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7 Black Bear Symbolism and Dream Meanings (and Tattoo)

7 Black Bear Symbolism and Dream Meanings

The black bear symbolism is related to strength, focus, courage, and resourcefulness/skillfulness, and so on.

All over the world, the bear is known to be a fascinating and ferocious animal, which must not be threatened. The force of the bear is brutal and this is why it is commonly called a ferocious animal.

However, even though it is scary to see a black bear out of nowhere, there are times when the black bear will appear to you in your dream. When this happens, then there is something more to the dream you have just had.

The universe has just communicated a deep message to you through the bear. It would have been easier if animals could talk. However, since they cannot talk, we will derive the spiritual messages and meanings from their traits, the energy they emit, and the situation of your life at the moment.

Understanding the several meanings of spiritual mediums like animals and objects is not as difficult as many people think. However, I have done the hard work for you and put together the best spiritual meanings and symbols of a black bear.

Do not forget that the color also passes a message to you as well. 

Let us delve into this topic in more detail.

What does it mean to see a black bear?

What does it mean to see a black bear

A black bear is ferocious. Therefore, whenever you see a black bear, fear will grip you.

Suddenly, you will be thinking about how to escape from being killed by this animal. 

Spiritually, whenever you see a black bear, it is a warning sign from the universe that you have been careless with the things you do and say. Your carelessness is about to expose you to evil occurrences which stand as the black bear.

Most times, a black bear comes in form of a warning. It might not bring bad news or misfortune. However, it will certainly bring many warnings. Whenever you take heed to these warnings, you will avert the negative event that should have happened with your disobedience.

A black bear sends a message of deep warning. It instills into your consciousness the trait called carefulness and wisdom. It teaches you to always be careful of everything you do – because you are in the midst of great danger, and the only way to get out of that zone is to tread cautiously.

What is the black bear symbolism? 7 Spiritual messages

The black bear symbolism

When you see a black bear, it carries a lot of symbolic meanings, which will guide you from making mistakes.

In addition to this, it describes who you are, and how you should live your life constantly. 

The following symbolic meanings of the black bear will guide you on the right path, describe who you are, and prevent you from treading on the wrong path.

1) The black bear is a symbol of resourcefulness

Bear symbol

The black bear is a skillful animal that has several ways of hunting down and killing its prey. Furthermore, it can perform much acrobatics, which makes it beautiful to watch.

Therefore, whenever a black bear appears to you in your dream, or physically, then it is a symbol of skillfulness. It is an inspiration from the spiritual realm to push you to discover your talents and begin to use them for the good of humankind.

You have been looking down on your talents and skills. This is the reason why you feel empty and less valuable. However, as you learn from the black bear, you will be able to identify your skills, harness them and use them to help humankind. You are more than you think. Therefore, never allow anyone or any situation to tell you otherwise.

If you have identified your skill, but have become lazy to use it for the greater good of humankind, then the black bear has come to warn you of the damage you are causing to your life’s progress. Your laziness has slowed you down on the journey to progress.

To make your life progressive, your skills must be used judiciously. The universe will only reward you as you learn to make good use of your skill. As you become resourceful, men will be attracted to you.

2) The black bear symbolizes patience

Patiente animal

The black bear is a symbol of patience. It takes years for a bear to fully grow into a mature one. The bear patiently follows the growth process, until it reaches the full stage of maturity.

This is a great symbol to you. To enjoy the life you have envisioned for yourself, you need to go through the growth process.

You need to be patient. Never allow haste in your heart. Everything you want to achieve will eventually become a reality as you pass through one stage to another. Our growth does not happen at once, it takes time. Therefore, you have to be patient.

The black bear has come to show you the benefits of being patient. If you have been hasty in recent times when it comes to how you conclude about things, take decisions and respond to opportunities, then the universe has sent the black bear to prevent you from what is coming, by telling you to remain patient in everything you do.

3) The black bear symbolizes confidence


The black bear is a very confident animal. The black bear oozes an aura of self-esteem and confidence.

This is the reason why you have failed to take advantage of past opportunities. Your low self-esteem is the reason why you have not left the current phase of your life. Whenever an opportunity comes your way, go for it with every confidence in your abilities.

You are bigger than who you think you are. Your life is adventurous, and there is so much to look forward to. Stop looking down on yourself. It is time to pick up yourself with confidence.

One of the reasons why people do not take advantage of opportunities is because of the following:

  • A fear that a negative cycle will repeat itself. People are scared to take advantage of opportunities because of the fear that they are going to fail as before. They are scared because they feel the negative cycle, which shows up at the point of opportunities will repeat itself. Therefore, they do not want to take advantage of opportunities because they do not want the negative cycle to surface again.
  • People do not take advantage of opportunities because of their background.
  • People do not take advantage of opportunities because they are scared of adjusting to changes. 

