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Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning: 7 Astrological Messages

Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning: 7 Astrological Messages

The big dipper is used in myths, and folklore and has been used as a description all over the world

It is one of the most recognizable star formations in the sky. Several spiritual meanings and messages can be gotten from the big dipper. 

Some people believe that the Big Dipper is a constellation, while others believe that it is an asterism (a pattern formed by 7 stars)

Big Dipper has other names like sapta rishi, saucepan, the great wagon, and the ploug. This demonstrates how spiritually significant it is all around the globe. 

Whenever you find the big dipper in the sky, there are spiritual messages you should keep in mind. 

This article seeks to uncover the 7 astrological messages of this unique star formation

Therefore, read till the end to find out why the big dipper formed in the sky for you.

Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning
This wonderful constellation has very important messages for you. Check out the most striking ones below!
Divine illumination
In the spiritual realm, seeing this asterism represents divine illumination. The bright light from these 7-star formations is an omen of divine light. This means that you are gradually approaching clarity of thought. 
Inner wisdom and guidance
Whenever you look up into the sky at night and see the big dipper in the sky, it means that the universe is supplying inner wisdom and guidance to you. Open your heart to enjoy the warmth of this unique star formation. 
Trust your guts
Spiritually, seeing the big Dipper constellation inspires you to trust your guts. This beautiful star formation opens you up to the decision-making power in your soul.
Everything is well connected
This beautiful star pattern reminds you of the interconnectedness of things. It means that everything in the world is well connected. You will learn to appreciate nature better by opening up your mind to the big dipper. 
Make chcnages in your life
As I pointed out, Big Dipper is a part of Ursa major, which is known as the bear. In the spiritual world, the bear reminds people to not be static in their lives. It inspires people to make constant changes to their lives and enjoy the transition process. 

Big Dipper meaning in Astrology

Big Dipper meaning in Astrology

The big dipper is a unique star pattern, just like the Orion’s belt. As we discussed earlier, it is a part of Ursa major. 

This asterism is formed by 7 stars namely; Alkaid, Milar, Alioth, Megrez, Phecda, Dubhe, and Merak.
This 7-star formation represents the hind section and tail of the great bear (ursa major). It is most visible along the northern half of the sky. 
Astrologically, this asterism is believed to represent divine guidance. This is because it’s the brightest most visible part of Ursa major constellation. For centuries, men used the big dipper for navigation purposes. 
Furthermore, the big dipper is close to the celestial north pole. Spiritually, this is an omen of endurance and mental stability. 
In Hindu astrology, it is known as the sign of Sapta rishi, which speaks of the 7 great sages who are sons of the great god Brahma. 

Little Dipper and Big Dipper spiritual meaning

Little Dipper and Big Dipper Constellation

The little dipper is different from the big dipper. 

The pointed edge of the little dipper is downward while that of the big dipper is upright. 

In the spiritual world, this is a spiritual sign of balance and stability. You can spot both asterisms in the sky, but the big dipper is more visible than the little dipper

In ancient Chinese mythology, the little dipper and big dipper represent the yin and yang energies. They represent male and female energies.

These asterisms are seen as opposite energies creating a balance for functionality

Therefore, seeing them in the sky reveals that your masculine and feminine sides need to be embraced equally.

You need to find a way to create a balance between yourself because it is needed for wholeness. 

Big Dipper constellation

Seeing both the little dipper and the big dipper is a spiritual omen of kindness and compassion.

These asterisms represent a mother and her child, which depicts motherly love. Through this sign, the universe encourages you to shine the light of love to everyone around you.

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What does it mean when you see the big dipper?

Beautiful big dipper constellation

When you see a big dipper, it means that the spiritual world has a special message for you.

This constellation is a unique symbol from the heavens to catch your attention. The spiritual realm allowed the big dipper to form in the sky as the light of divine guidance. 
Through this asterism, your mind will be illuminated. At a point of confusion, seeing the big dipper is good news. It means that your indecisive moment is over. Be conscious of this spiritual sign from now. 
Additionally, when you see the big dipper in the sky, it represents divine promotion. Its upward pointer tells you to prepare for a step-up in your life. 
Whenever you see this asterism in the night sky, it refers to renewal. This is telling you to move on with your life despite the failures you’ve had in recent times. 
The big dipper pattern is part of a constellation. In the same way, you must discover your ancestral roots and connect with your heritage. 

7 Signs and meanings of the Big Dipper constellation

Big Dipper constellation

Spiritually, there are 7 signs and meanings of the big Dipper constellation. 

Let us discuss them in this section. 

When you find the big Dipper constellation, what does it mean?

1) Trust in your intuition

During a moment of decision, the appearance of this constellation speaks of trusting in your intuition for clarity. As you learn to listen to your inner voice, it becomes easy to make informed decisions that are accurate and productive. 

Take note and implement this message anytime you see the big Dipper constellation in the sky. 

2) Adaptability

Spiritually, whenever you find this unique star pattern in the night sky, it speaks of adapting to change. This is a sign of transition. It tells you to prepare for new adventures, journeys, and responsibilities. 

You need to learn to adapt to the changes that will happen in your life soon. 

The Ursa Major is known as the great bear. In the world of symbolism, the great bear is known as a creature of new seasons and adaptability. 

This is why you got this message. 

As you open your mind to embrace this sign, you will gradually begin to accept change as a reality of life. 

3) Prepare for responsibilities

One of the seven stars of the big dipper is the “Alkaid”. It is the third brightest star in Ursa Major and the 38th brightest star in the sky.

The name of this star means “Leader”. 

Through this star, the universe wants you to assume leadership roles. This sign reminds you to prepare for huge responsibilities and challenges that are coming. Going through these situations will build resilience and strength of character within you. 

This will also enhance your leadership skills, and set you up for greater accomplishment in life. 

4) Divine protection

Mizar is one of the stars that form the big dipper. 

It is known as a covering, which spiritually indicates divine protection.

Whenever you feel vulnerable, the presence of this asterism brings a message of assurance. It reveals that the spiritual world is warding off negative spirits and bad energy from your life. 

Through this sign, God needs you to be assured of his protective ability over your life

5) Good Luck

Spiritually, a big dipper is a sign of good luck. Seeing it in the night sky means that something good is about to happen in your life.

This sign helps your mind to expect positive events to form around you. 

Just as the stars form to create this unique pattern, expect events and circumstances to be perfectly aligned for you to experience the goodness of the universe. 

6) Spiritual sensitivity

The seven stars of the big dipper are believed to represent the 7 chakras of the body. These are the energy centers that aid our spiritual growth and development. 

Through this unique star pattern, the spiritual world encourages you to pay attention to your spirituality. 

Become more spiritually aware and sensitive to the changes going on in your life. 

7) Divine guidance

At a moment of indecision or confusion, the sight of this asterism in the sky represents divine guidance

It means that the 7 stars of the big dipper are ushering you into clarity.

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Is seeing the big dipper a good sign for me?

About this constellation

Yes, seeing the big dipper is a positive spiritual sign for you

It is a sign of divine wisdom, inner guidance, protection, good luck, and abundance of resources. 

Whenever you see this star pattern, it depicts that the spiritual world is watching over you, shining its light on your path, and keeping bad luck from you.

Therefore, don’t be scared of sighting this luminous star formation in the sky

Shall We Conclude?

I believe this article has provided valuable tips and insights about the spiritual meaning and 7 astrological messages of the big dipper constellation. 

The next time you find this star pattern in the night sky, see it as a representation of divine guidance for you. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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