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Home » 7 Sweeping at Night Superstitions: Is it bad luck?

7 Sweeping at Night Superstitions: Is it bad luck?

7 Sweeping at Night Superstitions: Is it bad luck?

Do you want to know the 7 sweeping at night superstitions? Then, read this article till the end.

Several people have attached different meanings and ideas to sweep at night. These ideas and beliefs have been based on personal biases, cultural idiosyncrasies, and religious tenets.

However, one thing we must come to agree on is that sweeping has night has spiritual backings.

Let me say it in a much better way, sweeping has a spiritual backing.

Whenever you sweep your room, kitchen, workplace, or the entire house, several things in the spirit become activated and effective.

People have said that sweeping at night brings bad luck. Is this true or not? Well, I will not answer the question right now. But be rest assured that you will understand the spiritual meaning and implication of sweeping at night by the end of this article. 

Hey! Drop that broom right now and spare a few minutes to read this article.

I want to usher you into a new world of illumination concerning sweeping at night.

You will also understand the spiritual meaning of sweeping in the morning.

When I conducted spiritual research concerning sweeping at night, my discoveries helped me to reach a peak in my spiritual journey, and I am sure that you will enjoy this as well. Therefore, let us get into this right away.

Is it bad luck to sweep at night?

Sweep at night and bad luck

Yes, it is bad luck to sweep at night. Sweeping at night is not a good spiritual sign. While engaging in spiritual consultations with people, I realized that most of their problems started with a singular act of sweeping at night.

As I further inquired about the reason for this, they all said that sweeping at night makes work easier during the day. 

Spiritually, avoid sweeping at night. The nighttime is a season of rest. Nobody is expected to work during this time.

This is why you should drop the broom and go to bed.

Let me also add that the sudden urge to sweep your room can be a spiritual attack from demons. Demons know that once you start sweeping your room, negative energy will be awakened, and they will have free access to your home. 

Therefore, stay away from sweeping the floor at night.

Let me also add that brooms are for witches.

Witches hold several meetings at midnight. Whenever you sweep at night, the sound can catch the attention of witchcraft forces. Several consequences that you are not prepared for might follow.

Is it bad luck to sweep in the morning?

Sweep in the morning

No, it is not bad luck to sweep in the morning. Sweeping in the morning and afternoon does not bring bad luck.

Morning seasons are work seasons.

Therefore, every activity is allowed. Sweeping in the morning brings good luck to you. It releases the positive vibe that you need for the day.

Let us talk briefly about the spiritual benefits of sweeping in the morning:

  • Sweeping early in the morning is a good sign of planning. That is, it reveals that you have planned your day, and started taking actions of execution. To add intensive energy, sweep with a positive intention to have a great day.
  • When you sweep in the morning – say at 8 am, the brightness of the sun will guide you around the room or home you are sweeping. Spiritually, this is a sign of clarity and precision.
    • If you are searching for answers, start sweeping in the morning sunlight. The energy from the sun will dawn on your soul and bring everything to light. You will always know what to do when you sweep in the morning.
  • Sweeping in the morning also gives you a sign of fulfillment. There is a feeling of fulfillment that comes after sweeping your home.
    • This feeling will create a strong positive aura around you for the day. It will keep you optimistic even if things are going south for you. Therefore, practice sweeping in the morning.
  • At your workplace, sweeping in the morning attracts potential clients to you. In African culture, there is something called a magic broom. It is used to sweep a shop or place of trade.
    • Once this is done, people will rush into that shop or stall to purchase things. It is called a spiritual magnet of productivity. You don’t need to have the magical broom. With your normal broom and the right intention, the same energy will gravitate towards you.

7 Sweeping at Night Superstitions

Sweeping at Night Superstitions

Let us discuss the 7 sweeping at night superstitions. This is where you will further understand why you should not sweep at night.

1) Lack of customers

It is believed that sweeping your workplace at night will stop customers from coming into your office. It will lead to massive unproductivity.

If you own an organization, instruct your employees to not sweep your office at night. Any dirt should be left till the morning.

Whenever you sweep your office, shop, stall, or workplace at night, loss of customers and clients will often follow.

2) Division


Are you married? Then, avoid sweeping your matrimonial room at night. That is, never sweep the room that you sleep in with your spouse.

Doing this will lead to division, fights, and an eventual breakup (if caution is not applied).

No matter how tempted you are to sweep your matrimonial room at night, don’t bulge.

In the olden days, mothers-in-law that don’t like their sons-in-law or daughter-in-law practiced this dark spiritual act of sweeping at night. They will sneak into the matrimonial room of their child and sweep it at night.

This act has always caused serious disagreements between couples.

3) A betrayal

Anytime you dream of your friend sweeping your room at night, it is believed that your friend is planning to betray you. This is why he is sweeping your room at night.

Your friend knows the implication of carrying out this act, and he still went ahead to do it.

This is a bad sign.

This is a negative spiritual sign of betrayal. Once you have this dream, actively avoid such a person. 

4) Confusion

Spiritual confusion

Sweeping at night is also a sign of confusion. It is believed that people who sweep at night will be confused.

Why is that? It is because the energy that comes from sweeping at night brings darkness to the soul.

Furthermore, night times are dark times.

You will not be able to see what you are sweeping.

All of these point to the fact that sweeping at night will cloud your soul. It will cloud your sense of reasoning and judgment. This is why you will suddenly find it hard to make wise decisions or take precise actions.

5) Losing a friend

If you are sweeping at night and your torchlight falls off, it is believed to be a bad sign concerning your friend.

This is a sign that you are going to lose a friend during the year.

Sweeping at night is a bad sign.

Now, can this message be averted? It depends on what happens.

Firstly, if the torchlight breaks and becomes damaged, then, there is nothing that can be done. However, if the torchlight falls off and is still lighted up, then, you can change that spiritual message; it is not yet sealed in the spiritual world.

6) Disturbing sleeping ghosts

Witches and ghosts

Sweeping at night is believed to be a sign of disturbing ghosts.

Just like we sleep at night, the spirits of deceased people also sleep at night.

When you begin to sweep the floor at night, the hissing sound of the broom will awaken these spirits, and they will gravitate toward you.

This is why people often have experienced strange beings peeping at them while sweeping at night. Therefore, don’t sweep at night.

7) Restlessness

Sweeping in the night makes you restless. It brings you to a point of restlessness and this causes a lot of emotional surges.

People with restless souls often experience emotional instability.

They have a lot of trust issues and this affects their relationships.

All of these can be triggered by sweeping at night.

It is believed that sweeping at night makes your soul restless. After sweeping, you will begin to palpitate and breathe hardly. All of these are signs of restlessness. 

These 7 superstitions should not be taken lightly. Some of them have been proven to be genuine. Therefore, avoid sweeping at night.

Should I sweep at Night?


No, don’t sweep at night. Sweeping at night is not an activity you should engage in.

People who practice the act of sweeping at night often do it in correlation with black witchcraft.

If you are not into dark magic, black witchcraft, or blood magic, avoid sweeping at night.

You can wake up as early as 6 am to sweep. However, avoid sweeping from 8 pm in the night till 5:59 am the next morning.

Final Words

Spiritually, sweeping at night has consequences.

Therefore, avoid carrying out this activity. Rather than sweeping at night, you can do other things like packing your clothes. You can also sweep your room or house before 8 pm. We hope this information proves helpful to you and keeps you safe.

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