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9 Peacock Feather Meanings: What does it Symbolize?

9 Peacock Feather Meanings: What does it Symbolize?

Do you know what is the peacock feather spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let’s find out!

Peacocks are beautiful creatures. 

I love to visit the zoo or reserves to watch the peacock display its wonderful colors. The peacock brightens the environment with its beautiful feathers and this is why I love this animal. However, beyond the beauty and elegance of the peacock, it carries a deeply spiritual symbol, which can be helpful to your life if you pay attention to it.

Finding the feather of a peacock is not common because the peacock does not shed its feathers easily. Therefore, you should never count it as a coincidence or mere occurrence to find the feather of a peacock. It is a deliberate act of the universe to pass a spiritual message to you.

In this article, you will discover amazing spiritual secrets about the feather of a peacock and why it is special. If you have ever found the feather of a peacock, it is time for you to pay more attention to your life, and I am going to reveal the reason for my statement in this article.

There are 9 spiritual meanings of the peacock feather; each of these meanings carries so much significance to every area of life. Read on to find out more about the feather of a peacock.

What does a Peacock Feather Symbolize?

What does a Peacock Feather Symbolize

The feather of a peacock is a symbol of peace. It is believed that when Kuan yin wanted to leave the earth, she decided to make the peacock a representative of her divine presence to protect the earth from evil and bring peace to the humans.

Therefore, whenever the feather of a peacock is seen, it brings our remembrance to the power of Kuan yin to restore peace and balance to our lives wherever we need it.

If you are experiencing storms or disturbances in your life, the feather of a peacock is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It is a sign that every situation in your life will be solved and your joy will be restored.

In addition to this, a peacock is a sign of self-discovery.

There is a story that talks about the reason why a peacock flaunts its colors. It was said that whenever the peacock begins to feel inferior to other animals because of its small size, it will begin to flaunt its feathers as a reminder that it has something different and unique from other animals around it.

Therefore, the feather of a peacock is a symbol of self-discovery. If you are finding it hard to discover who you are, the feather of the peacock will help on that journey to find your path and stick to it.

The feather of a peacock is also a sign of leadership.

In Africa, the feather of a peacock is always attached to the headdresses of kings and chiefs.

Therefore, finding the feather of a peacock bestows upon you a leadership responsibility.

It is a sign that you will be promoted at your workplace to a position of leadership. Furthermore, it is a sign that you need to become disciplined enough to lead your own life.

It is time to stop allowing your life to be ruled by the people who don’t matter to your life. It is a symbol of taking responsibility for what is yours.

Peacock Feather Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages

Peacock Feather Spiritual Meaning

These spiritual messages will help you to understand yourself much more. In addition to this, the spiritual messages from the feather of a peacock will give you an insight into what lies in your future.

When it comes to your relationship with people, it is believed that the feather of a peacock will shower you with the wisdom that is required to deal with difficult people.

Therefore, the 9 spiritual meanings of a peacock are symbolic and significant. Never let go of these meanings.

Bookmark this article and always refer to it whenever you need to learn about the wisdom of the peacock feather.

Also, you should look out for the manifestations in your life when you find the feather of a peacock.

Let us delve into the 9 spiritual meanings of finding a peacock feather.

1) Increased Productivity


The feather of a peacock has come to bless your life with productivity.

This will affect your job. If you belong to the working class or are self-employed, the feather of a peacock is a good sign that all of your efforts will begin to yield results.

It will take away every frustration you are going through, and fill you with the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from seeing your efforts produce results.

Therefore, if you have been struggling to become productive at your workplace or in your business, the feather of a peacock has come to take away that problem.

The universe has sent the feather of the peacock to bless your efforts and make them productive. Therefore, expect results from the moment you see the peacock feather in your dream, house, or on your path.

2) Creativity

Creative person

The beautiful colors of the feather of a peacock reveal the creativity of the higher spirit. It reveals the intelligence of the creator.

In the same way, when the feather of the peacock comes to you, the creative power in the feather will begin to affect your life.

