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Finding Marbles Spiritual Meaning: Blue, Green, Black, Yellow

Finding Marbles Spiritual Meaning: Blue, Green, Black, Yellow

Marbles are ancient gemstones. 

Their existence predates the evolution and existence of humans. 

This is why you should not see these stones as just a piece of gem. You must also revere them as ancient artifacts that represent the spiritual world

Finding marbles seems beautiful and memorable, right? Well, you are correct – only if you also pay attention to the spiritual reason behind these stones. 

Don’t worry! You don’t have to do much research. 

In this article, I will unveil the spiritual meanings of finding marbles (blue, green, black). 

Therefore, ensure you read till the end to understand the spiritual significance of finding a marble gemstone. 

Spiritual meaning of marbles

Spiritual meaning of marbles

As I explained earlier, marbles are not just gemstones

They are deeply entrenched in spirituality. 

Across several cultures and religions, you will find a marble stone in shrines because it’s believed to foster a quick flow of communication with the gods. 

This is why it is important to know the spiritual meaning of this stone. 

Read on to find out:

  1. Spiritually, marbles represent spiritual sensitivity. When you see them in real life or your dream, it means your spiritual senses are gradually opening up. 
  2. Another spiritual meaning of marble emphasizes your uniqueness. Seeing marbles of different colors (at the same time) means you should never try to be like someone else. It is telling you to maintain your uniqueness.
  3. Through marbles, the universe can speak to us concerning our self-worth. For example, if someone is feeling depressed, marbles can be given to help them overcome this negative emotion. With marbles, you will learn to appreciate who you are much more. 
  4. Marbles mean good luck. It is believed that whenever an individual receives marbles as a gift, abundance and fortune will follow. Over the years, marbles have been known as an omen of good luck. 
  5. The round shape of marbles speaks of eternity. Seeing them reminds us to never live our lives without eternity in view. This stone opens our eyes to see that there is life after death.

Through marbles, our inner light can shine brighter. It is believed that marbles bring clarity and heightened intuition to people. 

Finally, marbles represent the earth. Its round shape reminds us of where we are.

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Prophetic meaning of marbles

White marble

Marbles can be used as a prophetic orb. 

Through these stones, we can receive enlightenment about what lies ahead of us

Let us discuss the various prophetic meanings of marbles and how they predict our lives, and give clear insight into certain issues.

  1. Prophetically, whenever a marble suddenly falls on your right shoulder, it means you will soon be promoted at work. Therefore, start preparing yourself for the huge responsibility that comes with the promotion. It’s a positive prophetic sign, but comes with adequate preparation.
  1. When you see marble amid brown stones, it is a prophetic sign of being in the wrong company. According to prophecy, this means that you are not with the right set of people. It is time to change your circle of friends. 
  1. Another prophetic meaning of marble speaks of potential and abilities. Anytime you dream of marbles falling from your inner wear, it means you are soon going to discover new things about yourself. Also, this implies that new potentials and abilities are springing forth from you. 

Spiritually, marbles prophesy about people’s spirituality. If you see a marble in the sun, it means your spiritual life is active. However, if you see a marble at night, it means that your spiritual fire is down. 

Prophetically, when you dream of wearing a crown full of marble, it is seen as a sign of enthronement.

This indicates that you are going to be a great leader. Also, it implies that you will climb the corporate ladder till you become the CEO of your organization.

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Spiritual meaning of finding marbles

Spiritual meaning of finding marbles

We have discussed a lot concerning finding marbles. 

However, there is A LOT to still talk about and discover. 

For example, do you know what it means to find marbles based on their colors?

Now, can you see why it is important to also address this aspect of your discovery?

This is why you should read what comes next

Through the color of a marble, certain instructions and messages can be given to you. Not only will this help you with detailed insights concerning marbles, but it also gives clarity to the very core. 

Blue marbles:

Anytime you find blue marbles, as much as it is okay to use the general spiritual and prophetic meanings as discussed above, you should also pay attention to the following spiritual messages.

