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Spiritual Meaning of Bumping and Hitting Your Head

Spiritual Meaning of Bumping and Hitting Your Head

When you bump and hit your head, it could be a minor or major accident – depending on the severity of the impact

Oftentimes, when an incident like this becomes constant, it is a sign to seek spiritual help

Through this “accident”, you can get several spiritual messages for guidance and insight. 

In this article, we will focus on investigating the spiritual meaning of bumping and hitting your head regularly

What is the universe trying to say?  How can you link this incident to the happenings around your life?

Read on to find out more about this. 

Is it normal to bump your head regularly?

bump your head

No, it is not normal to bump your head regularly. 

The spiritual world can use EVERYTHING around us as a spiritual message.

We will be opportune to enjoy this benefit only when we are open in our minds and have an accurate understanding of the reason behind these events.

One of the ways to identify an incident as spiritual is by paying attention to the frequency of its occurrence. 

The reason why you bump your head regularly is that the spiritual world is trying to get your attention. You have probably not paid enough attention to the spirituality of this incident. 

Furthermore, when you bump your head regularly, it is a sign that you need to become spiritually sensitive.

This will constantly happen until you become spiritually conscious of your environment and what goes on there. 

Now, it is advisable to visit a medical facility to check for any damage to your skull or vein!

However, in the midst of that, also seek spiritual help to understand the significance of having this experience

If you are open enough, you will be amazed at the numerous spiritual messages embedded in this sign.

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 Does bumping your head have a spiritual meaning?

bumping your head

Yes, bumping your head has a spiritual meaning. It goes beyond JUST an accident. 

As I stated earlier, the universe uses every event and incident in our lives to speak to us. 

Nothing is a mere coincidence!

Although, a lot of people have not gotten an accurate understanding of the spiritual meaning behind the bumping of the head.

But, this does not take away the fact that it’s a spiritual occurrence to get our attention before passing across the intended message to us. 

Therefore, we must learn to ask questions after this incident happens.

Doing this triggers our curiosity and helps us with the necessary insight we need to have concerning the event of bumping our heads.

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Spiritual meaning of bumping your head

head hurting

When you bump your head, it is a sign that speaks of the pressures around your life. It reveals that you are going through a lot of pressure at the moment.

This might be at work, at home, concerning your finances, or in a relationship. 

Through this sign, the spiritual world is encouraging you to reduce these pressures.

No matter how tough things are, create a space for peace of mind. Don’t let the situations around your life get to you so much.

Rather, say words of prayers, and trust God to take away the pressuring situations

Another spiritual meaning of bumping your head warns you against rushing to conclusions. Keep this at the back of your mind. 

Bumping your head means you are going to make several mistakes without carefully observing the facts before making a proposition or conclusion. 

Furthermore, when this happens, it might also indicate the need for foresight.

With foresight, you can see what lies ahead of you, and prepare. Without foresight, you might run into a future you are not prepared for.

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Spiritual meaning of hitting your head

hitting your head

There are 4 parts of the head. Each part has its unique spiritual message.

Let us discuss what these messages are, and how they affect our daily lives. 

What does it spiritually mean to hit your head? Read on to find out. 

Right side of the head:

When you hit the right side of the head it means it’s time to stop putting pressure on your mind.

Also, it means you are not paying enough attention to your mental wellbeing.

This sign could also warn you against making hasty conclusions

Spiritually, hitting the right side of the head means you need to start paying attention to important parts of your life.

Hitting the right side of your head implies that you have ignored your intuition.

Left side of the head:

In the spiritual world, hitting the left side of the head means you have lost control of your life.

With this sign, the spiritual world wants you to take responsibility for your life.

Through this omen, the universe might also be warning you to take a break from falling in love.

Hitting the left side of your head reveals that you are about to go through an emotional trauma. This message was sent to prepare you for what lies ahead.

At night, when you bump the left side of your head, this omen means that you need to ask for guidance and clarity before venturing into anything important.

Front of the head:

Whenever you hit the front of your head, it means you’ve allowed people’s perceptions of you to determine your self-image

This has to stop!

The moment you observe a consistent hitting of your forehead on the wall or a hard object, it sends a signal to you concerning your self-perception. 

Back of the head:

Spiritually, hitting the back of your head means you should prioritize self-care above every other thing in your life

This incident reminds you to live healthily. Engage in health care routines

Furthermore, it means you should learn to let go of your will and trust in the universe to determine the course of your life and destiny.

Hitting the back of your head signifies surrender.

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7 Spiritual reasons why you are always bumping your head

7 Spiritual reasons why you are always bumping your head

After discussing the spiritual meanings of bumping and hitting your head, let us investigate the spiritual reasons behind such a strange occurrence

The spiritual world will not send signs to you without a reason. 

This is what we want to investigate right now

Therefore, if you have bumped your head in recent times, here are the 7 possible spiritual reasons behind such an occurrence

1) You are not paying enough attention to the spiritual realm

One of the reasons behind this event points towards spiritual sensitivity.

Whenever you are not paying enough attention to the spiritual realm, you might bump your head several times. With this, you will become more sensitive and alert

2) You are going through a lot of pressures

Another reason for experiencing this points to pressure and stress

When you are under too much pressure, you will often hit your head against a wall as a result of the pressure. 

With this, the universe wants you to take it easy on yourself

3) You are not paying enough attention to your health

This is for those living an unhealthy life. For this to stop, the spiritual world might take a drastic action such as causing you to hit your head against a wall or hard object. 

The moment it happens, see it as a spiritual omen concerning your health. 

Take drastic measures to ensure that your health is paid attention to

4) You need to stop doing something

When you are making a huge mistake, one of the things that happens is the bumping of your head. 

Through this, you are called to order!

Whenever you bump or hit your head, it means you need to retrace your steps. Most times, this is given to people who are on the wrong path. 

5) You are struggling with the will of God

Biblically, when people hit their heads against a wall, it is because they are struggling with the will of God

If it happens to you, this might be a probable reason

Work on surrendering to God. Let Him take over the reins of your life and direct you on the path you should take. 

6) A change is coming

Hitting your head or bumping your head happens because you have gotten to the end of a season

Sometimes, it also happens when a transition is about to happen in your life

This sign gives you a glimpse into your future and prepares you for what is going to happen. 

7) You don’t know what to do

It is believed that people who hit their heads against a wall are confused. They have gotten to a point where they lack clarity of mind and thought

If this happens to you, practice meditation. It opens your mind up to the universe and heightens your intuition.

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Should I be concerned spiritually?

woman sad couch

Yes, you should be concerned spiritually about this experience. Hitting or bumping the head is not a common sign you should be eager to get.

When it happens to you, spend time meditating on its significance to your life. 

Open yourself to its energy, and let it direct you appropriately

Shall We Conclude?

As we have discussed so far, bumping or hitting your head on the wall is an omen you don’t want to ignore

Through this painful experience, the wisdom of the universe can be harnessed for your daily living. 

Also, it provides foresight and gives us clues concerning the future. 

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