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Home » 11 Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams: It’s Good Luck?

11 Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams: It’s Good Luck?

11 Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams: It's Good Luck?

Have you ever been bothered about the different spiritual meanings of hair in your dream? Then, read this article till the end. We will be discussing the 11 different spiritual messages of hair in a dream, and what each meaning says about you.

However, before we go into the topic, let me do a brief introduction.

Dreams are realities of the spiritual world. People joke about their dreams because they don’t understand how much it connects with the physical world.

This is one of the reasons behind the sudden occurrences in people’s lives.

Over the years, I have observed that things will not just appear in your life out of the blues.

There would have been signs all over your environment and atmosphere; some of these signs will show up in our dreams as well. This is why you should not joke with your dreams.

Your hair is a part of your body that is necessary for the functionality of your body.

It is a part of the 5 sense organs.

The hair is responsible for the sense of touch and receptiveness. Therefore, it is an important part of your body and carries a deep spiritual relevance. Let us get into this right away.

What does it mean when you Dream about Hair?

Hair dreams spiritual meaning

Dreaming about hair in the spiritual world has several meanings and implications. Let us discuss this briefly.

The first thing to understand is that having dreams about hair is a sign of spirituality.

That is, the universe is trying to establish a spiritual connection with you through the hair, and you have to be receptive to all the signs around you.

When it comes to having dreams about hair, you need to understand that the main purpose of the dream is to bring you to a point of reflection.

It will make you wonder about the dream you are having.

Hair is not a part of the things people can see regularly in their dreams.

Therefore, once it shows up, questions will begin to pop up in their minds, and this will lead to spiritual awareness. 

Furthermore, dreaming about hair can be a call to pay attention to your intuition.

Hairs are connected with intuition and the inner voice in the spiritual world. Therefore, whenever you have such a dream, watch closely how your intuition will begin to lead you.

Because of our lack of attentiveness, we have lost many clear details about life in general.

However, through the dream about hair, you will be able to trust more in your inner voice. This dream will call your attention to how powerful your intuition is.

In the spiritual world, dreaming about your armpit hair is telling you to observe yourself. It is telling you to pay heed to yourself.

In the bible, it is known as taking heed to your life. That is, watch the things you do, watch the things you say, and watch the things you think. Sometimes, this message will come whenever you are beginning to lose guard.

The universe will send this dream as a spiritual guide.

If you have a dream about shaving your hair, it is saying that you have exposed yourself to people. Shaving the hairs on your skin will expose you to several germs. In the spiritual world, exposing your secrets to people will make you vulnerable, and easily betrayed.

Therefore, watch out for this.

Biblical Meaning of Hair in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Hair in Dreams

Whenever you see hair in dreams, God has a message from you. In the bible, several spiritual meanings are attached to the hair. Let us talk about them.

Whenever you see yourself on dreadlock, it is similar to the spirit of Samson.

Now, Samson is a figure of great strength and wisdom.

Therefore, seeing yourself on dreadlock is a sign of strength. It is saying that you can handle pressure.

If you don’t believe in your ability, this dream will encourage you to do so.

However, the bad news is that when you see someone shaving your dreadlock in the dream, it is saying that you are under a spiritual attack. This other side of the dream should make you cautious.

Furthermore, hair in dreams is revealing that you are fond of ladies.

In the bible, Jezebel is known to have long hair. This is why people with long hair are associated with the spirit of jezebel.

If you are a man, seeing yourself with long hair is saying that you are fond of ladies. While this is not harmful in itself, it can be a trap. Therefore, you need to learn how to maintain the balance between both.

Another spiritual meaning of hair in dreams is submission to Jesus Christ.

In the bible, we saw an account of mary Magdalene wiping Jesus’s feet with her hair. This is a spiritual sign of submission. This is a lesson to us that submitting to Jesus is how to become great in spiritual affairs.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Hair in Dreams

1) You need to be sensitive to people’s feelings

If you have been cold towards people, the universe will begin to speak to you through dreams of hair.

Once this dream become consistent, it is telling you to loosen up. It is saying that your insensitivity towards people has shut up the bowels of your love and care, and this has to change.

Therefore, learn to loosen up after having several dreams about hair.

2) Work on your mind

If you see dirty hair in a dream, it is saying that your mind needs to be worked on.

This is saying that you have exposed your mind to a lot of negative things, which have corrupted your mind insomuch that you don’t see anything good in what you do.

When this type of dream comes to you, it is best to begin to work on your mind immediately.

The mind is believed to be a major control of life and what you see around you.

Therefore, don’t take this for granted. Whenever you dream of dirty hair, it is saying that something is wrong with your mind.

3) White hair

Woman with white hair

In African culture, white hair is a sign of old age and experience.

Therefore, whenever you see white hair, it is talking about gaining experience.

The universe is saying that the things you are going through are going to become an experience that will beneficial to you.

Therefore, no matter how uncomfortable the situation is, it is meant for your good. After going through such an experience, you will be filled with divine wisdom to handle matters in life.

4) Peace and contentment

Blue hair is a spiritual sign of peace and contentment.

Whenever you have a dream about blue hair, this is simply encouraging you to be contented with the things you have achieved so far.

Spiritually, it is possible to become ungrateful and selfish because of the many accomplishments you are aiming for.

However, dreaming of blue hair is telling you to be contented.

One of the secrets to having peace of mind is becoming content with what you have. This is different from complacency. 

5) You are attractive

As a female, if you dream of having long hair, it is saying that you are beautiful to males.

This message will come if you are battling with low self-esteem – especially if it has to do with beauty and body shape.

The universe will give you this dream as a gift that you are an attractive woman.

