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Home » 6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning: Is it dangerous?

6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning: Is it dangerous?

6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning: Is it dangerous?

Have you ever seen the six-pointed star in a dream or around you? What is the spiritual meaning of this 6-pointed star in your dream?

You should stick to this article till the very end because you are about to discover exciting things about the six-pointed star. The six-pointed star is a magical symbol that carries weight in the spirit realm. Whenever you see the six-pointed star, it is not to be taken for granted.

Furthermore, several people have experienced a change in their lives by paying attention and revering the spirit of the six-pointed star. This tells you the significance of the six-pointed star. 

In ancient tradition, the six-pointed star is always used to conjure spirits. Furthermore, it can be used as a talisman. This is a common perspective of people about the six-pointed star. However, there is more to the six-pointed star apart from conjuring spirits or a protective talisman. This is what you are going to discover in this article.

7 spiritual messages come with the six-pointed star. Let us look at these messages, and how they relate to our individual lives.

What does the six-point star mean?

What does the six-point star mean

Before we discuss the spiritual message of the six-point star, let us look into the meaning of the six-point star. The six-point star is called a sexagram or hexagram, and it is used by religious and cultural sects.

Christians use the six-pointed star in their temples and churches. However, the six-pointed star is mostly used by the Islamic religion. 

The Islamic religion refers to it as the seal of Solomon. In the Quran, Solomon is a prophet with wisdom. This is why the six-pointed star is believed to be an icon of divine wisdom. The Islamic religion reveres the six-pointed star and uses it for worship.

The six-pointed star is also a symbol of reincarnation.

It can be used to summon ghosts. It can be used to summon spirits and it is also a symbol of protection. When conjuring spells, the six-point star can be drawn on the floor for energy, and boundaries against opposition forces.

In addition to this, you must also realize that the six-point star is not a star in the sky. Although it looks like a star, the six-point star is a symbol and not a real star.

Therefore, whenever you hear of the six-point star, you should stop imagining a star in the sky with six points. Having this imagination might make you lose the spiritual message that comes from the symbol.

Meaning of Six-Pointed Star Symbol

Six-Pointed Star Symbol

The six-pointed star symbol features the following spiritual meaning:

  • The six-pointed star is a protective symbol. This symbol looks like a cage, and it is believed that you can trap evil spirits with this symbol. 
  • This symbol is used to conjure spirits. If you want to communicate with spirits from the afterlife, one of the symbols that can be used is the six-pointed star.
  • The six-pointed star is a symbol of divine worship. Whenever you see this symbol, it is an indication that God is calling you into deeper worship and reverence for him. This symbol leads to spiritual awakening. Anyone who sees this symbol will become devoted to God.
  • This symbol also means wisdom. In the Islamic religion, this is a symbol of wisdom because it is a seal of Solomon. The bible and Quran agree with the fact that Solomon was a wise man. Therefore, when you see the six-pointed star, it means wisdom. With the six-pointed star, you can ask the universe for wisdom, and be assured of getting it.

6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning

What are the different spiritual messages of the six-pointed star?

Seeing the symbol of the six-pointed star in a dream, or reality carries 7 spiritual messages. Each of these messages carries deep spiritual meanings that are relevant to your life. Let us look into the different spiritual messages of the six-pointed star.

1) Balance

The six-pointed star is a sign of imbalance.

Whenever you see this symbol at work, the universe is telling you that there is an imbalance between your work and family life.

The six-pointed star is an indication that you should find the balance between your work life and family life. Failure to do this will lead to misunderstandings, which will put pressure on you emotionally and psychologically.

The six-pointed star is a sign of balance.

Therefore, create the balance. It is necessary and of great benefit.

The six-pointed star came into my life when I was failed to create a balance between my work life and family life. It helped me to get back on track, and I am better for it today. Therefore, you should pay attention to it.

2) Answered prayer

The six-pointed star is a sign of answered prayer. When you see this symbol during your prayer time, it is an indication that your prayer has been answered.

The universe is telling you to have faith and be of courage because you are going to enjoy the answer to your prayers and desires.

Another word for this is manifestation.

The six-pointed star is a sign of manifestation. It is an indication that you have entered the phase of manifesting your dreams and intentions.

If you have been making prayers to the universe for long, the six-pointed star has come to tell you that it is time to enjoy the rewards of your prayers.

3) Everything will be alright

The six-pointed star will show up in your life at a time of depression, or despair.

It will come into your life at a time when you have lost hope of becoming successful.

Whenever this happens, always remind yourself that the universe has your best interest at heart, and everything will be alright.

The six-pointed star has come into your life to tell you that with consistency, and faith, you are going to enter a new phase of joy and gladness. The six-pointed star is a sign that everything will be alright.

Therefore, don’t lose faith and hope. God is restoring all the lost years to you, and it will end to your advantage.

4) Stop worrying about the things you don’t have

If you have put yourself under undue pressure, the universe will bring correction into your life through the six-pointed star.

The six-pointed star is a sign that you should be contented.

Contentment brings peace and stability. Furthermore, it helps you to go through life’s processes without haste.

The six-pointed star is a sign of contentment.

This is why the Christian religion uses it as a lesson to faithful people.

5) Your guardian angel is around

The six-pointed star is a sign of the presence of your guardian angel.

