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Home » Falling Out of Bed Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs for You

Falling Out of Bed Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs for You

Falling Out of Bed Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs for You

I remember how my mother would place big pillows beside me on the edge of a bed as a child every time I’d sleep in her big bed.

This is because even as a child I would fall out of my bed easily. And I would tell her that I’m not a baby and that I don’t need those pillows to keep me safe.

To which my mother would reply “Either you go back to your bed or you let those pillows beside you be.” I liked being in my parents’ room and bed so I would let her leave those big pillows on the edge. 

Recently, I fell off my bed just as I was falling asleep. And this took me down memory lane, allowing me to refresh my memory of how my mother would prevent this from happening.

But aside from the nice memories, this incident is also what prompted me to write about the spiritual meaning of falling out of bed.

Is It Normal Falling Out of Bed?

Man Falling Out of Bed

I always thought that it is quite normal to fall out of bed, especially for those who move a lot while sleeping like me.

But a doctor friend told me that falling off the bed is a behavior-related disorder that normally affects more men than women.

This is called the REM behavior disorder and it is when the person sleeping may scream, punch and even fall off the bed.

According to my doctor friend, other reasons why a person falls out of bed is due to old age, dementia, restless sleep, and even bed space.

My friend said the reason may vary but the prevention of harm is often the same.

This means that if you have already experienced falling off the bed then consider: 

  • Getting a bed with side railings;
  • Getting a bigger bed;
  • Sleeping on the floor on the mattress;
  • Keeping a predictable sleep pattern and environment.

My friend says falling off the bed can have serious repercussions.

One of his patients recently fell off his bed so hard that it required hospitalization.

Sadly, the said patient passed away due to hepatoma caused by the fall.

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Spiritual Meaning of Falling Out of Bed

Man and woman falling out of bed

Aside from the medical repercussions of falling out of bed, we should also pay attention to the spiritual meaning of falling out of bed.

When you fall out of bed, this is a wake-up sign from the heavens.

The ones above are trying to get your attention because of different reasons:

  • For one, the supreme being could be quite disappointed in you and how you live your life. Perhaps your daily routine involves committing sins all the time. Maybe your line of work is displeasing to the Lord. Falling out of bed then is heaven’s way of telling you to live a more spiritually pleasing life.
  • The ones above may shake you up a bit because you have been slow in your spiritual growth. You may know in your hearts of hearts that your spiritual growth has plateaued and yet you do nothing about it. Falling off the bed is a wake-up call from the heavens to do something about your spiritual life.
  • Falling off the bed could also be a wake-up call for your spiritual grounding. This means that the heavens want you to remain steadfast in your spiritual faith. The ones above want you to keep your current faith and level of spirituality. 
  • Falling out of your bed means that the ones above don’t want you to rock your current spiritual journey as you are exactly where you need to be.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Falling Out of Bed While Sleeping

Spiritual Meaning of Falling Out of Bed While Sleeping

1) Unburden yourself

If you are sleeping then you fall out of bed, this could be because your heart is feeling heavy with burdens.

For some time now, you are feeling the weight of your burden and want to blurt all your feelings to someone.

When you are feeling this way and you fall from your bed while you are sleeping then take this as a sign that the heavens are urging you to unburden yourself.

The ones above know how painful things are for you and how it has been challenging to keep all your feelings hidden.

2) Pray harder

Falling from the bed while sleeping could also be heaven’s way of telling you to pray harder.

When you fall, then you may want to reflect on what and how your prayers are.

Do you mean what you say when you pray? Or are your prayers rehearsed or perfunctory?

What the ones above wish is for your prayers to reveal what you really want instead of reciting some empty words.

You may also ask yourself about the frequency of your prayers.

If you only pray once in a while, then perhaps this displeases the heavens.

Try communicating more often may be the message being sent to you.

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3) A baby is on its way

If you are fast asleep and then you fall off the bed, then this could be because a baby is on its way.

You and your partner could be trying hard to get pregnant for some time now, praying fervently for a baby to be conceived.

When you or your partner falls from the bed while sleeping, then this could be it.

This could be heaven’s way of telling you that you will conceive soon.

It could also be that the baby coming isn’t for you or your partner. The parents of the baby could be someone living in your house.

This could be a family member, a friend, or your flatmate.

The heavens are telling you ahead of time of the coming little one. You may be the parent or not, but you must be prepared to have sleepless nights nevertheless.

Having an infant at home, after all, is like falling off while sleeping as both interrupt your sleep.

4) Don’t give up on your dream

Are you feeling weary and anxious about your future? Do you feel like giving up on your ambitions and dreams because you seem to be getting nowhere?

Falling off the bed while you are asleep could also be heaven’s way of reminding you not to give up your dream.

This is heaven’s way of reminding you to keep your faith in the ones above and in your ability to achieve your dreams.

The ones above can feel your hopelessness so it sends a sign that you should not give up by allowing you to fall off your bed.

5) Lurking evil spirits nearby

If you are sleeping then you fall off the bed, then this could have possibly been caused by some evil spirits that are nearby.

These evil spirits are lurking around, disturbing people randomly.

You could have fallen off the bed because the nearby evil spirits just wanted to scare off or disturb people at the time of rest.

The evil spirits are not specifically targeting you or anyone.

Instead, they are simply trying to scare off people or get their kick out of seeing people dismayed.

When you feel that falling off the bed as you are asleep was caused by nearby evil spirits, then pray.

Ask the heavens for protection or to ward off the evil spirits. This should help.

6) A departed loved one is reaching out

Have you lost a loved one through death in the last few years?

When you fall off the bed while you are asleep, this could be because a departed loved one is trying to get your attention.

It could be that this departed person just simply misses you. And so he or she visits you while you sleep.

You fall off the bed because the departed loved one is visiting you.

7) The heavens are with you

If you are going through a rough time, then you fall from the bed, then take this to mean that the heavens are reminding you that you are not alone.

This is a sign from the ones above that they can carry your burden too.

Falling off the bed is a message from the ones above that in all of life’s difficulties, no one is alone.

The god above is guiding us and helping us all the time.

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Why Do I Keep Falling Out of Bed?

Woman sleeping

When you keep falling out of bed, this could be because you promised the heavens something but never delivered on your promise.

Maybe you promised to pray more regularly or take care of your body better as it is a temple, but you never did what you promised.

The heavens are then telling you to make good on your promise by letting you fall off the bed often.

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Shall We Conclude?

Falling off the bed can be quite dangerous as you can break your bones or suffer from internal bleeding.

When this happens, think of the possible spiritual meaning as well.

The universe may be telling you something important and you must act on it quickly.

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