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9 Armadillo Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism

9 Armadillo Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism

Armadillo is often regarded as anomalous animal, like other animals it has arms and legs but is covered with a hard and horny articulated shell.

In Spanish, armadillo means “little armored one”. The Aztecs called them “Nahuatl” in their native language, which means “turtle rabbit”.

When an armadillo crosses your path one started to think about the signs and spiritual meaning that it represents.

Firstly let’s dive into some basic facts about armadillo:

  • Its diet primarily consists of ants and termites.
  • It lives and raises its young ones in burrows.
  • They are rapid and efficient diggers.
  • When they feel threatened they rolled up into a ball inside their protective shells.
  • They sleep up to 18 hours per day.
  • On average they live 12 to 15 years.

Now we know about armadillo let’s explore armadillo’s spiritual meaning and symbolism.

What Does A Armadillo Represent Spiritually?

Armadillo in spiritual world

Armadillo have immense importance spiritually in different cultures and religions around the world. Armadillo is connected to good luck, fertility, good fortune and protectiveness. Armadillo is an animal with a diverse and fascinating history.

Its spiritual importance dates back to Maya culture.

The ancient Maya painted armadillos on vases, depicting armadillo drummers.

They associated armadillo with the dead because the nine plates of the armadillo’s midriff are equated with the nine levels of the underworld.

The modern Maya consider meeting an armadillo to be the symbol of good luck and earthly fertility.

In Maya culture armadillo’s shells were also used to make trumpets. Maya myths also linked armadillo with dance.

Armadillo’s ability of digging leads to its symbolic association with agriculture. Armadillo is often given the credit for the origin of maize.

Armadillo only grunts and hisses so, it is also widely associated with the music.

  • Armadillo represented symbol of fertility, abundance and wealth in Aztec culture.
  • Aztecs also associated this animal with the rain. This animal represented symbol of wealth and prestige in Inca culture.
  • They believed this animal to be the messenger of God. They used armadillo in religious ceremonies.

Armadillo shells were also used as currency and in jewelry.

This animal connection to good luck, protection and prosperity make it an important symbol around the world.

Armadillo Symbolism

Armadillo Symbolism

Armadillo is the symbol of protectiveness, armor, self-defense, toughness, good luck and prosperity.

Armadillo’s articulated shell protects it from the outside harsh world.

When armadillo feels threatened it rolls up into a ball. So, it is connected to self-defense, protectiveness and guardian of boundaries.

This strong animal represents that one doesn’t have to fight to protect itself.

In some situations you are too weak to fight back, all you have to do is to practice patience, self- control and roll up into your own comfort zone.

It shows the ability to protect and trust your own self.

This animal also represents self-care and to define your boundaries in a relationship.

Healthy boundaries are important for protection of your own mental health. It is essentially the ability to say no and not to let others use you. These boundaries are helpful to keep toxic people away.

Crossing an armadillo is a reminder to stay alert and be aware of any potential threat and danger.

This animal is often connected to solitude and loneliness.

It also represents single people and introverts. Like armadillo introverts are also happy in secluded environment.

This powerfull animal can sense food even below earth and their digging abilities leads to their connection with a person’s ability to see below the surface in any situation.

It might be a reminder for you to look deep into every situation and not to believe what’s on the surface.

For every person you encounter not to let them fool you by what they seems but to look deep into their personality and see what’s beneath the surface.

Armadillo Spirit Animal Meaning

Big Armadillo

If you feel a connection to armadillo and believe armadillo to be your spirit animal then probably you might be an introvert and a protective person.

You might set healthy boundaries around yourself.

You might also have an eagle’s eye, to look beyond what an average person could see, to get to the roots of the matter.

9 Armadillo Spiritual Meanings And Messages

Armadillo Spiritual Meaning

Armadillos are seen as a symbol of resilience and defense. When this animal crosses your path it might be hinting various signs. Without further ado let’s dig deep into the spiritual meanings and messages associated with armadillos.

