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Turtle Spirit Animal Meaning: The Complete Guide!

Turtle Spirit Animal Meaning: The Complete Guide!

This is a complete guide that helps you understand what it means to have the turtle as your spirit animal.

In this article, we answered questions about the traits, messages, and powers of having the turtle spirit animal on your side.

Therefore, if you have felt a connection with the turtle in the past, or heard someone call you a turtle, you should read this article to understand what it means.

So don’t waste any more time and start reading right below!

The Turtle is my Spirit Animal: This is good?


Yes, having the turtle as your spirit animal is a positive spiritual sign. Do you know why?

It means that you have a spiritual guide:

Having a spiritual guide makes things easy for you in real life. It allows you to focus on your personal affairs as you trust in your spiritual guide to help you concerning spiritual matters.

People without a spiritual guide will often make mistakes with their decisions.

Therefore, the fact that you have a spiritual guide makes it a positive sign. It means that you are not alone.

The turtle is a protective animal:

Another reason is tied to the protective quality of the turtle spirit animal. The turtle is a protective animal.

Therefore, if you belong to its clan, you will enjoy the same protection.

You will not be affected by negativity and spiritual attack.

People with the turtle spirit animal are not likely to become exposed to spiritual attacks. Therefore, if you fall into this category, it is a good spiritual sign.

It’s a good luck sign:

Having the turtle as your spirit animal is a sign of good luck. It attracts good things to you, and also allows your soul to embrace its positive energy.

Having the turtle as your spirit animal is good. 

5 Signs that the Turtle is my Spirit Animal

Big turtle

To understand if an animal is your spirit guide or not, certain things will become more obvious than others. Now, we are focused on the turtle spirit animal. Therefore, once you see one of the 5 signs in this section, it indicates that the turtle is your spirit animal.

1) You are always drawn toward the turtle

One of the common signs that the turtle is your spirit animal is when you observe an endearing attitude towards the turtle.

It is not normal to feel connected to animals. Turtles are not one of the most pleasant creatures in the world.

Their hardbacks and ugly looks make them an object of derision. However, if you discover a liking for turtles, it might be pointing towards a spirit-animal relationship.

People feel this way because the turtle spirit animal is calling out to them.

Therefore, pay attention to the way you feel towards the turtle, and invite it into your life. Some people take further steps at keeping a turtle in their homes for a permanent connection.

2) Having Dreams about Turtles

Whenever you discover consistent patterns of dreams about turtles, it is also an indication that the turtle is your spirit animal.

Dreaming about turtles happens to people that are closely associated with the turtle spirit animal.

For example, if you dream of sleeping among turtles, it indicates that the turtle is your spirit animal.

This is not the only dream you can have.

You can have other dreams like the following:

  • When you see yourself playing with turtles in your dream, it means that you have found your spirit guide, and your souls are beginning to knit with one another. 
  • Seeing a white turtle in your dream also means establishing a connection with the turtle spirit animal. This is a rare dream. It is believed to only be targeted at the people that are connected with the turtle spirit animal. Therefore, if you find yourself dreaming of a white turtle, it is the spirit of the turtle that has been sent to guide you. 
  • Anytime you dream of bowing down to the image of a turtle, this means total surrender. That is, you have decided to let down your guard to the guidance of the turtle spirit animal.

Having constant dreams concerning turtles speaks about the connection we have with turtles. 

3) Stumbling on turtle images everywhere you go

You might probably think that this is a coincidence. It is easy to discard this experience because of how natural it seems.

However, it is one of the signs that the turtle is your spirit animal.

Whenever you consistently stumble on turtle images, the spirit of the turtle is calling out to you.

This occurrence is trying to get your attention. The turtle spirit animal is appearing to you through those images to get your undivided attention. 

You will consistently see these pictures everywhere you go until you finally pay attention to what it means.

This always happens at the initial stages of the spirit animal connection with the turtle.

At this stage, you don’t seem to be interested in the turtle. However, it will keep staring you in the face until you finally let down your guard and accept it as your guide.

