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Are Ladybugs Good Luck? Orange, Yellow and Black in House

Are Ladybugs Good Luck? Orange, Yellow and Black in House

Are red or orange ladybugs good luck? And about the black and yellow ladybugs? Let’s find out!

When a ladybug lands on your animals or crops, they always magically do this without causing any harm or threat.

Over the years, many cultures have been singing about how these insects are beneficial and typically link them to good luck.

Ladybugs come in different colors, and you will see orange, yellow or black ones, and each holds a significant meaning.

There are so many myths and stories surrounding these beautiful creatures. In this post, you will learn what each type of ladybug means.

Do they bring luck in your life, and what should you do when you see one? Let’s find out!

Are Ladybugs Good Luck?

Are Ladybugs Good Luck

Ladybugs come in various colors, and you can recognize them through the unique dots on their bodies. This artistic nature in their bodies makes them popular in many cultures.

Many people have been against killing this tiny creature, believing that doing that will bring bad luck to you.

From your childhood memories, you can recall how good you would feel when a ladybug lands on you. You could be sure that something great is going to happen. Many cultures associate this tiny insect with good luck and happiness. 

If you see one, you are likely to find love has financial prosperity, and your wishes will come true. It will also be a sign that your burdens are taken care of, and you will have more patience. These tiny creatures also carry a spiritual significance in them. 

Since different kinds of ladybugs are available, each holds a different meaning. Even though they are a sign of good fortune, there is a deeper meaning that each type of ladybug carries. Let’s look at what each type means!

Are Yellow Ladybugs Good Luck?

Yellow Ladybug

When a yellow ladybug lands on you, you can feel the joy it brings to your surroundings. It carries a lot in terms of spirituality than the beauty you can see from the outside. However, it may not necessarily mean good luck to you, but the meaning it carries is not wrong.

Usually, yellow ladybugs are known for their masculine energy.

So, they technically make one energetic to go for what they want.

If you are aiming at achieving a particular goal and you see a yellow ladybug, then it tells you that it is time to take action to achieve that goal.

A yellow ladybug signifies the end of your fear about certain things. If you were worrying about your success, it is time to get over this fear and take action. If you have been procrastinating to do, this is the time to get up and do it.

Also, if a yellow ladybug visits you, it does so to grant you something you have been desiring. It comes to give you peace and emotional stability if you face challenging times. In other cases, seeing this ladybug may signify that you should be vigilant about your environment.

Another thing that it does is restore balance in your life. It helps keep your mind at peace to make decisions well. It will give you the energy you require to deal with people around you.

Orange Ladybugs

Orange Ladybug

Orange ladybugs hold so much significance that seeing one, or if one lands on you, can be a sign of many things. Due to its orange color, you can link it to places experiencing warm weather and summer places.

For this reason, it brings some particular joy and happiness in our life.

The prominent symbolism of an orange ladybug is good luck. Therefore if you have been pursuing something, you will finally get it. It shows that your future will be prosperous.

Also, the color orange is positioned between yellow and red. Therefore an orange ladybug shows creativity due to the yellow color and passion brought about by the red color. It, therefore, implies one’s determination, passion and creativity to achieve something.

When the orange ladybug lands on you, it signifies that your imagination is vivid. For this reason, it will be essential to use this gift in you to bring good things into your life. 

Moreover, these ladybugs bring you a message of transformation. Therefore, they show that the adjustments happening in your life will bore joy. It is because you make excellent and impactful decisions.

Black Ladybugs

Black Ladybug

You know black is often used when people are mourning or solemn, so it is not an exciting color. It is also a color that most people in authority use. But if you see a ladybug with this color, it conveys different meanings, and spiritual messages are attached.

Black ladybugs may not look so beautiful, but you should know that they are pretty gentle.

These insects are pretty humble, and when you see them, it is a reminder that you need to remain humble. If you are humble, so many beautiful things will happen in your life.

Also, a black ladybug should remind you that you need to love yourself. You have so many flaws; your life might be pretty ugly and imperfect but despite this, love yourself. Even though you have flaws, you are perfect in the eyes of the Highest.

Moreover, it is a reminder that you require a break. Most probably, you are making haste decisions without thinking through them well. The black ladybug will appear to warn you on this and remind you to be patient.

If a black ladybug lands on your shoulder, then it may be a sign of good luck. Go ahead and make a wish, and it will come to be once it flies away. A black ladybug brings you to hope that your desires will come to pass.

Red Ladybugs

Red Ladybug

Red ladybugs are pretty common in most places, and most cultures see them as though they bring positive things.

Due to their color, they are often thought to be a sign of love. They also tend to bring good luck and prosperity.