This message has only one intention – it is to boost your esteem, and make you believe in yourself.

Furthermore, it is to make you confident in your looks.

Several people try to change how they look because of their lack of confidence in themselves. Dreaming of having long hair will help you out of that rut.

6) You can handle responsibilities


In the olden days, having beards is a sign of old age. It is a sign of maturity, and it speaks volumes concerning how to handle responsibilities.

It is believed that a man with beards is matured in his mind and emotions, and this will reflect in how he handles responsibilities.

Therefore, whenever you dream about having beards, it is saying that you can handle the responsibilities ahead of you.

It is revealing that you have the spiritual capacity to work under pressure without falling apart.

7) Watch your health

One of the signs of cancer is hair falling off. Whenever you dream of your hair falling off, it does not have to speak about cancer.

However, it speaks about health-related issues.

This type of dream reveals that you are not taking good care of your health. It is important to pay attention to your health because your body is needed for everything you plan to achieve.

Therefore, whenever you have stopped taking care of yourself, the universe will begin to send warning signals to you through dreams, and one of such dreams is about your hair falling off.

Therefore, once you have this type of dream, it is best to start watching your health before things get out of hand.

8) You need trusted friends

When you dream of having only one strand of hair on your head, it is a sign of loneliness and betrayal.

This dream will come after your friends have betrayed you. It might also come before it happens as a warning sign, and to also prepare you for what lies ahead.

Therefore, whenever you have a dream like this, the next line of action is to begin to look for trusted friends.

Having one strand of hair on your head is saying that you have been deserted by your friends. It is revealing that everyone around you cannot be trusted.

Therefore, get out of that zone and trust to meet good and loyal friends.

9) New beginning

Baby with long hair

Having baby hair on your head is not a normal occurrence. However, when you have a dream such as this, it is saying only one thing, which is a new beginning.

The spiritual world is giving you a fresh opportunity to start your life afresh.

Most times, this will happen because you have experienced a major failure.

The new beginning is like wiping off your past errors and giving you a new opportunity to try again.

Therefore, you must be careful about how you treat this new opportunity.

10) You are trying to make up for your mistake

If you dream of combing your hair, it is a sign that you are trying to make up for your mistakes in the past.

This is a good sign of repentance.

It is saying that you have learned well from your experience.

Spiritually, combing your hair in a single wave is saying that you have identified what you need to do, and you are on a path to achieving something extraordinary.

11) You are renewing your mind

Whenever you dream of washing your hair in the bathroom, it is a spiritual indication that you have started the process of renewing your mind.

The bible says that renewing the mind is very important to our spiritual growth. This rule also applies to our physical lives.

Therefore, keep at the process of mind renewal and transformation.

In addition to this, washing your hair is also revealing that you are becoming confident in yourself. You are becoming a master of your numerous abilities, and you have started discovering who you were meant to be.

Dreaming of someone doing my hair meaning

Someone doing my hair in a dream

Whenever you have a dream of someone doing your hair, it has the following meanings in the spiritual world.

  1. If the person is a female, this is a spiritual sign of embracing your feminine side. It is saying that you should learn to become more tender towards people. It also encourages you to publicly show your side of care and affection, while maintaining strong emotional and mental balance.
  1. When a male is making your hair in the dream, it is a sign of mental balance. This dream will always come to create a balance in your mental and emotional surges. This dream is telling you to embrace your masculine side.
    • As much as becoming caring and affectionate is beautiful, you must learn to know when to be firm in your decisions irrespective of what people think of as right or wrong.
  1. Dreaming of someone doing your hair in the morning is a sign of good luck. This means that you are going to have a good day, month, and year.
  1. However, when someone is doing your hair at the night, it is believed that you are under attack. Most times, you will wake up from that dream feeling depressed and exhausted.

These are the 4 common spiritual meanings that come with this dream. 

Seeing Long Black Hair in a Dream Meaning

Long Black Hair

This speaks of attractiveness and embracing one’s self. Whenever you constantly dream of long black hair, it is telling you to embrace yourself.

People might not like who you are, but if you learn to love yourself, they will come around. This is a message of deep encouragement and confidence.

Spiritually, dreaming of long black hair also means that you are attractive. It is telling you to be confident in your looks. You don’t have to look like other people to feel pretty. You are unique and special just as you are.

Culturally, long black hair is saying that you have a rich cultural heritage. It might even be a spur to look into your cultural history.

Long black hair has several deep meanings which vary from the spiritual ability to see, to having a strong perception quality to see the good and bad in people

Does Hair represent Good Luck in Dreams?

Hair and good luck

Yes, hair represents good luck in dreams. Whenever you dream of hair, don’t be quick to discard it as bad. 

  • If you dream of having white hair, it is a sign of good luck. White hairs are connected to God, angels, and good spirits. Therefore, dreaming of having white hair might be telling you that there is a spiritual connection between you and good spirits. This connection will bring good luck to you.
  • Dreaming of washing your hair is a sign of good luck. This is a sign of embracing yourself and making amends to improve on your several traits and qualities. Furthermore, it is a good sign of renewing your mindset.
  • Whenever you dream of someone making your hair in the morning, this is also a clear indication of good luck. That is, the universe has given you this dream to create a positive expectation in your heart concerning how your day will go.

Dreaming of hair can also attract positive relationships to you. It can bring fortune and lucky money to your life. Therefore, the universe can your dream of hair speak to you in positive terms.

Final Words

Spiritually, never take your dreams of hair for granted. Several people have done it in the past, but you don’t have to repeat the same pattern.

Whenever you have a dream about hair, one of the pieces of information in this article will help you to find the spiritual meaning and possible solution to any attached issue or difficulty.

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