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Seeing An Helicopter Spiritual Meaning: Is It A Sign?

Seeing An Helicopter Spiritual Meaning: Is It A Sign?

Have you been noticing a lot of helicopters in the sky lately?

Well, believe it or not, you might actually be the only one seeing them if the universe is trying to communicate with you!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about helicopters and their spiritual significance. So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Helicopter Spiritual Meaning

helicopter taking off

Since the helicopter flies high in the sky, it is spiritually believed to mean that one should dream big and keep high expectations from life

If you’re someone who deliberately doesn’t expect much from things to avoid disappointment, seeing helicopters often can be a sign to let go of this strange habit of never having faith in life’s plans.

You always want to believe that there’s something good coming no matter how dark the world seems.

It’s a belief that gives you hope and keeps you in search of a better tomorrow.

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Helicopter Symbolism

helicopter during the sunset

Helicopters symbolize expectation, dreams, passion, and luxury.

If you ever see a helicopter, the first thing that usually comes to mind is just the joy and comfort of riding one and how beautiful the world would look from the top. 

Spiritually, helicopters represent the willpower to follow your most outrageous and impossible dreams; those that you shelve away just because of how “unachievable” they are. 

Somewhere in the back of our heads, we all want to be something or someone we believe is impossible for us to become even in a million years.

However, helicopter sightings give you the inner courage and that little push of insanity needed to view those goals as “feasible” and go after them no matter how impractical or bogus they may seem.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Helicopter In Dreams

helicopter and mountains with snow

If you happen to see a helicopter in your dreams, it’s likely a sign from the universe to go after what your heart desires and not worry about safety nets. 

This means you remove all the “what ifs” and plan Bs from your mind and solely focus on where your heart wants to lead you. 

For example: If you have a strong passion for becoming a ballet dancer but are confused about whether you should take your head out of other occupations, the helicopters in your dreams are a sign that you should!

Don’t worry about precautions or securities to fall back on as the universe is giving you the green light that all will go according to plan.

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7 Signs And Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Helicopter

7 Signs And Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Helicopter

1) Expectations From Relationships

If you’re on a hunt to find love or a decent partner to spend your life with, seeing helicopters too frequently could be a sign from the universe to keep your expectations somewhat high

Yes, making compromises here and there is alright if it fits in with respect and mutual boundaries BUT, in this particular context, you’re likely being warned not to settle for suffering and receiving the bare minimum.

Always, ALWAYS choose a partner who cherishes you from the very start of the relationship and ensures fulfillment of your emotional needs. 

2) Shoot Your Shot!

  • Is there a new girl in school that you really like but are hesitant to go up to?
  • Or, maybe want a promotion but are too afraid to ask your boss about it?

Well, if you’ve been seeing helicopters flying around you a lot lately, the universe may be signaling you to quit playing around and shoot your shot.

Although the result may or may not be in your favor, you still won’t regret not putting in effort when you had the time to. 

Simply put, don’t allow good opportunities to slip out of your hands!

3) Control Over Your Life

If you happen to dream about flying a helicopter, it likely suggests that you have excellent control over your life and know where you’re headed.

This might be in terms of your career, relationships, personal goals, or just the overall direction of your life pointing you to a brighter destination. 

Since flying a helicopter is very hard and requires focus and strict attention to detail, the dream could also just mean that you’re currently at the stage in life where you’re more focused and driven than ever!

4) A Huge Crisis!

Seeing a helicopter fall on the ground or coming across an already wrecked one out of nowhere is NEVER a good sign

It may hint at a potential upcoming difficulty/crisis in your life!

This crisis could be financial, mental, or spiritual and it’s highly likely to impact your family as well. Your entire home may have to deal with poverty, homelessness, and low resources for a while!

Therefore, it’s important for you to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the forthcoming challenges as it’s NOT going to be an easy phase for any of you.

If possible, you may even want to begin saving up some extra money and supplies here and there for the rainy days to come. 

5) Success And Affluence

If you witness a helicopter taking off from up close, it could mark the start of your lucky season!

Life may be about to bless you with great financial rewards, success in achieving your biggest dreams, as well as true internal happiness that will most probably be everlasting. 

Despite your difficulties and circumstances at the moment, the helicopter taking off tells you that your life will experience a sharp incline one day and people will look up to you for inspiration!

6) A Grand Purpose

Another possible spiritual interpretation of seeing a helicopter take off can be that God has given you a much greater purpose than you think and He’s eventually going to bring you closer to it. 

So, if you’ve been feeling down, discouraged, and perhaps lost with no idea of the meaning behind your life, the helicopter flight may serve as a reminder that your calling is not far and you’ll get to fulfill your purpose with ample time

If you see your friends and people around embarking on journeys to achieve and wonder when your time is going to come, the universe is sending you signals to not lose hope as there is a purpose to your life too and it’s more meaningful than you think!

7) Allow Your Creativity To Lead You

If internally you have a very creative mind but externally happen to be stuck in a robotic world where things are accepted only if they fit a certain standard then seeing a helicopter in the sky can be a good sign for you!

It’s a sign that you should stop trying to blend your thoughts, ideas, and imagination with the rest of the world and embrace your true creativity to help it lead you somewhere. 

There’s also no need to be afraid of putting your creativity out in front of the world as it’s a gift given to you that should be cherished by the people around you.

If it isn’t, you’re around the wrong kind of people and need a more accepting and supportive social circle that brings you up instead of pushing you down. 

Is Seeing A Helicopter A Sign? 

helicopter preparing to take off

Yes, seeing a helicopter in the sky can be a sign from the universe!

It can be a sign to go after things you love no matter how unachievable they are, keep high expectations from life, aim big.

Start working on the things you have in mind, and pay attention to the bigger picture

Now, depending on the stage of life you’re in and the circumstances you may be dealing with every day, the messages from helicopter sightings will vary from person to person BUT it’s very likely to be one from those I’ve mentioned above. 


Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: there can be a lot more to helicopter sightings than what meets the eye!

In most cases, the universe will place a helicopter in your sight if you’re feeling particularly down or hopeless about things.

The view of the helicopter in the sky can be extremely inspiring if you’re someone deep into spirituality.

It reminds you to aim big in life, keep expectations in relationships, shoot your shot before it’s too late, and take risks you would normally never take. 

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