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11 Meanings of a Falling Elevator in Dreams: It’s Bad Luck?

11 Meanings of a Falling Elevator in Dreams: It’s Bad Luck?

A falling elevator can be the most horrifying experience. Elevators are used for easy access to tall buildings.

Elevators have shortcomings, like locking people inside or the extreme cases where elevators have fallen.

Nevertheless, an elevator symbolizes the urge to push beyond our limitations to attain our goals and desires.

If you ever dream about a falling elevator, your subconscious is trying to communicate a specific message.

Therefore, a falling elevator in a dream symbolizes something in your life.

For example, a vision of a falling elevator can tell good or bad luck, depending on the dream’s message.

What does it mean to dream about elevators?

Elevators in dreams

Having dreams related to elevators is among the top 100 dreams we encounter.

This dream is usually connected to fear and a lack of control in our current situations.

Elevator-related dreams are common among females between the ages of 30-40.

It is essential to take into account every detail of your dream. The details of the dream are critical in interpreting your dream.

For example, the speed of the elevator you dreamt was traveling at, if you were alone in the elevator, or if there were other people in the elevator, the type of the elevator (old model or new model), and other accounts have specific interpretations or meanings.

alone in a falling elevator:

This dream has different interpretations depending on your situation.

Firstly, this dream might foreshadow the failure of your planned trip.

Therefore, this is usually a warning of the possible outcome of your trip; hence a better way of alerting you to be very keen to ensure your trip is a success.

Secondly, being in a falling lift alone might mean you are trapped, possibly by finances, relationships, or work.

The significance of this dream is that you have no one to support you, protect you, and encourage you during this life-threatening moment.

Therefore, if you have this dream, you must reach out to people close to you for support, advice, and guidance.

Me with someone in a falling elevator:

Dreaming that you falling in an elevator with someone is not much better.

This dream has different meanings depending on your current situation.

Firstly, this might mean you will simultaneously fail with your team/group.

Hence, if you are a leader, you must take stern action to ensure your team does not fall.

Secondly, being in a falling elevator with a stranger also has a different meaning.

For example, it could mean you are skeptical and doubtful of others.

11 Meanings of a falling elevator in dreams

Meaning of a falling elevator in dreams

Dreams about elevators can be metaphors for different situations or things. Therefore, paying attention to the details of the dream is essential because it helps in decoding the message the dream is trying to communicate to you.

In this article, I will explain 11 meanings of a falling elevator in dreams.

1) Missed Opportunities

A dream of a falling elevator can symbolize a missed opportunity.

The opportunity can be at work, in business, or in other aspects like relationships.

For example, this could mean that the job application you did not give a shot at because you were afraid that you were not a perfect fit. Or it can mean that handsome guy or that beautiful lady you had a crush on because you were afraid of the expected outcome.

Your dream of a falling elevator alerts you to stop letting lifetime opportunities pass you because you are afraid of the risks or you fear trying the unknown.

Instead, this dream is a clear reminder that you need to take risks and embrace the challenges in life.

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2) Loss of Control

Faulty elevator

Dreams about a falling elevator are examples of falling dreams. The falling dreams generally symbolize anxiety, fear, and loss of control.

For example, a falling elevator dream can mean a loss of control while driving, which can cause an accident.

Therefore, it is crucial to remember the contextual details of your dream since they help decode the meaning of your dream.

For example:

  • Were you alone in the elevator?
  • At what speed was the elevator moving?
  • Did you hit the ground, or you woke up before it crashed?

This dream reflects a crisis in your life, and how you respond to it matters.

3) No emotional support system

A dream of a falling elevator, more so if you see you are the only one in the elevator, is a sign that you lack an emotional support system.

Perhaps, you are in an unhealthy work environment or relationship.

Having a dream of a falling elevator might mean that you need to speak out about what is bothering you to someone you trust or find a shoulder to lean on.

Therefore, do not be scared of switching jobs or walking out of a relationship if they are not giving you joy.

You need to be where you are happy, safe and protected.

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4) Unexpected Changes

Elevator with a lot of people

The falling elevator dreams can also be associated with a sudden and unexpected change in your life.

The change can be getting a higher position in your workplace which is a daily prayer for most of us. 

This change, for example, getting a high role in your company, might mean more pressure and extra responsibilities for you.

Therefore, if you have this dream, you should reflect on your life and see if you are constantly worried about the consequences that the change will bring to you.

5) Tough times ahead

Dreaming of a falling elevator indicates that you are about to go through a tough time in your life.

At one point in our lives, each of us went through a turbulent moment.

Unfortunately, the crests and troughs are part of our life, and we can not avoid them.

Despite all the efforts you will put into planning your life out, at one point, life will unexpectedly knock you down.

