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Spiritual Frequency and Vibrations: Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Frequency and Vibrations: Spiritual Meaning

Everything in the universe is connected. That’s why we need to know more about the spiritual vibrations and frequencies.

This was the statement I heard that changed my perspective. At first, I did not know what to make of this powerful revelation; but as I got better in the knowledge of spirituality, I understood better. 

You see, the fact is that everyone on earth is made up of energy. Everybody you meet, touch and relate with is made of energy, which means that we vibrate at a certain frequency.

Some frequencies might be lower than some, while others might be higher. Apart from humans, it is believed that everything in the world is made of energy, and vibrates at a certain level of frequency.

Therefore, everything in the universe is connected. Because we are made of energy, it is easy to connect with inanimate objects. It is easy for the universe to connect to us through spirit animals. 

  • Isn’t this amazing?
  • What if you have not heard this before?

Don’t worry about your ignorance. This article is strategically poised to help you to understand spiritual frequency and vibration. It will also reveal the different spiritual meanings of spiritual frequency and vibration.

With the weight of revelation in this article, you will become more sensitive to the vibration and frequency of everything around you, which will help you to understand what is happening around you, and in your life.

What is the Spiritual Frequency?

Spiritual Frequency

If you have never heard of spiritual frequency, then you should pay attention right now.

Previously, I stated that everything in the universe is connected because we are all made from energy. Some religious circles believe that the higher spirit is called the greatest energy, while we are called the smaller energy.

We consist of energy, and the way we emit this energy is through vibrations. We are going to get into this later in this article. Therefore, you should stick around.

Furthermore, each of these vibrations has a frequency at which they vibrate. Spiritual frequency can be defined as the rate at which we vibrate spiritually. It is the rate at which our spiritual energy vibrates. Our spiritual frequency can be high or low. 

I have spoken with people who believe that their spiritual frequency is in the middle. They are wrong. In the spiritual world, frequencies can only be high or low. Therefore, if your spiritual frequency is not high, it is low. 

Spiritual frequency is not a complicated word. It simply refers to the rate of our spiritual vibrations. The rate of our frequency determines what we attract into our lives.

I am going to share deep insight into that statement later on in this article. The rate at which you spiritually vibrate is called spiritual frequency.

What are Spiritual Vibrations?

Spiritual Vibrations

Spiritual frequency is present because of spiritual vibrations. 

Spiritual vibration is how we emit our energy. This is how we release our energy into the spiritual world. Our vibrations are one of the common ways of sending messages to the universe.

Our chakra is responsible for this.

When your chakra supplies high vibration, then it is running at high frequency. However, whenever it supplies low vibration, it is running at a low frequency. Each of these has a spiritual implication and a physical consequence. We will see them later.

Perhaps, you are confused about this term?

Let me break it down for you.

The best way to understand spiritual vibration is to pay attention to how you feel. By understanding how you feel at a particular moment, you will be able to detect your spiritual vibration and the frequency at which it operates.

Spiritual vibrations are how we communicate with the world around us. It is how we impose our presence on mundane things.

Furthermore, it is how we impact and influence our environment. There are good and bad vibrations; we are going to look at these types of spiritual vibrations later in this article.

How you feel is identical to your spiritual vibration.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Feeling Vibrations and Frequencies?

Spiritual Meaning of Feeling Vibrations and Frequencies

Whenever you feel vibrations and frequencies, it is a sign that the universe is trying to communicate with you.

For 11 years, I have learned to pay more attention to the spiritual side of life than the physical, and it has helped me to uncover several spiritual truths and mysteries.

Whenever you feel vibrations and frequencies, there is something spiritual to it. It goes more than the emotional and mental aspects. These vibrations and frequencies can pass an important message to your life that will change your life for the better.

Therefore, you should not take them for granted. 

Furthermore, whenever you feel a vibration and frequency that seems different from your vibration and frequency, it is an indication that someone is trying to influence your decisions.

Having this feeling might be a red notice against such a person.

It might be a sign that the individual is trying to manipulate you for their selfish gains, and you should not allow yourself to become vulnerable. You should learn to make your decisions and take responsibility for the consequences.

In addition to this, feeling vibrations and frequencies are an indication of a changing season. Whenever your vibration begins to increase rapidly, it is a sign that something is about to change in your life.

It is a sign that you are about to enter a new phase of life that will change a lot of things about you. 

Feeling Energy Vibrations in the Body: it’s Normal?

Energy Vibrations

There is always an explanation for any phenomenon. There is a natural explanation and a spiritual explanation.

Feeling vibrations in the body is believed to be normal by scientists. Although, when it becomes intense, it is a sign of a medical condition that needs to be treated. 

Spiritually, feeling energy vibrations in the body is normal. The spiritual world relates to our vibrations. Because we cannot speak in the spirit world, our vibrations are the best way of letting the universe become aware of what we desire.

We are made of energy. Therefore, it is normal to emit these vibrational energies, and when we do so, it is normal to feel them in our bodies. Whether these vibrations are at a high or low frequency, it is expected of us to feel these vibrations.

When next you feel these vibrations, don’t be scared. It is a normal condition that has a spiritual resemblance. In the spirit world, our vibrations are signs that we are still living. The day we stop vibrating is the day we die.