You will begin to observe the major changes that will begin to happen in the way you do things.

Your approach to tasks will suddenly change. The complex situations that have always been a problem will suddenly become easy because you will never be short of ideas anymore.

Furthermore, in your business, you are going to become resourceful and everything you do will attract new clients to you. The creative power of the higher spirit will make your life beautiful, which will attract a lot of people to your life.

3) You are special

Special woman

If you have been looking down on yourself because of your weakness and disability, the universe has sent the feather of a peacock to remind you about how special you are.

The peacock is one of the smallest and most insignificant animals in the universe. However, it is one of the most decorated animals in the universe because of its beautiful feathers.

This is a message to everyone who feels inferior because they don’t have what the other person has. Stop comparing yourself with another person.

There is something about you that is unique and special. Focus on what makes you unique, and learn to amplify it.

There is something in your life that makes your life beautiful. Don’t be shy to show off your uniqueness because it looks inferior to others.

You will be surprised at how it will become the talk of the town when you begin to express them.

4) Good luck

Spiritual luck

Keeping the feather of a peacock in your house is a sign of good luck.

In the Hindu culture, the feather of a peacock is an auspicious symbol that is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, whenever you see the feather of peacock, pick it up and keep it in your house.

It will bring good luck to you.

It is believed that the peacock feather fills your house with positive energy that will eventually bring good luck and a lot of opportunities your way.

Good luck happens to anyone who finds the feather of a peacock. You should be happy, and hopeful of a better future whenever you see the feather of a peacock.

5) Protection

Guardian Angel feathers

If you take a closer look at the feather of a peacock, you will notice that the patterns look like an eye.

This pattern is identical to the pattern that is found in the evil eye bracelet.

Therefore, it is believed that the power of the evil eye bracelet comes from the feather of a peacock.

Keeping the feather of a peacock in your house will do a better job than the evil eye bracelet; because it does not break, unlike the evil eye bracelet.

The feather of a peacock protects you from every evil eye and takes away every negative energy that might be targeted towards you. The feather of a peacock is a sign of protection.

6) You need to be open-minded


In certain cultures, the feather of a peacock is called “100 eyes”.

Finding the peacock feather is an ability to see from various sides.

This is similar to having an open mind to receive other people’s opinions about a matter.

When you accept other people’s opinions, you will become wiser. Furthermore, embracing changes will allow you to explore life in a new dimension.

This is a message from the universe concerning your mind. It is time to open up your mind to explore what the world has to offer.

In addition to this, you should learn to accept the opinions of people – even if it’s contrary to what you believe and uphold. It will make you wiser.

7) Fertility

Pregnant woman

The Chinese believe that the feather of a peacock will make a woman pregnant. This is why they recommend a peacock tattoo for any woman having conceiving problems.

This does not have to be the situation for your own life. You can call on the fertility power of the peacock to multiply your results in other aspects of your life.

If you require a child, the feather of the peacock is the best way to harness the energy that is required for you to conceive.

The feather of a peacock brings fertility into every aspect of your life – either pregnancy-related or not.

8) Guard your heart


The beauty of the peacock will flatter you. Therefore, the feather of a peacock is a sign that there are people around you, who are trying to seduce you with their flattery words.

You have to guard your heart against flattery.

The words of the people around you do not come from a pure heart. therefore, you have to be careful of how you allow those words to get to you.

Allow the peacock feather to grant you the wisdom to deal with this kind of people.

9) You will meet your twin flame

Twin flame

Finding the feather of a peacock is a sign that you are going to find your twin flame very soon.

It is an indication that you are about to enter a new phase of life, which will lead to the connection between you and your soul mate.

If you are of marriageable age, it is a sign that you are going to get married to the right person.

What does a Peacock Feather Represent?

Peacock feather

A peacock feather represents the following:

  • Beauty;
  • Royalty;
  • Leadership;
  • Courage;
  • Focus;
  • Direction.

On the negative side, it represents the following:

  • Pride;
  • Flattery;
  • Dishonesty.

