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7 Spiritual Meaning Of Crow Tapping On Window

7 Spiritual Meaning Of Crow Tapping On Window     

Has there been a crow tapping on your window lately?

Well, as odd as it may sound, the shiny black-feathered bird might’ve brought bad news for you!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about crows and why they may be sent into your life. 

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When A Crow Comes To Your Window?

Crow at window

First and foremost, understand that a crow would never come to your window without reason.

There are already a lot of trees and places for it to rest in. 

The primary reason it may sit particularly on YOUR window is because it’s trying to give you a warning signal about something major coming up in your life. 

In a lot of my articles, I’ve talked about crows being the harbingers of diseases, downfall, trouble, depression, or even death.

They’re considered filthy and infectious in spiritual context

Therefore, if a crow came to your window, it’s no surprise that it wouldn’t mean anything good.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow Tapping On Window

Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow Tapping On Window

A crow tapping on your window is much worse than a crow just sitting on your window!

More often than not, the tapping signifies the urgency of the bad news ranging anywhere from a few hours to the next morning. 

Now, depending on your circumstances in life, you may get fired from your job, witness a loved one fall extremely ill, lose valuable possessions, or face a major negative experience in a short period of time. 

The crow tapping is your sign to be mentally and emotionally prepared for what’s about to come next

In The Morning:

A crow tapping on your window in the morning could mean that you should lower your hopes for the day; everything will be terrible and new problems will arise. 

You may get into a random fight, be late for something important, or shake hands with a heartbreak that could put you in a very depressing state for some time. 

Avoid all sorts of risk-taking activities, conflicts, or hasty decisions for the day if you witness a crow tapping on your window in the morning. 

In The Afternoon:

A crow tapping on your window in the afternoon might mean that someone is after you

It may be a physical threat or someone trying to take something away from you. 

The universe might notify you about this threat beforehand so you have sufficient time to protect yourself and get as far away as possible.

Many believe that God protects his beloved soldiers this way if they have more to do and accomplish on earth. 

At Night:

A crow tapping on your window at night may be a sign of a supernatural threat.  

It means that poltergeists intending to harm you or your family may be floating around in your room or near the window. 

If the tapping is so loud that you wake up in the middle of the night, immediately evacuate the room and get as far away from the threat as possible. 

In such cases, seeking divine protection through prayer is your best bet.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow Pecking At Window

Black Crow Pecking At Window

A crow pecking on your window trying to get in could be a sign of emergency and panic

It’s likely that someone from your family may have got into an accident, badly injured themselves, or maybe even passed away!

The pecking on the window is your sign to urgently contact them and ensure their safety and well-being.

If possible, go see them at the first opportunity you get as their time on earth could be short

If in case they’re no more, pray to God and ask Him to bless them to the gates of heaven. 

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7 Spiritual Meanings Of A Crow Tapping On Window

Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow Tapping On Window

1) Depression

If you notice a crow visiting you or tapping on your window, it could mean that something bad is about to happen in your life that will bring you closer to the realm of depression.  

This could be anything from bereavement, chronic illness, breakup/divorce, or joblessness to even being cheated on by a long-time partner. 

The crow may be your sign to tighten up the walls around your heart and not let any negative events in the next few days get to you

2) Your Relationship Is Sinking!

A crow tapping on your window may be a sign that your relationship could be coming to an end. 

And, there could be gazillions of causes for it such as:

  • Your partner cheating on you.
  • Constant conflicts.
  • Not getting along very well.
  • Increasing toxicity & abuse.
  • Or, not having your emotional and physical needs met.

It may be time for you to quit wearing your heart on your sleeve and let go of any hopes you had from your relationship because there’s a major heartbreak awaiting you in the future.

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3) Isolation

Finding a crow tapping on your window could mean that people in your life are going to abandon you pretty soon

Yes, these people may also include your friends, family members, or anyone you think cares for you. They’re going to leave you with trust issues and prove to you that they were always foes in a loved one’s disguise. 

Although the whole situation can be quite difficult to let go of, consider it a lesson for putting your faith in the wrong people

4) Negative Changes In Life

Generally, we expect to be in charge of our lives and make necessary changes in it where needed.

However, a crow tapping on your window may be a sign that life is about to take you on a ride, and it’s not going to be a good one. 

Everything you didn’t want happening will start to happen all of a sudden.

There will be trouble, thrill, and a lot of overwhelming emotions involved throughout the whole journey

You’ll find yourself dealing with unwanted people, mistakes, impossible choices, and problems you never thought you’d face one day. 

5) Evil Thoughts & Intentions

Whether you’re lusting after someone or planning to ruin a life, seeing a crow near your window might mean that God is taking note of everything and He’s eventually going to punish you

Deliberately choosing the path of evil is never a good idea and neither is embracing it in your heart. If you think evil and incorporate it into your actions, things get even worse for you.

By sending the black crow your way, God may be suggesting you shed the darkness from your heart and pray for the purification of your thoughts.

After all, prayers made in desperate times are always fulfilled the quickest

6) Health Problems

A crow’s visit can bring health complications and illnesses

Many report feeling sick, nauseous, and lazy after they find a black crow sitting on their window sill. 

This concept may stem from the fact that, both spiritually and historically, crows have been linked with the spreading of devastating diseases and viruses.

A popular superstition suggests that God punishes disobedient and wicked civilizations by using crows to cultivate the seed of destructive illnesses within them

7) Bring Balance To Your Life

If a crow comes to your window and taps or caws constantly, it may have picked up on some significant imbalances in your life

These imbalances could be in any aspect of your life such as work, family time, physical health, or even spirituality. 

Although this problem may sound quite minor, the universe could have sent the crow as a messenger to let you know that all the imbalance and uncertainty is destined to lead to your downfall in the coming future.

It’s better to take the spiritual sign seriously and harmonize your life before any unwanted side effects start taking place.

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Is A Crow Tapping On Your Window A Good Spiritual Sign?

Black crow

Unfortunately… NO… crows are NOT a good spiritual sign!

Whether they tap on your window or lightly peck, they’re an omen of bad luck and nothing can change that.

Spiritually, they’re seen as dirty and despicable creatures that serve no purpose other than spreading noise and negativity. 

It’s best to pay attention to crows visiting you and use your intuition to distance yourself before they bring destruction, mishaps, and unwanted negative experiences into your life. 

Shall We Conclude?

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: being visited by a crow DOES NOT always have to be random. 

There could be reason and meaning for why it particularly chose YOUR window to sit and tap on. 

Although the crow isn’t a good omen, it can still help you escape trouble if your intuition is able to pick up on its signals at the right time. It notifies you about forthcoming negative events, suffering, physical threats, and trauma in your life beforehand.

The notorious bird may also be a symbol of fear, poverty, and illness for some. 

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