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Being Chased by a Snake in a Dream: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Being Chased by a Snake in a Dream: 9 Spiritual Meanings

There is hissing and a scaly creature behind you. Your heart is beating faster. It’s hard to escape. You’re about to be caught by the snake.

This is the first time you’ve had this dream or this is the third time you’ve had this dream!

Doesn’t it all sound horrible?

And there, you may want to know its answer. 

You woke up terrified, disturbed, or deeply uncomfortable. Time for you to move ahead and investigate.

What does it mean to be chased by a snake in a dream, and what is it trying to tell you? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place to explore the significance of such a dream. Let us determine the meaning together of having such an experience.

Let’s slither into our curiosity.

Snakes have represented a threat throughout history, where their physical danger granted them the symbol of metaphorical threat and harm too.

Just think of the way Satan takes the form a snake to lead the first humans astray.

These majestic intelligent and clever creatures then become the perfect vessel for the universe to send messages. They hold power in being alert and knowing when to attack or defend

Their threat is in their power. 

Is Being Chased by a Snake in Dreams Normal?

Big red snake

It is quite common for people to dream of being chased by a snake. Surprisingly, a third of the population possesses this fear. It is natural to assume the impact of the snake is far larger than its literal presence and the subconscious recognizes this too.

If you know yourself well enough, it will be easier to understand why the snake is coming into your dream to chase you.

However, if you are still confused, then some introspection needs to take place!

You can be sneaky with the meaning or confront it like a true cold-blooded creature.

What does it mean to Dream about Snakes Chasing You?

Snakes chasing you in dreams

Let us dissect the message coming across, where the snake is after you. You are the one being pursued or trying to survive.

This is an inaccurate power balance considering humans in current time have learned to tame and avoid danger when it comes to snakes, now even having antidotes for its poison.

So what is this chase for survival about if not its literal dynamic?

This is an exchange of an energy of fear. That is your foundation.

Fear is your key.

The snake is only a vessel for another emotion that chases you.

So what are you really running from?

The universe is telling you while you should be one hunting, you are being hunted and overpowered and made to feel helpless.

The universe is asking you “Where is your energy and power being taken?“.

So then you must dissect turn to snake and look at it in it’s eyes.

Is it as dangerous as it looks? Is it something you can handle? What type is it? To understand your message better look at the snake. Each type of snake has its specific message for you.

Black Snake:

Black snake
Black snake

A snake in this specific color holds a lot of messages.

Black can signify fatigue, stress, and collected energy that needs to be discarded. If you’ve been going through a difficult time this is the time to rest.

The other meaning it shares, is of the unknown, think of a pitch black hole!

You are afraid of losing control. Remind yourself that you can only control some things. 

The rest can go. Trust the universe to handle the rest for you.

Black snakes also represent the hidden, so if you’ve had doubts about deception, this is confirmation of their ill intentions.

White Snake:

White snake
White snake

The white snakes represent new beginnings, innocence, purity and intuition.

These are special snakes that if you find yourself fearfully running from one, then this is a clear indicator of your energy distrusting your inner wisdom and your fear to handle a new phase in your life.

If these snakes are shunned, then it also represents one falling into their temptations. 

Here seek clarity and what is true gratification.

Take a couple of deep breaths.

It’s natural to be afraid of the new patterns.

Try to push through so you new can grow now.

Yellow Snake:

Yellow snake
Yellow snake

Think of the sun or the golden snake on Moses’ staff.

This snake represents the enlightenment of the knowledge of the higher self, but more than that the choices that come with having wisdom.

Being chased by this snake would mean a message from your higher self, trying to find you but it feels painful to accept and apply to your life.

Remember here, quality decisions always trump.

Green Snake:

Green snake
Green snake

The color green is a part of nature, nurturing, prosperity and finance, so this snake relates with these themes, to foreshadow your upcoming situation.

These might be money troubles

Here concentrate on your health and plan to be secure. 

The Snake is Trying to Communicate with Me?

The messages form the snakes

With each kind of the snake, having it’s theme it’s also to observe the snake’s interaction.

How is it trying to interact with you? This is the universe offering you extra information.

  • Is it hostile or friendly?
  • Does it look like it’s going to bite?
  • Does it seem calm?

The nature of the snake itself could help give a hint to the person or situation it may be foreshadowing for you.

Be observant. Listen in. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of being Chased by a Snake in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of being Chased by a Snake in a Dream

All these interactions hold an important meaning for you to uncover for yourself. Trust yourself to figure out what this means for you, as we explore different interpretations of this experience!