1) Perspective

This animal also symbolizes the change of perspective.

Sometimes you are stuck in a situation and doesn’t know how to overcome it.

Crossing an armadillo symbolizes that now it’s time to change your perspective and view the situation in different light.

Change of perspective will allow you to notice problems that were not noticeable to you before.

Once you know the root cause of the problem, then it’s easy to find the solution.

2) Power

Armadillos are known for their power and protectiveness.

You might be in a situation where you are most vulnerable.

You are letting people walk all over you and those toxic people are destroying your peace of mind.

Crossing an armadillo is a sign to stop others letting take advantage of you and pull your guards up.

Draw healthy boundaries around you and keep those toxic people away.

Don’t let them use you and walk all over you. It’s time to start saying no.

This protectiveness and self-sufficiency will become your power.

3) Defense

Armadillos are known for their great defense abilities.

They have strong armor which act as a defense against any threat and impending danger.

The animal roll up into ball and let their armor protect you, when they sense there is no more threat, they unroll themselves.

Crossing an armadillo is a sign that now it’s time to standup for yourself and put yourself first for once, to strengthen your defenses.

This powerful animal have the ability to detect and sense danger even miles away.

They could sense predators and put their guards up.

It’s a sign to be aware of your surroundings, and to stay focused and present.

4) Safety

Armadillos symbolizes safety and protection in many cultures.

Armadillo’s horny articulated shells and claws give it protection and safety against impending danger, which leads to it connection with the symbol of safety.

Armadillo is used as a symbol of safety in many cultures and religions.

5) Loneliness

Armadillo rarely interact with each other unless they have to breed or to raise their young ones which leads to its spiritual representation of solitude and loneliness.

Often single people and introverts feel connection to armadillo.

Like introverts, armadillo also feel happy in secluded environment.

Crossing an armadillo is a sign that you don’t need others, you are self-sufficient.

You don’t need others to complete you. All you need is your own self.

6) Take cover

Armadillos are known for their connection to the earth.

They are found both above the ground and also beneath the ground.

Armadillos symbolizes your ability to stay grounded on the earth and take cover.

Sometimes in this worldly chaos all you need to do is to stop, relax and roll up into your comfort zone.

7) Intelligence and wisdom

Armadillos are widely used as a symbol of wisdom and intelligence in many culture.

Their ability to sense impending danger shows their good intuition and intelligence.

Aztecs also associated armadillo with rain.

8) Having a strong heart

These animals are fascinating creatures and their ability to adopt and survive in every environment shows their resilience and a strong heart.

Sometimes you might be in a really tough situation and to overcome that catastrophic situation of your life all you need to do is to have patience and self-control. Which could only be possible if you have a strong heart.

9) Pull out all the stops

Armadillos dig in search of food and to take shelter.

They work hard to get it. Their hard working nature represents how you should work hard to achieve your goals and to give all you have within you.

Is An Armadillo A Good Omen?

The positive messages from this animal

Armadillos portrays a lot of good omens. They are associated with good luck, fortune, protection, prosperity and wealth.

They convey potent message of self-preservation and self-sufficiency.

These animals are also associated with the earth.

Unfortunately, bad omens are also associated with armadillos.

Sickness and death are major bad omens, which are associated with armadillo.

This animal also signifies the end of things as armadillos are believed to transmit leprosy to humans.

Every culture have their own perspectives, like armadillos can have both good and bad omen when viewed differently.

So, it up to your belief how you view it.

Final Words

Armadillos are interesting animals, they have rich and fascinating history.

Their spiritual importance even dates back to Maya culture.

Even today they have really important spiritual significance in many cultures.

Their ability to sense danger, defend itself and their hardworking and resilient nature to get food and to attain shelter motivates you to be resilient and self- sufficient.

You don’t need someone else to complete you. You are sufficient for your own self.

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