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7 Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meanings and Powers in 2022

7 Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meanings and Powers in 2022

There are 7 sturgeon moon spiritual meanings for 2022. Read on to find out.

Over the years, the sturgeon moon has blessed several people by bringing answers to the deep questions of their hearts. However, there is going to be a different spiritual message in 2022.

In this article, I have outlined 7 spiritual messages that you are going to get from the universe when the sturgeon moon appears in the sky this year 2022. Furthermore, I am going to reveal the exact time to expect the appearance of the sturgeon moon.

Therefore, you should stick to this article until the end. In 2021, there were spiritual messages from the sturgeon moon. However, this year is going to be different. I am going to explain the reason for this assertion. 

The sturgeon moon should not be ignored when it shows up in the sky because of the opportunities sit brings. Therefore, you should be prepared for this year’s appearance.

Just in case you are asking if you’ve missed the sturgeon moon for 2022, the answer is NO. You have an opportunity to experience the power of the sturgeon moon. However, you must be prepared before the opportunity lifts. 

To get prepared, let us get into the spiritual messages of the sturgeon moon for 2022.

Sturgeon Moon Year:Dates:
2021August 22, 2021 08:02 EST
2022August 11, 2022 21:36 ET
2023August 1, 2023 14:31 EST
2024August 19, 2024  14:26 EST

When will the Sturgeon Moon occur in 2022?

August Moon dates for 2022

The sturgeon moon will occur in August 11, 2022 21:36 ET. Now, you must be amazed at the reason for this. Let me explain briefly. 

The sturgeon moon is full in August. It is the full moon that appears at the end of august, and it is called the sturgeon moon because it is the season of sturgeons. August is when the sturgeons are active in the great lakes.

This is why the full moon in August is called the sturgeon moon. 

Other tribes call it the green corn moon or red moon because of the summer haze. 

In 2022, expect the sturgeon moon in August. Therefore, you have to be prepared for this. Set your alarm, calendar, and reminder. In addition to this, be prepared for the spiritual messages that will come in 2022.

What should do to prepare for the sturgeon moon in 2022? I will talk about this later on. 

August 2022 is a defining moment to change your life with the sturgeon moon.

What does the Sturgeon Moon mean?

Spiritual meaning of August moon

The sturgeon moon means the end of summer. It brings the harvest season. Therefore, when you see the sturgeon moon in the sky, it means a season is about to end. Never forget that life comes in cycles and seasons.

Therefore, you should be prepared for what lies ahead. The sturgeon moon is a sign of a changing season. 

Another spiritual meaning of the sturgeon moon is fruitfulness. It is believed that a sturgeon moon is the beginning of harvest. In the spiritual world, whenever the sturgeon moon shows up, it means your efforts are going to yield results.

If you have been struggling with unproductivity, the sturgeon moon has shown up in the sky as a sign of a positive turnaround. 

There is something else about the sturgeon moon, which is the emotional healing that happens with its light.

Staying under the light of the sturgeon moon will bring emotional healing.

That is if you have suffered a terrible heartbreak or betrayal from someone you loved and trusted, the sturgeon moon will help you to heal up.

These are the spiritual meanings of the sturgeon moon. Generally, this is what to expect in every sturgeon moon. 

Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meanings for 2022

Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meaning

Emotional healing:

In 2022, just like every other sturgeon moon, you will enjoy emotional healing. Going through an emotional breakdown affects several aspects of life.

Therefore, you have to be ready to tap from the power of the sturgeon moon whenever it shows up. With the cold energy from the sturgeon moon, your emotions will heal up.

The sturgeon moon has helped a lot of people when it comes to emotional healing.

Therefore, you should tap into this energy. In 2022, prepare for emotional healing when the sturgeon moon shows up in august.

Your dreams are coming to pass:

In august, prepare for a massive turnaround. When you see the sturgeon room, it is a sign of a positive change.

