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What can Dogs see that Humans can’t? Ghosts and Spirits

What can Dogs see that Humans can’t? Ghosts and Spirits

What can dogs see that humans can’t? Can dogs see ghosts, spirits, and demons? Let’s find out!

All over the world, dogs have been known as sweet, cozy, and loyal. They are kept as pets and are referred to as man’s best friends. However, there is more to dogs than meets the eye.

Dogs have a lot in common with the spiritual world.

They can relate to certain spiritual phenomena that humans can’t. This explains the sudden behavior of your dog in the morning or at midnight. 

In this article, we will dig deep into the world of dogs, and how they can see certain spiritual beings that we can’t.

This will help you to understand your dog much more.

Do you also know that dogs can be used to enhance your spiritual vision? Well, this article will discuss the subject of dogs in more detail.

In addition to this, you will come to terms with the fact that dogs have spiritual visions.

This is why they can see what humans can’t. Furthermore, this article will enhance your understanding of dogs.

Therefore, instead of rushing your dog to the veterinary clinic for checkups, you will be able to say “Oh! My dog is seeing something that I can’t see. This is the reason behind its sudden change of behavior”.

Therefore, let us get into the discussion right away. What can dogs see that humans can’t? 

Are Dogs Spiritually Sensitive?

Dogs in spiritual world

Yes, dogs are spiritually sensitive. In the spiritual world, dogs are one of the animals that are easily sent to the world of men. This is why people keep dogs at home.

Whenever a dog appears to you in a dream, it is a statement of pure spirituality. It increases the spiritual energy in your soul and makes you spiritually sensitive.

Now, this goes beyond just dreaming about dogs.

In the physical world, dogs carry the same spiritual characteristics.

  • They are overly spiritually sensitive to the things around them.
  • They can sense changes in the spiritual atmosphere.
  • They can also detect the presence of hiding spirits and ghosts.

Let me also indicate that dogs can tell if an animal is a spiritual being or not

African hunters take dogs to their several hunting expeditions because of the sharp spiritual vision of this powerful animal.

Therefore, it is incontestable that dogs are spiritually sensitive animals.

They are creatures of great spirituality, and this makes them much more than mere pets.

They can be your spiritual guardian if you open up your heart to them.

Can Dogs See Ghosts or Spirits?

Can Dogs See Ghosts or Spirits

Yes, dogs can see ghosts or spirits. When it comes to seeing spiritual beings, dogs are one of the top animals that can be used as a spiritual oversight.

In the spiritual world, you will always find dogs on the precipice of spiritual seers. Therefore, dogs can see ghosts or spirits. Why can dogs see ghosts or spirits?

They have spiritual eyes:

This is the foremost reason behind the ability of dogs to see ghosts or spirits. Because of the spiritual eyes of dogs, it is not difficult for them to pick up the divine presence of ghosts and spirits in an environment.

In African history, people seek spiritual seeing abilities from the eyeballs of dogs.

Therefore, the major reason why dogs can see spirits and ghosts is that they possess the spiritual eye that can see spiritual things.

Unlike humans, dogs’ physical eyes can see spiritual things – even without getting into the mood. This is why they suddenly begin to howl.

They can be possessed by spirits and ghosts:

In the law of spiritual possession, an object of possession can interact with its potential possessor. That is, anyone or anything that will be possessed by a spirit can interact with that spirit through sight or sound.

Therefore, dogs can see spirits or ghosts because they can be possessed by them.

We have received several reports of how deceased spirits come in the form of a dog to check up on their loved ones.

This is why dogs can see these spiritual beings.

This is the same for humans. Before any human becomes possessed by a spirit, he/she must see the spirits. Dogs can see spirits or ghosts, and the reason behind this is because of the law of spiritual possession.

Dogs can tell the difference in energy vibrations:

To see spirits, you need to be able to identify a change in spiritual energy vibrations. This is why only a few humans can see spirits.

The few people who see spirits can tell the presence of a spirit before they see them.

This is similar to dogs as well.

Whenever a dog senses an increased energy vibration, they will begin to bark, and before long, they will see the ghost or spirit around them.

This is another reason behind the divine ability of dogs to see spirits or ghosts.

These 3 reasons also explain the divine abilities of dogs. Let this help your perception of dogs.

Can Dogs see Guardian Angels?

Dogs and Guardian Angels

Yes, dogs can see guardian angels. They don’t only see spiritual beings like ghosts or the spirits of deceased loved ones; they can also see guardian angels. Now, whenever they see guardian angels, the following things will begin to happen.

