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11 Black Cat’s Superstitions: Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

11 Black Cat’s Superstitions: Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Black cats are normally associated with everything evil, bad luck, or negative. This is why several people don’t keep black cats in their homes.

Is this idea justifiable? Well, we will talk about this later on.

Black cats have been a major player in spiritual matters. The spiritual world always uses black cats for spiritual activities. This makes a black cat spiritually important.

  • If you ever dream of black cats, what does this mean?
  • What of seeing a black cat in a friend’s house, does this also have a spiritual meaning?

Yes, they all have spiritual meanings.

Furthermore, there are 11 superstitions surrounding black cats and the energy they release.

Each of these superstitions is based on cultural and religious beliefs. We will discuss this comprehensively.

Majorly, we will be talking about the good or bad luck energy of black cats. That is, we will answer the question “are black cats good luck or bad luck?”.

Therefore, if you have been asking questions concerning black cats, this is the best place to get the answers you seek. Spiritually, black cats are significant. However, we will talk about this spiritual relevance comprehensively later on.

Therefore, stick around as we explore the different spiritual meanings of black cats.

Who started the black cat superstition?

Black cat

The black cat superstition in western culture can be traced to ancient Greek mythology.

There is a myth that Zeus’s wife once turned her servant into a black cat. This was a punishment for stopping the birth of Hercules the mighty.

In addition to this, the servant that was transformed into a black cat eventually became a strong supporter of Hecate, who was known as the goddess of witchcraft.

This is why black cats have been commonly associated with witchcraft in greek mythology.

In deep African culture, black cat superstition originated from Nigeria. The Yoruba people of Nigeria have revered black cats for centuries.

The reason for this is that black cats have been a strong supporter of the goddess of witchcraft called “Aje” in Yoruba culture.

Furthermore, a black cat is an omen of strong witchcraft power. Whenever a black cat shows up in people’s houses, they always pray to it.

The reason behind this is that a black cat is believed to be a spokesman of God. This is why people are careful about the things they say in the presence of a black cat.

These 2 foundations of black cat superstitions have revealed the true essence of black cats.

Why do People think Black Cats are Bad Luck?

Black cats and bad luck

Why do people think black cats are bad luck? Let us look at the following reasons:

  1. Stories from the past: This is the common reason. Many people have attributed bad luck to black cats without thinking of the reason behind this attribution.
    • Some people have associated black cats with bad luck because of the stories that have been passed down to them.
    • History has a lot of stories concerning black cats that might be wrong. However, because of the power of the past, people fail to probe every story they hear.
    • Therefore, people think black cats are bad luck because of the stories they have heard.
  1. Black color omen: Generally, it is believed that black color is a sign of negativity. I held on to this belief for years until I gained more knowledge about spirituality.
    • Therefore, people’s notions concerning the black color have fueled their belief that a black cat is a bad luck
  1. In movies, cats have been used for terrible things. They have been used for several dark witchcraft activities. They have been associated with terrible magical practices. All of these have contributed to the belief that black cats are bad luck.

These are the 3 valid reasons for the common belief concerning black cats.

11 Black cat’s superstitions you should know

Black cat’s superstitions

There are certain superstitions about black cats that you don’t know of. This is why you have held onto the belief that black cats bring bad luck. Let us talk about the 11 superstitions of black cats that you should know.

1) They bring confidence

There is a story about black cats that you should know. It is said that in a meeting of cats, only the black cat came out to speak against the injustice against cats.

This simple action impressed the gods and blessed the black cat with confidence.

Therefore, anyone that sees a black cat in a dream will suddenly develop gusto. For this person, nothing will be impossible. 

2) A black cat will inspire you to believe in yourself

Black cat sleeping

In addition to the previous superstition, it is also believed that a black cat will inspire you to always believe in yourself.

Generally, black cats are not among the most loved cats. But they have established themselves in people’s hearts because of their color and dominance.

This speaks a lot about believing in yourself. A black cat will tell you to never see anything bad about yourself.

Even if people don’t love you as you think, walk around with so much confidence. Let people know that you have what it takes to deliver beyond their expectations. 

3) Black cats will supply health to your sick body

If you ever dream of a black cat walking on a calm sea, it is believed to be a sign of healing.

That is, the energy from the black cat will supply strength and healing to your sick body. You need to be sick to tap from this energy. This is why the dream is a major measurement.

The calm sea is an omen of healing.

It is an omen of mental stability as a result of your health. Therefore, dreaming of a black cat walking on a calm sea speaks of healing. 

4) Protection

Spiritual protection

Whenever you see a black cat walking around you in circles, it is believed to be a sign of protection.

In the spiritual world, black cats are a symbol of protection.

They have the spiritual ability to shield you from spiritual attacks. Furthermore, it will protect you from the negative effect of the evil eye. 

