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9 Alligator Spiritual Meanings: Symbolisms & Spirit Animal

9 Alligator Spiritual Meanings: Symbolisms & Spirit Animal

Alligators are one of the largest reptiles that can live on both land and water and they have a great spiritual meaning and symbolism.

They are rarely seen in cities or people’s houses. This is why you should never joke with the appearance of an alligator whenever you see it.

It is once in a lifetime. It is not a common occurrence. The alligator is one of the special messengers of the gods, and they will often appear to us whenever a season is about to change in our lives.

Becoming sensitive to the things around you will help you to notice the spiritual changes and transitions around you. If you are not sensitive, you will always miss out on the spiritual messages from the realm of the spirit to you.

I have made mistakes, which I should not have made if I paid enough attention to notice what the universe was saying to me.

The messages from the universe

Spiritual message

You need to understand that the universe is always going to communicate with us whenever we are:

  • Confused.
  • Unhappy.
  • About to make a mistake.
  • Are in the midst of a cycle transition.
  • Are vulnerable to spiritual attacks.
  • Accumulating too many negative energies around you because of your friends, etc.

Therefore, you have to realize that you are not alone and the universe is going to watch out for you and ensure you are guided on the right way to go. One of the ways through which the spirits communicate with us is through an alligator. 

When an alligator crosses your path either in real life or in the dream, you should never take it for granted because it is a symbol of something special.

In this article, I am going to reveal the spiritual meanings and symbols of the alligator animal and how you can enjoy the power of the alligator.

What is the spiritual meaning of an alligator?

Alligator Spiritual Meaning

Alligators possess spiritual powers and divine abilities, which can transform our lives in ways we can never imagine.

Therefore, let us see the spiritual meanings of an alligator. These are the 9 divine messages of an alligator and how it applies to your life.

1) The alligator brings assurance of protection

Animals and protection

Whenever you feel vulnerable, the alligator is an animal that the universe will send to your life to assure you of protection.

The thick skin of an alligator protects its fragile heart from being punctured by sharp objects or predators. Therefore, it is the best animal to symbolize protection and this can be across various aspects of life:

  • The universe protects us from bad friends. If you begin to feel bad concerning your friends, then the universe has sent the alligator to assure you of protection. This simply means that you are not going to be affected by the evil plots of those around you.
  • The universe protects us from an evil occurrence. Whenever something bad is about to happen to you, the alligator will always appear on your path to show you what is about to happen and assure you that no evil will befall you. The alligator has come to show you that you are not going to fall victim to the negative situation around you.

Therefore, whenever you see an alligator, it is a sign of protection. Most times, the alligator animal is a sign of assurance and confidence.

2) The alligator passes a message of foresight

White alligator

The big yellow eyes of an alligator help it to see the moves of its predators before they make it. Therefore, the alligator plans ahead of its predators.

In addition to this, the alligator sees the moves of its prey before they make it, this makes the alligator’s prey an easy catch for an alligator.

The alligator’s eyes make it see ahead and plan. It is not caught unawares. This is a message to us.

Whenever the alligator shows up in your dream or crosses your path, then it is telling you to learn to see ahead. You must learn to plan ahead of your enemies. You must always learn to see beyond what other people see and you must always learn to plan.

This is how you are going to rightly position yourself for opportunities, and also spot dangers ahead and avoid them. The alligator spirit has the foresight and this is what the universe imparts to us whenever they send the alligator to us.

Learn to plan. Always be prepared before things happen to you. This is how to keep yourself safe and strong no matter what happens.

3) You have attracted good luck whenever you see an alligator

Alligator attack

The alligator is a sign of good luck. Whenever you see an alligator, then this is a message from the universe that you have contacted good luck, and you are going to see the evident results in your life from now.

Most times, this happens when you are at the point of giving up because of the constant disappointments and failures you have been through.

It is at this point that the universe will send the alligator to you. It is meant to change how you see yourself.

Most times, the reason why we fail is that we believe that we are doomed to fail.

Therefore, the alligator has come to tell you that you have good luck and it will begin to manifest. Once your heart is opened to this, you will begin to see evident results.

4) Take advantage of opportunities whenever they show up

Alligator underwater

The alligator is an opportunist. It takes advantage of opportunities whenever they appear. Most times, this has to do with killing prey.

Whenever the alligator shows up on your path, then the spiritual realm is encouraging you to take advantage of opportunities whenever they appear.

Don’t allow fear, low self-esteem, and laziness to stop you from taking advantage of opportunities when they show up.

This is how you are going to change your life. This is how you are going to enjoy the good things that lie in your future.

5) Strength


The alligator is a strong animal. Whenever you feel weak or small, the alligator can magically show up on your path to remind you that you are strong. Most times, this is not an impartation from the spirits.

