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Home » 9 Luna Moth Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Updated)

9 Luna Moth Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Updated)

9 Luna Moth Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Updated)

Just as the beautiful butterfly is known to be a spiritual symbol of transformation, change, and metamorphosis, the humble moth is too.

This is especially the case for the exquisite luna moth, which is often misrepresented as a butterfly.

In all fairness, it does look more like one than a moth.

Some say that the spiritual meanings of moths are the dark opposites of those of the butterfly, but that’s not always the case.

Let me explain myself further…

Luna Moth Meaning in Spirituality

Luna Moth Meaning in Spirituality
Healthy Actias Luna Caterpillars

If the butterfly is the symbol of good spiritual enlightenment and transformation, the moth is the symbol of dark ones.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the moth is a dark omen or a sign or bad luck, however.

The interpretation can’t and shouldn’t be taken quite so literally in this case.

We all have dark and light sides.

The light sides are what makes us do good things in the world – helping someone in need, not kicking someone when they’re down, being open about forgiveness, etc.

The dark side, on the other hand, can be your bad-tempered side, or your quick-reacting side, or the side that never knows when to stop drinking / shopping / eating / gambling.

Luna Moth Symbolism

Luna Moth Symbolism

If you happen to see a luna moth, or one or more of them appear in a dream, there could be several different potential spiritual meanings.

Different cultures will hold them at different values.

Some people are fearful or phobic of moths and/or butterflies, too.

If that’s the case, the meaning of seeing one for them will be different to the meaning of one seen by a non-fearful person.

New Beginnings:

Moths, generally, are associated with new beginnings because of the way they completely transform themselves from caterpillar to moth.

This is even more so the case with the luna moth, which really is quite beautiful and unique.

It looks nothing like other moths.

Rather than being brown or shades of it, the luna moth is a beautiful green shade that you might miss on a green leaf.

Circles and Cycles:

The luna moth’s life is spent in distinct, important stages, which is why it is linked closely with the idea of circles and cycles.

Some cultures believe that seeing a luna moth means that you are about to embark on a brand new stage of your life.

This could mean a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Starting a family;
  • Getting a new job;
  • Moving home;
  • Coming of age;
  • Ending a relationship;
  • Beginning a new one.

Close the Last Chapter:

Of course, you can’t start a new chapter (stage of your life) without first finishing the one before – and that’s another spiritual meaning behind this stunning green moth.

Maybe it’s about time you left the past where it belongs: in the past!

You will never appreciate the new things coming your way if you don’t stop looking in the rear-view mirror.

You can’t do anything about the things you said and did ‘back then’, so keep your eyes on the future.

Focus on what’s happening in front of you.

The stuff from your past – former chapters or stages or your life – should stay in the past.

Sheer Grit and Determination

The saying “like a moth to a flame” is a metaphor for knowing a situation is going to burn you but still going right ahead and doing it anyway.

What even are consequences, anyway?

Although this kind of sheer determination isn’t always a good thing (being attracted to light often kills insects), this little sign from the universe might be telling you to dig your heels in a little harder.

Stand your ground.

Support yourself for a change.

Don’t let someone steam-roll you into doing something you know is wrong or don’t want to do.

Biblical Meaning of Luna Moth


Moths are often considered as destructive creatures in the Bible and in Christianity.

They are often used in the same sentence as vermin (such as rats).

There is a reason behind this, of course: moths have a habit of being very destructive. These days, they eat through the clothes in the back of the closet.

Who knows how annoying moths would have been in earlier, far-away times? Or how destructive?

Spiritual Meaning of a Visit from a Luna Moth

Luna Moth visit in spiritual world

If you get a visit from this beautiful green moth during the day, while the sun is up, you should most definitely consider it a good omen.

This creature almost always comes out in the evening and night, brought out by the bright reflective light of our magnificent moon.

Lunar calls out to luna, and she cannot help but respond.

A visit from this flying marvel during the evening or night could be a sign of many different things:

  • Transformation on the horizon;
  • The start of a new chapter;
  • A love note from someone no longer walking the earth;
  • Just to name but a few…

9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Luna Moth

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Luna Moth

A luna moth, and moths in general, can mean a wide assortment of different things, with a vast number of variables affecting the outcome of the interpretation.

Red through the following spiritual meanings of seeing a luna moth.

  • Which one speaks to you the most?
  • Which one seems the most relevant?
  • Which one draws you to it?

If the universe is trying to send you some sort of sign, or a message, don’t you think it would be the message that jumps out at you first?

1) Is it a Moth? Or a Butterfly?

The confusion people have over the luna moth, not really knowing whether it is a butterfly or a moth because of its bright colors and unique-looking design, could be related to your internal confusion.

Are you struggling between your dark side and your light side? Desperately trying to do the right thing but wishing to do the exact opposite?

We’ve all been there.

Please don’t berate yourself too much.

Self-sabotage is the bane of human existence.

2) Connection with the Afterlife

The name gives the game away here.

The insect is literally called luna moth, which means, in its basic form, moon moth.

It comes out in the light of the moon, so you are most likely to see it in the evening or night.

Because of the connection with the moon and all things night-time, it’s hardly any wonder that the luna moth has come to be associated with the afterlife and other things that tend to come out at night.

3) Attracted to the Light

Just as most moths are, luna moths are attracted to the light.

They are drawn to the light of the moon in the evening just as other ‘dull’ moths are attracted to the light in your porch at night.

Is your message from the universe a simple one? Are you being told by someone – your guardian angel, spirit animal, a passed-over loved one, or just your spiritual intuition – to keep your grip on the light side and not skip over to the dark?

