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Home » Black Orb Meaning: Are Orbs Good Or Bad Signs?

Black Orb Meaning: Are Orbs Good Or Bad Signs?

Black Orb Meaning: Are Orbs Good Or Bad Signs?

Did you notice a black orb flying around you today?

Well, believe it or not, a horrific occurrence could be on the verge of striking your life!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about black orbs and why they’re considered extremely evil in spiritual context.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Black Orb Meaning In Spiritual World

Black Orb

In a lot of my articles, I’ve talked about how different colored orbs signify different spiritual effects and meanings i.e. red/pink orbs are likely to suggest things concerning love, seduction, or desire. 

Black orbs, on the other hand, are… Well… On the other end of the spectrum…

They bring darkness, depression, and tragedies into your life while turning pretty much everything around for the worse. If a black orb is seen early in the morning, the rest of the day always turns out to be very fatiguing and unproductive for some reason. 

What’s even more shocking is that certain cultures around the world even believe black orbs to be signs from the devil himself! 

Is A Black Orb A Ghost?

Spirit Orbs

I hope you’re not alone in your room reading this because… It could be!

Black orbs have had paranormal associations since ancient times. Since humans can’t really see or interact with spirits, many believe that orbs are the only way for us to be aware of their presence in an area. 

If you recently moved into a new house where there is a lot of black orb activity, definitely reconsider your decision as you could be agitating a spirit/poltergeist by entering its territory

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Black Orb In Real Life

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Black Orb In Real Life

Seeing a black orb in real life is almost always a bad omen!

It suggests that undesirable events are about to unfold in your life and they might be bad enough to drag you onto the verge of depression and severe mental trauma.

Think of it as a heads-up from the universe to brace yourself and be prepared to face some very difficult circumstances in life. 

Your relationships, family time, work, financial health, and luck can all take a blow in the wrong direction thanks to the black orb sighting. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Black Orb In Dreams

Black Orb

Unfortunately, dreaming about black orbs isn’t a good sign either

The human mind, though unconscious, can pick up on usual energies that spirits often carry around. And, those energies may present themselves in the form of orbs in dreams.

Therefore, the black orb you witnessed while asleep might be a sign that there’s supernatural presence lingering around you and it may put your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger!

Why Am I Seeing Black Orbes? 5 Reasons

A lot of black orbs

1) Undergoing A Rough Phase

Oftentimes, black orbs can signify the beginning or end of a rough and challenging phase in life. In most cases, it’s usually the beginning.                     

During this phase, you might face circumstances that involve a lot of pressure, responsibilities, and trauma potentially leaving you very drained at the end of it.

Much of your mental energy and sanity may be depleted dealing with sudden family conflicts, heartbreaks, lies, abuse, and downfall.    

Remember to keep your loved ones close and not close doors on any kind of help that’s made available to you during this tough phase as trying to deal with everything on your own will just make things tougher. 

2) Jealousy and Negativity Within You

A black orb not only hints at negative energies in your surroundings but also within yourself!

If you’ve been envying someone for their possessions or plotting evil plans in your head for a long time, a black orb may be an embodiment of the filth and hatred in your heart.

It means that the devil has corrupted you and gotten hold of your thoughts, actions, and morality. In simpler words, you’re being poisoned by the negative energy inside you!

Now, how you plan to get rid of it (either through prayer or practicing gratitude) is up to you but just make sure it’s quick, otherwise, you’ll be submitting yourself to the devil’s work!

3) Frustration and Anger Inside

A black orb sighting could also be a manifestation of your internal frustration and anger. 

This means that you’re raging from the inside while being unable to express those emotions in the open.

And, there could be millions of reasons behind why this may be but it’s likely that an experience left you so heartbroken or disappointed that all the negative emotions relating to it built up inside of you over time

You might want to handle this situation with caution and ease as being too harsh on yourself all of a sudden could result in deep emotional disruption that could damage important relationships in your life!

4) A Sign To Escalate An Area

Many spiritual enthusiasts and cultures believe seeing a black orb in an unfamiliar/new environment is usually a sign from the universe to quickly escalate an area or route as there may be danger up ahead.

Think of it almost like a spiritual precaution. 

More often than not, evil spirits and poltergeists with harmful intentions may be surging through the area you’re being signaled to stay out of

If you value your life and want to protect yourself from a possible spiritual attack, it may be better to turn back as soon as you see the black orb and not let your curiosity drag you into harm’s way. 

5) A Dangerous Disease

In earlier times, a popular belief regarding black orbs was that they were only seen by people who were suffering from some kind of life-threatening or incurable disease. 

As odd as it may sound, that belief might actually be true in today’s time! Though it doesn’t necessarily have to be an “incurable” disease….

If you’ve been feeling down lately almost like your body’s functionality and health have crashed all of sudden, a black orb sighting might confirm the presence of a possible virus inside your body.

This obviously only applies if you don’t seem to find any legitimate cause or reason behind your sudden crash. 


Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: a black orb is nothing short of pure danger whether in a physical, mental, or spiritual context.

It is an omen of upcoming depression, challenges, and tough times in your life while not having any single positive spiritual interpretation. You can be almost certain that every time you see a black orb, it’s bad news. 

I would like to end off this article with a very important note which is TO TAKE THE BLACK ORB SERIOUSLY and not ignore it as it might actually give you the heads-up to mentally prepare for the bad times to come or avoid paths that lead to destructive outcomes in the future. 

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