  1. You will find your dog wagging its tail. Whenever you suddenly see your dog wagging its tail with so much joy and energy, it is a sign of the presence of your guardian angel.
    • The reason for this is that the presence of angels comes with so much joy and enthusiasm.
    • This is why your dog will wag its tail with so much energy. Once this happens, it is a clear signal that your guardian angel is around.
  1. Whenever your dog suddenly sleeps on the floor with its hands and feet pointed to the sky, it is an indication of an angelic presence.
    • In heaven, angels surrender to the highest God.
    • This is the same attitude that your dog will assume whenever your guardian angel shows up.
  1. Your dog will begin to bark, but not in an aggressive manner. Watch out for this trait. It has been proven 100% that once your dog begins to bark in a friendly manner, it is communicating with your guardian angel.
    • Myth has it that your dog is telling the angel where you are.

Can Dogs see Demons?

Scared dog

Yes, dogs can see demons. Demons are known as bad spirits. They roam the earth under the command of their master – called the devil or black spirit. They function at a lower spiritual frequency, which is easy for dogs to perceive.

Dogs can see demons, and when they do, you will know.

This is very common in Africa.

During one of our several interview sessions, we were privileged to speak with an African chief who confessed that evil spirits roam through people’s houses at the midnight, and one of the ways to chase them away is by the barking of dogs.

Therefore, whenever you suddenly see your dog barking in an offensive and aggressive manner, there is no doubt that an evil spirit is trying to penetrate your home.

The barking of the dog is also described as your dog’s way of warding off the evil spirits.

Dogs can see both evil spirits and guardian angels. They can see every kind of spiritual being, relate with them, and get messages from them.

This makes keeping dogs at home beyond physical reasons and attraction.

You can keep dogs at home to serve as a spiritual guide.

What can Dogs see that Humans can’t?

What can Dogs see that Humans can’t

Dogs have the divine ability to see things that humans can’t. This is because of their numerous spiritual qualities and traits.

Therefore, let us talk about the things that humans can’t see, which are normal visions for dogs.

Dogs can see spirits:

Throughout this article, we have discussed the concept of seeing spirits by dogs. But it is important to stress this out one more time.

One of the things that dogs can see is spiritual beings.

Whenever your dog begins to bark without reason, it is clear that a spiritual being is in your home. Now, this can be a good spirit or a bad one.

However, the presence of a spirit is around you whenever your dog begins to bark for no reason. Spiritual beings are not what we can see as humans, but dogs have the advantage of seeing these beings.

Dogs can see a future occurrence in the form of an image:

Whenever your dog begins to speak into a void, it is clear that your future is trying to come to you in the form of an image, which you are finding difficult to see.

Sometimes, the spiritual world will speak to you through your dog about your future.

Now, you don’t need to see this before understanding what your future holds, but dogs are spiritual beings that can perceive your future in the form of an image.

For example: if you are going to be wealthy in the future, your dog will see it before you attain such height. In addition to this, dogs can see a bad event before it comes to pass. 

Dogs can see someone approaching your home:

If someone is coming to greet you, your dog will alert you when the person is approaching your doorstep.

I have experienced this with my dog several times.

Whenever my friend approaches my door, Bobby (my dog) begins to bark voraciously. Within a few seconds, the doorbell will ring. This is something that we will never see or perceive as humans. 

Dogs can see the spirit of a dead person:

Whenever a person is about to die, dogs can see the spirit leaving the person’s body – even before death is announced.

For example: if someone is about to die in a hospital, dogs around will begin to howl and cry. As humans, it is impossible to see the spirits of people while leaving their bodies. However, dogs have the divine ability to see such.

Dogs can see angels:

Whenever angels are sent on assignments, dogs can sense their presence, and communicate with them.

In the spiritual world, dogs can see angels that humans can’t.

This is why you should keep dogs at home.

They can help you to sense the presence of angels, and relate with them.

Whenever you are praying, and dogs begin to bark in a friendly manner, it is a sign of answered prayers. It is revealing the presence of angels.

Why do dogs bark at night? Could it be a ghost?

Dog barking

No, it does not have to be ghosts. Dogs can bark at night for several reasons:

  • Dogs can bark at night whenever there is a change in spiritual energy. A change in vibration scares dogs, and this can make them bark. 
  • Another spiritual reason behind the barking of dogs at night is when they begin to hear strange voices. Now, this is not necessarily a sign of spiritual beings. It can be your voice or the voice of passers-by. Any voice that sounds when everything should be silent is seen as a threat, and dogs will begin to bark.
  • Also, dogs bark at night whenever a ghost is around. This is not the only reason, but there is a possibility of the presence of ghosts around your house at night whenever your dog begins to bark. 

How do I Know when my Dog sees Spirits?


One of the common traits is barking. Whenever your dog begins to bark, it is a sign of spirits.

Another behavior to observe in your dog is how it stares.

Whenever your dog begins to stare into space, it is believed that your dog is seeing a spiritual being.

To know if your dog is seeing a spirit, observe how it barks and how it stares.

Final Words

Dogs are spiritual. Therefore, always be watchful of their numerous traits and behaviors. Whenever a trait looks off and mystical, it is a sign of spiritual beings. Furthermore, open your soul to dogs. They can serve as a spiritual guide to lead you into the light.

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