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Black Shadow Dream Meaning: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Black Shadow Dream Meaning: 11 Spiritual Meanings

When I dream of a black shadow, what does it mean? This has been a common question for people.

The reason is tied to the dreadful image they see in such dreams.

I could relate to their experiences because of what I have gone through in the past. Seeing a black shadow in my dream haunted me for a long time.

Initially, I thought a ghost was after me. Within 3 months, I had dreamt of black shadows more than 24 times, and they were all different.

This took me on a journey to spiritual enlightenment. During this journey, I encountered some of the best spiritual elders across tribes and religions. They exposed me to the spiritual world of shadows and how to accurately interpret them.

Therefore, what you are about to read in this article is first-hand and original.

If you have ever dreamt of seeing a black shadow, you will get the best spiritual message from this article.

You stumbled on this article because you punched in the question about the spiritual meaning of the black shadow dream. 

There are 11 spiritual meanings of a black shadow. Whenever you dream about it, there are 11 things you will get, hear, and understand. What are they? Read on to find out more.

What does it mean when you dream about a dark shadow?

Dark shadow in dreams

In the spiritual world, dreaming about a dark shadow means you are not alone. Even though the natural world portrays you to be lonely, the spiritual world is revealing that someone is always with you.

Now, have you ever heard of a spiritual twin? If not, then, let me explain what it means to you.

In spirituality, your spiritual twin is a being that follows people wherever they go.

A spiritual twin is referred to as a spiritual guide that goes around with everyone.

This is different from guardian angels. It is said that a spiritual twin comes in the form of a shadow. The shadow that follows people everywhere is our spiritual twin. 

In a dream, when you see a black shadow following you around, it spiritually points to your spiritual twin.

This gives you an impression of not being lonely.

That is, rather than feeling alone and unhappy, this dream indicates that you are with another being.

Whether you choose to call it your spiritual twin or not, dreaming of a dark shadow indicates that you are not alone anymore.

Meaning of Dreaming about a Dark Shadow Attacking me

Black shadow attack in dreams

Now, this is a scary one. 

Anytime you dream about a dark shadow attacking me, it has 2 spiritual meanings:

  1. It means that an evil spirit is attacking you. This dream is common in Africa. In that dream, you can see more than one dark shadow attacking you.
    • When this happens, it is an attack. You should understand that this attack is real. That is why you feel heavy after waking up.
    • To prevent this from happening consistently, it is recommended to protect yourself by using a protective amulet, burning sage, or saying the prayers of protection. 
  1. Whenever a dark shadow attacks you in your dream, it could also mean an unwillingness to admit the truth.
    • This means that you are not ready to admit your present reality. This message is a warning sign. It is sent to you by the universe to warn you against denial.
    • The fact that you deny a reality does not eradicate its existence. It is important to know this early.
    • Therefore, when you dream of a dark shadow attacking you, quickly embrace your reality as it is. Quit living in denial of who you are, and the life you have.

Meaning of Dreaming about a Black Shadow Chasing Me

Scary shadow

When you dream about a black shadow chasing you, it is a sign of activity. The fact that the black shadow has not caught up with you means you are active.

This dream means that you have decided to take full responsibility for your life. Spiritually, this is a good sign. It means that you are actively working to make things better for yourself.

Another spiritual meaning of being chased by a black shadow in a dream points toward spiritual sensitivity.

This dream is encouraging you to be spiritually sensitive. The reason is tied to the harsh times ahead. You need to always be on the lookout for such hard moments.

When a black shadow chases you in a dream, it also indicates a spiritual attack. Especially when you are screaming for help in that dream.

Spiritually, this is not a good sign.

It means that you are in danger. If you have had this dream more than 3 times, it indicates that you have failed to take precautionary actions for protection. Once you wake up from such a dream, seek spiritual help. Fortify yourself.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of a Black Shadow

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of a Black Shadow

There are 11 spiritual meanings of dreaming of a black shadow. Let us talk about them in this section. Pay attention to these 11 spiritual meanings. They will guide you every time you dream of a black shadow.

1) You are not alone

When the black shadow in your dream is following you everywhere, it means that you are not alone.

This spiritual dream helps your mind to be calm and confident. It is telling you to never feel lonely or helpless.

Most times, people have such dreams when they lose a loved one.

This dream is a comforting message. It brings condolences from the spiritual world. It reassures you that you are never alone. Therefore, stop feeling lonely.

2) Take quick action

When you dream of running after a black shadow, this is a message of taking quick action.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to not procrastinate further.

This dream is saying that action needs to be taken; however, you have been procrastinating for days.

The reason for this is that you are not sure it will go well, or you are not confident enough in your ability.