All these reasons seem valid. However, they are not good enough to make you look down on yourself.

Pick up yourself with confidence as the black bear. Do not allow anyone to look down on you. Whenever opportunities come again, it is time for the universe to bless you. Therefore, eliminate every fear and go for your progress. 

4) The black bear is a symbol of curiosity

Black bear

Whenever the black bear appears to you, then it is a symbol of curiosity. It is a description of who you are. Whenever you see a black bear, it is a sign that you are a curious person.

This is a good trait. Your curiosity will give you access to a lot of information, which will change your life. Your curiosity is a good trait that you need to keep. Always learn to ask a question. Never be in a haste to make decisions without asking questions.

The black bear will never attack without having the full details of its prey. This is what has made the black bear formidable. In the same way, you have to always get the full details of everything before you make decisions.

Do not go into a business without asking all the necessary questions you need to ask. Asking questions will be of great benefit to you. Asking questions will give you access to the information that will give you many options to choose from.

5) The black bear is a symbol of focus

Animal focus

Bears are focused animals. Therefore, you need to be focused. Life will come with several distractions.

However, if you want to succeed and make progress, you need to avoid distraction. No matter what happens, you must maintain your focus. If you are going to fulfill your dreams, the focus is required.

If you are going to achieve anything worthwhile, you must ensure that nothing else takes you away from the path you have chosen. Once you do this, your life will begin to make tremendous progress.

6) Control your emotions


The black bear passes a message to you concerning how you allow your emotions to rule you. Emotions can be fickle.

Therefore, if you enslave yourself to how you feel, you will make many mistakes. You are in control of your emotions.

Therefore, never allow yourself to become a slave to your emotions. Constantly remind yourself that you are in control.

No matter how tense you are, never act under pressure. The universe has sent the black bear to guide you against making mistakes based on how you allow your emotions to rule you.

7) The black bear is a symbol of strength

Bear symbol

People have treated you badly because of how vulnerable you have become. It is not everyone that needs to have access to your life.

It is not everyone that should know about what you are doing. And it is not everyone that can handle your weakness. Therefore, learn to appear strong even if you are weak.

By doing this, you will take away access to your life from people. In addition, in the face of negative situations, you must develop the emotional and mental strength to never give up.

What is the black bear’s spiritual meaning?

Black bear spiritual meaning

Spiritually, a black bear is a symbol of balance – most especially the emotional aspect of your life.

Your emotional life must be balanced. This is a core part of your life. If your emotional life is unstable, then you will always make hasty decisions, which will lead to many mistakes that can have heavy repercussions on your life in general.

Seeing a black bear also means a direction in life. Whenever you are confused, the black bear brings clarity and focus to your path. It gives you precision and accuracy, which will lead to amazing progress.

Black bear dream meaning

Black bear dream meaning

Whenever you see a black bear, the spiritual realm is assuring you that you are protected from harm. Black bears are extremely defensive animals.

They protect their kids from predators. Therefore, the protective energy around black bears will rub off on you whenever you see the black bear.

When you see the black bear in your dream, it is a symbol of assurance from the spirits. No harm will befall you.

Black bear Animal Totem

Black bear Animal Totem

If the black bear is your totem animal, you are lovable and kind. You will go out of your way to help people. 

It also means you are very protective of those around you. The black bear totem animal; means that you are loyal to your friends and family.

Black bear tattoo meaning

Black bear tattoo

Having a black tattoo on your arm or any part of your body is a symbol of strength and protection.

People use the black bear tattoo as a charm to protect themselves from harm. 

Generally, the black bear is a symbol of protection. This is the reason having the black bear, as a tattoo is a symbol of protection.

If you have a black bear tattoo on your arm or any part of your body, you will enjoy protection.

Final words

By invoking this spirit animal into your life, you are going to enjoy protection and strength to go through life unscathed.

The universe is going to protect you through the spirit of the black bear. In addition to this, the universe will supply you with the strength to go through life’s situations and circumstances. 

So, what did you think about the black bear symbolism and spiritual meaning for your life? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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  1. Yes I enjoy the reading of the black I dreamed bear standing in front of me protection and strength and wisdom and knowledge thank you for your wisdom..

  2. All those things touch bases with me from the negative to the positive. I am starting to really lean into my intuitive powers with help from Spirit and my ancestors. I find random things on my job and they speak to me. Little synchronicities. What lead me to this article was a small 🧸 toy I found. A black bear head with green eyes. I have some earrings that are black pigs with green eyes. I use them in my practice. This bear head will be used too. This is definitely an ancestor speaking to me. Thank you and Blessed Be.

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