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11 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams about Fairies: It’s Good Luck?

11 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams about Fairies: It's Good Luck?

Fairies are not fantasies of the mind. They are real and can appear to people in their dreams.

We have received several questions and concerns about what it means to dream about fairies, and this has prompted me to write this article to you.

The information you will get from this article is powerful enough to transform your belief concerning fairies.

It also opens you up to the energy of these creatures when they show up in your dreams.

Therefore, let us discuss what fairies mean when they appear to us in our dreams.

What do Fairies Represent in Dreams?

Fairies representation

It is beyond normal to have dreams about fairies. This is why you should never wake up from such a dream without meditating for some minutes about the spiritual meaning.

Whenever you dream of fairies, it points to your secret desires and fantasies.

In comic books, fairies are portrayed as beautiful and loving.

Your mind must have clinched to these images, which have created fantasies for you.

This is why you are having a dream such as this. It speaks of the things you secretly desire, which you don’t want anybody to know of. 

When you dream of fairies, it spiritually represents the connection between the soul and spirit of a human.

This is a message from the gods to stir up your spirituality.

It is to make you curious about the reality in the spirit world.

This curiosity leads to spiritual sensitivity.

Seeing a fairy in your dream spiritually points to the fact that you have to stay conscious of spirit beings and omens.

Fairy Symbolism in Dreams


The fairy symbolism in dreams encourages people to not be extreme. This means that you should not be extremely good or extremely evil.

Both have their disadvantages. When you become extremely good, you are made an easy target for people to take advantage of.

You will be hurt countless times and this might affect your mind in ways you cannot imagine.

How about becoming extremely evil? Well, you know the answer already.

Bad things expose people to negative energy, and this affects how they see other people. It dampens people’s ability to make wise decisions.

It also makes people skeptical about everything around them.

The fairy symbolism in dreams is encouraging you to never be extreme. Always try to find the balance.

Whether you are good or evil, you should still balance things up

Whenever the universe sends you the fairy symbolism in dreams, it means there is a spiritual connection between you and the spirit world.

It’s Normal to Dream about Fairies?

Fairies in dreams

No, it is not normal to dream about fairies.

Fairies are ancient spirits that come to people in dreams for specific spiritual purposes.

Anytime you see a fairy in your dream, it should not be seen as a normal dream.

Spirits will only appear to you in your dream when a message needs to be passed across. 

Most times, the universe uses animals, objects, and colors to speak to people in dreams.

However, in some extreme cases, spirit beings might be introduced to you.

This is to make you spiritually sensitive.

Furthermore, it is also to build confidence in your soul concerning the reality and tangibility of the spirit world.

Furthermore, bear in mind that fairies can come to you of their own accord. This means that the universe does not have to send fairies to you in your dreams.

These ancient spirits can come to you on their own accord. This is commonly tied to a family connection with the spirit of the fairy. 

The next time you dream about a fairy, wake up and meditate on its spiritual essence.

This helps your mind to be refreshed. It also stabilizes your mindset about spirit beings and how real they are.

What does it mean when you Dream about Fairies?

Signs in dreams

These magical creatures possess the power to bring peace to people’s hearts.

Therefore, whenever you dream about them, it restores peace to your heart.

  • Have you been going through a hard time?
  • Did you recently lose someone you love?
  • Are you troubled about a perplexing situation?

Dreaming about a fairy is a sign of peace.

It is seen as a message and an omen of encouragement and assurance to people. 

Additionally, the magical powers of this creature make it possible for your wishes to come to pass.

Therefore, the next time you dream about it, wake up and make a wish.

Just like in comic books, expect your wishes to come to pass.

Another reason for dreaming about fairies is that you are about to have a baby.

Whenever people have dreams surrounding the tooth fairy, it could point to giving birth to a baby.

Apart from giving birth to babies, these creatures represent fruitfulness and abundance.

This is why you should open your mind to them whenever they show up in your dreams. You are about to experience the blessing of life.

This is what it means to dream about them. 

11 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams about Fairies

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Fairies

The dream world sends images of these amazing and powerful creatures when we need certain messages. This is why it is important to learn about the 11 spiritual meanings of seeing fairies in dreams.

1) Stop regretting your unfulfilled dreams

Since you have never seen a fairy in real life, it is safe to assume that the closest you will ever be to them is in dreams.

Now, in your waking moment, this is a sign of unfulfilled dreams and desires.

A fairy in your dream represents the numerous ambitions you have, and how they seem unfulfilled.

When you dwell on this situation for a long time, it brings resentment to your heart and makes you regret the aspirations you’ve had in the past.

However, the universe brings a message to you from a fairy. It is telling you to move on. Stop regretting your unfulfilled dreams and aspirations.