There is something you should also understand; whether you feel it or not, vibrations go on in your body every time. Therefore, it is nothing to worry about.

Whole Body Vibration while Sleeping: Spiritual Meaning

Body Vibrations

What if your whole body begins to vibrate while sleeping?

Isn’t this something to worry about?

A lot of us believe that our bodies are resting whenever we sleep. Therefore, we should not vibrate.

This is not a true assertion. Whether we sleep or not, we are constantly vibrating. However, when the frequency of vibration increases to a point, it is not a normal occurrence. It is pointing your attention to something.

When your whole body begins to vibrate while sleeping, it is a sign from the universe that you should become spiritually alert and conscious. It is an indication that someone is trying to harm you. It is a call to become spiritually sensitive to the things around you.

Furthermore, when your whole body begins to vibrate while sleeping, the universe can be indicating that something is about to change in your life. Most times, this is positive news that should bring hope and enthusiasm into your life.

Whenever you begin to feel a high surge of energy vibration from your body while you sleep, it is time to prepare for a positive shift. 

What does it mean to Vibrate at a High Frequency?

Body vibrating

Vibrating at a high frequency is a sign of positivity.

In spirituality, it is believed that whenever you vibrate at a high frequency, it is a sign that you are releasing positive energy, which will attract good luck, fortune, prosperity, and good health into your life.

Vibrating at a high frequency fills you with confidence and fresh energy to go for your desire. It fills you with positivity and takes away every form of negativity.

Vibrating at a low frequency is a sign of negativity. This is why you should avoid it. Always ensure to vibrate at a high level of frequency. This is the best way to attract positive things to your life.

How to Raise your Spiritual Vibrations: 5 Ways

Raising the spiritual vibrations

There are 5 ways to raise your spiritual vibrations. 

For emphasis’s sake, I will repeat that a high frequency is a sign of positivity. Vibrating at a high frequency is a sign of a positive feeling. Therefore, you have to ensure that your vibration sticks to that scale.

However, if you are vibrating on a lower frequency, there are 5 ways to increase your spiritual vibration. Follow these steps closely, and you will experience a higher frequency of spiritual vibrations within a short while.

1) Pay attention to your thoughts

This is the primary way to raise your spiritual vibration. It is believed that the major way we affect ourselves is through our thought patterns.

Therefore, we must guard our thoughts. Whenever you want to raise your spiritual vibration, you should pay attention to your thoughts. Check your thoughts to observe the negativity that lies there, and replace it with positive thoughts.

2) Learn to appreciate the people around you

The people around us are important. Therefore, you have to learn to appreciate their presence in your life.

When you constantly complain about the mistakes and faults of people, you are making yourself selfish, and full of hate, which reduces your spiritual frequency of vibration.

Therefore, the best way to remedy this condition is to master the art of appreciating the people in your life genuinely. This will help you to become selfless and caring, which are positive energies. They will raise your vibration.

3) Spend time with nature

Walking around trees, or sitting alone at the edge of a stream or beach will help your mind to be rid of negativity.

Nature has a high frequency of vibration and will help your spiritual frequency to increase.

Spend time with nature, and reflect on the good things in your past. Spend time to think about how beautiful the world is because of nature. With this exercise, you will be able to raise your spiritual vibration to a higher level for positivity.

4) Positive affirmations

This is another effective way of raising your spiritual vibration. Practice the art of using positive affirmations for yourself.

Learn to speak positively about yourself, about others, about the work you do, and about the universe.

Constantly practice this, and your spiritual vibration will be raised. Positive affirmations will make you positive, and attract good luck to your life.

5) Learn to focus on the good

If you are finding it difficult to raise your spiritual vibration after several trials, it is time to take the final step of focusing alone on the good things in your life. Several people have disagreed with this method because they believe it is a denial of reality.

However, it is not. By focusing on the good, you are not denying the bad; you have simply decided to not allow the bad to hold you down or take away the joy of the present. By focusing on the good things in your life, your spiritual vibration will be raised.

Raising your spiritual vibration will keep you positive. 

Furthermore, raising your spiritual vibration is not done once. You have to consciously repeat the process to ensure that your spiritual vibration is high for positivity.

Final Words

By understanding spiritual vibration and frequency, you will become skillful at understanding the seasons of your life, and how to position yourself for what is coming. Furthermore, you will become spiritually sensitive to things.

Therefore, don’t waste this golden opportunity. Pay attention to your spiritual vibration and frequency NOW.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of the spiritual frequencies and vibrations? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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  1. So when you notice your body vibrating just as you wake up, it can mean either to be on guard because someone is trying to hurt you OR something good is about to happen? I’m sorry, but it’s confusing to me , am I misunderstanding what you are saying? I’m curious since this is exactly what is happening to me ….should I be on guard or relieved/happy? I’m going through a life event that could go either way, I’m being positive, I just hope it’s enough.
    Thank you for any insight/thoughts you can give.

  2. I felt a strong vibration in my torso, as I was passing in and out from excruciating abdominal pain. Meaning??
    I’ve had it periodically, during sleep and when just active in home.
    I had moments as a kid when happy that my legs would vibrate. And now again at 58yrs. Interesting phenomenon indeed.

  3. Wonderful article. It just affirmed my thought process regarding this topic. I will definitely follow more of your publications. Have a blessed life.

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