therefore, you should have it on your hand, neck, or fingers every time.

It drives away negativity:

The high energy around copper is good for positive energy. The high energy of copper increases your spiritual vibration.

In the spirit world, a higher frequency brings good luck while a lower frequency brings bad luck.

Therefore, if you desire good luck, use copper. By wearing copper on your hand, negativity will not settle in your heart.

Furthermore, ensure that a copper pendant is attached to your necklace, and touches your chest, this will clear every negative energy in your heart, and fill you with positivity.

Spiritual grounding:

The copper metal connects you with the spiritual world. If you are battling with spiritual sensitivity, copper metal helps you to bridge that gap.

With the copper metal, you will attain a level of connectivity that will lead to spiritual grounding.

That is, your mindset about the spiritual world will be firm.

It will be difficult for anyone to convince you against the spiritual realm.

Furthermore, it will bring a level of spiritual stability into your life. Copper metal heightens your spiritual senses to understand spiritual signs and objects.

Copper Healing Properties

Copper Healing Properties

The copper has healing properties. It will take away your sickness by removing negative forces from your environment. 

There are 3 healings properties of copper:

  • Physical healing;
  • Emotional healing;
  • Spiritual healing.

If you desire physical healing, wear the copper as a necklace, or as a ring. This will directly work on your body parts. The energy from copper metal will flow into your body, and heal up every defective part. I have benefited from this. Therefore, it works perfectly.

If you desire emotional healing, you need to have a copper pendant. Attach this pendant to a necklace, and ensure that the pendant touches your chest.

This will go into your emotional chakra and fix it. The high energy from the copper will balance the energy in your sacral chakra.

For spiritual healing, you can wear copper on your neck, hand, fingers, or the ankles of your leg. As long as it touches your body, spiritual healing and alignment will happen.

Channel the energy from copper into your soul, and imagine yourself connecting with the universe. This will heighten your spiritual senses. 

Final Words

Copper goes beyond a metal or conductor. It carries divine abilities to heal and put your mind at ease. Therefore, learn to use copper for your spiritual advantage. It works perfectly and delivers great results.

So, do you already know what is the copper symbolism and spiritual meaning and also benefits for your spiritual life? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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