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Black Dove Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and 7 Signs

Black Dove Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and 7 Signs

I find black doves exceptionally special.

Maybe because they aren’t as common as their white counterparts, which we can find easily. 

Perhaps my love for doves is something that I inherited from my mother. After all, she was the one who pointed out the doves flying in the sky when I was a child.

That was my first encounter with the black doves. And my mother would continue to point out black doves when she sees them.

And so for this post, I will discuss black doves and what they mean to us spiritually

What Does a Black Dove Represent?

Black Dove

Many people associate the color black with something negative like black magic or evil but a black dove represents the Lord’s protection. 

This bird of this particular hue represents how our Creator goes out of His way to protect us

Many times we question his existence especially when we are facing tough times. We typically ask whether indeed he cares for us and whether he is present in our lives.

But the Lord is right beside us all the time.

When we are going through something rough, He is with us even if it feels like we are alone. He is silently guiding us and watching us all the time

In times when you are questioning his presence and protection, think of the black dove because it represents our Lord’s protection.

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Black Dove Symbolism

Big black dove

The black dove symbolizes the inner strength we have been blessed with. 

There are times when we will be feeling:

  • Weak;
  • Helpless;
  • Lost;
  • Challenged;
  • Ready to give up;
  • Confused.

And during these times, we can muster enough strength to just keep moving forward.

This is because our creator has made sure that we are built with some strength so we may overcome whatever challenges He sends our way.

In life, we will go through ups and downs. And during the moments we are down, we can overcome difficult things because we have been given strength and because the one above will help us. 

When you are feeling down and worried about how you will get through the tough times, the black dove is a good image to remember.

It, after all, symbolizes the inner strength every person has been blessed with.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Black Dove

Black dove near me

When you see a black dove, take this to mean that the universe is reminding you to do good in this world.

Many times we will be facing situations where our character will be tested.

Perhaps we may need to make a decision that could potentially harm others but put you in a good light.

What will you do then?

If this is the case for you, then you see a black dove then it is a reminder from the ones above to do good in this world.

Do what is right rather than what is purely beneficial for you.

The black dove is a reminder from the ones above that we are sent on earth to do good, not evil things.

While many times it is much easier to do bad or hurtful things, the heavens would rather see us deal with difficulties because we are doing things right

The black dove should remind us that our purpose on earth is for the greater good than to do bad or hurtful things to others.

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Spiritual Meaning When a Black Dove Visits You

Black Dove

When a black dove visits you this is a sign from the universe to reflect on your faith.

Ask yourself how’s your faith lately and the kind of relationship you have with your creator.

How often do you communicate with the Lord? How deep is your faith in Him? If something bad happens, how confident are you in His promises?

These are some of the things that you need to ask yourself regarding your faith.

When a black dove visits you it is because the heavens want you to have a deeper relationship with the one above, so you are being prodded to reflect on your relationship with the creator.

Reflections are meant to help us improve our relationships.

After your reflection, you may want to consider ways of deepening your faith.

This could include:

  • Daily reading of the word;
  • Frequent prayers;
  • Frequent church visits;
  • Becoming more active in church activities.

Spiritual Meaning of a Black Dove in the House

Black dove in house

When you have a black dove in your house, this is because the heavens are telling you to make your loved ones a priority.

This is a reminder that you should try to make the most out of life by being with the people you love.

When you see a black dove at home, then think of how you are with your family, close friends, and other people you care about.

How often do you show your appreciation and love for your loved ones? How much time do you spend with them?

We tend to live such busy lives that we forget to make an effort to be with the important people in our life.

Often, we think that they will stay with us for a long time regardless of how well we treat them.

The black dove you see at home should make you realize that you should appreciate and show your love for the important people you have.

7 Spiritual Signs and Messages from Black Doves

Spiritual messages from black doves

1) Have fun

Life isn’t all about work and the heavens want you to have some clean fun too.

When you see black doves, take this as a reminder from the heavens that life is not about all work. Go out, have fun, and play.

When you see the black dove, think of the last time you allowed yourself to have so much fun. Ask yourself if you are getting dull already because all you do is work.

The dove should remind you to have some balance in your life and do things that you enjoy.

2) Something new

Black doves are signs from the heavens that something new is coming. This could be about work, family or social life, or church activities

Many of us fear change or having something new and the universe is aware of this feeling. 

This is why sometimes it sends a sign, in this case a black dove so that you can prepare to welcome this new thing or development in your life.

3) Transformation

Black doves also mean a transformation.

As we all know, change is constant and we all have to transform some aspect of our lives at one point or another.

The black dove signifies the transformation that you need to undergo.

Perhaps this is medical or physical such as being told by medical doctors to lose weight.

It could be about your career such as changing jobs or going to a different industry.

You could also be breaking up with a current beau.

Transformation can come in different forms and the black dove is a sign from the heaven of the transformation that’s about to take place.

4) Reconciliation

If you are at odds with someone, and you come across a black dove, then maybe soon you will reconcile with the person you are at odds with.

This could be an estranged family member or a former friend.

The black dove signifies that you will soon encounter this person you’ve had a row with and there will be forgiveness on both sides.

It will then be a joyous reunion and renewal of friendship and love.

5) Let go of limiting beliefs

Many of us believe in things that limit our growth or potential.

Fortunately, the heavens send signs to let go of these things, one of these signs is the black doves.

The black doves should prompt you to think of the beliefs that limit you as a person.

This is a sign from heaven to start letting go of such beliefs so you can live a meaningful life.

6) Be careful not to hurt

Many of us don’t pay attention to actions and words, which is why we end up hurting other people, even the ones we love.

The heavens send us black doves to remind us to be careful so we do not end up hurting other people.

An encounter with the black doves should remind us to be mindful of what we do or say to avoid hurting others.

7) Value loyalty

Black doves also speak of loyalty.

This means that these doves are reminders for us to be loyal to those who deserve our loyalty.

Black doves should also prompt us to value the people who are loyal to us and show how much we appreciate their loyalty.

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Are Black Doves a Sign from Angels?

Guardian Angel

Yes, the black doves could also be sent to us by our angels.

They are the universe’s way of telling us how to live spiritually pleasing lives.

Shall We Conclude?

Black doves are neither the most popular nor the most common of birds. But they carry valuable and deep spiritual meanings from the ones above.

It is best to heed these messages.

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