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What do Orchids Symbolize? White, Purple, and Blue

What do Orchids Symbolize? White, Purple, and Blue

In the flower plant family, orchids are pretty special. From their tender-looking structure to the beauty they exude; it becomes almost impossible to ignore orchids.

In addition to these accolades, the pleasant fragrance that comes from an orchid makes it special.

You can use it for interior decorations of your home, give it to someone as a gift, or keep a painting of it around you.

This is because an orchid has a lot to offer beyond the physical properties and benefits.

Let us take a more spiritual look at orchids. When you see an orchid, it becomes almost impossible to take your glance off it.

The beauty and creativity invested in its making are top-notch.

All of its physical properties point to the fact that orchids are spiritual. They possess spiritual qualities that can be harnessed for our benefit.

This explains the dreams people have about orchids or the various fragrance of orchids that suddenly permeates an environment. All of these happenings make an orchid more spiritual than we think.

To further discuss this phenomenon, we will take a more detailed look at the spiritual meaning and symbolism of orchids with more emphasis on the color messages.

Therefore, if you have felt drawn to an orchid in recent times, this is the best place to find answers.

The Orchid Flower’s Spiritual Meaning

Orchid Flower's Spiritual Meaning

When an orchid flower steps in, everything becomes pleasant. This is a common belief in Asian culture. The reason behind this belief points to the fact that orchids are a symbol of pleasantness.

It is believed that they make people happy even during difficult times. Now, this message can be used for every aspect of our lives. But, there are more specific spiritual messages from the orchid flower.

The orchid flower’s spiritual meaning is divided into four parts. What are they?

1) Never dwell on the negativity of your past

The orchid flower’s spiritual meaning encourages us to stop dwelling on the negativity of our pasts.

Truly, we all have ugly past experiences.

The things we have suffered in the past can form a major part of our present lives, which holds us down from going for the happiness we truly deserve.

Whenever we find ourselves in this mix, the orchid flower will be sent.

Through the orchid flower, you will realize that the spiritual world is more concerned about your emotional and mental strength than you think.

The spiritual world wants you to dwell on the happy moments of your past. It is what fuels your determination to accomplish your present goals and tasks.

2) Trust the people around you

Another spiritual meaning of the orchid flower talks about the power of trust.

It is hard to understand what goes on in people’s hearts.

At times, we become scared that people might betray us. It does not have to be our fault; this mindset was formed by your past experiences.

However, with an orchid flower, the universe can tell you to trust the people around you. Through the orchid flower, your heart will be at peace. You will feel safe with your friends.

In addition to this, the orchid flower is a powerful plant that brings people together.

This means that leveraging the power of the orchid flower can attract like-minded people to your life. If you don’t have many friends, seeing an orchid flower promises quality friendship.

It promises quality relationships. It assures you that the right people will locate you.

In the spiritual world, you will get the orchid flower as a gift to inspire trust, and promise good association.

3) You are stronger than you look

Seeing an orchid flower creates a vague image of tenderness and fragility.

Because of the soft-looking external framework of an orchid, you might be tempted to think it is not durable.

However, it possesses inner strength and fortitude to survive harsh conditions.

That is the message you will get from the spiritual world.

Through the orchid flower, your mind will agree with the fact that you are stronger on the inside than on the outside.

This message is an eye opener that inspires you to take risks and bold steps. It lures you into a world of total confidence and determination to stay in the fight.

4) Take things slowly

Whenever you see an orchid flower, it is a spiritual plant for patience.

Hasty people will often get the orchid flower as a gift. It comes to prevent haste. Especially when we are about to make a wrong move.

A consistent dream of orchid flowers inspires us to remain patient.

It is telling us to take things slowly. There is no need to be in a haste. You have time on your side. Therefore, take things easily – one step at a time gets you to your destination on time.

What do Orchids Symbolize?

The orchids symbolism

In the spiritual world, orchids are highly revered.

Just like the rose flowers, orchids symbolize love. It is believed that an orchid flower fosters true love between couples.

  • When you need to know if your spouse has a genuine love for you or not, using the orchid flower helps.
    • Just place the orchid flower on your bed and watch the reaction of your spouse. If he/she reacts harshly, then there is a problem.
    • However, if the orchid flower is treated nicely, then everything is intact in your relationship.
  • The orchid flower is a spiritual symbol of care. Because of its pleasant fragrance, it becomes easier to care for each other in a relationship.
    • For example, dreaming of giving an orchid flower to your spouse means you care for your spouse, and if you dream of receiving an orchid flower as a gift from your spouse, it spiritually means that your spouse cares for you.

Apart from love and tenderness in a romantic relationship, the orchid flower spiritually talks about life in general.

It reminds us that NOTHING lasts forever.

This message brings us to a point of deep reflection. It opens our eyes to see that life needs to be lived to the fullest within the boundary of time that we have.

As beautiful as the orchid is, when the time comes for it to die, it simply dries off.

