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Are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck? 7 Meanings & Superstitions

Are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck? 7 Meanings and Superstitions

Are peacock feathers bad luck? Should we be concerned if we find this feather on the floor? What should we do with this feather?

I asked myself this questions for months until I stumbled on the 7 meanings and superstitions I am about to share with you.

These answered my question and also guided me on which peacock feathers to use for myself.

Pay attention to everything you will read in this article.

They will guide you, and ensure that you are protected from becoming negatively affected by peacock feathers.

The Spiritual Meaning of Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feather

The spiritual meaning of peacock feathers speaks about the essence of living. Getting a peacock feather as a gift means you should discover who you are meant to be. In the spiritual world, it is a sign that you are lost.

The feathers of a peacock are not easily given as a spiritual sign from the universe.

Those who get such a sign must have gotten to an extreme brink of danger, or are on the verge of committing a terrible mistake.

It spiritually ensures that you stay clear of committing an error.

Getting this feather or picking it up in the spiritual world also speaks about motivating yourself in troubled times.

This sign is given to ensure that you don’t stop making efforts to become a better version of yourself.

Whenever you get careless and less concerned about your life, you will get the feather of a peacock from the universe as a warning sign.

Once this happens, ensure to check the areas of your life that are not in line with your destiny.

Furthermore, they are symbolic of change and transition.

Therefore, this should prepare you for change.

The moment you start dreaming of peacock feathers, it is the best time to prepare your mind for what comes next.

Spiritually, this dream will come to you as a preparation for a new season. A new dawn is upon you, and this is why the universe has sent such a dream to you.

Make use of these spiritual meanings whenever you find the feather of a peacock.

They are simple, but powerful messages and omens.

The Peacock Feathers and Bad Luck

The bad luck from feathers

Peacock feathers have adverse effects on our lives.

Truly, they are beautifully crafted and colorfully woven to give the beholder a beautiful view. However, the spiritual essence surrounding them might cause bad things to happen to people.

Now, don’t get this wrong.

When it comes to spiritual messages, you can be warned against using these feathers in an inappropriate manner, which will protect you from suffering bad luck consistently.

The relationship between peacock feathers and bad luck is the reason behind its scarcity.

It was strange, but amazing to discover that some people in old age have never seen this feather.

Now, you might consider them unlucky, but they are actually lucky to not have found it

How do you use peacock feathers when you find one?


This question should be answered by you.

Anytime you see a peacock feather, what is your response? Genuinely answering this question can solve the puzzle surrounding peacock feathers and the energy it emits. 

Several reasons surround the conclusion that peacock feathers are bad luck:

  • The source of the feather;
  • Who has picked up the feather in time past, and so on?

This is why you should be careful of picking up random feathers.

There is a difference between dreaming of peacock feathers as a spiritual sign, and doing something with them either in your dream or in real life.

Later in this article, we will talk about the 7 superstitions surrounding peacock feathers and why they bring bad luck to people’s lives.

However, understand that peacock feathers are closely tied to bad luck. 

Are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck? 7 Meanings and Superstitions

Are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck?

Peacock feathers have 7 superstitions surrounding them. Each of these superstitions also possesses a spiritual message that warns you of experiencing bad luck energy. Let us discuss this right away.

1) Bring depression

It is believed that peacock feathers can make you depressed for no reason.

In the spiritual world, seeing the feather of a peacock around you might not directly talk about depression.

Certain things will happen like the following:

  • When you see this feather in your dream, and you hear someone crying; this brings bad luck. You will wake up from the dream depressed and sad.
  • The color of the feather will be faded. Seeing this type of peacock feather also brings depression.

2) The feathers of a peacock can separate friends

This is another superstitious belief of seeing a peacock feather.

These feathers are believed to lead to quarrels, disagreements, and an eventual separation among friends.

This omen does not have to happen. It is not an exclusive message that cannot be changed. 

Whenever you and your friends see the feather of a peacock on the road, don’t pick it up. If you do, bad luck will be activated.

Also, a spiritual message coming from this belief encourages you to hold your friends closer.

It is telling to never treat your friends brashly or unreasonably.

3) Can affect your peace of mind

Do you know that it is possible to become confused for no reason? Yes, it is.

You can become depressed and unsettled in your soul without any valid reason.

This can be caused by peacock feathers. Whenever you see this feather with a blood stain, ensure not to pick it up or stay long around it

It is probably from a wounded peacock.

This sign is bad luck.

Staying long around it or picking it up exposes you to such unsettlement of mind.

It steals your peace of mind and leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. When this lingers for long, it could lead to suicidal attempts.

4) Keeping the feathers of a dead peacock in your home can contaminate your atmosphere

This is another superstition of peacock feathers.

When you keep the feathers of a dead peacock in your home, you contaminate the atmosphere.

Anyone that steps into that house will also be affected by this

Therefore, always ask questions before buying the feathers of a peacock. It must have fallen from a live peacock. This is only how to ensure the perfect energy emits from such an item.

5) Can affect your health

Bad luck does not only affect our spiritual and emotional state. It also affects our health.

This is why you should keep peacock feathers away from you.

Picking up the feathers of a peacock in the rain gives you sickness.

Whenever you find a feather belonging to a peacock on the floor while it is raining, simply walk past it

The spiritual message that comes from this omen encourages you to pay attention to your health.

Through this sign, your mind will be open enough to see the different ways you can take good care of yourself.

6) Spiritual Attacks

In African culture, peacock feathers can be sent to people as a spiritual attack.

Most people who are ignorant of this fact will pick up such cursed feathers and become a recipient of the attack.

Refuse to fall victim to this. 

The moment you see a peacock feather floating down in front of you, turn your back towards it, walk 7 paces away from it, speak out positive words, and then turn back and go on your way.

Ensure that the floating feather does not touch your body.

If it does, you will become vulnerable to the curse embedded in such a feather. 

7) Can affect your job

If care is not taken, the feathers of a peacock might infect you with negative energy that will affect your level of performance at work.

Don’t wear clothes that have these feathers as designs to work.

It gives people a bad impression of you and also reduces the quality of your work.

When you do this, a consistent negative result might lead to a demotion or an outright dismissal.

Therefore, watch out for this at all times. Keep away clothes with peacock designs. Don’t wear it to work.

Why are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck?

Big peacock

Peacock feathers are bad luck because they affect how people perceive us.

The moment someone calls you a peacock, Africans believe it to be a sign of pride and arrogance.

This same energy is embedded in the feathers of peacocks. 

Another reason behind the negative energy surrounding the feathers of peacocks is that they can be used for several unholy blood rituals.

The fact that peacock feathers possess compatible energy vibrations and frequencies for black magic makes it a negative omen

It brings bad luck to people’s lives and affects their overall performance.

Final Words

The universe can speak to you through peacock feathers. However, you must be careful enough to not pick the wrong feather.

If you do, the superstitions in this article will come to play. Watch out for the specific details surrounding the feather of a peacock before picking it up or meditating on it. Protect yourself at all costs from becoming affected by the negative energy of such feathers.

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