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11 Seashell Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

11 Seashell Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

What is the spiritul meaning of finding one seashell? Let’s find out.

Seashells are associated with water. In the spiritual world, everything connected with water has a spiritual connection with water.

Therefore, the best way to understand the spiritual meanings and symbolism of a seashell is to closely observe its connection with the water spirit.

Shells are connected with spirits. Therefore, if you dream of a seashell, find a seashell in your home, or received a seashell as a gift, it is best to take time out to observe what it means spiritually.

Severally, we have received reports from people that observed certain changes in their lives after seeing a seashell.

This inspired my curiosity and prompted my spiritual journey to understand what lies beneath the seashell in the spiritual world. I got the information, which will be shared in this article.

Firstly, you must understand that only a few percent of people will get a seashell as a gift, or dream of a seashell.

Therefore, don’t take this as a normal occurrence. Whenever you see a seashell, it is a special moment that needs to be recognized.

Now, if you have seen a seashell, you might have questions like:

  • Does a seashell represent the water spirit?
  • Does a seashell bring good luck to my life?

All of these questions are valid, and they will be addressed in this article. Therefore, read on to discover the answer to your questions about seashells.

What do Shells Mean Spiritually?


In the spiritual world, shells are generally used to transport ideas to people’s consciousness.

For example, if you need an idea about an undergoing project, the universe can transport those ideas to you through a shell. This is why several spiritualists have shells in their shrines. Shells are transportation mediums for the spiritual world.

Another spiritual meaning of shells is good luck. Whenever you find white shells, it means good luck is coming into your life.

White shells are used as a good luck charm.

It is believed that grinding white shells, and blowing them into the wind will bring good luck into your life. It will also bring lucky money to you.

Apart from all of these spiritual messages; shells are the signs of spirit animals. If you see the shell of a tortoise, then, it means that your spirit animal is a tortoise.

If you find the shell of a snail, it implies that your spirit guide is a snail. Shells indicate the presence of spirit guides.

What do Seashells Represent?


In the spirit world, seashells represent a strong-willed mind. It is believed that the hard texture of the shell will make the minds of people strong.

Whenever you find people with an obstinate mind, it is said that they have the heart of a shell or the heart of a stone. 

Furthermore, seashells represent protection. If you dream of living in a shell, it does not have to be a bad message. It is a sign of protection from evil spirits. Furthermore, the dream of living in a shell is also a concealing from the evil eyes.

That is, the covering of the shell will prevent the evil eyes from affecting you.

Seashells also represent the connection to the spiritual world.

It is believed that a seashell stands as a medium through which the spiritual realm can communicate with the physical.

This is why a seashell is mostly used for divination and other spiritual practices.

Its connection with water also makes it qualified as a connecting dot between man and spirits. Therefore, dreaming of it might indicate a connection to the spiritual realm.

Several other messages can be given through a seashell. Therefore, let us get into the other messages.

Seashell Meaning Symbolism

Seashell Symbolism

Having a seashell in your house has its meaning and symbolism. Dreaming about a seashell has its meaning and symbolism.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of a seashell differs according to the place, and the realm you see it. There are 4 seashell meaning symbolisms, and they are as follows:

Home protector:

Seashell in the house

A seashell is a symbol of protection. That is, whenever you see a seashell in your home, it means that you are under the protection of the universe.

In the past, it was said that a seashell will make evil people inconvenient in your home. It has strong protective energy, which wards off evil and negativity.

Spiritual connection:


Whenever you dream of holding a seashell in water, it is a sign of spiritual connection. This means that your spirit is trying to connect with the universe.

Seashells are symbols of spirits. With a seashell, several spirits can connect with your inner soul, and pass messages to you.

This is why you have to be conscious of everything around you after this dream. Whenever you dream of holding a seashell in water, it means that the universe is trying to communicate with you.

It also means that your spirit is sensitive enough to receive the message from the universe.

Defiant to pressure:

Snail seashell

A seashell does not dissolve in water. It is defiant and strong against the tides of the ocean. Therefore, holding a seashell in your hand is a symbol of having a defiant mindset, which does not give up to pressure.

It is believed that receiving a seashell is an encouragement from the universe to keep you going.

The universe is telling you to be defiant to pressure just as a seashell is defiant to the waves of the ocean. 



It is believed that a seashell represents immortality.

It also represents a part of man that lives on even after death. Shells can live for centuries and even millenniums. Therefore, let the seashell remind you of immortality or reincarnation.

This is why shells are commonly accepted in Egypt.

The Egyptians believe in life after death, and shells are highly revered in that region.

Therefore, take this as a sign to also believe in immortality. Let the seashell remind you of the life after death. With this, you will become spiritually conscious.

Seashells Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages for you

Seashells Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see a seashell, the following messages can be extracted from it.

