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Home » Spring Equinox Spiritual Meaning: in 2022 and 2023

Spring Equinox Spiritual Meaning: in 2022 and 2023

Spring Equinox Spiritual Meaning: in 2022 and 2023

Finally, we are about to enter a new season called spring!

This is an important season of the year that ushers in a lot of rainfalls and the growth of crops.

The beginning of this beautiful moment of the year is called the spring equinox.

Seeing what lies during the spring season, it is best to understand what the spiritual powers of the spring equinox are.

From my deep spiritual research, I realized that there is more to the spring equinox than geographical definitions.

Therefore, let us delve deeper into this topic as we extract the 9 spiritual meanings of the spring equinox in 2022 and 2023.

What is the Spring Equinox?

Spring Equinox

Collins Dictionary defines the spring equinox as the time at which the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere, making day and night of equal length.”

The spring equinox means equal day and night on earth. That is, it is the day that we have equal day and night in all parts of the world.

It also marks the beginning of the spring season. The spring equinox is a special moment on earth.

It is the period on earth that most people don’t seem to realize and understand.

Anytime the spring equinox happens, it creates an equilibrium between the day and night

The word “Equinox” comes from the Latin words “aequi” and “nox”.

The Latin word “aequi” refers to equilibrium, balance, and equal lengths; while “nox” refers to the night.

This depicts an equal moment between day and night. During the spring equinox, we are going to have equal opportunities between day and night. 

It is beautiful to KNOW when the spring equinox will happen. Do you know why? It is because of the balance it creates.

Therefore, let us move on to the next question as we journey towards an understanding of the spiritual meaning of the spring equinox.

When is the First Day of Spring?


The first day of spring is always the 20th of march. In 2022 and 2023, watch out for the 20th of march. We have varying beliefs that the first day of spring falls between the 19th, 20th, and 21st of March.

However, the first day of spring has fallen on the 20th of March out of the 3 speculated dates. Therefore, look forward to this

It is beautiful to witness the first day of spring, and observe the equal day and night moments.

This brings a lot of peace and confidence to your soul. Apart from the spiritual benefits, you will get from such a moment, you will become more aware of your immediate environment.

Your understanding and perception of nature will also change. 

The first time I knew about the spring equinox, it was a marvel.

I could not believe that such a time of the year exists.

It took me 40 extra days to wait for the spring equinox. The experience from that moment has transformed me mentally and intellectually.

Now, after understanding the physical aspects of the spring equinox, what are the spiritual sides to this time of the year?

Read on to find out.

What does the Spring Equinox Mean Spiritually?

Spring Equinox in Spiritual World

The physical world explains the spring equinox as the moment when the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards relevant hemispheres thereby creating an equal length of day and night. We can take a cue from this to help our spiritual understanding of this uncommon day of the year. 

In the spiritual world, the spring equinox is believed to be the time of the dead.

What does it mean? Seeing the spring equinox means that the veil between the dead and living has been brought down, and we have the opportunity to communicate with our loved ones.

Several stories and superstitions uphold this belief.

The spring equinox is seen as the moment of the year where we can also offer sacrifices to the dead.

Because of the equal length of day and night, the spring equinox is seen as the only day of the year when the dead walk among the living.

People have claimed to see their dead loved ones during the spring equinox.

Another spiritual meaning of the spring equinox speaks about magical powers and witchcraft practices.

During the spring equinox, it is believed that witchcraft practices are always at their peak.

This is tied to the intense spiritual energy that comes from the spring equinox.

The spring equinox is special and different from every other day in the world, and this comes with an intense spiritual energy that supports the practices of witchcraft and magic.

Therefore, if you belong to a coven, you might want to look forward to the spring equinox. It heightens your spiritual senses, which makes practicing magic easier and more effective.

The spring equinox is a moment of several rituals and spiritual practices.

Now, other spiritual messages come from the spiritual equinox. We will look into them in more detail.

Does the Spring Equinox have Spiritual Energy?

The spiritual energy from Spring

Yes, the spring equinox has spiritual energy. The reason for this is that it introduces a new season.

Every day that introduces a new season is filled with powerful spiritual energy. The realm of the spirit is looking forward to special days such as this.

The reason is that it enhances the energy vibrations of people and causes them to be in alignment with the spiritual world.

Furthermore, the energy from the spring equinox is intense because it opens the portals of the dead.

The presence of spirits on earth also makes the energy of the spring equinox to become more intense. 

You might be wondering if you are going to feel any slight change in your body!

Well, this answer is relative. The people that are aware of what happens during the spring equinox might feel one or two slight changes in their body movements and signs.

However, other people that are oblivious to this reality will simply go through the spring equinox moments like every other person.