It is a reminder of who you are. You have enough strength within you to become all you want to be.

You have enough strength within you to withstand the pressures and temptation that comes your way.

Therefore, don’t look down on yourself. You are just like the alligator and you are strong enough to carry any burden and withstand every pressure.

6) Wisdom


The cunning nature of the alligator is something you need to pay attention to.

The alligator can cunningly camouflage itself from predators, and allow its prey to let down their guards. This is a message to you from the gods.

You have to be wise and cunning in how you handle things.

This has to do with your relationship with friends and how you relate with people at work. You need the wisdom to avoid every trap.

You also need the wisdom to spot certain hidden opportunities and take advantage of them ahead of others.

7) The thick skin of an alligator is a sign of resilience

Alligator skin

The alligator is an animal of great resilience. The thick skin of an alligator is a sign of resilience. You must become resilient to hard times.

You have to build a thick skin against pressures. This is how you will not be penetrated by the external forces that will harm or weaken your resolve to become great.

Whenever you begin to notice the alligator around you, then it is a sign that you have to develop a thick skin against negative situations and external forces.

Most times, this can come subtly through the words of those around you. Build a thick skin in your heart against external forces.

8) The alligator is a sign of commendation from the gods

Sign for gods

The alligator is an animal that rests a lot. Sometimes, it comes out of the water and relaxes in the sun to relax.

Therefore, whenever the alligator shows up, then the spirit is commending your efforts, but also encourages you to not be too hard on yourself.

No matter what happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. You have put in enough effort. No matter what happens, you must never be too hard on yourself.

You deserve to rest. You deserve to relax.

9) The alligator reminds you of your multi-dimensional life

Brown alligator

The alligator can live on water and land. It can exist in both territories without looking like an alien in any. This is exactly how we are. We are both physical and spiritual.

The physical side of your life has been a pronounced than your spiritual side. Therefore, whenever the alligator shows up, it has come to remind you of your spiritual side.

You should pay attention to the spiritual side as well by maintaining the balance between both lives, your life will become stable and you will enjoy a lot of happiness.

The alligator symbolism

The alligator symbolism

To the native Americans, the alligator is a symbol of spiritual cleansing and purification. Whenever the alligator is seen by a native American, it is a symbol of cleansing.

The reason for this is because the alligator lives in freshwater. Therefore, this is the reason why an alligator is a symbol of cleansing and purification.

The alligator is believed to be immune to snake venoms. Therefore, whenever the alligator’s teeth are worn on your neck, it is believed that the power of the alligator will protect you from the poisonous bite of snakes

The alligator is a symbol of courage. It is believed that the alligator will fill you up with courage for battles and every challenge that comes your way.

The alligator is a symbol of good luck. It is believed that the teeth of an alligator will bring good luck and fortune along your path.

Most times, the teeth of an alligator are hung on doorsteps to attract good luck and prosperity.

Alligator spirit animal

Alligator spirit animal

If the alligator is your spirit animal, then it means you are wise and cunning.

It means that you have strong foresight and you are very good at planning. Whenever you realize that you think a lot before you act, then the alligator is your spirit animal.

Furthermore, whenever you realize that your desire to take action becomes stronger than procrastination, then the alligator is your spirit animal.

Alligator tattoo meaning

Alligator tattoo
Alligator tattoo

You can inscribe an alligator into your skin as a tattoo for protection.

The tough skin of an alligator protects it from harm. This is exactly how you will be protected from danger.

Whenever you use an alligator as a tattoo, you will create a special atmosphere around you.

This atmosphere will repel negative energies from you and fill you with positive energy.

What does an Alligator dream mean biblically?

Alligator dream spiritual meaning

Whenever you dream of an alligator, there are 3 biblical meanings to this.

  • It is a symbol of new beginnings. Whenever you feel as if your life has ended in shame, God will always bring the alligator to you in the dream to signify a new beginning. It is a sign that God has given you a fresh start. Most times, you will wake up with peace in your heart.
  • God is opening up your heart to see the potential that is in you. Whenever you see an alligator, biblically, it means you have God-given talents and skills you need to constantly pay attention to. You have been ignoring your abilities and it is time to pick them up.
  • Dreaming of an alligator in the bible means an enemy is lurking around you. Whenever you have such dreams, it is time to be more careful. This is not to create fear in your heart. It is just a sign of caution. Act with wisdom and stop trusting everyone easily.

Final words

The power of an alligator cannot be overemphasized.

The 9 spiritual meanings in this article will guide you as you continue in your journey.

Always lean to leverage on the power of an alligator for yourself. Always learn to pay attention to an alligator whenever it comes across your path.

If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below. I will have the greatest pleasure in the world to answer you!

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