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9 Spiritual Meanings of Choking in Sleep: It’s a bad sign?

9 Spiritual Meanings of Chocking in Sleep: It’s a bad sign?

Choking in sleep has 9 spiritual meanings, which we will discuss in this article.

Furthermore, we will answer the question about whether choking in sleep is a bad omen or not. However, let us do a brief introduction before going into the main subject.

Everything that happens while you sleep is important to your waking moments.

Starting from dozing off to every event in your dream world – all of these constitute what you will experience in the natural world.

This is why everyone should protect their sleeping moments at night or during the day (depending on when you sleep based on your work schedule). 

Your sleeping moments are important to what you will experience in real life.

Therefore, if you start choking in your sleep, it is connected with your natural waking moments.

The puzzle lies in understanding what it is trying to say about your natural life.

This article provides the best possible answers and solutions to this experience. Let us talk about the 9 spiritual messages of choking in sleep and if it is a bad sign or not.

Spiritual Meaning of Choking

Spiritual Meaning of Choking

Whenever you choke, it means that you suddenly feel an obstruction in your trachea. During this moment, you suddenly stop breathing for some moments.

In addition to this, you will suddenly begin to cough, and in extreme cases, you might require medical attention.

The spiritual meaning of this is a caution to watch the things you say.

In the natural world, you have seen people choke up on their words while speaking. This is the same with choking generally. Either in real life or during your sleep, it is a caution against speaking wrong words or a negative assertion.

Whenever you choke, it also means that you have said something wrong, which has begun to negatively affect you.

Consistently negative people will choke more than others. Always check the word you speak every time you choke. 

In addition to this, choking could also mean that the universe wants you to stop taking an action.

This might be the reason behind the sudden stop of airflow.

That stoppage is like a RED flag telling you to desist from taking an action.

Anytime this happens to you, take it as a call to retreat and reflect on what you have done so far. This will help you to easily identify the mistakes you have made.

It will also help you to prevent such from happening next time.

Dream of someone choking you

Choking in dreams

This dream is not common. However, it always comes with strong negative energy. Most times, people feel choked after waking up from such an experience.

Now, what does this mean? Whenever you dream of someone choking you, what is this trying to say?

  • If the person is dark, this is a spiritual attack. It is believed to be a sign of spiritual darkness. That is, an evil spirit has come to attack you in your sleep.
  • If the person is light-complexioned, this means that God is telling you to watch the words you speak. This is not a bad omen, but a warning sign concerning your utterances.
  • If the person is your friend, then, this means that your friends have taken away your confidence to express yourself. This signifies that you have lost your self-esteem because of how your friends have treated you.
  • Whenever a lady is choking you in your dream, this means that you have not expressed how you feel to your crush. This message is telling you to confidently approach your crush, express how you feel, and be at peace with the response.

Why does it feel like someone is choking me in sleep?

Meaning of someone choking you in dreams

Feeling like someone is choking you in sleep means that someone is ACTUALLY choking you in your sleep.

Spiritually, this means that a spiritual being is choking you in the world of spirits.

To understand what this means, refer to the spiritual meaning of having dreams about someone choking you.

Now, if you don’t see a face, it might be your past. That is, it is saying that your past is trying to resurface, and it is taking away your voice of expression.

You find it hard to express yourself because of how wrong you have performed in the past.

Furthermore, this feeling does not also have to mean that someone is choking you.

It could be your mind or your soul trying to pass a message to you through your throat and trachea.

Therefore, understanding the spiritual meaning of your throat or trachea might help you to understand why you feel choked in your sleep.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Choking in Sleep

Spiritual Meaning of choking in sleep

Whenever you chock in your sleep, here are the 9 spiritual meanings to pay attention to.

1) Someone is trying to choke you

Spiritually, this is true. Whenever you choke in your sleep, it is a spiritual sign that someone is trying to choke you spiritually.

However, you cannot see the person because it is more spiritual than physical.

Furthermore, it could be an effect of the evil eye.

