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9 Mushroom Spiritual Meanings: What does a mushroom symbolize?

9 Mushroom Spiritual Meanings: What does a mushroom symbolize?

The spiritual meaning of mushrooms is very interesting. The same thing happens with its symbolism. So, continue reading below to discover all the spiritual messages of this fungus for your life.

A mushroom is a fungus that grows in wet, dark places. In some cultures, mushrooms are seen as a good omen and symbolize the earth’s fertility. Other people see them as evil sign of death and decay because they grow from rotting organic material. 

The most common type of mushroom is called Agaricus bisporus or white button mushroom. These mushrooms have been cultivated since at least about 1750 BC and were domesticated by Asian tribes who used them for food and medicine.

Today we eat them raw, sautéed, fried, or cooked with pasta – but it is important to remember that not all mushrooms are edible! Some can be poisonous to humans if ingested so always make sure you know what type of mushroom you are eating. 

Most of us look upon mushrooms as a fruity fungus to eat. But do you know – what it spiritually conveys to us? So, apart from our knowledge of mushrooms as fungi growing on the sides of the tree or in a muddy area, let’s dig deeper into its spiritual essence.

What Is the spiritual meaning of mushroom?

Mushroom Spiritual Meaning

Mushrooms also have spiritual meaning, because some cultures believe they were created by God to show us the way in life.

There is no right answer as to what is true when it comes to mushrooms and their meaning, mushrooms may be considered as a symbol of safety, longevity, prosperity, rebirth, and energy. However, mushrooms are also, considered as a symbol of hallucination. 

Let’s uncover the truth of the symbolism of mushrooms in the spiritual world. Keep reading!

1. Mushroom as a symbol of safety

There is no contradiction that edible mushrooms are among the healthiest balanced foods.

They help as an agent to lower down our cholesterol and boost up our immune system. Indeed, it is even used for medicinal purposes by our ancestors for ages as a home remedy. Thus, it represents a sign of health and safety to us.

2. Longevity

The survival of mushrooms on the earth is even before our existence. Some classes of mushrooms can live up to 2400 years as well.

Therefore, mushroom denotes longevity as an essential character of its entity.

So, if you doubt your decision to be the right one or not, remember, encountering mushrooms is a green signal. It reflects your long-term success in the future.

3. Mushrooms symbolize prosperity

Mushrooms/ fungi are not autotrophs (who make their food) but still survive by layering off deceased and decaying matter for such a long time.

This inflexibility of mushroom’s nature to hold onto life not only encourages us to stay determined to our goals. But also ensures wealth or prosperity with hard work.

4. Mushroom and rebirth

Mushrooms have been seen as sacred since the ages in many traditions and cultures.

For example, many Chinese, European, Japanese, and Indian people consider mushrooms holy because of their physical and soul healing properties. It is also related to the rebirth of the Sun/arrival of a new season (solstice celebration) in various parts.

Consequently, mushroom as a symbol of rebirth is appropriate as it maintains soil fertility by working on dead or decay and releasing new nutrients into the soil timely.

5. Energy and mushrooms

Mushrooms enhance the amount of positive or good energy around us. Being a healthy food to eat, the spirit of mushroom is more energized and religious enough to motivate us to walk on the right path.

In addition, it inspires and delivers us with the power to do moral things and walk on the track of ethics.

6. Hallucination relates to mushrooms

We often see mushrooms in fairy tales, book stories, and art paintings at museums. As heard in parables, they have been used since ancient times to present illusions making the person confused. 

Moreover, some varieties of consumable mushrooms cause us to fall into hallucinations at times. This illusion happens because the chemical reactions take place in our bodies after eating hallucinogenic fungus. Ones are popularly known as ‘magic mushrooms.

7. Learning and Enlightenment

Throughout their long life, mushrooms have pulled through a lot but can persist till the end.

Adaption to constantly changing weather conditions and awareness of the surrounding biosphere has developed in mushrooms over the years.

Hence, mushrooms stimulate our souls to stand firm and still towards troublesome times.

And being aware of our inner strength to cross over the ocean of hurdles in our path.

8. Good or bad changes

The way of living of mushrooms can be considered good or bad. It is believed that mushroom signals can bring any of the bad or good changes into our lives.

It all depends upon our present life situations. They can fill your life with bliss, otherwise can even haunt you with the hell’s ride. 

9. Introspection

The sources of nature always provide us with a peaceful and calm environment to take a deeper look at our thoughts.

In addition, many religions believe mushrooms have holy spirits that help us to do good deeds.

Doing so opens the passage of a godly path for us. Therefore, people often meditate in front of mushrooms, considering them as a connection between God and them.

The spiritual meaning of mushrooms is subjective and not set in stone. However, it can be said that they are symbols of safety, longevity, prosperity, rebirth, or energy. If you want to learn more about the meanings behind mushrooms, let’s read more about them. 

What does a mushroom symbolize?

Mushroom symbolism

The opinions will go on increasing as we ask more and more people about it. Mushrooms symbolize differently according to different cultures.

But can’t be denied that the ultimate overall spiritual meanings interpreted in one sense or another are the same for all. Mushroom symbolisms help us focus on the crucial things or supply us with the mindset to achieve them.

The mushroom symbolism in Christianity

Still a topic of debate after the launch of The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by John M. Allegro in 1970.

