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9 White Bird Meanings: What does it mean when you see one?

9 White Bird Meanings: What does it mean when you see one?

The symbolism of birds has been prevalent for a long time now. White birds, to be precise, usually hold a consistent meaning, and their appearance should make you wonder what they are trying to tell you.

If you see a white bird such as a dove, think of a spiritual message it is trying to pass.

There is so much that a white bird holds, mainly because you will find them on various occasions such as weddings, funerals, and political congregations. So, this article explains to you what does it mean spiritually when you see a white bird.

You will also understand better the spiritual meanings that they carry.

What does it mean when you see a white bird?

What does it mean when you see a white bird

If you see a white bird, many things should cross your mind. For so long, seeing a white bird such as a white dove has been linked to spiritual forces.

Also, people believe that seeing the white bird must have a meaning behind it, which is something you cannot dispute.

White bird brings out different means from different cultures. But one most common thing is that people believe in a spiritual connection that the birds bring between heaven and earth. They build a relationship between people and God.

You will see white birds in almost all celebrations and ceremonies. Others may appear as you walk and cross your paths. So what does it mean when you come across one?

Presence of Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

One major thing that white birds signify, especially when they are white doves, is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are seated somewhere, or the white bird appears in your sleep, then it shows that the Holy Spirit is present at that particular moment. The Holy Spirit brings some calmness in your life, and you can always feel his presence.

If you see a white dove, it is trying to pass a message to your soul from the higher realms.

During the Baptism of Jesus, there Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove. So, if the dove was present, then the Holy Spirit was there and was trying to pass a message to Jesus, and it’s the same thing that happens when it appears to us.

Sign of peace and hope

Spiritual peace

White birds may appear when we are facing storms. For instance, there have been several cases where white doves appear during political gatherings. White doves are also pretty common during burials.

Their presence is a sign that one should be hopeful and peace will prevail. If you are going through a tough time and the white birds appear, then it means that there is hope even though the times are hard. When you see them at such a time when you are sick or grieving, they make you feel comforted and uplifted.

If you see a white bird, know you were meant to see it. It is a gift to have it around you at a particular time and therefore focus on the peace it brings to your heart.

Good news will locate you

White dove bringing good news

If you see white birds, it may be a sign of blessings and prosperity. Also, they are a sign that you will find joy and harmony. In short, that little thing that you have always prayed for will see you.

White birds may also signify new beginnings, luck, and prosperity. If you feel anxious and maybe things are not going the right way, white doves may bring some balance to your life, and you will start feeling better.

When the white bird is present around you, it reminds you not to lose yourself. It will help you reconnect with yourself and help in reducing the worries you have. It will remind you that God controls your things and will make your path right.

Sign of Love


Seeing a white bird, especially the dove, means love. White birds are equated to gentleness, kindness, and love and bring positive things in your life. For this reason, you will find white doves in many events that involve love.

In most traditions, the couples will release white doves as a sign of love and fidelity during wedding ceremonies.

Also, the white doves may naturally appear during this time.

Such indicates that the couples will have a long-lasting love and will be happy in their home. The white doves invite the Holy Spirit to intervene amongst the newlyweds and thrive in love, prosperity, hope, and honesty.

White Bird Symbolism

White dove

White birds are a symbol of so much than what you can imagine. Some may appear in real life, while others will come to you in a dream. The different kinds that may occur to you will hold a different meaning that you ought to know.

From long ago, you always know that birds symbolize heaven. They tend to create a connection between heaven and earth. White birds are known to bring good news from heaven.

Typically, the white color in birds symbolizes light from the myths of creations. According to fairy tales, the white color represents the light that appears during the day and indicates the intervention of a kind-hearted force. Therefore, if you see the white bird, it means that you will receive light and good things.

For instance, if you see a white dove, it is a symbol that something good will happen. This bird is generally gentle and kind.

So if you see it, it is a sign of peace, kindness, and forgiveness. You will often see people of different cultures releasing it during various ceremonies.They do so to symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, and forgiveness.

They are also a sign of purity and fidelity in other cultures. Internationally, seeing a white dove is a sign of hope and peace will prevail.

Therefore, if you were living in fear about the future or were not at peace, white birds show that peace is about to find you.

White birds may be a sign that the Holy Spirit is present. They tend to create a strong connection between us and the spirits. Their presence helps assure one that no matter the circumstance, things will be okay.

