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Can you Wash Clothes on New Year’s Day? 7 Superstitions

Can you Wash Clothes on New Year’s Day? 7 Superstitions

Can you wash and dry clothes on New Year’s Day? Let’s find out!

New year’s day is one of the busiest days of the year. This is when a lot of people visit their family members, cook, and get into the mood of celebration.

As this goes on in the physical world, so is it in the spiritual world.

On new year’s day, spirits also carry out their activities in a new dimension and fashion.

Furthermore, new year’s day is believed to be one of the most sensitive days of the year. You need to be careful of the things you do or say on new year’s day. 

Have you ever thought of the spiritual implication of washing clothes on new year’s day?

Well, if you have, then this article is for you. Several information flies on the internet and journals seeking to bring correct facts about washing clothes on new year’s day.

But, I have noticed that these facts – as correct as they are, are not entirely holistic.

Therefore, I have some newly found truths about washing clothes on new year’s day, which will guide you on how to or how not to wash clothes on new year’s day. Does this sound interesting? I guess it does. So, let’s get into it.

Can you do Laundry on New Year’s Day?

Can you do Laundry on New Year’s Day

Yes, you can do the laundry on new year’s day. Now, there are one or two things to watch out for before doing this

New year’s day is spiritually a day of reflection. It is a day to reflect on the past year, observe what you did right and wrong, and prepare to adjust appropriately to the new year.

Furthermore, it is a time of celebration and festival – thanking the spirits for bringing you into another new season.

This is why people have advised against doing the laundry on new year’s day. It is said that the spirits can become jealous and hurt you. Why? Because you are not creating time for them on new year’s day.

How can you do the laundry on new year’s day?

  • Make sure to say a word of prayer to the spirits before washing your clothes. You can simply mutter words like “As I wash, I focus on the spirits. As I wash, let all my troubles be gone. As I wash today, my energy is kept together. Amen”. You can also recite other incantations.
  • While washing, keep your mind focused on the spiritual world. Don’t allow anything to distract your focus. One of the reasons why people tet negatively affected by doing the laundry is because they talk a lot more about the clothes than they talk about the spiritual world.
  • Only do the laundry in the evening.

Can you Wash Clothes on New Year’s Day?

Washing clothes

Washing clothes on new year’s day has to come with caution.

New year’s day is a time when spiritual energy is at its highest. This is the time when you can gain a spiritual connection or lose one.

Do you know why people are scared of washing clothes on new year’s day? It is because of a belief that people who wash clothes on new year’s day eventually lose a member of their family.

The question is “How true is this belief?”.

Well, this article cannot say for sure because there are no reports concerning people losing their loved ones after washing on New year’s day.

However, don’t discard it. Before you wash clothes on new year’s day, ensure that you don’t have any pending tasks.

That is, you must ensure that you are washing your clothes after doing all that is required.

The reason for this is that the energy that comes from washing clothes on new year’s day will affect you negatively if you have not completed all pending tasks.

Yes, you can wash clothes on new year’s day, but ensure that it comes after doing all other tasks. 

Can you Dry Clothes on New Year’s Day?

Drying clothes

Yes, you can dry clothes on new year’s day. It is okay for you to dry clothes on new year’s day.

Spiritually, drying clothes indicates completing a task. It is a good sign for the year.

After washing clothes, the next thing is to dry them. Spiritually, this means that you are going to stay through with all your plans for the year and get the desired objective.

Another reason why drying clothes on new year’s day is great reveals hard work.

That is, it will instill a dogged and persistent attitude into your consciousness.

This attitude will get you through the year, and help you to accomplish great things.

After washing clothes and drying them, there is this sense of fulfillment I have. Have you also felt this? I am sure you have.

Now, this feeling is good on new year’s day because it will release positive energy that brings fulfillment into your life all through the year.

Go ahead and dry your clothes on new year’s day. It has no negative spiritual consequence.

Can you Sweep on New Year’s Day?

