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Home » 9 Grasshoppers’ Spiritual Meaning in your House: Good Luck?

9 Grasshoppers’ Spiritual Meaning in your House: Good Luck?

9 Grasshoppers' Spiritual Meaning in your House: Good Luck?

Today I will talk about the grasshopper spiritual meaning in the house and the grasshopper spirit animal. I will also reveal the meaning of a green grasshopper and a brown grasshopper near you.

In spiritual symbolism, insects are often seen as a bad thing.

There was the plague of locusts, after all.

And then there are spiders, which lots of people fear; and bees and wasps, which can actually be deadly for those with an allergy.

But with grasshoppers, the spiritual meaning isn’t always a bad one.

First of all, are Grasshoppers Good Luck?

Grasshopper and good luck

Yes, in many cultures and some circumstances, grasshoppers are seen as good luck. So, I believe that seeing a grasshopper is considered a sign of good luck!

They can be a sign that you will overcome obstacles, find freedom and personal growth, and gain independence. They can also be a sign of abundance, a lot of abundance!

On the other hand, however, they can be a sign of a failing business, or a threat of some kind.

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the grasshopper in your dream, or the grasshoppers you’re seeing around you, is to look at the specifics of the situation.

This can include where the grasshopper is, what color it is, what it’s doing, and more.

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Grasshopper Symbolism

Green Grasshopper

It is believed that grasshoppers can’t move backwards; they can only move forwards. That, in itself, is a huge symbol. It’s time for you to start moving forwards. (Maybe.)

We all hold on to the past sometimes, especially when there’s something there we can’t emotionally let go of.

It’s not healthy to keep carrying all of that with you, however.

At some point, you need to put it down on the ground, leave it there, and keep on going without it.

Is it time for you to do that?

Moving forwards in life isn’t the only symbolism attached to this bouncy insect.

In fact, freedom and independence are closely linked, as is an inability to commit to someone or something.

I’ll get to the specific meanings in just a moment.

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What does it mean Spiritually when a Grasshopper Lands on You?

What does it mean Spiritually when a Grasshopper Lands on You?

When a grasshopper lands on you, it could very well be the case that you’ve been failing at something because of a whopping great big obstacle in your path.

The grasshopper landing on you, and then jumping away, could be a sign that you are going to leap over that obstacle, just as the insect managed to tackle you (a problem to them).

That’s the good news, but there is some potential bad news, too.

In some cultures, seeing a lot of grasshoppers (or having a lot them landing on you) could be a very bad sign.

In many places around the world, these small creatures are confused with locusts, which are thought of and treated like a pest.

They can decimate fields full of crops in no time at all.

Metaphorically, lots of grasshoppers around you or landing on you could be a sign that your hard work isn’t going to reap the expected rewards.

The grasshoppers (accidental locusts) are going to eat your crops, which means that whatever hard work you’ve already put in might go to waste.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Grasshopper

Brown Grasshopper

Grasshoppers can mean a lot of different things, spiritually, depending on the exact circumstances, color of the creature, etc. Color, specifically, plays a big part.

Let’s take a closer look…

Green Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning:

Green Grasshopper
Green Grasshopper

The green grasshopper meaning is related to good news. So, seeing a grasshopper, a green one, is a sign that you will get good news soon.

A green grasshopper crossing your path, jumping on you, or appearing in your dreams, is believed to be a good sign.

Most things in green form are symbolic of life, and in terms of the grasshopper, the message could be new life – and no, I don’t mean a new baby.

If you were hoping for a clean, fresh start, the green grasshopper is a very positive sign, you might just get what you want!

At the same time, the universe might be sending you a bright green grasshopper as a sign that you need to take some time away, rest, and recuperate.

As with all things living: rest is required sometimes!

Brown Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning:

Brown Grasshopper
Brown Grasshopper

The brown grasshopper meaning is related to money.

Have you been too focused on material things lately? Madonna might have made the song popular, but the “material girl” (or boy/them) is not always the happiest one.

What is it they say?

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Focusing all your attention on the material things, such as your home, your car, the clothes you wear and the bags you carry, is not going to bring you happiness in the long run.

If you happen to lose those things one day, will you still be happy?

Focusing on your spiritual growth and emotional self care is always going to a better approach.

You can still buy yourself nice things; just don’t spend, spend, spend with very little else going on in your life.