Let’s see:

  • Finding blue marbles in the rain means showers of blessing. This sign implies that your season of lack and depression is over. 
  • Finding blue marbles in the morning indicates good luck. It means that something good will happen to you during the day.
  • While going home at night, whenever you see blue marbles, the universe has rewarded you for your good deeds during the day.

Finally, finding blue marbles also speaks of attaining peace of mind and calmness – even in the face of pressure. 

Green marbles:

Green marbles are symbolic. 

Green marbles mean that all your efforts will yield productive results. With this message, you will be encouraged to put in more effort.

Through this sign, the heavens are telling you to stay optimistic. It is believed that the presence of green marble in a home expels negative energy.

Therefore, whenever you find them, it means you should only release positive energy through your words and thoughts. 

Green marbles are also a sign of good luck.

The final message speaks of good health. Whenever you dream of holding green marbles in your hands, it means you have good health. 

Yellow marbles:

In the spiritual world, finding yellow marbles has these unique spiritual meanings:

  • Just like green marbles, whenever you find yellow marbles, it speaks of positivity. The universe encourages you to remain positive about your life. Never give in to negative energy.
  • Also, it is believed that people who find yellow marble will be protected by the power of the sun. The reason for this is that the energy in yellow marble is gotten from the sun. with the fire energy from the sun, negative spirits, energies, and omens will not thrive around you.
  • Spiritually, finding yellow marbles helps you to express your inner abilities

Finally, this sign also speaks of giving expression to our creative power. 

Black marbles:

Whenever you find black marbles, it is given to remind you of the cycles of life.

Spiritually, the round shape of marbles is meant to encourage us to move according to the whims and caprices of the world. 

By finding black marbles, the spiritual world also encourages you to become more sensitive to timing and seasons. 

These are important messages you should keep in mind. 

White marbles:

Finding white marbles is a sign of a spiritual presence

While conducting my research about white marbles, I realized that angelic beings drop these stones whenever they pass by an environment.

They can also reveal their presence through white marbles. 

Furthermore, finding white marbles spiritually helps your awareness. It brings about a broad sense of self-awareness. 

Conclusively, anytime you find white marbles, it means the universe has given you a new chance to start your life afresh. 

It means you have another opportunity to right your wrongs and make your life better than it used to be in the past.

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Is finding marbles a sign from a deceased loved one?

Pink marble

Yes, finding marbles can be a sign from a deceased loved one

When you find white marbles around you, it could be a sign from your deceased loved one. White marbles bring messages from the spiritual world, which includes that of your loved ones. 

This is why you need to be open-minded to these gemstones. 

Your deceased loved one can communicate messages of assurance, hope, comfort, and so on through white marbles.

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Could it be a sign from my Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel

Yes, it could be a sign from your guardian angel

As we discussed previously, when you find white marbles around you, it indicates that your guardian angel has come to visit. 

When your guardian angel is around, this means your prayers are answered.

It could also mean that something good is on its way

Should I be concerned? Is it a good spiritual sign?

Blue marble

You don’t have to be concerned because it is a good spiritual sign to find marbles

These precious gemstones come with positive energy vibrations.

When we find them around us, a lot of beautiful things begin to happen.

Also, these stones possess healing, therapeutic, and metaphysical properties that can be of benefit to us. 

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Shall We Conclude?

You won’t find marbles every day!

Actually, it is rare to find these gemstones

However, when you do, ensure you open up your mind to get the messages from the heavens. 

Using this article as a guide, you won’t be confused about the spiritual meaning of finding marbles of any color. 

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  1. What about red clear marbles? I have found two red hand blown glass marbles about a month apart, both while doing landscaping at two different houses? I don’t do landscaping as a career just a hobby 🙂

  2. I was having dinner last night that I made myself, a chicken curry and while I was having dinner at 11:11pm on the 11th, I found a clear small marble in my mouth.

    Trippy is all I can say.

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