4) You are feeling vulnerable

This feeling of vulnerability and weakness comes only when there is a need for a spiritual guide.

It comes suddenly, and with a sense of urgency.

Anytime you feel this way, it shows a desire for the turtle spirit animal.

Why is that? The simple explanation for this is in the protective power of the turtle spirit animal. 

With the turtle as your spirit animal, there is nothing to fear. You are going to feel covered and safe. The vulnerable feeling means that you are exposed.

This is why the turtle spirit animal is important.

The fact that you feel this way indicates that the turtle spirit animal is your guide.

Additionally, the spirit world will give you this feeling to spur your desire to connect with the turtle spirit animal. 

5) If you love sitting in wet areas, it is a sign that the turtle is your spirit animal

This sounds weird, but it is a sign to look out for. The turtle spirit animal helps us to fall in love with wet regions. If you discover that you are in love with wet areas, it is a sign that the turtle is your spirit animal.

The turtle spirit animal shares its traits with you. This is why you have developed a close connection with wet areas.

You will discover the following:

  • Having a love for swimming.
  • Playing in the rain.
  • Sitting on wet surfaces.
  • Pouring water on your head.
  • Washing your hands every time.

All of these are pointing to the fact that you share a connection with the turtle spirit animal.

If you don’t like wet areas in the past, but suddenly develop an interest in water and wet areas, this reveals the connection.

It is saying that you have opened up yourself to the turtle spirit animal, which has shared its traits with you

Turtle Spirit Animal Personality

Turtle Spirit Animal Personality

The personality of turtles will rub off on those that look up to them for spiritual guidance.

Therefore, if the turtle is your spirit animal, the following personalities will be found in you.

  • You are going to be very defensive: This means that you will find it hard to take to corrections.
    • To the external world, it might be seen as pride. However, it is more of confidence.
    • Being defensive means that you don’t want people to pry into your life.
    • It is a sign of creating boundaries around you. 
  • You will be highly emotional: The turtle is an emotional creature. Even though it has a strong back shell, the flesh is soft and subtle.
    • All of these reveal that your emotional energy will be intense.
    • If the turtle is your spirit animal, expect to fall in love easily, trust people easily, or cry easily. This is not a sign of weakness. It only reveals that you have finally connected with the turtle spirit animal. 

Turtle Spirit Animal Meaning: 9 Characteristics and Messages

Turtle Spirit Animal Meaning

To further understand the importance of turtles, it is best to turn our attention to their 9 characteristics and messages. That is, what is the meaning of the turtle spirit animal? What impression does it make on us? 

1) Emotional flow

Because of the close connection between turtles and water, it is easy for emotional energy to flow through them.

Now, if the turtle is your spirit animal, seeing it brings a message concerning emotional energy.

The turtle spirit animal is telling you to release yourself emotionally.

It is telling you to not hold back from expressing yourself to people. It is not a weakness to express how you feel. 

2) You are under pressure

It is believed that the turtle carries the weight of the world on its back.

This explains why it has a shell.

Seeing or connecting with the turtle spirit animal shows that you are under pressure. It reveals that you are a moment of your life that is full of responsibilities.

This is not a bad sign. However, you should also protect your emotions during this phase of your life.

Be careful to not lose balance emotionally. As you try to work your way through this pressure, also ensure that nothing tampers with your inner peace.

3) Support

With the turtle spirit animal, you don’t have to go through life alone. The back of the turtle is a strong support system for those who believe in it.

Anytime you dream of sleeping on a turtle’s back, it is saying that the universe is supporting you at every point of need and weakness.

Additionally, it brings a reminder to always trust in the power of the turtle spirit animal to get you through any situation in life.

With the support of the turtle spirit animal, the pressures in your life will not become overbearing and burdensome. 

4) Patience

The turtle spirit animal also brings a message of patience.

It comes to show you that “slow and steady wins the race”.

One of the traits of turtles is the ability to be patient. People who are enjoying the energy from turtles will also become very patient. They will never try to outperform anyone or compete with people around them.

