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Are White Lighters Bad Luck? 5 Superstitions you Should Know

Are White Lighters Bad Luck? Superstitions you Should Know

Are white lighters bad luck?

Before you say yes or no, you need to read this article to be sure of your answer.

Several people have formed a bias concerning the spirituality of a white lighter without truly learning what it symbolizes. 

In this article, I have exposed the secrets behind white lighters.

This will provide clarity to your mind, and position you to get the correct answer to the question above.

White Lighter Symbolism

White Lighter

The white lighter symbolism stands for purity. It is believed that a white lighter is the home of pure energies.

In ancient traditions, people associate a white light with an omen from above.

Because of the uniqueness of this light, it is always found in shrines and spiritual homes. White light is also believed to be a sign of a spiritual presence.

Whenever your light or fire flame turns white, a spiritual entity has come into your environment.

In the spiritual world, seeing a white light means your vision is working perfectly.

Having a white lighter with you also inspires you to spark off positivity.

The white lighter symbolism is a good spiritual sign for positive energy.

Sparking off the white lighter releases white fire and this is great for positive energy.

The pure energy that emits from a white lighter affects the entire environment.

It saturates an entire atmosphere and helps people’s minds to become stable in the long run.

The white lighter symbolism also speaks about accepting your uniqueness as it is.

It is one of the omens that excites people to express how unique and special they are.

If you feel there is something unique about you, then take the white lighter as a perfect symbolism for your person. 

The White Lighter Spiritual Meaning

White Lighter Spiritual Meaning

The white lighter spiritual meaning is similar to the white lighter symbolism. Both carry the same message.

The first time I heard of a white lighter, I never thought it was possible.

I have always believed that a white lighter does not exist. Well, I had been wrong.

This bitter truth reminds me of the ignorance and innocence of many people.

The white lighter helps your innocence. It comes to reveal hidden truths to you. The things you never knew existed in you will be exposed by the white light.

When you light a stove or fire using a white lighter, it spiritually means deeper reflection

Certain things are hidden within the embers of your soul that have to be unveiled.

It is said that we don’t truly know who we are until certain possibilities and realities are exposed to us.

The white lighter is a spiritual sign of that revelation.

It also encourages you to get ready to search for answers within you. Whenever you see a white lighter in your dream, or in reality, let this message stick to your heart.

Furthermore, the white lighter reminds you that your race is different and unique.

Until recently, I had been running in another man’s shadow until I discovered the white lighter. It was at this point I realized how vaguely I had been living my life.

Trust me, I went through a healing process before I could believe what my mind was processing. 

A white lighter changes the whole game for you.

It restores your confidence and gives you hope. No matter the failure you’ve had in the past, keeping a white lighter close to you changes your life.

Are White Lighters Bad Luck?

White lighters and bad luck

No, white lighters are not bad luck. Contrary to the popular opinion about white lighters, they are not omens of bad luck.

I know that this sounds strange and different to you. However, you need to understand this truth clearly.

There is a popular superstition surrounding a white lighter, which we will discuss later in this article.

This superstition has contributed to the popular opinion surrounding white lighters and the luck they bring.

People believe that white lighters are an omen of death and bad luck due to the stories they have heard about white lighters.

However, white lighters bring good luck to people.

  • It is a mortal instrument that possesses the spiritual ability to restore people’s confidence.
  • It is a unique lighter that reveals a different type of light.

This is the same way we are encouraged to shine the light that comes from within us – irrespective of how different and unique it shines

When you hear of white lighters, open your mind to receive from its positive energy.

Having a biased opinion of white lighters might affect your sense of perception concerning this spiritual instrument.

I love using white lighters because it keeps me relaxed and peaceful

Are White Lighters a Bad Sign in Dreams?

White lighters in dreams

When you dream of lighting a cigarette with a white lighter, it is not a good sign because of the negative energy surrounding it.

A white lighter can be used for several other purposes apart from lighting a cigarette with it.

If you have this type of dream, it is best to purify yourself immediately when you wake up.

The reason is that; having dreams of lighting a cigarette with a white lighter indicates that you are not paying attention to your health.

It also points to impurity in your soul.

This is why you should spiritually purify yourself once you wake up.

However, when you see a white lighter without cigarettes or smoke, it is a good sign.

In the spiritual world, this is telling you to embrace who you are.

Additionally, the universe can send spirit beings in the form of white lighters to light up your path to progress.

Dreaming about a white lighter can bring either good or bad luck. This depends on the specific details of the dream.

5 Superstitions about White Lighters

Superstitions about White Lighters

The major basis for every belief is a story. Stories about concepts form what we eventually believe. What we believe becomes a tradition. This is why you should pay attention to stories. 

There are 5 superstitions about white lighters you should know. These superstitions form a major part of people’s biases about white lighters. 

1) White lighters kill people at the age of 27

This superstitious belief is common. Whenever you tell someone about a white lighter, he/she will probably mention this superstitious belief first.

The reason is that it is tied to an event that happened some years back. This event birthed the 27 club.

The 27 club talks about all famous celebrities and musicians that died at the age of 27.

It is said that 4 major and revolutionary musicians namely; Jim Morisson, Jimi Hendrex, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain were in possession of a white lighter when they died.

History also has it that they were around 27 years of age

This story led to the belief that using a white lighter at 27 will kill you. It is believed that anyone around the age of 27 should stay away from using white lighters because it triggers the white lighter’s curse. 

2) White Lighters are Guardian Angels

Another superstition surrounding white lighters points to them as guardian angels.

The morale behind this belief is that angels are white lights.

Anytime they appear to us, we will see white glows, white colors, white feathers, and so on.

Therefore, it is spiritually rational to get white lighters as a sign of angels. 

When you see white lighters in a dream, it is possibly the presence of an angel around you.

Therefore, be sensitive enough to know what message it brings to you.

The presence of your guardian angel gives direction and helps you on the route to self-fulfillment and accomplishment.

3) White Lighters are Positive Energies

Have you ever heard of this? 

Keeping white lighters around you helps you to stay positive.

Irrespective of what you are going through, a white lighter ensures that your mind stays positive.

Using a white lighter keeps you hopeful even when things don’t make sense at the moment.

Anytime you dream of holding more than one white lighter, it indicates that the energy around you is high enough for good things to gravitate towards you. 

White lighters are believed to be an omen of positive energies. To remain positive, keep white lighters around you.

4) White Lighters attract good luck

Because of the positive energy that emits from a white lighter, it is believed to be a magnet of good things.

Releasing fire from a white lighter attracts good luck to you.

5) White Lighters purify your atmosphere

Whenever you use a white lighter to start a fire, it is said that the smoke from such fire possesses the ability to purify your spiritual atmosphere.

Therefore, the next time you sense choking negative energy around you, try starting a fire with your white lighter.

It helps with purifying and keeping your environment free of negativity.

Should I Fear White Lighters?


There is no reason to fear white lighters.

Use it for your needs, but avoid smoking with it.

White lighters have several spiritual omens, benefits, and positive energies.

Using it restores peace and confidence in your heart.

Final Words

The hidden truth concerning white lighters has been uncovered in this article. 

What’s next? 

Let this truth liberate you and inform you of the potential that lies in a white lighter. This will also empower you to use it for your desires.

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