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Dream About Kissing Someone: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Dream About Kissing Someone. 9 Spiritual Meaning 

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of dreaming about kissing someone.

Kissing allows us to express our love and care for members of our family, friends, close friends, and romantic partners.

It is a beautiful experience.

Basically, when you hear about kissing, 3 things come to mind: friendship, love, and romance

Kissing has been known to inspire good and flowery emotions in people.

However, the emotions we feel during kissing are most likely a result of who we’re kissing, what we feel about that person, and the circumstances surrounding it

Kissing is so popular that dreaming about them is almost natural.

9 out of every 10 people have dreamt about kissing someone. These dreams shouldn’t inspire fear. They’re often reminders, encouragement, and warnings. 

Read on to find out more!

What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone?

Kissing someone in a dream

The first thing you should know is that more often than not, dreams are not literal! Dreams are not literal! I’m emphasizing that so you’d know that you shouldn’t attempt to interpret your dreams with your intellect alone irrespective of how smart you are.

You’re more likely to land yourself in trouble than if you don’t even pay attention to the dream at all. 

From time past and till this present age, it is believed that your dreams are your subconscious trying to pass a message across to you.

Some would say it’s your Guardian Angel that’s telling you something in a coded format. I’ve also witnessed a few who believed it was their ancestors. 

Whichever way it is, it’s the fact that something is being passed across, that makes Men treat their dreams with such importance.

Some even have shamans and diviners that help them interpret their dreams from time to time. 

These dreams can have several meanings spreading across different walks of life.

What determines these meanings would be questions like

  • Who were you kissing in the dream?
  • What were you feeling as you kissed the person? What type of kiss was it? Was it passionate?
  • Where did you kiss the person? Forehead? Hand? On the lips? Neck?
  • What words did you say in the dream? Or was it just silent? Where did the kissing take place? Outside or in the dark?

By the time you answer these questions, you’d have a more solid ground to rightly interpret dreams about kissing someone.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming about kissing someone 

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about kissing someone 

As we’ve seen earlier, the meaning of kissing someone in the dream largely depends on other things surrounding the dream itself.

Hence, we’d be considering some specific case scenarios and then seeing how those scenarios are interpreted.

Kissing someone else while in a relationship:

Dreaming about kissing someone else while in a relationship (no matter how good the kiss felt) is NOT necessarily a sign that you should go and break your relationship.

Nobody should break a relationship on the platform of a dream, it can be part of your reason, but it shouldn’t be your main reason. 

On the contrary, this might mean that you’re having some issues in your relationships with certain people and you’re to work at it till it is settled.

Note that, it might not be your romantic relationship.

It could be:

  • Your relationship with your parents;
  • Your kids;
  • Or your colleagues at work.

What this dream is telling you is that you should work on that misunderstanding in the relationship.  

Kissing someone other than your boyfriend:

When you dream of kissing someone other than your boyfriend. It could signify a yearning for more.

Especially if your boyfriend is somewhere around the place the kiss took place. Or maybe you left him in the bar to go kiss someone outside.

It signifies yearnings for more

Not necessarily for a more adventurous boyfriend or girlfriend.

This yearning can be in any aspect of your life, you might want more friends, and more people in your circle, you might want to achieve something in your career, take up a better role at work, want more time with the family, the list is almost endless.

Check your dreams and aspirations again, it might just be the time to push for that promotion. It might just be time to start that business.

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Kissing someone you know:

If this is someone you know and are close with.

Dreaming about that person can mean showing you that you hold the person in high regard.

You might not have noticed how much you respect, honor, and regard this person in your heart. But this dream exposes that to you.

It could also mean that the person also has a deep affection for you.

Showing you that what you feel for that person is mutual, and not one-sided.

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Kissing someone you don’t know:

Kissing a stranger in your dream can be a pointer that there’s something that’s lacking in your waking life and you’re looking for that thing, trying to get it at all costs.

It could be money, love, good friends, or a connection with someone somewhere

If you didn’t enjoy this kiss in the dream, it further shows that this missing thing in your waking life is affecting other parts of your life

Kissing someone you like in real life:

This particular dream means that something you’ve always wanted will be yours very soon

This could be anything. Anything! It could be your dream job, your dream car, your dream relationship, your dream wedding, or your dream husband and kids. 

