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What do Pandas Symbolize? Spirit Animal Meaning

What do Pandas Symbolize? Spirit Animal Meaning

Pandas are adorable. I love seeing pandas in movies, but seeing them in real life is a different ball game.

Seeing a panda in real life is a beautiful scene. Their friendliness, playful attitude, and beautiful facial expressions give you a relaxing feeling that takes away every pressure.

Looking at this creature, there is no doubt that something spiritual is attached to a panda.

Firstly, it is rare to find a panda around. Pandas don’t just walk on streets like dogs or pigeons. You will see a panda around under rare circumstances.

Furthermore, pandas are adorable and spiritually acceptable. Therefore, they have been constantly sent to the world of men as a deliverer of good tidings.

Whenever you see a panda, it has something to say to you. Why am I saying this? I am explaining this so that you will not get casual and all emotionally high whenever you see a panda playing or staring at you with its 2 cute eyes.

In this article, I will prove to you that pandas are highly spiritual by discussing the different spiritual meanings and symbolism of this creature.

Therefore, if you have ever thought about the spiritual significance of a panda, you should read this article to the end.

What does a Panda Represent?

Panda representation in spiritual world

A panda brings hope to the hopeless. If you recently suffered a loss, dreaming of pandas is a way of reassuring you that everything will be fine.

It is a way of restoring hope to your heart that the loss does not determine your fate.

If you recently lost a loved one, a panda will come to you in the dream to tell you that the spirit of your lost loved one has found rest in the bosom of the higher spirit. 

Another relevance of a panda speaks about being lighthearted.

A lighthearted person does not take things personally. This is an individual that loves to live life without hurt or malice. If you find it hard to be at peace with people around you, it is a clear indication that you need the panda spirit.

Therefore, God will send the panda to you through a dream or flash vision.

Whenever you are offended at someone, and a panda comes to you in a dream, it is saying that you should become lighthearted.

This means that you should learn to easily let go of offenses. This is the key to living happily.

What do Pandas Symbolize? 

What do Pandas Symbolize

Spiritually, there are 4 panda symbolisms. Whenever a panda is drawn towards you, one of these 4 panda symbolisms relates to your situation. 


Pandas are fun to look at. Looking at them in movies, in dreams, or in real-life makes your life interesting and joyful.

The first panda symbolism talks about having fun.

This is saying that you should stop living a boring life. Loosening up a bit will not harm. No matter how much you desire to be focused, be like the panda and create time for fun. 


Have you ever felt like crying while looking at the eyes of a panda? If yes, then your panda symbolism speaks about emotional energy.

What does this mean? It means that you are a highly emotional person, and this is why you had such a close connection with the panda.

Furthermore, it speaks of the ability to express yourself emotionally.

It is believed that seeing a female panda encourages people to embrace the emotional side of their lives.

The second panda symbolism speaks about embracing your emotional life, and learning how to express yourself emotionally.

A determination to succeed:

When it comes to passion and focus, one thing is key, which is a determination to succeed.

Your passion and focus will be a waste if there is no determination to back them up. One of the spirit animals that exudes this determination is a panda.

Therefore, the third panda symbolism speaks about having a determination to succeed.

This determination is also called a calm determination because it is not mixed with haste and pressure.

With the panda’s energy, you will realize that as much as success is a must, you must allow time to play out in the journey of your life.


Pandas are playful and cheerful because they are comfortable.

Therefore, the fourth panda symbolism speaks about comfort. What does this mean? It means that you should work hard to attain material and emotional comfort.

If you desire to be as happy as the panda, you must make yourself comfortable.

A life of discomfort is a life of sadness and despair.

Now, people who have learned this from the panda symbolism have been called materialistic by other people. The reason for this is because of their seeming obsession with material comfort. 

Panda Eyes Meaning Spiritual

Panda Eyes

Looking into a panda’s eyes can speak several messages to you. Through the eyes of the panda, you can get directions about what to do.

Furthermore, the panda can establish a connection with your soul just by staring into your eyes. Therefore, don’t take staring at the panda’s eyes as mundane.

Whenever you look into a panda’s eye, and you suddenly feel sad, it is saying that someone close to you needs help.

You need to assist a close friend. Furthermore, if the panda’s eyes scare you, it means that you are worried about several things.

Do you know that the spirit of your loved one can look at you through the panda’s eyes? Yes, they can.

After you lose a loved one, there is a possibility of dreaming about pandas more often, and you will mostly get drawn to their eyes.

If this becomes a consistent occurrence, then, take it as a sign that your deceased loved one is watching over you.

The eyes of pandas can also heighten your intuition. That is, whenever you stare into the eyes of a panda at noon, your intuition will be heightened. You will suddenly be able to understand spiritual matters.