If you come across red ladybugs, good things will follow you. Also, they represent the energy present in the root chakra. It may signify that what you manifest is now coming to reality.

The red ladybugs may be a sign from the universe that you are in a place where things are happening in your favor. It shows many things are coming your way, and you will receive love and be able to love.

Are Ladybugs in House Good Luck?

Are Ladybugs in House Good Luck

If you see ladybugs in your home, do not be quick to kill or send them away. These creatures are gentle, easy to love and bring blessings to you. It is believed from a long time ago that when you see them in your home, they are a sign of good luck.

Ladybugs are, of course, unwelcome in any home, but be glad when it is around. They usually bring so many blessings and good things with them.

Generally, many superstitions surround this insect, and people have been carrying them over the years.

According to people doing gardening in the past, ladybugs were vital creatures to find in their gardens. They help in making sure that it is healthy. So many people at that time would use ladybugs to control pests.

So, ladybugs are not as bad and if you find one in your home, then know there is a particular reason why it is there. They will not cause any harm to your home, and instead, they make it better. They will bring prosperity to it.

People are even going to the extent of having the ladybug portrait in their homes. Of course, no one will want to add something that is not ideal or has no significant meaning to their lives.

Ladybugs invite good blessings to it and will make your life better.

Why Are Ladybugs Good Luck?


One of the reasons you can consider ladybugs as good luck is because they leave you feeling a certain way. If you are worried, they will make you feel calm and at ease. These insects also give one more patience if you are making hasty decisions.

Also, ladybugs are harmless, unlike most insects. They leave you, your plants and your environment the way it was before. For this reason, many cultures believe that they are a source of good luck and bring tons of benefits into one’s life.

What one culture considers lucky may be different from what other cultures believe. But when it comes to the ladybug, almost all cultures in all parts of the world consider it to bring good luck.

This belief came to be due to the belief that these tiny creatures are beneficial to farmers.

Ladybugs help in dealing with pests that are pretty harmful to the growth of crops. In the past, if a farmer noticed the presence of ladybugs on the farm, it would be a sign that there were no pests around. Such is fascinating to the farmers, and the belief has been carried on to date.

Also, ladybugs are good luck due to the spiritual connection and messages that they bring.

According to the Catholic religion, there is a link between these insects and Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary is also called Our Lady, and it is from here, they are named ladybugs.

It is said that Virgin Mary sent them to protect crops so that people do not starve. Due to the farmers’ prayers, Mary sent these animals to save their lands. People also had the notion that the spots on ladybugs were a sign of the seven sorrows of Mary.

So, since long ago, people have believed that ladybugs will positively impact your life if it lands on you. You will also feel the impact if you come across it around your place. Most time, seeing it is always a sign of good news.

Are All Ladybugs Good Luck?

2 Ladybugs

Ladybugs have unique capabilities and represent their inner power in a particular way. For this reason, most people and cultures consider it to be good luck. While ladybugs symbolize good luck, not all of them will mean this. 

There are many types, and each carries its deeper meaning. You can come across the red, orange, yellow and black. Each of them will positively impact your life but not necessarily lack.

For instance, if you see the orange ladybug, be sure it is a sign of good luck in your life. On the other hand, Black ladybugs may be a reminder to be humble and take life easy.

The other color will also have a different meaning that may not be linked to good luck; others will mean it is time for a change. But often, it will be something positive.

What Should I Do When I See a Ladybug?

Seeing a ladybug

If you see a ladybug, there will be something that you will feel. Some ladybugs usually come and make you feel some calmness around you. It is always a special feeling when you see one.

Ladybugs typically bring specific information to you, depending on the type you see. This insect may be unpleasant to have around you, but do not just chase them away. Try and feel the atmosphere; there is something they are trying to communicate.

Once you see one, close your eyes and make a wish. It is believed that once you do that, what you are praying for will come to pass.

Also, try and interpret the thoughts going through your mind at the time.

Also, it is essential to count the spots on the ladybug before it flies away. The number shows how long you will have to wait before fulfilling your wish.

Is it Bad Luck to Kill a Ladybug?

Ladybugs and bad luck

Killing a ladybug is a sign of bad luck, and if you can avoid it, please do.

This superstition has come to be because farmers rely on it to control their pests.

However, no one can prove this superstition, but people tend to believe it because of the good things that ladybugs bring.

Final Words

Ladybugs signify true love, good fortune, happiness, innocence and much more. It will appear to you in many different colors, and each color has what it represents.

It is essential to dig deeper and understand what ladybugs bring in your life and the spiritual messages they try to pass on to you.

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  1. I found a dark orange, or dark red ladybug in my house on December 19, almost the solstice. It’s very cold, even in the house….
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