For this reason, you will find them in areas where people are grieving. Or maybe where people are trying to find peace. Also, they also a sign that change is vital in that particular circumstance.

Therefore if life brings you a new situation, you should not hesitate but live according to the change. Also, if you know that the white birds are present, they bring so much calmness and the ability to live in confidence that the future is bright.

White Bird Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages

White bird meaning in spiritual world

Birds are close to heaven, and when you see a white one, then there is a spiritual meaning that comes with it. White birds tend to have a significant effect on our lives. They are what most cultures and religions believe helps connect us with the spirits.

White birds bring many spiritual messages to us. They help pass a message from God to people on earth, and most show communion with God. Also, such birds try to send some communication between your soul and the universe.

They act as your guidance in doing things and what you do. The white birds also impact the various happenings of your lives but mainly positively. Here are some of the messages that white birds send:

1) The universe is communicating with you

Seeing a white bird is usually a spiritual message that the universe is trying to tell you. For this reason, you should pay close attention to the things that are going around you. Maybe there are things not going in the right way in your life.

Your response here should listen to what the bird is trying to say. The bird will not speak to you directly, but you can pay keen attention to your thoughts and adjust to the message.

2) There is purity

The primary spiritual meaning that the white doves carry is a sign of purity. From the Bible, the dove was used as an offering during the birth of a child. It was, in particular, an offering for purification. There were also two white pigeons during the presentation of Christ.

The presence of these white birds is a spiritual sign of purity. It appears to represent the presence of the Holy Spirit during various occasions, such as the appointment leaders. In such a case, the white birds prove that that person is the anointed one.

A white dove appeared during the Baptism of Jesus, the Annunciation of Mary, and on Joseph’s rod. On all these occasions, it was an indication that the Holy Spirit chose them to fulfill something.

3) The Holy Spirit is prevailing

White birds will indicate the presence of the Holy Spirit on different occasions. You will see that in the Bible, for instance, the white doves appear at various events. It also happens in real life.

It will appear during weddings, funerals, political gatherings, and other special occasions. In any case, it does; it is a sign that the Holy Spirit is around and gracing the occasion.

4) They show that peace will prevail

Most people internationally use white doves to symbolize peace.

This is the most common narrative that people believe in when they see it. If there is a war going on between maybe tribes or due to political issues, the appearance of white doves shows that there will be peace in the end.

The use of white birds as a symbol of peace has been in practice for most cultures and religions.

It is a sign that many people share globally and brings about love where there are fights. In other cases, white birds will appear to show that you will receive God’s protection.

5) They show enduring love

If white birds appear during weddings, it is a sign of love that will last forever.

Some couples will release them into the air during the wedding, and in other cases, the white birds will appear naturally. No matter the case, they show enduring, slow, and honest love among them. 

6) Let go of some things in life

White birds also come to send a message of hope and leave certain things. If you are going through a tough time, you need to let it go and find your peace. So, make a pause of all the bad happenings in your life. Take a deep breath and move on with life.

7) A change is coming

If you see a white bird and face so many issues in your life, you might be receiving a message that your life is going to change.

It shows that the problems in your life are soon coming to an end. So be ready for new beginnings.

8) Purify your thoughts

Another spiritual message that white birds will send to you is to purify your thoughts.

Maybe you are focusing on negative things in your life. So, you end up attracting what you think, and perhaps you did not want that. 

9) You need to surrender

White birds may signify that you have abandoned the highest in your life. You are doing things your way without putting God first. So, you need to surrender to Him and let Him guide your path.

Are White Birds Good Luck or Bad Luck?

White birds and good luck

White birds are always a sign of good luck. Therefore if you were expecting some news or hoping that things would go right, seeing a white bird is proof that things will indeed turn out well.

If you see a dove or a white seagull around your home, then it is a sign that you will be safe and have peace. They also show that good things will come in your way.

Final Words

White birds will appear randomly in your life, whether on an occasion, a dream, or just around your house. If it does, it always brings some good news to it, and they often try to pass a spiritual message to you.

Therefore, it is essential to look around your surroundings and check the happenings and try to connect to the news that the universe is sending you through the white birds.

So, do you already know what does it mean when you see a white bird or dove? Please, feel free to leave your comment below!

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