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Cat Sleeping Above my Head: Spiritual Meaning

Cat Sleeping Above my Head: Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of a cat sleeping above my head or in my cheest? Let’s find out!

Cats are amazing creatures. They are lovely and loyal. Therefore, it is easy for people to overlook their spiritual significance.

Spirits can come to you in form of a cat; messages can also come to you in the form of a cat. This is why you should always be attentive to your cat – especially when it exhibits certain strange behaviors.

In this article, I am going to share the different spiritual messages of seeing a cat.

Furthermore, I will give you some more specific answers about certain positions and actions of a cat. For example, whenever a cat sleeps above your head, don’t be in a haste to change its position. This is a spiritual sign that requires your attention.

Cats are spiritual messengers of good luck.

Whenever a white cat shows up around you, it is believed to bring good luck and wealth.

Furthermore, it brings about a high level of spirituality.

Never take the presence of cats for granted. Whilst it is true that they are familiar and domestic, the universe can speak to you through them. This is what I will prove to you in this article. 

Are Cats Spiritual Animals?

Black and white cat

Amongst the various spiritual animals in the spirit realm, cats are one of the purest. This is why it is almost impossible to attribute negativity to them.

Now, you might be puzzled about the connection between cats and spirituality. Look at the facts below:

  • The eyes of cats are connected to water. In the spiritual realm, water translates to sight and the height of spirituality. This special feature makes cats pleasurable in the spiritual realm.
  • The claws of cats are also believed to create a special mark of protection on people’s skin.
  • The ability of cats to see spiritual beings is another reason to consider.
  • The furs of cats are also believed to be closely associated with the secret place of the highest. This is why everyone who dreams of wearing a cat’s fur is believed to be specially gifted by God.

The spirituality of cats is obvious to those who pay attention to them.

You must have observed my incessant emphasis on paying attention to spiritual signs. This is the key to every spiritual knowledge.

Once you can pay attention to the signs around you, it will not be difficult to gain access to the spiritual realm around you

Do we have a spiritual connection with cats?

Spiritual connection with my cat

Yes, we can have a spiritual connection with cats. If you observe the way I responded to the question, it should send a sign to your mind that the spiritual connection does not come naturally.

That is, we don’t have a default connection with cats. However, the connection can be established for different purposes.

  • If a cat becomes your spirit animal, then the spiritual connection will be established. The connection is important because that is the only medium of communication. Without the connection, you will find it hard to tap into the energy of cats for your spiritual life.
  • If the spirit of your deceased loved one has come to you in the form of a cat, then, you will suddenly feel a spiritual connection with it. The reason for this is because of the bond you share with the deceased.
  • Whenever the universe has a message that is related to a cat, the connection will be established. Once the message is gotten, the connection will be severed.

Therefore, feeling a pull towards cats should be based on a purpose and not default. I have never felt connected with a cat – and this is not because I despise them. It is because there is no reason for the connection. 

Have you felt a pull towards cats in recent times?

Then, it might be best to pay attention. Further information in this article will help you to understand the reason for the spiritual connection. 

What does it mean when cats like you spiritually?


Now, this is a funny one – isn’t it?

Trust me, I laughed out hard when I saw this question. This is not to disregard the importance of the question.

This question is really important. It can help you on your journey towards enlightenment about the spiritual meaning of cats.

Now, whenever you notice a sudden affection between you and cats, it is not a normal occurrence.

Normally, the first reaction of a cat should be fright (especially, if you are not familiar with the cat). Therefore, seeing strange cats running all over you is something to think about.

Now, there can be 3 possible reasons for this occurrence:

  • If the cat is your spirit animal, you will get fond of cats, and they will get fond of you.
  • If you are ambitious, it is believed that cats will love to be around you because you share the same personality with them.
  • Whenever you lose a deceased person, cats can come around you to console you or protect you from spiritual attacks.

Whenever cats begin to show likable traits towards you, then it is best to study more about cat spirit animal.

You share similar traits with the cat spiritually.

If you find out that white cats are showing increasing affection towards you, then, it is believed to be a sign of peace and good luck. The cat is simply trying to share its positive energy with you for good luck purposes.

Why are cats attracted to me? Spiritual Meaning

Why are cats attracted to me

Whenever you find cats flocking around you for no reason, you might want to pay attention to the following spiritual meanings:

Good luck:

Seeing a white cat often is a sign of good luck. Whenever you find out that white cats are becoming affectionate towards you, then it is time to prepare for a positive turnaround. This means that something good is on the way for you.

You need to be focused:

The affection of cats can also point to focus. The eyes of cats can see beyond the physical realm. Therefore, it is believed that its affection towards you is an encouragement to become more focused on the things that matter in your life.

