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7 Balloons Symbolism: Yellow, Black and Purple

7 Balloons Symbolism: Yellow, Black and Purple

Do you know what is the balloons symbolism and spiritual meaning?

Balloons are well-known for being used for different occasions, be it birthday parties, weddings, or even during big get-togethers. When you were a kid, you must know the familiar feeling of playing the balloon with other kids.

During birthday parties, balloons are filled with chocolates just to be popped later so that the kids enjoy their sweets.

So overall, balloons bring a lot of joy and even fill your life with different emotions. The balloons are available in different colors, shapes, and structures. Today, we will explore the meanings of different colored balloons and their spiritual symbolism.   

What do Balloons Symbolize? 

Balloons symbolism

Balloons are well-known for being a symbol of freedom. The reason balloons symbolize independence or freedom is that if you let go of your emotions, the balloon will take off and travel to different places. 

Balloons inflate when they are filled with air and deflate without it. In other words, when we are filled with emotions, we feel heavy in our presence. But when we accept our emotions and let them go, it makes us feel lighter, better, and optimistic. 

  • If you are struggling with the traumatic experiences in the past, it is time to become a balloon. Let go and fly up high in the sky as you bid farewell to your past experiences. Balloons also represent joy. If you see a group of children playing with a balloon, you will see them having fun that creates happiness within yourself.
  • Balloons are signs of love and care. So many balloons are put together for decoration at weddings. This symbolizes unity among the bonds with your loved ones. 

Yellow Balloon Meaning 

Yellow Balloon Meaning 

Spotting a yellow balloon or dreaming of one has different interpretations. If you spot a yellow balloon when you have an emotional breakdown, it symbolizes that you should accept your feelings and move on. 

So, spotting or dreaming of a yellow balloon means new beginnings. You must let go of everything that you have experienced in the past and open a new chapter in your life. Ironically, dreaming of a yellow balloon also has a different meaning altogether. 

Ancient people believed dreaming of a yellow balloon was associated with some supernatural occurrence. In other words, if you spot a yellow balloon in your wonderful surroundings, it usually means that you are getting spiritual guidance from the Almighty. 

Purple Balloons Symbolism

Purple Balloons Symbolism

A purple balloon is a sign that you are conceited. It means you are arrogant and have a higher opinion about yourself than others. This can also mean that you are being selfish and place more importance on yourself than others. 

Spotting a purple balloon or dreaming of one is a sign telling you to lead a simple life and ground yourself. You must seek spiritual enlightenment and serve others.

If your behavior has strained your relationships, dreaming of purple balloons is the Lord’s way of telling you to transform yourself and mend the bonds that will help you in your journey. 

Black Balloon Symbolism

Black Balloon

Usually, people who are suffering from depression or any other mental health problems see the black balloons. It symbolizes the dark phase of your life. 

However, one should not take this as a very severe sign and become more depressed. You should take this as a sign from the Universe.

Although you might be suffering, there will be good times ahead. You should always look forward to the good times, after all, the darkest hour lasts only for sixty minutes.  

Blue Balloon Meaning

Blue Balloon

Blue is usually considered a holy color that brings inner peace and clarity.

So, if you dream or spot a blue balloon it usually symbolizes peace. But this does not mean that you are in a peaceful phase of your life. You will spot a blue balloon whenever you are experiencing some stressful situation. It is telling you to be calm and re-evaluate certain things in your life.

Often when we are stressed, we fail to reflect on life’s circumstances. Dreaming of seeing a blue balloon only means that you must make some changes in your life that will bring some inner peace in your life. 

Red Balloon Meaning

Red Balloon

The red is a color that represents romance. Red balloons are symbols of passion and love. Spotting or dreaming of a red balloon symbolizes your relationship with your other half. You may also see a red balloon when you desire an intimate relationship with the other person.

Dreaming of seeing a red balloon is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are single and spot a red balloon, it usually means that the Universe is encouraging you to find your other half.

Spotting a red balloon when you are struggling with your relationship also means making amends with your beloved.  

White Balloon

White Balloon

Lastly, the color white is a symbol of peace. You must be aware that doves are a symbol of peace. But white balloons, on the other hand, represent enlightenment. The black balloons may symbolize grief and dullness.

However, spotting or dreaming of white balloons means you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey.

You may also see a white balloon when you are on a path of spiritual growth. It is a sign from the Universe that you must embrace spirituality and continue to gain wisdom. 

4 Balloons Spiritual Meaning

Balloons Spiritual Meaning
  • In a spiritual sense, balloons symbolize our life goals, dreams, and objectives in life. 
  • Balloons are a sign of what we wish to achieve or become in life.
  • A balloon flying high up in the sky also represents that sky is the limit. 
  • This means that we must aim high in our life. 
  • They also highlight the freedom and independence one achieves after one accomplishes their goal in life.   

Hot Air Balloon

If you have traveled in a hot air balloon, you must be aware of the high altitude at which the balloon travels while you enjoy the scenery from the top. The hot air balloon represents our dreams and ambitions. It also means that we must aim high, work towards our goals and achieve them diligently. 

However, many people have dreamt of a hot air balloon that is crashing from a height. It means that you may have set some unrealistic goals or expectations that cannot be achieved. Hence, this must be a sign that you must reflect on your goals and set realistic targets for yourself

Birthday Party Balloons

You might be thinking that if you see a birthday party balloon, it would represent some celebration. However, birthday party balloons are a symbol of joy and happiness. They are a sign that you must rejoice and celebrate your life.

In certain cases, people also believe that birthday party balloons represent your love life. In other words, it means you must be grateful and delighted by the presence of your beloved partner. 

Deflated Balloons

Although, a deflated balloon may seem like a sign that your life is dull like the balloon. But a deflated balloon usually represents the power over your mind. It may also be a sign from the Universe telling you not to draw easy conclusions.

As a human being, it is easy to make conclusions looking at our problem. But certain situations have a deeper spiritual meaning attached to them. As a result, a deflated balloon is a sign that you must look beyond the situation. So, you should heal from any struggle that you are experiencing in your life.   

Balloons in Dreams 

Dreaming of balloons is a common thing many people experience at some point. But everyone may see a different dream that represents their struggles or life. Here are certain kinds of balloon related dreams you may see in your life: 

  • A stranger with a balloon – If you see a strange person holding a balloon in your dream it may be a sign that you will experience some delays while achieving your goals. 
  • Flying high – Dreaming of a balloon that is soaring high above the skyline represents that good things are coming and that you will be able to fulfill your life’s desires. 
  • Balloons with water – It is a sign from the Universe telling you to deal with certain repressed feelings that may come out any time like a volcanic eruption. This can cause certain disturbances in your relationships. In other words, you must tackle these feelings, find clarity and heal from these circumstances.

You are now aware of what a balloon symbolizes and what different colors represent during various situations. If you have come across different balloon colors or even dreamt of it, this will help you understand what it means.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you now understand, diverse signs are given by the Universe using balloons. 

What do you think about the balloons symbolism and spiritual meaning? Please, leave your opinion bellow!

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3 thoughts on “7 Balloons Symbolism: Yellow, Black and Purple”

  1. Hi I’m a little confused when you say “ancient people believed that a yellow balloon” means something. Balloons are a modem invention made of plastic. They didn’t exist when “ancient” people lived. Please could you give a little insight into what you meant?

    Many thanks.

    1. In many cultures “Balloons” were made from animal bladders (such as a pig’s bladder). We often dream in color so the color is perhaps more metaphorical than absolute. There is also a Chinese book written around 150 BC that talks about making eggs take flight and describes a “hot air balloon” type of reaction from a certain special treatment of eggs.

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