The brown grasshopper, with the color brown being closely associated with nature, mother earth, and all things not-material, is telling you to stop putting so much weight on the stuff you can buy.

The stuff you can’t buy will make you happier in the long run.

Black Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning:

Black Grasshopper
Black Grasshopper

Many cultures associate the black grasshopper with bad luck, and negative energy around, but I don’t agree with that.

If a black, grasshopper appears and visits you in real life or a dream, the universe could be sending you a very clear message:

Find your purpose. The black grasshopper represents the necessity of finding your way in physical and spirit world!

You don’t need to find it now, or tomorrow, or even in the next five years; just never stop looking for it.

If you don’t feel like you’ve found your calling yet, whether that be in your work life, hobby life, home life, or in any other place, you still have the opportunity to find it.

Just don’t give up.

If you give up, you’ll never find it.

Remember: Seeing a grasshopper, a black one, is a sign that you should not ignore.

White Grasshopper Meaning:

White Grasshopper
White Grasshopper

Many cultures do not reference this insect, but I know its meaning.

White grasshoppers symbolize peace, eternal youth, well being, and self love.

For me, seeing this insect is a sign!

It’s a sign that we will get peace soon. It’s a sign the we are on the right path in life. It’s a sign that everything will be okay!

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Grasshopper in House Meaning (Feng Shui)

Grasshopper in Feng Shui

The meaning of the grasshopper in Chinese Feng Shui is similar to that of other cultures…

It suggests tidings of:

  • Good luck;
  • Good fortune;
  • Positive things;
  • Abundance;
  • And happy times.

If the insect enters your home, it could be a big sign that you can expect those things: good fortune and happy times.

A grasshopper can also be a spiritual sign of protection, so it makes sense to have one in your home, in an ornamental sense.

Put the grasshopper-shaped ornament close to your front door, preferably facing it, and it will make sure the threshold is fully protected.

Bad luck, curses, and other bad omens should, technically, be kept at the door.

Believe me, grasshoppers in the house will attract abundance, positive changes, and good luck to your life!

Spiritual Meaning of a Grasshopper in your House

Grasshopper inside your house

Although this creature might make you jump, the grasshopper is a good omen when you see it inside your house.

It could be a sign of several different things, such as fresh starts, change, and finding your inner voice, purpose or spiritual self.

What has happened in your life leading up to the point at which you saw the grasshopper?

The message will often be one that you ask for – so you and your thoughts, feelings, and situations will need to be taken into account when trying to interpret a meaning.

Seeing a lot of brown grasshoppers also attract good fortune, good luck, positive changes in your life, and abundance!

Spiritual Meaning of a Grasshopper in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and insects

If you or your partner is pregnant and comes across a baby grasshopper, either in real-life or a dream, you can breathe a little sigh of relief.

It is said to spiritually mean that good luck and good things are coming your way (which is obviously what you want).

Some people believe this sign of good luck to be one from the universe or your spiritual self, but others believe it comes from a spirit in the afterlife.

Only you will know which one likely applies to you.

Have you recently asked the universe for a sign? Maybe this is it?

9 Spiritual Meanings and Messages of Seeing a Grasshopper

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Grasshopper

There are many, many different spiritual depictions of this humble insect. Different cultures and ancient civilizations will have different interpretations of grasshopper spiritual meaning. Why don’t we look at some of the most popular and generally recognized spiritual meanings of grasshoppers?

1) You Need to Make That Decision

If you’ve been putting off deciding between two or more options, any green grasshoppers you see in a dream are telling you to hurry up and finally make that decision.

You don’t have an infinite amount of time to get things done in life, so dilly-dallying might mean you missing out on everything.

So, do yourself a favor: if there’s a decision you need to make, make it.

Also, if a grasshopper jumps on you that’s a sign that you need to act NOW!

2) You’re Dreaming of Freedom

As previously mentioned, the humble grasshopper is a creature often associated with feelings of freedom, or of not having enough of it.

Do you feel stifled or suffocated? Could your dreams of grasshoppers be telling you that if you weren’t already aware of it?

It could be the case that the universe is telling you to try and break out of the cage you’ve found yourself in.

Alternatively, it might be prompting you to notice something you hadn’t previously: you feel trapped, but you haven’t noticed yet.

3) It’s Time for an Adventure!

As previously mentioned, different colors of grasshopper will come with different spiritual meanings.

A green grasshopper is often used as a sign of fresh starts and new things, but it could also be a sign, you are going to experience an adventure.