5) Elegance

A black cat is a symbol of elegance. It represents beauty.

Whenever a black cat is seen, it exudes brilliance and elegance.

Black cats are a sign of beauty.

If you look down on yourself because of how you look, black cats will encourage you to change your mind. The elegance and beauty that black cats exude will serve as a support to your ego.

It will strengthen you to build confidence in your looks.

6) Protection from betrayals

Black cat

In the spiritual world, the black color is a sign of secrecy.

It is a sign of keeping deep secrets from people that will betray you. If you see a black cat, it is believed that the universe is sending a signal of protection to you.

That is, the spiritual world is protecting you against betrayals. The black cat is shielding you from exposing your secrets to people that will eventually betray your interest. 

7) Wealth

In Nigeria, crude oil is believed to be black color in its unrefined state. Crude oil is a major source of wealth for the Nigerian economy.

Therefore, black cats are believed to be a sign of wealth.

In Nigeria, if you see a black cat or dream of a black cat coming out of a pit, it is a sign of discovering wealth.

This is saying that the universe will supply you with fresh income-generating ideas.

Seeing a black cat is a sign of wealth. This does not have to necessarily come in the form of fiat currency. It can come in the form of an idea. 

8) Strength

Black kitten

Spiritually, black cats are believed to be the strongest.

Compared to white cats or blue cats, black cats are stronger in their will, determination, and spiritual energy.

Therefore, buying a black cat for yourself can infuse this divine strength into your very essence.

Whenever you dream of a black cat, it is also giving the same spiritual message concerning inner and mental strength. With this divine ability, you will be able to make sound decisions without prejudice.

9) A mark of guidance

It is believed that a black cat can guide you into the light. You might ask the question “how can a black cat be a guide into the light?”.

It is very simple. Spiritually, black cats can glow in the dark. This glow can guide you. In addition to this, it will inspire you to trust in your inner intuition.

The inner intuition is kept in a dark place called the enclosed cage of your heart.

However, it has enough light to direct your life.

This is what a black cat will inspire you to believe. Black cats will encourage you to believe in your inward intuition when it comes to decision-making.

10) Wisdom

Cats and wisdom

Black color is also a spiritual color for wisdom.

Wisdom is the divine ability to navigate your way around uncertain conditions and spiritual pathways.

It is the ability to stand in darkness, and effectively navigate your way into the light.

Black cats can walk in darkness, yet, not get stuck in the way.

This is due to its wisdom.

Therefore, if you ever dream of seeing a black cat, take it as a sign of wisdom. That is, the spiritual world is encouraging you to embrace the wisdom of a black cat to navigate your way around uncertain situations.

11) Spiritual vision

One of the reasons why the black cat is synonymous with witchcraft is its vision.

Black cats have the divine ability to see into the spiritual world.

Therefore, dreaming of black cats might be an initiation into the realm of seers. It could also indicate that you are a prophet.

Spiritual vision is a gift from the universe, and it must be embraced by all.

However, this is not a gift that everyone can enjoy. This is why dreaming of black cats is a gift from God. it is a blessing that enhances your ability to see into the spiritual world.

Is seeing a black cat bad luck?

Is seeing a black cat bad luck

No, it is not bad luck. The 11 superstitions above have explained this to us clearly. Black cats have several spiritual virtues that are beneficial to everyone.

Therefore, seeing a black cat is a divine blessing from the universe.

Dreaming of a black cat brings good luck to you.

There is no bad luck with seeing a black cat.

What to do if a black cat crosses your path?

Black cat crossing my path

Whenever a black cat crosses your path, don’t run away. Stay back and watch the cat’s action.

  • If the black cat stops to stare at you, it is a sign of the spirit of your loved one. That is, the spirit of your loved one is trying to communicate with you through the black cat.
  • If the black cat simply goes on its way without paying attention to you, it is a spiritual sign of focus and determination.
  • If the cat suddenly begins to meow, it is a sign of good luck. That is, the universe is saying a word of benediction through the voice of the black cat.

When is it bad luck to see a black cat?

Black cat and bad luck

A black cat does not bring bad luck. There is no bad luck associated with seeing a black cat at any time.

Anytime you see a black cat is good luck time.

Whether you see a black cat at night, or during the day, it brings good luck, direction, prosperity, and wealth.

Should I Fear Black Cats?

Cute black kitten

No, there is nothing to fear about black cats.

Black cats mean good, and they bring goodness to people’s lives.

They are creatures of goodwill, prosperity, and inner strength. Therefore, don’t fear the presence of black cats. Embrace the energy that comes from them, and let it benefit you.

Final Words

History might have portrayed black cats as evil, but spirituality does not. Therefore, embrace the goodness of black cats.

The 11 superstitions of black cats in this article are proof enough that there is something powerful and positive about this creature than meets the eye. Pay attention to a black cat whenever it shows up.

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