Your past life:

If you loved cats in your past life, there is a high tendency for you to not like them in this life. However, when they keep flocking around you, it is a sign that your past life was full of cats. This means that your past life is trying to find expression in your present life.

You should get a cat:

When cats become attracted to you, it might be a sign to get a cat for yourself. Having a cat around you will bring the energy into your home.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Cat sleeping above my head

The Spiritual Meaning of a Cat sleeping above my head

Whenever cats sleep above your head, there are 5 possible spiritual meanings. These meanings also reveal the reason for this abnormal behavior of your cat. 

Mental healing:

When your cat begins to sleep above your head every night, it is a sign of healing.

The head is a spiritual sign of your mental state. The sleeping cat is a sign of rest and healing.

Therefore, this spiritual act of your cat means that you are going through mental healing. Now, this is a message for those who have gone through emotional traumas, betrayals, hurts, and every other form of an emotional issue. 

It is time to act:

Whenever your cat sleeps above your head, it can bring an opposite meaning.

The cat sleeping above your head might signify your ability to think and come up with creative ideas and solutions.

However, the sleep is a sign of inactivity.

Therefore, the sleeping cat above your head means that you have beautiful ideas in your mind without the gusto to act on them.

Therefore, take this as a motivation to start acting on the things you have conceived. It is time to step beyond your current stage. It is time to go from conception to implementation.

You will have a good dream:

It is believed that a cat will come to sleep above your head as a spiritual guide for your soul in the night.

Whenever you sleep, your soul travels into the spiritual world and might become exposed to several negative energy.

Therefore, it is best to have a company.

Your cat has decided to sleep above your head to guide you. That is, you are going to enjoy your sleep, have a good dream, and wake up fresh, motivated, and energized.

If you have had issues with sleep, this is a good sign that your struggles are over.

Your guardian angel is protecting you:

If the color of your cat is white, then this is a good sign.

White cats can be possessed by your spirit guides or angels.

Therefore, whenever your white cat comes to sleep above your head, you need to take it as a sign of protection.

This means that you are not going to be affected by negative energy.

In addition to this, it is believed that your cat will come to sleep over your head whenever it senses danger. It has come to cover you with its fur and energy. With this, you can enjoy safety.

It is time to tap into your potential:

When your cat sleeps above your head for a few minutes, it has come to point your attention to something important.

Your cat has come to show you the amazing potentials you have in your mind.

It has come to inspire the courage to tap into those potentials and harness them for your self-development. Cats are one of the most powerful spiritual messengers of hope and positivity.

Therefore, make use of this energy to discover new things about yourself, and unlock new possibilities in your mind.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Cat sleeping above my chest

The Spiritual Meaning of a Cat sleeping above my chest

Whenever your cat begins to sleep on your chest, something is striking to discover.

  • This means that you have suffered a heartbreak, and it is becoming difficult to heal. It is believed that your cat will sleep above your chest, and then sleep above your head to complete the emotional healing.
  • When your cat begins to sleep above your chest, it will lead to courage. If you have found it difficult to dare new things, the cat on your chest will infuse courage into your soul, which will push you out with great expectations of success.
  • When your cat sleeps on your chest, it is a sign that God knows about your heart’s desires, and he is willing to grant them to you. This is a message of assurance.
  • When your cat sleeps on your chest and makes a soft sound, it means that you should tap into your inner voice. This means that you should pay attention to your inner rhythm and dance according to its tune. 
  • Your cat will behave in this manner to also show solidarity. Whenever you feel lonely, your guardian angel can possess the cat to keep you company. This means that you will suddenly feel supported and encouraged by this singular act of your cat.

Have you felt depressed in time past? then, you should get a cat for this amazing experience. Whenever a cat sleeps on your chest, it generally means an encouraging sign. It brings hope.

Is my Cat Protecting me (Spiritually)?

The spiritual protection of cats

Yes, your cat is protecting you by sleeping above your head and above your chest. You can be assured of protection from the following:

  • Negative energies;
  • Negative thoughts;
  • Spiritual attacks in the night;
  • Negative emotions;
  • Sleeplessness;
  • Nightmares;
  • The attacks from jealous people through the evil eye;
  • The presence of evil ghosts.

Cats are great defenders. Once they have established a connection with you, your protection is assured. You only need awareness to enjoy what they offer.

Final Words

With cats, you will appreciate the spiritual realm much more. In addition to this, you will enjoy protection, encouragement, and direction in several areas of your life.

We believe that you have enough resources (from this article) to understand the morale behind the sudden behaviors of your cat.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of a cat sleeping above your head? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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