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9 Muskrat Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

9 Muskrat Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

A common creature found in the US is the muskrat – also known scientifically as Ondatra zibethicus.

It has managed to make homes in other places, such as South America, some parts of Europe, and a few places in Asia.

Despite looking like a beaver, this semi-aquatic critter is also more closely related to lemmings and voles, belonging to the same Arvicolinae rodent subfamily.

So, are you ready to learn the muskrat’s spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let’s do it!

What Does a Muskrat Symbolize?

Muskrat Symbolize

This critter isn’t an overly popular one when you first think of animal symbolism.

But you would be amazed by how much spiritual value the muskrat holds around the world.

In some places, it is believed to be responsible for life; and in others, it’s an important sign of:

  • Good fortune;
  • Happiness;
  • Joy;
  • Contentment.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Muskrat

Seeing a Muskrat

In Native American culture, within Iroquois mythology, the muskrat was considered a very special creature indeed.

In a rather interesting story, Earth was created on the back of a turtle’s back.

This was after a Ruler wrapped a pregnant Sky Woman in light and threw her into a hole.

Because he wanted to make a place where people could live and grow as he watched from his paradise above the clouds. 

The Ruler needed a home for his dream of new life, so after various other creatures failed to retrieve a piece of Earth from deep under the ocean, a muskrat completed the task.

With such a precious item, only one creature could bear the weight: a turtle with a strong shell on its back

Because of the muskrat and the turtle, the pregnant Sky Woman was able to turn the hole into a beautiful place to live and birth her young.

And thus, Earth as we know it was formed

For that reason, the muskrat is seen as a sign of new life, new opportunities, and/or new places to live. It might even mean all three!

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Spiritual Meaning of a Muskrat in Dreams

Muskrat in Dreams

With its connotations of new life, there’s hardly any wonder that dreaming of muskrats (one or more) could be seen as a sign that new life is on the way.

Maybe you will get pregnant, or someone close to you

If you are already pregnant, seeing muskrats in your dreams indicates that things are going well.

Are you worrying too much during your pregnancy? First pregnancies are absolutely terrifying, there’s no denying that. 

This sign should put your mind at ease a little. Things are going just as they should, and the muskrat knows.

He’s the reason life exists, after all.

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9 Muskrat Spiritual Meanings and Messages

9 Muskrat Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Different cultures and civilizations link this semi-aquatic rodent to different spiritual meanings and messages.

For the most part, the meanings are positive… but there are times when the critter could be a messenger of doom or a warning.

The entire situation or dream will need to be looked at for a full and complete interpretation

1) You Have All the Tools and Resources You Need

  • Are you struggling with something right now?
  • Maybe a situation with a friend, workplace, partner, or family member?
  • Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a sticky spot and are unsure of how to get out of it?

If you see a muskrat, it’s telling you, you have everything you need to solve the problem and make it through.

Look into yourself and think about the great skills you have.

You can use those to solve the problem.

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2) Be Mindful of Your Impact on the Planet

The muskrat is a responsible creature that takes care of the planet and doesn’t destroy it. Humans are quite the opposite, usually.

Where do you stand? Are you an eco-conscious person, or have you never really spared a second thought about how much electricity you’re using, gas you’re guzzling, and plastics you’re trashing?

If you’re the latter, perhaps the universe (or your conscience) is telling you to start caring a little more.

What’s the harm in reducing your carbon footprint? 

3) Be Open to New Ideas

Out of all the animals that attempted to get a handful of Earth from the bottom of the deep sea, for the Ruler to make ‘life’ with a pregnant Sky Woman, the muskrat was the one to complete the task

It’s the last animal you’d expect to do it, right?

A turtle tried and failed, as did a dolphin, monkeys, and various other creatures – all better suited to the job.

And yet the muskrat wonPeople can surprise you.

That’s one lesson you should learn and take from this muskrat dream or spiritual omen.

The second is to be open to new ideas… and the idea that old ways aren’t always the best ways. 

4) Be Brave and Bold

If self-esteem and confidence have been lacking in your life lately, this one is definitely a spiritual muskrat meaning that you’ll need to hear. 

It’s time to be as brave and as bold as you wish to be

Going back to the muskrat diving to the bottom of the great sea and retrieving a handful of Earth, the creature would never have attempted the trip if it didn’t feel brave enough.

But it did. And you can, too. Take a deep breath, then be brave. DO IT.

I have absolute belief and faith in you. 

5) Take Some Time for Yourself

One great trait that the muskrat has is being able to chill at the bottom of a body of water without drowning, for up to fifteen minutes.

This creature knows how to spend a few moments relaxing and recharging its batteries, and perhaps it’s telling you to do exactly the same

When was the last time you spent any time on yourself and self-love and/or self-care?

You’re going to be good for nothing if you have nothing left in your battery, so always take the time to recharge.

You’ll be much more productive and clear-thinking afterwards, I promise. 

6) A Family Fight

Everything might seem harmonious with the humble muskrat, but that’s not the case in infancy.

When there are too many youngsters in a lodge, they will literally throw the annoying or weak ones out.

If food is rare (or the muskrats are having a particularly bad day), they may even kill the youngsters themselves… before eating them. 

In all fairness, family drama and arguments are unavoidable.

Even folk who are related will fight and disagree sometimes, and it’s to be expected that fallouts will occur. 

You can use this muskrat dream or sighting as a spiritual message that you should put your armor on and get prepared for battle.

It might not be YOUR battle, but you will be in the midst of it

7) Learn to Cooperate with Others

And yes, that means even with your enemies

Learning how to cooperate with the most difficult of people will help you throughout the rest of your life… and especially in the current situation you’re in.

If you’re not in one, perhaps there’s a difficult moment or patch in your future. 

Muskrats have learned how to live with – end even cooperate and/or work with – beavers, in the wild.

Do you have your own version of the beaver, that you need to work with? 

8) Swim Home Through Choppy Waters

This semi-aquatic creature might be a sign that you’re going to make it through a bad patch and find happiness on the other side.

If you’re currently going through a difficult time in your life, you can take this as a positive sign. Things are going to get better

If you’re not currently going through a stormy or emotional time in your life, there might be a patch of trouble on the horizon.

Fear not, though; you’re going to be fine, and you’re going to make it through

9) Joy in Unexpected Places

If you smell the undeniably musky scent of a muskrat, either in real life or a dream, joy is on the way… and it’s going to turn up in the absolute last place you’d expect

Maybe you’ll finally get pregnant after a very long time of trying, or you get a good night’s sleep after weeks of insomnia.

Love might enter your life, or you might get lucky and win the lottery. Who knows what unexpected dreams might come true in your future

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Is Seeing a Muskrat a Good Luck Sign?

Muskrat in grass

The muskrat is seen as a symbol of joy, bravery, and harmony… but it can also have negative or ‘bad’ connotations, too.

Take a look at what else is happening, whether that’s in a dream or in real life.

  • How do you personally feel about muskrats?
  • Do you love them or hate them?
  • Are you afraid of them?

If you are, the symbol is likely to be a warning or carry a negative connotation. 

If the encounter leaves you feeling happy or positive, the message is usually positive.

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Final Words

Dreams and spiritual symbols are subjective.

They’ll mean different things to different people, and the messages are rarely straightforward or easy to interpret.

It could be the case that your spiritual message is none of the ones mentioned on this page.

Your personal feelings and associations must be taken into consideration. Try to connect with your inner self and listen to your intuition.

But, after all, the muskrat has a deep and good spiritual meaning. There’s no need to worry!

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