However, if you discover that these traits have not been given to you by the turtle, it is time to pray for it.

Dreaming of turtles inspires you to stay patient. With patience, you will eventually accomplish everything you desire. 

5) Inner peace

Turtles are peaceful animals. They also give this quality of living to people. If the turtle is your spirit animal, it is encouraging you to have inner peace.

Inner peace is the ability to stay calm under pressure. It is a divine ability to never be fazed by confrontations or contradictory circumstances.

If you realize that your inner peace is lost, ask for the help of turtles.

They will come into your heart to restore that peace, and you will successfully walk through life as the champion you are meant to be.

6) You are going through a transformation process

This message is also very important. Seeing turtles around indicates that you are about to go through a transformational process.

This brings your mind to accept the reality of change.

Generally, turtles are sent from heaven to remind us of the coming seasons of our lives.

When you dream of a turtle, it is telling you to prepare for a changing season.

This also talks about embracing the power of transformation.

Therefore, the turtle spirit animal helps us to become the best version of ourselves. It helps us to constantly evolve to become a new person.

7) Self-dependence

The turtle spirit animal helps you to depend on yourself.

What does this mean? This message from the turtle is responsible for attaining confidence in life.

When we depend on ourselves, it will be easy to build healthy self-esteem.

A lot of people have limited themselves because they depend on external factors.

The spiritual world has come to change that through the turtle.

  • You need to understand that you are everything you will ever need.
  • You are self-sufficient and strong enough to accomplish what your heart desires.

The turtle spirit animal has come to open your understanding to accept this reality

8) Consistency

The turtle spirit animal carries an omen of continuity.

People who have struggled with consistent results can ask the turtle spirit animal for help.

It is believed that people will become consistent by opening themselves up to the energy of turtles.

The turtle spirit animal will appear to you via dreams to strengthen your resolve to never give up on your efforts.

Even when no results are evident, you will keep doing what you can till you see your desires.

People that are guided by the turtle spirit animal are consistent. They never give up on their dreams.

9) Deep Spiritual Wisdom

People who are guided by the turtle spirit animal are possessed with spiritual wisdom.

They have so much insight into the world, which places them in a position of teaching others.

Because of this wisdom, they can handle complex situations, answers difficult questions, and operate on a high frequency of discernment

If you desire to function in this level of wisdom, then, be open to the spiritual energy of turtles. 

Sea Turtle Spirit Animal: 4 Characteristics and Messages

Sea Turtle Spirit Animal

When the sea turtle is your spirit animal, the following characteristics and messages are for you.

1. You prefer to be alone

Just like the sea turtle spirit animal, it is a sign that you prefer to be alone.

This also has a shade of developing self-confidence. That is, you choose to spend time with yourself rather than with others.

2. You react harshly to strangers

Having the traits of the sea turtle spirit animal indicates that you are not friendly to strangers.

Now, this is a warning message from the spiritual world. You need to become receptive to strangers. Building quality relationships is paramount.

3. You love your comfort zone

The sea turtle feels safer in water than in any other place. Sharing its traits also makes you comfortable in your comfort zone.

This is good, and also has a bad side.

Staying in your comfort zone eliminates the positive attitude towards change. It means that you will not be ready to take risks that are challenging and uncomfortable. 

4. Rigid emotions

People who are associated with the sea turtle spirit animal are rigid in their emotional energy discharge.

They find it hard to fall in love or express their emotions. This is because they believe that emotional people are weak people. 

Is the Turtle a Good Spirit Animal?

Turtles and good luck

Yes, the turtle is a good spirit animal.

It fills people with confidence and emotional stability.

Additionally, it brings good luck and health to us. If you seek guidance, look to the turtle spirit animal for help. 

Final Words

The kindred spirit of turtles makes them spiritually useful.

Their ancient wisdom also positions them as one of the best spirit guides to ever have. This article has answered all the possible questions surrounding the turtle spirit animal. Therefore, let this serve as a guiding light. 

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