This dream is telling you not to lose heart, those things will yours sooner than later

Kissing the same gender:

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you to try out a relationship with your gender.

As I’ve told you earlier, dreams aren’t literal. It’s rather telling you to keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change what works. 

If the kiss was passionate, it shows that you need to infuse more passion and drive in the same things you’re doing and you’d see it to success.

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9 Spiritual meanings and messages from kissing someone in the dream

Couple kissing

Kissing someone in the dream can have general meanings and case-sensitive messages. I’d be showing you 9 different meanings that this dream can have

1) Safety

Dreaming about kissing someone means you have recently found someone in your life that you trust and feel safe around such a person.

It could be a lover or even a friend. 

This person makes you feel good and just being around them makes you think that nothing could ever go wrong. 

If you’ve had trust issues in your former relationships with those around you, this dream is telling you that this present relationship isn’t like that.

And you can be heavily invested in it if you so desire. 

2) Protection 

When you kiss someone in your dream, especially when the kiss is passionate, it can be a signal that you have someone or something you want to protect in your life

You have to keep clear after this dream so you can think well about who or what it is. 

If the kiss comes with hugs, it shows that the person needs your protection and you also need the person’s protection.

The earlier you figure out who this is, the better.

Do not be afraid though, the universe will give you other complementing signs to show you who the person is. It might not be the person in the dream.

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3) A romantic relationship

Kissing someone in the dream could be a sign that you’re starved of love and romance in your waking life. And you’re bothered about it, it’s heavy on your heart. 

This is so because, oftentimes, your most abundant thoughts seep into your dreams.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just your subconscious agreeing with you that you’re indeed love-starved

4) Betrayal 

If you kiss someone on the neck in the dream is a signal that you should be careful and watch out because someone close to you might betray you.

It’s not the first time that someone will be betrayed by a kiss, even in a literal sense

This dream is telling you to be careful of those you let into your inner circle.

Those you share personal and sensitive information with. 

This dream is also warning you to be watchful of yourself too, the betrayal might come through you also.

The betraying can be in a romantic relationship, or even work-related things

5) Hung up on the past

If you see yourself kissing someone from your past that’s no longer in your present life, or you find yourself kissing your ex passionately in the dream

It can be a pointer that you’re holding on to the past, maybe out of fear of what the future would look like.

But this dream is telling you where the problem lies. Stop holding on to the past.

Let it go!

6) Yearning for the spotlight 

If your dream is about kissing a celebrity or your celebrity crush as people put it these days.

Then this shows an underlying desire for fame. 

You might be aiming to become a public figure, an influencer of some sort.

You might have been putting in the hours and the work into your art hoping that you’d get to the limelight one day.

Well, your dreams are valid! 

7) Attraction 

Just like I said earlier, your most abundant thoughts would seep into your dreams

So if you’re attracted to someone in your waking life and you’re having a secret crush on someone, it’s perfectly normal that you might see yourself kissing this person in the dream

8) Impending break in a relationship 

A kiss is sometimes used in real-time to end things between two parties

So dreaming about kissing someone might mean that someone close to you is about to leave you and go far away. 

You’re having this dream to prepare you for the inevitable

9) Unexpressed feelings 

Kissing someone in the dream can also mean that you’re hiding something from someone in your circle because you don’t want to ruin the relationship you have with them

Well, in the long run, secrets do more harm than good. Don’t bottle those emotions. Speak up!

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Is kissing someone a bad spiritual sign?

Two girls kissing

No, it’s not. 

Kissing someone is at best, a warning about certain situations in your life. It’s usually an encouragement or a counsel on what to do and when to do them. 

Should I be concerned spiritually?

Other messages from this dream

No, you shouldn’t. 

Dreaming about kissing someone isn’t something that you need exorcism for. It’s almost a natural phenomenon.

Final Words

Kissing, amidst other things, has long been associated with love, friendship, desire, passion, and respect

So when we engage in the activity in our dreams, there’s nothing to be afraid of. We just need to get our interpretations right. 

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