If you’ve been thinking about doing something that could be considered ‘bad’, you should know that the universe is watching.

It has sent you a message: it sees you.

4) Time to Turn on the Defenses?

The luna moth has a few very interesting defense mechanisms against predators.

  • Firstly, the tails are shaped the way they are to confuse bats; specifically, to confuse the bat’s echolocation system.
  • Secondly, the moth also has spots on their wings that look like eyes. These are, once again, to deter and confuse potential predators.

Have you recently felt as though you’ve needed to have your defenses up for some reason?

Maybe you’re not even sure why you feel that way?

If yes, it might be the case that the universe is sending you a sign to say that it has noticed your struggles… and you are right to feel the way you do.

You could think of it as a sign of acknowledgement: you are doing the right thing by being protective and defensive.

5) Life is Too Short Not to Enjoy It

Never has there been a truer saying.

Life is, indeed, incredibly short, and it can end in the blink of an unfortunate eye.

If there was ever an animal to symbolize exactly that, the luna moth would be it.

This creature only lives for a week (as a moth), which means that it needs to get on and do what it wants to do as quickly as possible.

The moth’s main aim is to reproduce, but you don’t need to take THAT as the message. Instead, you should take this:

Stop putting off life enjoyment and enrichment.

Go and do what makes your heart and soul happen. If you keep on waiting until tomorrow, you’ll probably always be waiting.

6) Achieve the Impossible

Can you imagine what the face of the person who first discovered the caterpillar-butterfly/moth connection looked like?

I’d like to place a bet that someone else had to double-check their work before they believed what was right in front of their eyes.

It almost seems to impossible for a butterfly to turn into a beautiful moth – but that’s just what happens.

The seemingly insignificant green caterpillar soon turns into an exquisite green moth (masquerading as a butterfly).

7) A Clear View

Just as the luna moth is attracted to the light, it could be a sign, from your spiritual self, of something coming clearly into view.

Maybe this was something glaringly obvious now, but you hadn’t quite noticed before.

Perhaps a nagging feeling has been sneaking up on you about a particular situation of person for a while now, and you’re not sure whether or not you’re looking too much into it?

Seeing a pretty tough-to-spot luna moth, either in real life or in a dream, might be a sign that you are starting to see things under a bright light, clearly, and with clarity.

Although the insect is quite common in some parts of the world, they don’t live as moths for very long, and humans rarely spot them.

Or… maybe you need to?

8) Internally Transitioning

Don’t worry; this one sounds a lot more frightening than it actually is. I’m going to start explaining it by asking you a question:

Have you ever read The Hunger Games?

Warning: Spoiler Alert.

In the book, a luna moth lands on the arm of Katniss Evergreen. This is said to be symbolic of her changing, not in a physical sense but a spiritual and emotional one. She transforms completely, from someone who was perhaps a little self-serving, to someone who puts other people before herself. This is most definitely the case when she jumps in to save her younger sister.

Are you changing internally, in an emotional or spiritual sense? If you’re not, is the luna moth telling you that you should?

9) Something that Stands Out from the Crowd

Maybe it’s YOU that’ll be standing out from the crowd, impressing someone to get a new job/relationship/friend/etc.

Maybe it’ll be someone else that stands out to you, winning you over in a way that no one else ever has.

The luna moth stands out from the crowd. It is completely unique from other moth species found in its native North America.

Because of that, it is seen as special, spiritual, and full of symbolism.

Is a Luna Moth a Good Luck Sign?

The Moth and Good Luck
Healthy Actias Luna Caterpillars

You will know if the luna moth is a sign – and a good or bad sign.

First of all, does your experience with the luna moth feel special somehow? Is it unusual for you to see one?

This moth only lives for approximately one week as an adult, in moth form, so it definitely would be quite rare for some people to see them.

Maybe the flying insect made itself really obvious to you, as though it wanted you to most definitely see it?

Perhaps you saw one in a place where they aren’t usually found.

If the experience feels special, or you feel as though you MUST pay attention to it, then it could very well be a sign sent from the universe, passed-over spirits, your power animal, spirit animal, guardian angel, or more.

The interpretation of the luna moth’s symbolic meaning will be subjective to each person.

Final Words

This insect is very special to me… I believe he brings good news for us.

So when you see a luna moth, don’t worry! You can be happy, as their presence is usually associated with good things.

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2 Images from: TimetoBreed

4 thoughts on “9 Luna Moth Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Updated)”

  1. I had a visit from a Luna moth and it’s still here. It’s very interesting to see and observe. I can’t lie I was afraid of it. I have also experienced different energies in my home since it’s here.

  2. I found a beautiful Luna moth perched beneath a statue of Mary that I had left temporarily in a flower box. It was frightening. Beautiful at the same time. I don’t understand what that could mean. But when I was dictating my message at this very moment into my phone to leave a comment, my mother’s name came up instead of the word “beneath”. I have had so many difficult issues this year. I don’t know whether to take its appearance as a sign that something tragic is going to happen or a sign of hope.

  3. I have been going through some personal stuff emotionally and mentally. Over the past wk I have had to make some hard decisions. And my heath have been declining. Yesterday durning the day a Luna moth came to me and crawled all over my arms & neck. I live off grid on land. But was on my porch away from trees. I do believe in spiritual meanings and have been learning to be more intune with myself.

  4. I found a unusual Whiteish color Luna mouth lying already deceased in my path as I was walking down my yard to my swimming pool. I picked it up as it was so beautiful and took pics of it as I had never seen one quite like this one.
    What are your spiritual thoughts on this?

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