Have you ever desired success? Then this is the golden year for you.

The sturgeon moon has the power to grant your wishes. In addition to this, it has the power to bring your dreams to pass. In 2022, the spiritual meaning of the sturgeon moon talks about an accomplished dream or desire.

Therefore, this is going to be an amazing year for you.

Spiritual enlightenment:

This year, the sturgeon moon will take you on a spiritual journey. The sturgeon moon is a golden opportunity to become spiritually heightened.

Have you desired to become spiritually enlightened? Then prepare for the sturgeon moon.

Under the sturgeon moonlight, you can engage in meditation or say some prayers. To become spiritually enlightened, you must become connected with the spiritual world under the sturgeon moon.

Therefore, you should be prepared for this Kairos moment.

I have become spiritually sensitive during the sturgeon moon, and this has brought about a change in my spiritual life.

Inner stability:

This is what you should expect this year. During the sturgeon moon, many people will become emotionally and psychologically stable. This is different from emotional healing.

Inner stability will help you to overcome sentiments.

In addition to this, your sense of judgment will be free of bias. With inner stability, you will be focused on accomplishing your goals.

Under the sturgeon moon, you can crystalize your conviction and build a dogged mindset that will stand the test of time. Therefore, prepare for an inner renovation in 2022.

Good luck:

The sturgeon moon is a sign of goodness and prosperity. Whenever the sturgeon moon shows up in the sky, it brings good luck.

The energy from the sturgeon moon will attract good things to you.

For example, if you desire promotion at your workplace, you can manifest this desire under the sturgeon moon.

It is believed that your desires will be granted immediately. The energy that comes from the sturgeon moon is full of positivity. All that is needed is the right positioning.


Have you ever looked down on yourself because of your incapabilities? Have you ever failed at a given task because of fear? Don’t give up.

In 2022, there is something for you from the universe. The sturgeon moon in august is coming with divine strength. With this, you will learn to appreciate your skills and become confident in yourself.

In addition to this, the sturgeon moon will supply mental strength.

This will enhance your retentive ability as a student. The light from the sturgeon moon is special.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this. If you want to build healthy self-esteem, prepare for august. When the sturgeon moon shows up in august, create an intention for healthy self-esteem, and it will come to pass.

The universe is sending you a message of hope:

August is a season of desperation for several people. This is the eighth month of the year, and people begin to lose hope of success or ever accomplishing their innermost desires.

Therefore, the sturgeon moon is strategic.

The sturgeon moon is placed at the end of August as a sign of hope for everyone.

Therefore, never lose hope of accomplishing your desires. The sturgeon moon gives hope to everyone and encourages people to keep taking steps towards their purpose.

The Sturgeon Moon in Astrology

Sturgeon Moon in Astrology

In astrology, it is believed that the sturgeon moon has the power to affect your mood. That is, when you walk in the light of the sturgeon moon, you will be happy, and emotionally stable. 

Furthermore, the sturgeon moon affects your mindset. It gives you a healthy perception of yourself. In addition to this, you will build confidence to take on any challenge towards self-development. 

If you are born under the sturgeon moon, you will exude the following traits:

  • Persistence;
  • A healthy self-perception;
  • Intelligence.

If you need to understand the effect of the sturgeon moon on your mood and mindset, then the above information is for you.

Now to the big question – is the sturgeon moon a bad sign?

Here is the answer.

It can be a good luck period?

The moon in August and good luck

The sturgeon moon brings good luck. Whenever you see the sturgeon moon, expect good luck to unfold in your activities, decisions, and results.

Generally, you will enjoy the favor of God, and protection from every negative attack.

Final Words

Now, you are prepared for the sturgeon moon in 2022. Therefore, look forward to the appearance of this full moon in August. By taking advantage of the sturgeon moon, you will enjoy good luck, transformation, and inner stability.

So, do you already know the spiritual meaning and benefits of August Moon for your life? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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