Whenever you see the six-pointed star, it is an indication that your guardian angel has come to visit you.

Therefore, make your requests at that moment, and expect results to come forth into your life. 

6) Spiritual wisdom

The six-pointed star is referred to as the seal of Solomon.

Therefore, it is a sign of wisdom. Whenever you see this symbol in the dream, the universe is calling your attention to the wealth of wisdom in you.

The universe is opening your eyes to see the spiritual ability you have, which is spiritual wisdom.

Therefore, it is time for you to become aware of your abilities, and use them for your spiritual destiny.

7) You have to become grounded

The six-pointed star is a sign that you need to become spiritually grounded.

In the bible, it is called spiritual maturity. Whenever you see the six-pointed star, it is an indication that you are not growing spiritually.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to your spiritual life much more. You have to pray, meditate and focus on spiritual things more than ever before.

Six-Pointed Star with Circle in the middle spiritual meaning

Six-Pointed Star with Circle

When you see the six-pointed star with a circle in the middle, it is a sign that the spirit of your lost one is around.

The spirit of our loved ones does not only use feathers and spirit animals to notify us of their presence. They use signs and symbols like the six-pointed star with a circle in the middle.

Another spiritual meaning of the six-pointed star with a circle in the middle is balance. Whenever you see this symbol, it is a sign that you have found your balance between the spiritual and physical world.

This is a good sign that you are not extreme in your material pursuits.

6-Pointed Star Meaning in the Bible

Stars in the bible

In the bible, the six-pointed star is known as the star of David, and it is believed to be a prophetic message of the coming of Jesus.

However, after the resurrection of Jesus, the six-pointed star is a reminder that we should live our lives by the commandments of Jesus Christ.

It is only when we do this that our relationship with God will be cordial.

Final Words

When you see the six-pointed star, serious attention is required because your life is going to change by the spiritual message that comes from this symbol. The universe can speak to you through the six-pointed star. Therefore, always be attentive to this symbol.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of the 6-pointed star? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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14 thoughts on “6-Pointed Star Spiritual Meaning: Is it dangerous?”

  1. So much of cognitive confusion, historical and traditional misconception, and fealty lies in your misinterpretations! It’s just embarrassing to read this crap: why are you even posting something?! Who gave you a right to lie?!
    Unbelievable informational terrorism!

    1. Avatar
      Michelle Tankersley

      Thank you….this whole story Is so false and very misleading. I had it tattooed on the back of my neck because we were taught the false history of the Hebrew heritage….this star represents nothing but satan…man created this star has nothing to do with David because he never mentions it once in the Bible….the 12 lost tribes were the last true bloodline, the Israelites today do not worship Jesus they worship a false God..Jesus did not return them to Isreal because of that fact…so how did they get back?? Satan and it really bugs me that I have it stuck on my neck…but I really am tired of people thinking this is good or has anything to do with Jesus or David. Atleast some know the true meaning.

      1. If Satan is the father of lies, how do you know that the god you worship isn’t Satan pretending to be the god you think it is? I mean the god of the Bible, particularly from the first testament sounds nothing like what we’re told that God is meant to be. He’s actually pretty evil…

  2. Avatar
    Charlene Fitzpatrick

    I love the 6-pointed star symbol because there are so many things it represents. For me it is not dangerous, like anything used in connection with the spirit world and your higher power it can be made dangerous if used with dangerous intent. That comes from inside of you. Which ever source of energy you feed will be the one that grows, so always use your tools, i.e. candles, icons, incense, rituals, symbols, etc. with good and holy intentions and that is what will increase. The power is never in the tool but in your intentions. Focus, intentions, presence, energy are all at work in a favorable fashion when your thoughts are grounded in love.

  3. I carry the “Seal of Solomon” in the palm of my hand. It first showed up in blood blisters as the blue light discharged an energy buildup,
    It’s now natural lines on my palm. I’m always Interested in ideas around it’s meaning.

  4. i was sent the star of David by someone who was always surpressing ladies and i dint like it so i told him opening;
    im wondering if he is sending to me danger warning or a spiritual message
    what should i do

    1. Avatar
      Michelle Tankersley

      Unfortunately it represents the god of fire or satan….it is widely misused and I made the mistake of getting it tattooed on me because we were taught false hebrew history….the Bible never mentions a star except for the morning star or Satan. Google the 12 lost tribes hebrew…and you will find out everything you need to know.

  5. Interesting that you completely ignore the association of the 6 pointed star with Judaism, which is what it is most identified with. King Solomon was Jewish, not Christian. Also primarily known as the Star of David, the Magen David, King David was on of the kings of the ancient kingdom of Israel and was also Jewish . Please give credit where credit is due.

  6. I just finished cleaning out a 6 sided 12 pointed star that was tossed in the garbage. Most likely due to the work involved in clearing out the candle wax seemingly from a thousand years of burning candles. Not really a thousand but lots and lots of old melted candle was. Then I did a salt wash and a short prayer…
    may this candles light be bright
    goodness and hope in darkest of night
    all positive energy and relief from pain
    is what from this candle I will gain

  7. So I think humans will always see what they look for. If you are seeking out evil you will only see things as evil. If you seek goodness and positive things that too is what you get.

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