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8 Hummingbird Colors Spiritual Meaning: Red, Black, White, Blue

Hummingbird Colors Spiritual Meaning: Red, Black, White, Blue

In this article I will reveal the spiritual meaning of a red hummingbird, black hummingbird, white, blue, brown, and even purple or yellow!

Several traditions see animals as divine messengers to the human soul. Amongst all of these animals, birds are considered to be the most sacred.

This is mostly because of their proximity to the heavens – making them the purest spiritual messengers in the world. 

In this article, we will discuss the spiritual meaning of one of the most sacred creatures in the universe called “The Hummingbird”.

Whenever you see this creature, there are divine messages you could be getting – if you know how to interpret the presence of this bird.

To help you further, I am going to make things easy for you by giving you the spiritual meaning of seeing this bird – by paying attention only to its color

Therefore, if you have seen a hummingbird in recent times, read this article to find out why it showed up around you. 

Red hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Red hummingbird

The red hummingbird can be a spiritual reminder.

Whenever it shows up around you, this implies that you need to start living in the present.

Looking forward to the future is good. It helps you to plan.

However, this could be disadvantageous. It can rob you of the present. It can deprive you of joy at the moment. The universe sent this bird to you as a reminder of this fact.

Stop trying to live for the future alone.

Sometimes, it is best to enjoy your present life. 

Furthermore, a red hummingbird is seen as an omen of passion. Whenever it shows up around you, the universe might be inspiring you to stay passionate concerning your goals and ambitions.

Find out what does it mean when a hummingbird visits you in real life.

Black hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Black hummingbird

Because of the defensive energy that exudes from black color, it reveals that you are being protected by cosmic forces.

When you see a black hummingbird around you, this is a spiritual sign to never trivialize.

It is telling you to not feel vulnerable to spiritual attacks because you are under the watchful eyes of the universe. 

Furthermore, a black hummingbird reminds you to protect yourself from manipulative people.

Be on the defensive at all times. Refuse to let people emotionally blackmail you for their selfish reasons and interests.

Black hummingbirds around you also mean keeping secrets.

They are telling you to refrain from revealing secrets about yourself to others. 

White hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

White hummingbird

The positive energy from a white hummingbird exudes good luck and fortune.

Whenever this bird shows up around you, it means that something good is about to happen in your life.

It is an omen of luck. 

Additionally, seeing a white hummingbird around you reveals the presence of your angel. It means that you are not alone. 

I believe that the spirit of your lost loved one can speak to you through a white hummingbird’s presence.

If you recently lost a loved one, the white hummingbird around you could be the presence of your deceased loved person.

Read the spiritual meaning of seeing a dead hummingbird.

Green hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Green hummingbird

The positive energy from this bird brings abundance.

In the spiritual world, a green hummingbird is an omen of prosperity.

If you are going through a difficult financial moment, this bird will show up as an indication of a change in your season.

It shows that you are entering a positive financial season. 

Additionally, the green hummingbird’s presence is an omen of health. Seeing it around you means that you take your health seriously.

It could also inspire you to pay attention to your overall well-being

At night, seeing 2 green hummingbirds outside your window is a sign of mutuality. It means that you are in the company of good friends. In the spiritual world, this is a good sign. The universe is telling you to trust in the intentions of your friends. 

Grey hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Grey hummingbird

This bird is a sign of clarity and precision.

If you are battling with indecision, the presence of a green hummingbird is telling you to listen to your intuition for clarity.

It also means that you need to pay more attention to your environment.

Several signs and omens are around you. Paying attention to them gives you the answers you seek. 

Gray hummingbirds will show up around you as a sign of inner strength. Whenever you find them around you, it implies that you need to stand strong in the face of turbulent situations.

This bird inspires people to overcome the pressures in their lives. 

Purple hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Purple hummingbird

Through the purple hummingbird, you can be inspired to trust in your abilities and skills.

Purple hummingbirds are an omen of self-confidence. They remind you of your royalty, relevance, and usefulness. 

Meditating on this bird opens your mind to see how special you are.

The energy from purple hummingbirds helps people to become the best they can ever be. It helps people to become courageous. It also builds self-trust in the minds of people. 

Through the purple hummingbird, the spiritual world can also encourage people to release negative energy from their minds.

The positive energy from a purple hummingbird helps you to overcome fear, anxiety, and worry

If you find a purple hummingbird at your workplace, it means you need to stay consistent on the path you’ve chosen.

It affirms that you are on the right track. 

Brown hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Brown hummingbird

Through the brown hummingbird, the spiritual world wants you to remain grounded.

Spiritual grounding helps you to become mentally and emotionally stable. It opens your mind to the spiritual frequencies around you. 

Additionally, brown hummingbirds remind you to stay with your convictions and beliefs.

Don’t be easily manipulated by people’s words. Whilst it is good to have an open mind; it is also important to know when to draw the line.

Yellow hummingbird’s spiritual meaning

Yellow hummingbird

The yellow hummingbird is a spiritual sign of creativity. It encourages people to tap into their creative selves.

Additionally, it opens the minds of people to see their hidden potential and abilities. 

Whenever you find a yellow hummingbird in your home, it is a spiritual sign of your guardian angel.

This means that your angel has come to visit you.

During a moment of prayer, seeing a yellow hummingbird is a positive omen. This means that your prayers have gotten to heaven.

Sometimes, it could be a spiritual sign of an answered prayer

Additionally, the presence of a yellow hummingbird around you inspires you to embrace positivity. It helps you to fight against negative energy and forces. 

This bird also reminds you to protect yourself at all times.

Refuse to be vulnerable to spiritual attacks and negative energy. 

Are hummingbirds a good luck sign?

Omen of good luck

Yes, hummingbirds are a good luck sign.

They are messengers from the spirit world. Through these creatures, you can enjoy good luck.

Also, the spiritual realm sends hummingbirds to us as a divine compass – guiding us on the path we need to tread

When you see a hummingbird, don’t discard it. Sometimes, God comes into our lives through this bird.

Without a proper acknowledgement and an understanding of this truth, it might be difficult to take advantage of this rare opportunity. 

However, seeing a dead hummingbird could send a warning sign.

This speaks of future negative events and guides us on how to avoid them.

Before you leave, read the meaning of this bird in the Bible.


As we have discussed in this article, the spiritual relevance of hummingbirds should not be trivialized. I have given you enough information in this article to help you understand what the universe is trying to reveal through hummingbirds. 

Ensure you make use of this information for guidance. 

What is your experience with hummingbirds?

Share them with us in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading through.

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