1) Reformation

Whenever you dream of grinding a seashell, it is believed to be a sign of reformation. That is, the shell is changing its form. Now, to you, it is a message of reformation.

That is, the universe wants you to change your form.

This will begin with your mindset – and that is why the universe has given you this dream. Once your mindset is reformed, every other aspect of your life will follow suit.

2) Life is a journey

If you visit a beach, and find a seashell at the brink of the ocean, it is believed to symbolize a past life. That is, the shell was once inhabited by a creature, which has passed away.

Therefore, let this experience remind you that life is not meant to be lived forever.

Therefore, appreciate the life you have right now, and show love and care to the people around you. The seashell reveals that life is a journey, and everybody will reach their end eventually.

3) Hidden secrets

If you see a seashell upside down on the sand, it is a sign of hidden secrets. You will only be able to see what lies in the shell by looking closely into it.

However, whenever the opening is covered, it is impossible to see what goes on inside the seashell.

Therefore, this is a message to you from the universe. The spirit world is revealing your heart to you. You have a lot of hidden secrets, which you have concealed from people.

4) Immortality

Even though life is short, there is another life after death.

Therefore, seashells are a sign of immortality.

They remind us of a life in the underworld and encourage us to live a good life right now; because that is a major factor in our experience in the underworld.

5) You are in control of your life

Seashells are unique. Therefore, seeing different unique shells is a sign that you are in control of your life. The universe has given you that unique ability for a purpose. However, the power to make use of it or not lies with you.

Therefore, let the unique seashells remind you of this message, and encourage you to embrace your uniqueness.

6) Strength

Seashells are strong objects. Therefore, seeing them represents strength. They represent an inner strength to push through obstacles.

They represent an inner determination to give all it takes to succeed.

Whenever you dream of holding a seashell, it means that the energy of the seashell has been transferred to you for inner strength.

7) Protection

Seashells are objects of protection. Therefore, if you dream of putting a tiny seashell in your purse, take it as a sign of protection.

The universe is showing you a message that brings hope and confidence to your heart.

With this message, you will not be scared of negative spirits and energies around you. 

8) Money

When you see uncountable seashells at the edge of an ocean, it is a sign of abundance.

The universe is indicating that your life is going to be filled with money.

If you are having money worries, this is a sign that all of your worries have come to an end. This message is a good omen.

9) The end of a season

If you see an empty seashell on the road, it is a sign that the season of your life has ended.

This does not mean death. It talks about the end of a phase, which ushers in the beginning of a new phase. Therefore, evaluate yourself to prepare for what lies ahead.

10) Spiritual divination

Because of the connection of a seashell to water, it is an object of divination. Therefore, whenever you are confused about an issue, holding a seashell with the right intention will reveal hidden things to your soul.

11) You have lost an item

If you find a broken seashell in your house, it means that you have lost something.

This might be your car key, important file, or other items. You can say prayers for lost items to retrieve your lost item.

Types of Seashells and their Meanings

Different types of seashells

There are thousands of seashells, and they all have diverse spiritual messages. However, the common spiritual message of a seashell reveals protection, creativity, immortality, abundance, and good luck. Therefore, always be conscious of this.

  • Bivalves: It talks about the different opinions of people.
  • Gastropods: It talks about creativity.
  • Snail shells: It talks about patience.
  • Banded tulip shells: It means acceptance. That is, you should learn to accept people for who they are.
  • Shark’s eye shell: This reveals the climax of spiritual intelligence. It talks about the all-knowing all-seeing God. It also means that you can see into the spirit world.
  • Florida crone shell: This means secrecy. It is a message from the universe, which teaches you how to conceal sensitive information from people around you.

I found a seashell: Is it a good sign?

Seashell on the ground

Yes, finding a seashell is a good sign. Mostly, it brings a message of protection, abundance, reflection, and direction.

If you have ever found a seashell, then it means that good things will happen to you. However, you have to check if the seashell is broken or not.

If the seashell is broken, then, this might bring a bad sign about losing something, a broken relationship, or sadness.

A broken seashell is not a good sign. However, if you see yourself trying to fix a broken seashell, it also means that you are trying to fix your life, and it is a good sign.

Generally, seashells don’t bring bad things to people’s lives.

Final Words

The next time you see a seashell, take it to your house and ponder on it very carefully. As unnoticed as this object is, it is powerful and can lead to a reformation. Therefore, you have to treat seashells with every sense of honor. 

With these 11 messages and spiritual meanings, you will know how to make use of a seashell to your advantage. Therefore, keep all of these messages to heart.

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  1. I had a vision the man i like (we had plans of getting Married) was giving me many sea shells from his hand to mine. I am a born again christian.

  2. My workspace is filled with sea shells that I got from my close people that have went to the sea. I’m so drown to them and find them sooo grounding so thank you for this share. I will honour my shells even deeper.🤍🙏🏼🐚

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