The jealousy of your friend or someone close can become a spiritual being that attempts to choke you.

Therefore, having this experience calls for spiritual protection. Once you wake up from this sleep, it is important to say some prayers to keep yourself away from such negative energy.

2) The desire to speak

If you dream of holding your throat as a result of choking, this reveals an inner desire to speak and be heard.

This dream could be a call to destiny. That is., the spiritual world might give you dreams like this to call your attention to your divine purpose.

Without this dream, you might find it hard to understand why you always want to talk to people.

Having this dream is a sign that you are called to be a counselor, consultant, or public speaker.

Once you decide to accept this dream, a divine ability will come on you to be able to speak well and influence people.

Having a dream of holding your throat because of choking reveals what your purpose is.

3) You feel ashamed to speak

Now, this might be based on your upbringing or the things you have been exposed to.

However, the universe has brought this dream to teach you otherwise.

Choking in your sleep means that you are afraid and ashamed to speak – even if you have something tangible to say.

This low self-esteem needs to be eradicated by your deliberate attempts to see the good in yourself. This dream has revealed the problem, and also provided the solution.

4) Watch what you say

Whenever you feel choked in your sleep, it is saying that you have said a lot of wrong things, and you need to start getting deliberate about your future utterances.

Therefore, choking in sleep warns you to watch what you say.

In the spiritual world, this feeling brings your attention to the things you have said in the past, which were wrong.

Afterward, it warns you against making such a mistake subsequently.

5) Your friends have affected your esteem

If you see your friends choking you in sleep, this is a spiritual sign that you have low self-esteem because of the words and attitudes of your friends toward you.

The moment you have this dream, it is a clear indication to stay away from your friends.

The reason for this is that they are going to affect your self-esteem much more.

Having this dream is not a good sign. It reveals that your friends are not who they claim to be.

They are preventing you from expressing who you are meant to be. They are also ensuring that you keep feeding off their energy without becoming original.

6) You lack a prayer life

In the bible, prayer is like the air we breathe in the spiritual world.

Therefore, whenever we begin to lose our zeal for prayer, one of the common things we will experience is choking in our sleep.

Once this begins to happen, it is a spiritual sign that you lack a prayer life.

Take this as an inspiration to begin to pray more than ever before.

7) Someone is trying to attack you

Choking in your sleep spiritually means that someone is trying to attack you through an evil spirit.

This might be a demon or someone that just hates you for no reason. Once you have this dream or feel this sensation, seek spiritual help, or say the prayer of protection.

8) You feel lonely

Whenever you feel lonely, choking in sleep will often happen to you.

Now, God is using this dream to assure you of his presence. Despite your physical loneliness, you are not alone.

Therefore, let this be your solace during your lonely moments.

9) You are taking too many responsibilities

Whenever you choke in your sleep, the universe is telling you to reduce your activities.

The reason for this is that you are doing a lot of things, which are beyond your current capacity.

Therefore, shed off some responsibilities, and focus on the ones you can handle.

Final Words

Choking in sleep is not common, but it has a lot to say concerning our lives. Therefore, take advantage of the information from this article. Let it guide you, and also tell you how to handle choking in sleep experiences.

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  1. I have been choked twice in my sleep and woken up by it very scary , I also woke with marks across my back and legs almost like a cat attack me, but no cat the other thing is my dog never barks but I was watching TV and he began looking up at the ceiling and was barking and showing his teeth , mind you my husband has not had anything happen to him, I’m so worried because sometimes even my husband as seen light turn off tv cabinet door open by it self and I would be like what ever is doing this needs to stop and it does I’m ready to move, also last week looking at a house I was just like no way I’m not going in there I felt like sick and my head was hurting so bad I just went to the store and was okay what is happening to me,why me

  2. I keep dreaming that a black shadow is telling me to kill my boyfriend, I keep refusing. So the shadow said if you don’t kill him I will kill you, then it started choking me. My boyfriend woke me up and my hand was on my throat, he got me a drink. When I got up the outside of my throat was sore, felt bruised and the inside was sore also

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