However, these challenges are there to strengthen you, challenge you, and make you grow.

If you are going through a tough time, dreaming of a falling elevator means you must pause and reflect on your life.

6) Uneasiness

Stopped elevator

Dreams related to falling elevators can mean that you are feeling uneasy about your current situation.

Perhaps you feel that you are in a dilemma, and you don’t know which decision will sort your problem.

Indecision can occur if your mind is clouded and you cannot make wise decisions.

You should stop worrying about things beyond your control and only focus on things you can sort, and the elevator falling dream is an acknowledgment of this.

7) Self-Sabotage

To dream of falling elevators can also mean that you are practicing self-destructive habits.

The behaviors can be in the form of drug and substance abuse, poor financial planning, procrastination, or any act that is against the rule of law.

Bad habits can ruin your life.

Therefore, a falling elevator dream to you is a simple reminder that you need to change.

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8) Get Help

Old and broken elevator

Most of us will be frightened and worried if an elevator starts falling while we are inside.

However, emergency elevator instruction is to call and wait for help. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the details of every aspect of your dream

In real life, this dream can mean you are in a difficult situation and need help to overcome it.

For example, are you alone in the elevator? Can you hear people talk outside? Is the power on or off?

The help can be in advice, finance, or coaching and mentorship.

9) Danger

The falling elevator dream can also mean danger.

The falling of elevators is very dangerous since the impact of the fall can even cause death.

Therefore, if you ever dream of a falling elevator, it can symbolize the impounding danger coming your way.

The dream alerts you of the threat and prepares you to counter the menace.

The danger can be a disease, addiction, or financial loss.

10) Fear of Abadonment

Two elevators

We all fear abandonment because we all crave acceptance, a feeling of belonging and love.

At one point in life, we have felt we placed our hope and love in the wrong people or things.

You will likely encounter a falling elevator dream when you are not on good terms with the people you love because you will feel that your connection with them has been destroyed.

A falling elevator dream in this scenario might mean a wake-up call because you or someone close to you feels abandoned.

Fear of abandonment can be caused by the death of your loved one, abuse, break-ups, or poverty.

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11) Urgency

This interpretation of a falling elevator refers to how anxious we would be to get out of that falling elevator uninjured.

This dream is easily relatable to our lives since if something life-threatening happened, we all would escape the danger immediately.

Therefore, dreaming of a falling elevator might remind you of an urgent matter that needs your attention before it is too late.

Your health, your marriage, or your finances might be what the dream is alerting you to take action on.

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Dreaming of an elevator on the wrong floor

Elevator on the wrong floor

If you dreamt that your elevator arrived on the wrong floor, something in your life is about to go in the wrong direction.

Therefore you need to make some adjustments if you have already started or cancel the plan if there is no remedy.

This dream could be about your family, business, education, or career. But, unfortunately, stopping on the wrong floor will delay your arrival on the right floor. Despite the late appearance because of the time wasted, the stops benefit to progress.

Additionally, dreaming of an elevator on the wrong floor might represent our biased judgment.

Hence, it reminds us to pause and think critically before making any decision.

Dreaming of a stopped elevator

Stopped elevator

In real life, an elevator can stop due to mechanical or system technicalities.

So if, in your dream, the elevator stopped because of system-related technicalities, this dream means that things are not working the way you expected.

As a result, you may experience struggles or fights beyond your efforts

Secondly, a stopped elevator in a dream can also mean you feel stuck in life because you think you cannot meet specific desired outcomes.

Some outcomes can be work targets and specific life achievements like graduating from college or marriage.

It is essential to know where specifically you are stuck since this will help find your way around for you to reach your desired destination.

Is This Dream a Bad Sign?

Negative signs from elevators in dreams

A dream is an image or a story that our mind creates while we sleep.

The visions can be horrifying, fun, romantic, or disturbing.

In the contemporary world, dreams have meanings and should not be ignored.

Therefore a dream of elevators can symbolize bad or good luck, depending on our situation.

The dream can either bring a positive or negative message.

Some of the positive messages the elevator-related dream might be passing to you are:

  • Self-discovery;
  • Change and growth in your life regarding work or business;
  • Faster tracking of your success;
  • Spiritual aspirations.

On the other hand, the dream can also bring negative messages to you, like:

  • Lack of trust in yourself or others;
  • Feeling powerless and not in control of your life or situation;
  • Fear and procrastination in making and taking action;
  • Fear of taking risks in life.

Final Words

Elevator-related dreams have specific meanings depending on the contextual details of the dream.

However, it is essential to note that despite the storyline of your dream, there is a hidden message or sign behind it.

Therefore understanding the message is very helpful to help you improve or avoid the danger coming your way.

This article will help you decode the meaning of most elevator-related dreams. Do you now understand the message behind your last elevator dream?

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