There is enough time for you to fulfill other things. Use that time constructively rather than wallow in self-pity.

2) A new beginning

New beginnings in spiritual world

Fairies are spiritual omes of new beginnings.

When people are about to enter a new season of their lives, one of the magical creatures that come to them is a fairy.

Therefore, the moment you constantly have dreams about fairies, it spiritually points to a new beginning.

This indicates that the universe is giving you another opportunity to start afresh.

Beyond this, you will also learn that life revolves around cycles and divine timings.

Therefore, you need to always be sensitive enough to know when a cycle is closing in or not. 

3) Happiness

In comic books, fairies spread happiness to people everywhere they go. This means that dreaming about them means you will have a happy life.

It also encourages you to stay happy consistently.

Happiness is more of a deliberate effort than a magical effect.

It does not just happen to people out of the blue. You have to choose happiness over other emotions.

A message such as this comes to people when they are having a hard moment in their lives. It encourages them to stay happy irrespective of what they are going through

4) Assurance

Spiritual assurance

In line with the previous message, fairies bring assurance to people.

They are sent by the universe to assure you of a possible solution to the problem you are facing.

Furthermore, dreaming about them means everything will be fine.

This is why you should be happy.

Wake up every day with optimism and always be on the lookout for that magical miracle moment. 

5) Work on yourself

When you dream about fairies, it means you need to work on yourself.

This dream stirs up a thirst for self-development.

The reason for having this dream points to an opportunity that is about to open up for you.

However, you might never be rightly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity if you fail to work on yourself.

You need to work on your attitude, communication skills, perception, esteem, and so on.

If you are going to qualify for the opportunity ahead, then, start making deliberate efforts to bring out the better You.

6) Love in relationships

Sign of love

When you dream about 2 fairies in love, it is obvious that the universe is speaking concerning your love life. 

Have you ever felt you will never find love?

This message is for you. The universe knows how you feel. This is why you are getting a dream about these 2 lovely creatures.

They are sent to assure you of a blossoming love life in your relationship.

Furthermore, they are sent to tell you that you deserve to be loved. Believe this message with your heart.

7) It is okay to have great dreams

Life is full of people with various aspirations and goals.

The spiritual world believes that people should create a reality in their minds concerning the future they want.

When you constantly dream of fairies, it means you are not dreaming big enough.

This dream brings a powerful message to expand your mind. 

It is telling you to create bigger pictures.

Step out of the mediocrity zone.

Furthermore, if you have great dreams but are scared of people’s reactions, fairies have come to encourage you to never abandon your great dreams.

They are telling you that it is okay to have great dreams.

8) Money is coming

Good luck in money

Generally, fairies are believed to be associated with the money god.

When people see a fairy in their dreams, it could bring a message of prosperity.

In the spiritual world, this could indicate that money is coming.

Have you been praying for financial abundance? 

Well, your prayer is about to be answered.

The energy surrounding fairies attracts wealth to you. It also brings an assurance from the universe that you will prosper in everything you do.

9) Answered Prayers

Just like angels, fairies can also come to take our prayers to heaven. 

They can serve as a mediator between man and the spirit world in prayer

Have you been praying about something for a long time? Well, it is good news to dream about fairies. This spiritually means that your prayers are answered.

In that dream, you will see a fairy climbing up a white ladder into the sky.

This means that your prayers have been taken to heaven.

When the fairy returns with a gift package, this means that your answer has been delivered. 

People will have such a dream for assurance. It also stirs up faith in them to believe in their prayers.

10) Child bearing

A new child is coming

Have you heard about the tooth fairy?

In ancient folklore, there is an ancient creature called a tooth fairy.

It belongs to the class of fairies. However, its duty is to little children.

It is believed to be saddled with the responsibility to transport the tooth of babies to the spirit world. 

Now, if you don’t have any children around, why should you dream about the tooth fairy?

There can only be one explanation.

You are dreaming about the tooth fairy because you will have a baby soon.

11) Spiritual Sensitivity

When your spiritual life is losing its vitality, you will begin to have dreams about fairies.

This dream is sent to you as an encouragement to become spiritually sensitive.

It awakens you to the reality of the spirit world. 

Are Fairies a Good Luck Sign in Dreams?

Fairies and good luck

Yes, fairies are a good luck sign in dreams.

Whenever you dream about them, expect to be encouraged and inspired.

They also bring promises of wealth, emotional stability, fruitfulness, and a blossoming love life to people.

Fairies have no negative energy surrounding them.

Final Words

It is unrealistic to not believe in the existence of fairies. They are real and will appear to you in your dream. Therefore, prepare for your next fairy dream!

The information in this article has provided all you need to know about fairies. If you have not experienced this before, then, this is an amazing opportunity for you to learn about this powerful creature.

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