You need to snap out of that mentality and take rapid action. The reason is that there is only a limited timeframe for such actions.

This makes it extremely important to not delay after having such a dream.

3) A spiritual attack

This dream comes with fear. In that dream, you will find yourself running from a black shadow.

Now, what makes this different is that you will begin to scream out loud for help. When you have such a dream, it is a bad sign.

This means that you are under a spiritual attack.

Most times, you will wake up from that dream with negativity.

Now, why is the universe showing you such a dream? It is to inspire you to seek help. You need to understand this right away.

The dream is not to create fear; it is to open your mind to see that you need help.

4) Stop running away from your past

When a black shadow runs after you in a dream but you are not scared, it signifies your past.

Now, this dream indicates that you are running away from your past. The reason for this is that you are not proud of your past.

You have made mistakes in the past, which you are not proud of.

This is why you keep running away from that past.

The universe is saying that the best way to move on in life is not by running away from your past.

To move on in life, you need to embrace your past, own up to your mistakes, and admit that it is a part of your story.

5) The universe needs your attention

If a black shadow jumps at you in a dream, it means that the spiritual world needs your attention.

This dream indicates that you have not paid enough attention to spirituality.

It reveals that your heart has become insensitive to spiritual signs, messages, and omens.

Therefore, take this dream seriously. When you dream of being startled by a black shadow, it means that you should pay attention to the signs around you. 

6) Stop running away from challenges

When you dream of being chased by a shadow in the morning, it means that you are running away from challenges.

This reveals timidity and fear of failure.

You have failed to take on responsibilities because you don’t believe you have enough potential to take on such.

In the spiritual world, this dream will be sent to you when THAT challenge is a major key to opportunities.

The spiritual world is inspiring you to face challenges because it will open up doors of opportunities for you. 

7) You need protection

Whenever you dream of a black shadow, it means that you are vulnerable.

This dream indicates that you can be attacked anytime.

It means that you need protection.

Therefore, ask for protection from the universe.

This dream is not something you should take for granted.

You should take immediate action after such a dream. Seeing a black shadow in your dream indicates that you are vulnerable. It means you should be protected.

8) You need direction

When you dream of being followed by a black shadow but don’t know where to go, this is a sign of confusion.

It means that you don’t know what to do.

Having such a dream should spur you to seek direction.

This should be an inspiration to pray for clarity.

Through prayer, meditation, and seeking spiritual help, your mind will get the answer that is needed.

Direction is how we go through life without any surprises. Therefore, this dream is an inspiration to seek direction.

9) There is danger ahead

In the spiritual world, dreaming of a shadow is a dangerous sign.

It reveals that there is danger ahead. This could be a negative situation in the future or the loss of someone dear.

This dream comes to prepare you for what lies ahead. It is not telling you to avert the situation.

It has come to mentally prepare you for what is to come.

Therefore, when you dream of a black shadow sitting down in a corner, it is a sign of danger.

It means that an unexpected negative situation is about to happen.

10) Someone is trying to be friends with you

When you dream of a black shadow following you about in a dream, it spiritually indicates that someone is trying to make friends with you.

Because it is a black shadow, it might be difficult to know WHO the person is.

Therefore, take this as an opportunity to connect with new people.

This message tells you to be receptive to meeting new people.

It tells you to be open-minded to meeting strangers. Someone needs to be added to your circle of friends, but you might never meet such if you are not receptive enough.

11) Break free from the fear of failure

When a black shadow is holding you down in a dream, this is not a good sign.

It means that you have stopped making progress because of fear.

You have not taken adequate actions because you believe that you will fail.

However, this dream indicates that you should not entertain fear.

You should learn to take bold steps. Some actions might be risky, but with boldness, you will look above the risk.

This dream is to inspire boldness in your heart.

Could this Dark Shadow be a Deceased Loved One?

Decreased loved one

Yes, the dark shadow can be a deceased loved one.

Especially when you recently lost a loved one. 

Could this Dream be a Warning Sign?

Spiritual signs in dreams

Yes, dreaming of a black shadow can be a warning sign.

It warns you of danger, making mistakes, becoming too exposed and vulnerable, or spiritual insensitivity.

Anytime you dream of a black shadow, prepare your mind to get a warning sign.

Once this happens, be alert and take precautions.

Final Words

Black shadows are signs. Therefore, pay attention to them. When you dream of a black shadow, the 11 spiritual messages in this article will guide you. These messages will tell you what to do and enlighten your heart.

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  1. I had a dream of small child knocking the door and asking for help when I opened the door it is a small shadow about 2 to 3 feet looks like a baby. I was afraid and closed the door right away but it stood there and asking for some help. What can be the reason for this how we can interpret this

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