Therefore, even if you are in your prime, the orchid symbolism comes to remind you that a time will come when everything will be over. Therefore, make good use of the time you have at the moment.

Orchids are spiritual plants of deep reflection, healing, and goodness. Therefore, seeing it heals your heart, and rids you of every form of hatred.

What do Different Orchids’ Colors Symbolize?

Orchid in spiritual world

Beyond the above-mentioned spiritual meanings of orchids, we can break these messages down into more specific details. We can take a closer look at the spirituality of orchids’ colors.

Anytime you dream of an orchid, pay attention to its color. This gives you a clearer picture of what you stand to get/enjoy from this spiritual plant. Therefore, let us discuss the different orchids’ color symbolism.

White Orchids:

White orchid

Seeing white orchids speaks about the purity of intentions. Anytime you receive a white orchid as a gift from your friend, it means that they have good intentions for you.

If this happened in a dream, then the universe is encouraging you to trust your friends.

Apart from pure intentions, white orchids are a spiritual plant for inner peace.

People who are going through a tough season of their lives should get white orchids for themselves.

The energy from white orchids keeps the heart stable and at peace – even when things are going haywire.

Purple Orchids:

Purple orchid

This reveals who you are. When purple orchids are seen, it tells us that we are royal, unique, and special.

The purple orchids are an omen of self-confidence, and self-trust. Its main purpose is to help people believe in themselves.

Especially those that have been battered emotionally by other people’s hateful words.

Additionally, if you seem to possess a unique ability, external feature, or potential, wearing a shirt that has the image of purple orchids keeps your heart confident.

It helps you to look away from the mockeries of people. It reminds you that there are a lot of good things about you, which the world will benefit from.

Blue Orchids:

Blue orchid

This is a sign of emotional healing. Whenever you see a blue orchid, it is a spiritual sign that brings healing to your emotional life.

The universe cares about your mental state.

Therefore, expect them to send a message that calms your mind every time you are under pressure.

With blue orchid dreams, your heart will be healed.

For example, if you have suffered from betrayal or relationship failure, a blue orchid dream reveals that you are not to blame for the loss. It helps you heal up faster, and move on with your life.

Pink Orchids:

Pink orchid

The pink orchid is an omen of femininity.

It encourages us to accept who we are. It comes to help us discover the feminine side of ourselves.

For men, getting a pink orchid as a gift tells them to embrace tenderness. This means that you need to let out your feminine side.

However, for females, pink orchids reaffirm who they are, and encourage them to be proud of who they have become. It encourages them to never allow anyone to steal their identity.

Black Orchids:

Black orchid
Imagem from:

Anytime you see black orchids, it speaks about protection.

This means that you are under the protection of the spiritual world.

Therefore, be rest assured that no harm will get to you. It also helps you to look beyond your vulnerabilities.

It opens you up to a new world of strength, security, and protection.

In your dream, when you see yourself planting a black orchid, it indicates that every necessary precautionary measure has been taken thereby keeping you safe from harm and mistakes.

Yellow Orchids:

Yellow orchid

Seeing a yellow orchid speaks about intelligence and wisdom.

It reminds you that you are wise.

For example, if you are faced with a situation you don’t think you have the capacity for, a yellow orchid will flash across your face to remind you of the potential you have.

It comes to reveal that you can face any challenge.

It is revealing your intelligence and wisdom to tackle any confusing situation.

Green Orchids:

Green orchid

Green orchids are an omen of abundance, prosperity, and bodily healing.

When you dream of planting the green orchid in your garden, it is a symbol of wealth and abundance.

This means that you are never going to suffer from lack or poverty.

Additionally, if you have prayed for lucky money in the past, seeing green orchids around you indicates that your prayers have been answered by the universe.

What does it mean to receive an Orchid as a Gift?

Receive an Orchid as a Gift

In the spiritual world, receiving an orchid as a gift means the universe has a message for you.

Now, you cannot decode the message just through the orchid you received as a gift.

Observe the color of the orchid, and notice the time of the day. Furthermore, check if it was given to you for good or bad reasons.

All of these contribute to getting the best spiritual message of this gift.

However, the common and only message from receiving an orchid as a gift is that the universe has something to say to you.

What does it mean Spiritually to Offer an Orchid?

Pink orchid

Offering an orchid in the spiritual world means building solid relationships with people.

It also means settling a dispute.

Whenever you offer an orchid, it is also a sign of extending a hand of help to another person.

Do Orchids Have a Good Spiritual Meaning?

Orchids and good luck

Yes, orchids have a good spiritual meaning.

Orchids bring good luck, protection, wealth, peace of mind, and other good things to people’s lives.

Whenever you see an orchid, expect great things to unfold in days to come.

Final Words

The next time you get an orchid as a gift, take time to meditate on this special gift. When you see an orchid in your dream, let the spiritual messages in this article guide you.

Opening yourself up to the orchid’s energy cleanses your mind, restores peace to your soul, and makes things better.

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