Spiritual Meaning of Pandas: 7 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Pandas

In the spiritual world, pandas have 7 messages to deliver. With these messages, you will understand a lot about your life. You will also be taught vital lessons about relating with people and developing a positive attitude. Let us talk about the spiritual meaning of pandas in 7 different messages.

1) Conflicting thoughts

Spiritually, black and white colors should not co-exist.

Whenever you find a co-existence of black and white colors, it is a sign of conflicting thoughts and ideas.

Therefore, if you see a panda skin, it talks about having conflicting thoughts in your mind.

This is saying that you are trying to balance your thoughts, but it has not been easy because of the conflict in your soul.

Your thoughts have not properly aligned themselves because you are full of positivity and negativity at the same time. If you want to get out of this situation, you must choose to be on one side.

You can either be positive or negative.

2) Think long-term

Sometimes, we tend to forget that we have a long way to go. We tend to focus on the present while abandoning the reality of the future.

This can be seen in how we spend our resources, treat relationships and try to enjoy life on our terms.

Pandas are also fun-loving, which means that there is nothing bad in wanting to have fun.

However, the danger comes when you only want to live in the present.

The universe is encouraging you to think long-term. Doing this will give you a hint about what lies in the future, and prepare you ahead.

3) Spiritual grounding

Pandas are a sign of spiritual grounding.

The panda is a stable animal.

He is always in control of his emotions and feels connected to mother earth.

In the same way, you must be spiritually grounded. Getting connected with the spiritual realm has its benefits.

Through this connection, nothing will catch you by surprise anymore.

In addition to this, you will always be in control of your emotional surges. Therefore, whenever you dream of pandas, it is a call to spiritual grounding.

4) Pay attention to how you feel

When it comes to pandas, their feelings are important.

Pandas don’t hide how they feel. Whenever they are happy, you will find them playing and having fun.

However, once a panda is sad, it will be obvious in its attitude.

Just like the panda, you must learn to pay attention to how you feel. Never let anyone tone down your feelings.

Furthermore, never treat your feelings as if they don’t matter. Protect how you feel and express it – if need be. This is a spiritual message from the panda to you ( and mostly ladies).

5) What are you grateful for?

This is a question that comes from a baby panda. If you visit a park and see a baby panda staring at you, it is believed to be asking the question “What are you grateful for?”.

This question has one purpose, which is to stir up gratefulness in you.

As you ponder over the question, you will realize that there are many things to be grateful for. This realization will spur up faith and lighten the fire of passion once again.

6) Good luck

Spiritually, seeing baby pandas is a sign of good luck. The purity in the soul of baby pandas can become yours if you open your heart.

Whenever you dream of playing with baby pandas, it reveals that something good is coming into your life, which will stir up joy in your heart.

In addition to this, it is saying that your heart’s desire is coming to pass. With this message, hope will be restored concerning your life. Pandas bring good luck into people’s lives.

7) Compassion

Pandas are compassionate creatures. They can save humans from disasters, and weep over the loss of their children.

This amazing quality is something to learn from.

Dreaming of a panda’s activity to save someone speaks about compassion.

It talks about getting out of your way to ensure that someone else is happy and fulfilled. In addition to this, it creates compassion in your heart.

These 7 messages from pandas should be made a priority every time you see one or more pandas.

Panda Spirit Animal Meaning

Panda Spirit Animal Meaning

How will you know if the panda is your spirit animal? You will feel drawn to a panda every time you pass by it, watch it in movies or documentaries, or dream about it.

Once you notice that your soul gets easily connected with a panda, then you should know that the panda is your spirit animal. 

What is the panda spirit animal meaning? The spiritual meaning of a panda spirit animal talks about:

  • Loving fun;
  • Playful;
  • Intelligent;
  • Caring, and positive.

If the panda becomes your spirit animal, it will help you to be playful and lighthearted, it will also enhance your creativity. In addition to this, you will become positive and full of hope at all times.

Does a Panda Represent Friendship and Peace?

Pandas and peace

Yes, a panda can represent friendship and peace.

Whenever you see 2 pandas embracing each other, it is talking about genuine friendships.

It is said that quality relationships can be a happy place for everyone.

If you find 2 wounded pandas licking each other’s wounds, it is believed to be a pair of reconciling pandas after a long fight. This means that you should learn to forgive those that hurt you for peace to reign.

Are Pandas a Good Luck Sign?

Pandas and good luck

Yes, they are a good luck sign. Pandas create a positive atmosphere wherever they go. They bless people with creative ideas and solutions.

In addition to this, they ensure that people are always happy and content with their current state of living. 

Seeing a panda has no bad omen attached.

Therefore, don’t be overly worried about the several appearances of a panda through dreams and real-life experiences.

Final Words

We believe that this article has helped you find the accurate meaning of pandas, and what message they are trying to convey. 

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