This will, of course, be a subjective thing. One person’s exciting adventure is another person’s lazy Sunday morning activity.

Maybe, just maybe, that grasshopper is telling you to BOOK an adventure.

Is it time for a white-beach-and-blue-seas vacation with a BFF? A day at the races with an old pal from school?

Reconnecting with a loved one at that fancy restaurant in town…

The possibilities are endless. What’s YOUR idea of an adventure?

4) Will You Make a Leap of Faith?

Just as the grasshopper bounces and leaps all around the place, maybe you’re about to leap into the unknown – a massive leap of faith, as they say.

Here’s another favorite saying of mine:

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Sometimes you need to take that leap to make your life better. You can always leave a bad partner in the past and find a good one. There’s nothing stopping you from looking or applying for new jobs, in a place you don’t hate.

You can change your life. Sometimes all it takes is a big leap of faith and a touch of positivity.

5) Your Mind is All Over the Place

Have you ever watched a grasshopper? They often jump around erratically, with no sense of purpose or direction, often jumping onto people/things.

Metaphorically and symbolically, this could be a sign that your mind has been all over the place lately.

  • Have you had a thousand-and-one things going through your head?

  • Struggling to compose your thoughts?

  • Not sleeping at night?

The universe has noted and it’s giving you a warning: it’s time to try and make sense of it all. At some point, you need to get some of that stuff inside your mind, out.

6) Have You Got a Case of the ‘Chandler Bings’?

And by that, I mean, an overwhelming fear of commitment.

If you do feel fearful of commitment, think of this way: Chandler Bing (in the Friends TV show) got married to his best friend in the end, and they became parents to twins, living in a house they both loved. There is hope for all commitment-phobes!

7) You’ve Been Feeling a Little Spiritually Devoid

Have you lost your spiritual way? Have you been trying really hard to manifest a good life but still keep getting your share of back luck time after time?

If you can relate to exactly what I’m saying, the grasshoppers you’re seeing, either in a dream or otherwise, might be a sign of just that: you’re missing your spiritual side.

It is in Ancient Chinese culture that the grasshopper totem was first linked to enlightenment and someone’s relationship with their spiritual side.

Take some time to medicate, recharge your crystals, do whatever you would usually do to reconnect with yourself, spiritually. Only you know what works for you.

If your usual approaches aren’t working, maybe it’s about time you switched things up?

8) You Might Have Business Worries

When a grasshopper is seen on lush, green, healthy plants, it’s a good sign.

When the insect is seen on dying, brown, withering plants and grass, however, there might be some business trouble in your future. (I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news!)

The dying plants and grasses are a symbol of a failing business venture.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that YOUR business is going to suffer, but maybe someone close to you will have struggles that may impact you in some way.

Alternatively, you don’t actually need to own a business for the grasshopper spirituality to mean something to you.

Business struggles could easily be perceived as trouble at work.

9) You’re Yearning for Independence

The grasshopper spiritual meaning is also related to independence.

Just as the grasshopper in a dream symbolizes freedom, it also can mean independence.

  • Are you feeling dependent on someone and wish you didn’t?
  • Maybe work has been tough for you lately, and you’re dying for some financial independence from your partner or parents?
  • Or maybe even a roommate?

Independence can mean many different things to many different people.

Could a yearning for independence be the symbol in your dream?

Is the Grasshopper in the House a Good Luck Sign?

Big brown grasshopper

A brown or green grasshopper in your home can be a good sign or a bad sign; it all depends on the surroundings, circumstances, and the reaction you naturally have when you see it.

If your reaction is negative, it is likely that the message is negative.

If your reaction is positive, or mostly positive, the universe is likely sending you a very positive energy message.

It could be the case that you have a patch of bad followed by a patch of good, so it’s definitely not all negative news!

Never gorget that the grasshopper reminds us to enjoy the journey rather than fixating on the destination. So, never doubt of the grasshopper symbolism or spiritual meaning.

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About The Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning

Did you feel a spiritual connection with this insect? So, he is likely to be your spirit animal.

The grasshopper spiritual meaning reminds us that we should trust our gut instincts, and be bold in making decisions.

The grasshopper reminds us that we need to act and trust in this spirit animal to guide us to the right path.

Also trust in grasshopper totem animal to guide in in the right path and to offer you spiritual guidance in your life.

So, If you saw a grasshopper, believe that abundance and good luck will appear in your life!

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