This is why you need to pay attention to this article.

As we prepare for the spring equinox of 2023, understand that something intense goes on during this moment.

Further clarity will be given in this article as we talk about the 9 spiritual messages of the spring equinox. 

Spring Equinox Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages and Power

Spring Equinox Spiritual Meaning

During the spring equinox, there are several messages you can get. Each of these messages has significance on your decisions, actions, living, and relationship. What are the 9 messages and powers of the spring equinox?

1) Balance

This is the first spiritual message from the spring equinox.

When the spring equinox comes, it comes with an energy that helps us to maintain emotional balance.

If you have lost control of your emotional energy, the spring equinox is a day to restore control.

During this day, you can meditate on the power of the spring equinox for as long as possible.

Whilst this is going on, your emotions will be exposed to the energy of the spring equinox, which eventually leads to complete healing and control.

If you desire to become balanced emotionally, the spring equinox is the best moment of the year for this.

2) You are not stagnant


Seeing the spring equinox is a sign of progress.

God wants you to realize that your life is moving forward.

The spring equinox introduces the spring season. This means that you just progressed from one season to another.

What does this mean? It means moving forward, progress, and non-stagnancy.

Therefore, if you have felt stagnant or locked up in a spot, entering the spring equinox should make you understand that it is not true.

Contrary to your opinion, you are moving forward.

3) There is a struggle within you

Some factions believe that the spring equinox is that time of the year when light and darkness are at war with each other.

Because of this, they believe that everyone under the spring equinox will also go through the same struggle.

You should be prepared for this.

The spring equinox provides an opportunity for you to win the battle for your soul.

On this day, several negative and positive energies will conflict in your soul. You must stand your ground. Don’t give in to negative energy.

4) The spirit of your lost loved one is trying to communicate

Message from heaven

In a dream, if you see yourself waking up on the spring equinox day, it spiritually indicates that the spirit of your lost loved one is trying to speak with you.

However, since the spring equinox in real life is months away, the spirit decided to bring it to you in a dream.

It opens up the portal in that dream and allows it to speak with you. In this dream, you will likely hear a voice and see a figure speaking to you.

Pay attention to what the spirit says.

5) A new season is emerging

The spring equinox ushers in a new season. It brings the spring season to the earth. This also affects you.

The day of the spring equinox is a day of newness. It means that you are entering a new season of your life.

If your birthday falls on the spring equinox, you should always celebrate your birthday and a new season day.

Dreaming of the spring equinox indicates that a new season has come.

Therefore, you should begin to look out for new things, events, people, and situations.

The spring equinox further reveals that the new season is filled with blessings and abundance

6) Prepare for change

Spiritual change

This message goes out to the people that respond negatively to change.

The day of the spring equinox reminds us that change is inevitable.

It opens our hearts to see that we are meant to go through changing situations and circumstances to become who we are meant to be.

This makes it wise for us to always prepare for change.

When we are mentally prepared for change, it will not be hard to embrace it and adapt to it.

Take this message from the spring equinox. It is a day that leads to major changes in the season of the year, and this also affects us.

7) Healing

The spring equinox is a day of healing.

It helps us to heal from the things we have suffered in the past.

The spring equinox spiritual meaning reminds us that a new day has come with fresh opportunities to become a better person.

It helps us to realize that the past is not worth holding on to – irrespective of what we have suffered or enjoyed.

In the spiritual realm, the spring equinox is a day of healing. This is majorly mental and emotional. It is also a day of rest.

8) Planting season


The spring season is a planting and harvesting season.

The spring equinox ushers us into this season.

When this happens, it is saying that you should become more deliberate at putting in the required efforts to get certain results.

Entering the spring equinox day encourages you to work harder. It tells you that good things will happen when you focus on getting work done.

9) Harvest has come

In the spiritual world, the spring equinox is a sign of harvest.

This means that everything you have labored for in the past is yielding results this season. This is good news and creates an expectation of good things.

Additionally, it helps your mind to be rid of anxiety, depression, and negative energy.

During the spring equinox, expect to begin to see the positive results of your past efforts.

Is the Spring Equinox related to New Beginnings?

About the spring

Yes, the spring equinox is related to new beginnings.

It speaks about the start of a new journey.

Furthermore, it reveals the beginning of a new phase of life.

Since it is the first day of the spring season, it is related to new beginnings.

Final Words

2023 has amazing plans ahead. The spring equinox comes with intensity. We must be prepared enough for it.

If you missed out on the spring equinox for 2022, this is the time to prepare for the spring equinox in 2023. You will enjoy several changes in your mind and also experience confidence to begin a new journey. 

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