An argument that Jesus exists or not swirled down the minds of many people and made them rethink. As said by M. Allegro, Jesus is not a god but just a mushroom. His study proclaims that Christian people living in the Early periods have never seen Jesus; it’s all in their hallucinations.

 According to scientific research, The Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms are responsible for illusionary, reflective, and dazed experiences in a person after being consumed. In addition, the mushroom is a vital source of food for early people, so it can be possible to run into such fantasies frequently.

Doubtful with his theory, many people consider mushrooms as Jesus or sacred. The exact connection between the two of them is yet an entanglement.

Mushroom symbolism in dreams

Mushrooms in dreams meaning

Every time we encounter an unusual dream, it bothers us the whole day. Having mushroom dreams is one of them.

Many times, we find ourselves picking up or eating mushrooms in our fantasiesMoreover, such. These visions communicate the spiritual meanings of mushrooms to us.

1) Picking up mushrooms: 

If you dream of yourself picking up mushrooms, it symbolizes prosperity. Moreover, such plans point out that the vast financial deals are around you; choose wisely among them.

But if you dream of someone else plucking mushrooms, it’s a sign that one person is ready to take away your chance of financial benefit.

2) Poisonous mushrooms: 

Dreams about poisonous mushrooms are a sign of difficult situations full of hurdles waiting for you. Eating the same shows that the peace of mind you are looking for is far away from your reach right now.

3) Cleaning mushrooms: 

Watching yourself cleaning mushrooms in a dream is a sign of your sincere and disciplined character. Such dreams hold particular messages to motivate you to say yes to the plans you are nervous about taking charge of and trusting your abilities.

But if you see someone else washing mushrooms in your dreams, then it advises you not to be jealous of them, as they are among your supporters to guide you right in life.

Mushrooms for Native American People

Native American People

Mushrooms are longer in the tooth than we think of them. But, according to 70% of the American natives, mushrooms have weighed up for our continuity to live and survive long on the earth. Not only are mushrooms nutritious to eat, but their non-secular relation to inner human spirits has been known for putting the soul at ease for years.

It is pretty common among Americans living in the North that encircled with the mushrooms is a blessing. It can be in the form of food or farms grown around you. Many of the ancestors think of it as an object used to meditate with total concentration gathered at it. By doing so wholeheartedly will take you even closer to God.

Science disapproves of such beliefs and labels them as fable tales. Instead, it is all because of the sensory happenings around ‘magic mushrooms’ that initiates a person to daydream.

Mushroom Totem Meaning

Mushroom Totem Meaning

If a mushroom is your Totem or Spiritual guide, you will bump into them occasionally. Mushrooms speak to us through signs or symbols.

Mushroom as your spirit animal means you too have similar traits as them. It reflects you to look upon your indecisive and monetary commitments once again thoroughly.

It always shows up in downfalls to remember that persistence is your character to prove yourself in difficulties. You have the toughness to cross over any path with firmness. It also exhibits the self-control, punctuality, and seriousness of one’s nature.      

Are mushrooms good luck or bad luck?

Good luck in spiritual world

Some people believe that mushrooms are good luck and others believe they bring bad luck. For those who feel like their mushroom-related experiences lean towards the unlucky side, there’s a way to change your outlook by taking precautions against some of the most common types of negativity associated with these fungi. 

The first thing you need to do is never buy mushrooms from a grocery store, as it increases your chance of being exposed to more fungus that could potentially cause illness or allergies.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to fresh produce, then always go for wild varieties rather than cultivated ones because they are less likely to be contaminated with bacteria or pesticides which can also be harmful if consumed on a regular basis!

Good Luck

The Red and white-colored mushrooms are known for the sign of good luck or fortune among the Germans especially.

They even hand over mushroom ornaments or decorations as presents to their dear ones as the blessings of God always shower over them.

Thus, mushrooms are utilized as decor on the top of the Christmas Tree. Apart from enhancing the beauty, it also marks the streak of luck for the upcoming year.

Bad Luck

Myths are always there to generate doubt into our minds. On the one hand, mushroom rings are taken as a lucky charm; on the other hand seeing a broken one leads you to unfortunate luck.

Superstitions about mushrooms

Mushrooms superstitions

There are some important superstitions about mushrooms that you should know about:

  1. If mushrooms are cooked with onions in the same pan, then onions will turn brown.
  2. A sign of a poisonous mushroom is that it will turn blue after being plucked. 
  3. If you keep a toxic mushroom with celery, then celery will change to yellow color.
  4. Mushrooms with pink ends are harmful to consume.
  5. If you want to know whether a mushroom is toxic or not, then dust its bottom with salt. If the mushrooms convert into a dark color, then it is poisonous.


After confronting the spiritual meaning and symbolism of mushrooms, I hope you have realized that mushroom encounters are full of counting in for new hopes and boosting your self-confidence. I will always look forward to more blessings and positivity with the appearance of mushrooms near me and suggest you think the same.

I hope our article has cleared down the burden of questions running deep into your mind. For any queries, feel free to ping us in the comment sections below. Our experts are ready 24X7 to help you with your doubts.  

So, do you already know the mushroom spiritual meaning and symbolism? If you still have any doubts, feel free to leave your comments below!

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