Therefore, while, it is good to be full of positivity whenever you find the feather of a peacock, you also need to consider the negative aspects and guard your heart against them.

Peacock Feather Meaning for Native Americans


In the native American culture, the feather of a peacock is given to the spiritual leaders because it is a symbol of great spiritual wisdom and insight. 

Furthermore, it is believed that the feather of a peacock is good medicine for health issues.

Therefore, whenever anyone is sick, the feather of a peacock is always used to make medicines for healing.

The peacock is believed to have a strong healing presence around it.

Are Peacock Feathers Good Luck?

Peacock feathers and good luck

Because of the elegance and beauty of the feathers of peacocks, it is considered a sign of good luck to anyone who finds it. Always hang the feather of a peacock in the doorpost of your room for good luck.

The beauty and positive power of a peacock will attract several opportunities into your life. 

Final Words

From what we have seen in this article, there is no doubt that the power of a peacock feather will assist you in discovering your purpose and achieving everything you desire.

Furthermore, the feather of a peacock will help you overcome every insecurity you are suffering from.

Always pay attention to the feather of a peacock whenever you find it, and allow the universe to communicate with you concerning your life and how you should relate with the people around you.

The power of the peacock will always show you the way as you keep its feathers in your home.

So, do you already know what is the peacock feather spiritual meaning? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “9 Peacock Feather Meanings: What does it Symbolize?”

  1. Thanks so much for enlighting me .
    Am lucky to fine a peccoak feather this morning on my way.
    I will follow your wisdom in handling the feather well.
    Best regards,
    Stella Kosu.

  2. I have been fortunate enough to have moved into a beautiful area. So beautiful, that the area I live in, peacocks roam freely.
    So when I leave in the mornings, or evenings, to walk my dog. I happen to find peacock feathers quite often. But the feather that most interests me, is the feather of the albino peacock 🦚 that is see regularly. That peacock is my favorite. I consider him almost like a pet because I see him everyday I’m out.
    But it is with sad words that I must say, there has been someone, who has been coming to our area neighborhood and plucking all the feathers off the peacocks one by one. There are about 10 or more peacocks that rome freely here. Almost about every other day we see a peacock with its feathers plucked. The other day my wife returned home from walking the dog in the morning, and informed me that someone had done it again. Only this time, it was my personal favorite pet that had been a victim. My albino friend 😢. I was so upset and sad. I almost wanted to stay up all night till the early sunrise and wait, watching for this predator to come by so I could catch him/her. How could someone do this to such a beautiful animal and why.? After reading your article, I understand now a little bit more.
    After all this, 2 days later I left to walk our dog(Bell) in the morning, and who did I so happen to see.? It was, my favorite peacock, with all his eye feathers taken. Such a sad site, it hurt me to the heart. Yet he still had some of his beautiful, yet smaller, and colorful spear feathers. And as my Albino buddy (fido) so happened to walk past us. One of his arrowed spear feathers, that he had been dragging, just so happens to fall off in front of us as he walked by. I knew then, and felt the incredible positive energy of such a beautiful bird. And as he walked by I picked up the feather, kept it, and was thankful not only for the feather, but for the moment, and that no one had done something worse to him. As bell and I walked around the block, ( it was such a heart warming,at ease feeling) we spotted a pair of peacocks, (male and a female) walking together with some baby peachicks. They were so small and awesome. It looked like the male was watching over them, protecting them. I HAVE A TRUE LOVE AND APPRECIATION FOR THESE BIRDS. CRAZY THING IS MY WIFE AND I HAVE ONLY KNOW EACHOTHER FOR A YEAR ALMOST TO THE DATE OF ALL THESE EVENTS WITH THE PEACOCKS HAPPENING. Yes, I meet my twin flame a year ago: And we married a little over two weeks after meeting. We both knew. So I would have to say that after a year of marriage almost to the date, these peacocks sort of confirm your Twin flame 🔥 theory. Thank you for the incitfull information . My wife and I are very holistic and spiritual as I might asume you are just by the choice of words you used in your article. Once again thank you for the info…

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