1) Be On Your Defense

A snake will strike, if threatened.

This energy of being chased by a snake will show you that you need to flip the tables.

Rather than feel like you are being hunted, it’s time for you to shift gears and be the predator.

Be careful and be on the lookout. You must be alert to hunt and strike.The universe is telling you to keep your eyes open. 

You have to be on the lookout.

Damage can come from a harmless looking place to.

Look out for a snake in a worm’s clothing!

2) Fear Is A Trap

You feel trapped.

At this point in your life, the struggle of being chased by something has put you on the path of this fear.

This is where the universe is dropping in and asking you to sit with your fears.

Acknowledge them.

List them.

Is one bigger than the other?

Can they not be stepping stones to move forward and build more?

How can they less intimidating?

3) Accountability For Your Deception

Snakes move forward in a very particular way, that makes them go side by side.

With not benig able to go in a straight line, many people associate with purposefully missing a point and practicing deception.

A dream where a snake is chasing you, could be your own guilt.

Have your actions follow you here. Is there guilt for the way you’ve treated people in the past? When did you twist your truth for your gain?

This snake is asking you to confront the snake inside you.

4) Change is Inevitable

Snakes are known for shedding their old skin, which makes them great examples of shedding one’s past for the future.

To transform at this point in your life, you must work on releasing your old skin.

This is letting go of the comfort and safety zone that keeps you from growing.

You must change old beliefs of unworthiness about yourself. Release and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Let go and acknowledge that not everything is controllable.

Do not become an obstacle in your path.

5) Your Shadow Calls For Your Attention

For many people, snakes signify danger with their poison, with their ability to cause harm. In the same way, the snake in your dream can mirror parts of you that you feel are dangerous or may cause harm to others.

This could be your perceptions of your emotions like anger, envy, greed or even jealousy.

With these emotions chasing you, it could signify your struggle to be free of them or not self-sabotage them, by letting them get close to you.

In this case, understanding these shadows or repressed parts might be a better way to deal with them and tame the snake. The universe is asking us to be curious about these emotions and where they come from.

Is there hurt behind the anger? Is the jealousy coming from a place of lack and unfulfillment in your life?

A poisonous snake may not bite if it recognizes a friend.

Are you a friend of your shadows?

6) Sexual Desire

It has often been shared that snakes signify sexuality with their form and to have a snake chasing you could also represent the problem with your own sexual desire and needs.

For this, you’d have to take time and space to let yourself explore.

This is the universe giving you a nudge in the direction, to explore your sexuality and see where it is you can put down the shame and stigma that you’ve been taught.

Here, do something spontaneous and fun!

Reconnect with your body and your pleasure. 

7) Healing Can be Terrifying

The same position that a snake holds, can also create antibodies that can help neutralize the poison or even offer some alternative health benefits.

This is a reminder from the universe that if you are being chased by a snake, it’s for you to recognize what is happening to you

Healing and getting better can seem scary at first, as it’s a new way for us to access and exist in the world.

This is the universe sharing with us that eventually, we’ll all be okay

It’s okay to take risks. It’s okay to let ourselves heal comfortably.

8) Insecurity and Negative Narrative

The snake also talks about the narrative we share with ourselves.

A snake’s poison can clot blood and turn it into jelly.

Your dream is asking you how you talk to yourself, as it might be where you hinder transformation in this current situation.

Take notice if you are sinking your fangs into yourself or encouraging yourself. Validating yourself is an important part of learning to manage your emotions.

Practice saying nice things to self. Owning you qualities. Take time to point out things in yourself that you are grateful for. 

9) Damage Control

For this meaning try to understand that something may come up in your future that is difficult and heartbreaking.

The intent of the dream is not to scare you or push you away from life.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. This dream is a soft warning helping you to save things before they get worse or hurtful for you.

This could also be a sign from the universe to have a contingency and a self-care plan in place.

Dream about Snake Chasing Me: It’s a Bad Sign?

Bad signs from snakes

The same message can be a good and bad omen for us. While the dream may share with us an uncomfortable sign of what we are going through and processing, ultimately it’s important as a message. Not all truths are easy to hear and accept.

The human understanding can learn from their cleverness, transformation, intellect, and awareness.

We too must wield our bodies, our mind and wisdom with power.

We have to be open to confront life head on. 

The important thing to remember is to trust yourself as you move through this energetic pace and chase. 

Final Words

All in all, when we are involved in an energetic chase, we have three choices, to stop, to rest or to try another direction.

Whatever way we pick, we have to acknowledge and learn from the majestic snake.

This is the only essential sign. To transform!

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