Sweep on New Year’s Day

Yes, you can sweep on new year’s day. This is one of the rituals to prepare you for the year. Sweeping on new year’s day needs to be approached with caution:

  • Don’t start sweeping at midnight. Avoid this time by all means. This is the beginning of the new year’s day, and several activities are going on in the spiritual world.
    • During this time, evil spirits are also moving around. The sound of sweeping can attract them to your home.
  • Ensure that you have swept your home on the last day of the year. This is important. If you fail to sweep your house on the previous day, sweeping on new year’s day is not good. It is like carrying your past failures into the new year.
    • This is the reason behind several people’s carryovers. This is why people say things like “I am going through the same pattern as last year”.

Pay attention to these two caution words. Don’t sweep at midnight, and make sure to sweep your house before new year’s day. Once these 2 things are put in place, then, sweeping will bring good luck into your house.

7 New Year’s Day Superstitions: Cleaning and Washing

New Year’s Day Superstitions about Cleaning

Cleaning and washing on new year’s day have several belief patterns. All of these are based on religious biases and cultural inclinations. Let us look at the 7 new year’s day superstitions concerning cleaning and washing.

1) Repenting from your sins

This is from the Christian religion. In the spiritual world, brooms are spiritual objects for cleaning, while water is a sign of washing away your sins.

Whenever you clean and wash on new year’s day, Christianity believes that it is a sign of repentance.

That is, you are telling God to forgive you all your sins of the past year. In addition to this, you are making a vow to God that you will turn a new leaf this year.

2) Cleaning up your mess

If your room becomes so dirty on new year’s day, and you begin to sweep it at 1 pm, it is believed that you are simply cleaning up your mess.

That is, you are making up for all the mistakes of the past year.

This new year might be a little rough for you, but you are willing to not make the same mistakes of past years.

The energy and determination to do this are often gotten while sweeping your room at 1 pm on new year’s day.

3) Permanent stains of the past

Whenever you find yourself washing off a stain that won’t go, it is a sign of an ugly past.

But the universe is telling you to live with it. That is, don’t bother about changing your past. It will never go away.

The spiritual world is using the permanent stain as an encouragement that you should leave your past in the past, and look forward to amazing times during the new year.

4) Planning

Washing your clothes on new year’s day is a spiritual sign of planning.

That is, it will open your mind to effectively plan your year, and implement everything that you have planned.

One of the most important things to do during new year’s day is to plan your year.

Washing your clothes will help you to achieve that.

While washing your clothes, channel your energy into the different activities lined up for the year. This will open up your intuition and give you fresh ideas on how to execute all your plans.

5) You will lose some friends

While sweeping on new year’s day, if you suddenly notice a picture of your friend in the trash you are sweeping, don’t bother to pick it up.

This is an indication that your friend is going to leave you during the year. This is the sign of an end to a friendship.

Does this mean you should end the friendship immediately? No, that will be gory and unacceptable.

The sign was simply meant to alert you, and keep you prepared and expectant of what lies ahead. During the year, time will play everything out accordingly.

6) Clean out your secret place

Washing your underwear and panties on new year’s day is a sign of cleaning your secret place. That is, you are flushing out all the secrets you kept in your heart over the past year.

Additionally, it is a sign of reformation. This is saying that you are becoming a changed person.

If you dream of washing your underwear on new year’s day (when it is not new year’s day in real life), it is saying that you are becoming a new person. That is, old things have passed away.

7) Washing away your loved one

This is the common superstition of washing clothes on new year’s day. It is believed that washing clothes on new year’s day are a sign of losing your loved one during the year.

This is why people frown against this act.

Whenever you wash your clothes on new year’s day, speak positive words over your family. This counter energy will keep everyone safe.

Should I fear these superstitions?

About the superstitions

Yes, you should fear them. The reason for this is that they are real. They have spiritual energy backing them.

Therefore, don’t take them for granted.

Final Words

When you wash clothes and sweep the floor on new year’s day, be cautious. Don’t approach these activities carelessly.

They can determine how your year will turn out, and what will happen to the people around you. We hope that this article guides you and enlightens you concerning how to sweep the floor and wash clothes on new year’s day.

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