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8 Point Star Spiritual Meaning: Pagan and Christianity

8 Point Star Spiritual Meaning: Pagan and Christianity

I was in primary school when I first encountered the eight-pointed star. I was curious because it was the first time I have seen it.

What is this? I asked my mother. To which she said, “It is an eight pointed star. It symbolizes various things.” I asked why it looked different from the usual star I usually draw.

My mother said it is because the eight pointed star stands for something deeper than the normal star I am familiar with.

I remember trying to replicate this star myself. So, I drew it, and painted it in some of my notebooks and sketchbooks. 

I saw these illustrations and paintings once again a few days ago as I was going through my parent’s attic.

And then I remembered that indeed the eight pointed star does stand for something else, something deeper.

8 Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning
The 8 pointed star has the spiritual meaning of acceptance of others’ religion.
Universally accepted symbol
The eight pointed star, after all, is a universally accepted symbol. It is recognized by many people from different cultures and religions.
We are all equal
The eight pointed star carries the spiritual message that we are all equal in each of our god’s eyes and hence we must be respectful of other people’s beliefs and practices.
We need to respect each other
This means that this symbol should remind anyone to be respectful of other people’s spirituality and religious beliefs.
You need to pray
The eight pointed star symbol is a sign to be more prayerful and to commit to constant communication with your supreme being.

8 Pointed Star Pagan Meaning

The eight pointed stars for pagans stands for self-sufficiency.

Pagans, after all, do not believe in the Lord or any other supreme being. There is no higher power that is in control.

8 Pointed Star

The 8 pointed star then is a reflection of their belief in their capabilities, strength, and passion

It symbolizes that whatever a person enjoys is because of his or her hard work and dedication.

This is a sign that people should work diligently to achieve their goals rather than spend time hoping that a supreme being will grant them their heart desires.

Self sufficiency for pagans is the path to what is good and the 8 pointed star is what a pagan should see to remind them of this.

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Eight Pointed Star Meaning in Christianity

Christianity symbols and protection

There are various interpretations of the meaning of the eight pointed star in Christianity.

For some, the eight pointed star symbolizes the rebirth of the Lord or Easter.
It is a symbol of how Christ died on the cross for His followers to save them. It is a symbol of how God loved the world and sent his only son to die for people’s sins.
The eight pointed star also symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, which is the star believed to guide the 3 kings to the infant Jesus.
In Christianity, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and there the three kings visited Him. It was a difficult and long journey for the 3 Kings and the Star of Bethlehem is what they used to guide them to find the infant Jesus.

8 Pointed Star Meaning in Islam

Eight Pointed Star

You can find the 8 pointed star in Islamic art which is often referred to as “Khatim-Sulayman ” or simply “Khatim ”.

The eight pointed star in Islam means the seal of the prophets.

  • In Islam, Friday is the rest day and it is symbolized by the eight pointed star. Friday is the unity of all seven days of the week.
  • Some also say that the eight pointed star in Islam is about offerings to the sun. The star stands for the various offerings Islam gives.

There is wide use of this symbol among Islamic nations. You can find it in various objects, buildings and textile

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7 Spiritual Meanings of an Eight Pointed Star

Eight Pointed Star

1) Renewal of faith

The eight pointed star is also viewed as the spiritual sign for the renewal of faith

If you have been through some tough challenges and life that caused you to lose faith in the heavens, then you can try renewing your faith slowly.

You can take small steps first. Such as slowly going back to church or reading pieces and bits of the words of your supreme being.

If you’ve been stagnant in your spiritual growth, then the eight pointed star should be your reminder to restart your commitment to growing your faith.

This should be a signal for you to start doing more than usual to have a deeper relationship with your creator.

If you are only attending church then consider being more active in its activities, for example.

2) Be more prayerful

Whenever you come across this symbol, you may want to delve deep into how you pray.

  • Is it a matter of habit such as saying your prayers at specific times but you say your prayers without feelings or meaning?
  • Or do you pray to convey to the ones above what your real feelings and wishes are?

Frequency also is important in being more prayerful.

Do you only pray when you need something from the one above? Or do you pray frequently regardless of whether you need something urgent and important or not?

3) Supreme Being’s forgiveness

The eight pointed star signifies the supreme being’s forgiveness. Each person will sin or make mistakes regardless of his or her belief or religion.

At one point or another, a person will do things against his beliefs and he or she will need to ask the forgiveness of the supreme being or deity.

The eight pointed star must be a reminder to ask for forgiveness and to repent for the mistakes.

Nobody is perfect and everybody will commit a mistake or go against the teachings of their savior or supreme being. The star is both a reminder that you must ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven in return.

4) Acceptance

The eight pointed star also spiritually stands for acceptance. This means acceptance of what the ones above have given you in life.

Your current hardships and other things that will come your way are part of your creator’s greater plan.

You need to accept this and surrender your will to the one above.

Acceptance can also mean being tolerant of others’ beliefs either cultural or religion-wise.

The eight pointed star should remind you that everyone is different and you need to accept these differences to live in peace and harmony with others.

5) Generosity

The eight pointed star also means generosity in the spiritual world. When you come across this symbol, then take a deep reflection on your generosity of late.

  • Are you helping those in need?
  • Are you generous with your time and effort?
  • Do you say words that uplift others?

This particular star means a person’s generosity and so you may want to consider being generous yourself.

6) All-Seeing 

The eight pointed star is a reminder that the ones above are all-seeing. This means they can see all things including your feelings.

If you are engaging in something wrong and hurtful to others, then think of the eight star symbol.

It should be a reminder that the ones above know your every movement on earth. 

You may think that you are getting away with what you are doing but on the contrary, the heavens know what you are up to.

7) Love

One of the things you should think of when you come across an eight pointed star is love.

This is not just romantic love for a partner but love for anyone and everything that surrounds you.

The star should prompt you to examine how you show your love to others, not only those who are close to your heart but even those who are difficult to deal with.

The star stands for love of things too. This could include the environment, animals, or any other living thing the creator has made.

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Is the Eight Pointed Star a Good Symbol?

seeing sunset faith

Yes, the eight pointed star is a good symbol as it is often used to represent various good things.

For some, it is a sign of self-sufficiency, a reminder to work hard to achieve your goals while for others, it is a sign of hope, renewal, and redemption.
It is not surprising then that the eight pointed star is viewed by many as a universal sign for living a good life.
What it stands for also changes depending on whom you talk to. It is not like a stoplight that has a singular meaning anywhere in the world.

Shall We Conclude?

The eight pointed star seems like a common symbol primarily because different people and cultures use it to mean one thing

What’s important is to be respectful of other people’s interpretation of this symbol and do a deep reflection on what its spiritual meaning is for you.

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