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11 Spiritual Meanings of a Pig in Dreams (Symbolism)

11 Spiritual Meanings of a Pig in Dreams (Symbolism)

There are 11 spiritual meanings of a pig in dreams. This also represents the pig symbolism.

People have given pigs several meanings based on religious biases and cultural beliefs.

Let us look into the pig’s spiritual meaning and symbolism to discover if what we know pigs to be is true or not. 

What do Pigs Represent?


Pigs represent an uncanny appetite for growth. This is uncommon to general knowledge and perception, but it is true.

Over the years, we have only associated pigs with greed and dirtiness.

Our biases have stopped us from seeing how deep the pig’s appetite for growth runs. This is why we are quick to resent the presence of pigs around us.

If you desire to grow and make progress, get used to pigs.

As funny and strange as this sounds, it can be a life changer for you.

In the spiritual world, pigs can birth a strong desire for growth in us. Pigs will never sit back and watch things happen. They take responsibility for themselves and push hard at life until success is accomplished.

Furthermore, pigs represent the passion to prove one’s self.

Now, this is what other people term pride. Are pigs proud? Yes, they are.

However, you must understand that this pride came from confidence.

It stemmed from the passion to prove themselves. When you see a pig, it is also stirring your heart in this direction. It is encouraging you to prove your worth to everyone around you

What do Pigs Symbolize?

Pig symbolism

Because of the hatred for pigs, they are mostly resented and left alone by people. They are hunted down, killed, and sold as pork meat.

Now, seeing a pig brings a message of loneliness.

The pig symbolism talks about living a lonely life. It means that you have been misunderstood by a lot of people who have left you alone.

It is also an encouraging sign. The pig symbolism encourages you to move on with your life.

You will never find a pig begging for friendship or companionship. It stays on its lane and keeps hustling for its daily bread.

In the same manner, the pig symbolism should inspire you to follow suit.

You should never go after people or leech on them. No matter how hard it seems, stay in your lane.

Keep making efforts to succeed, and the right association will find you.

No matter how bad it gets, pigs will always find a friend in other pigs. Now, this is also a message to you.

Even if people misunderstand you, the people who trust you will flock around you, protect you, and make you feel useful.

The pig symbolism is a mind changer. It shifts people’s paradigms and gives them healthy self-esteem.

The Spiritual Meaning of Pigs in Real Life

Spiritual Meaning of Pigs

In real life, pigs mean usefulness. No matter how much people resent pigs, they cannot do without their meat.

The meat from a pig is highly nutritious. This is why people eat pork meat.

Take away pigs from the equation, and there will be no pork.

Therefore, seeing a pig in real life should remind you that there is something about your life that people need.

This does not mean they will like you, but they will never be able to do certain things without your input. 

In essence, the spiritual meaning of pigs in real life helps you to see how useful and valuable you are.

  • It opens you up to your potential abilities and exposes you to an atmosphere for growth and development.
  • It reminds you that people will always want what you have. This realization will instill confidence and courage into your heart.

Furthermore, the spiritual meaning of pigs in real life also centers around courage. That is, pigs in real life help us to be courageous in the fight for success and victory.

It inspires us to never back down from a fight.

11 Spiritual Meanings of a Pig in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of a Pig in Dreams

Whenever you dream of pigs, there are 11 spiritual meanings attached. Out of these 11 spiritual meanings, one or two will personally address your situation. These are the ones you should stick with and act upon.

1) You are useful

Yes, you are useful! Never let anyone look down on you or make you feel unnecessary.

Dreaming of a pig reminds you to never look down on yourself.

People might not like you, but you have something they want, and when the time is right, they will always come back to you.

The pig you just saw in your dream is inspiring you to never look down on your potential.

It might be hard, but not impossible. Pigs go through this a lot and they come out better. So, expect the same result.

2) Stay focused on what you want to accomplish 

Here is another strong message from seeing pigs in your dream.

Once a pig shows up in your dream, it has come to keep you focused on your goals.

Whenever you get to a point of distraction, dreaming of pigs does not mean further distraction.

  • It comes to help your focus.
  • It has come to straighten your inner lens to see ONLY what matters.

Dreaming of pigs tells you to stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Don’t allow any other thing to distract you from your goal and objective. 

3) You need to be determined


Determination is one of the strengths of a pig.

When you see a pig digging the ground in a dream, this shows determination. It reveals that hidden passion to never give up on a search.

You need to imbibe this same quality.

Dreaming of pigs inspires you to be determined. With determination, you will accomplish and smash those goals. 

Furthermore, dreaming of pigs means that anything is possible with determination.

Once you can be determined enough to get something done, nothing will stand in your way.

Spiritually, seeing a pig fuels your passion and drive, which ultimately brings about a strong determination. 

4) You are doing what is right

  • Do you need an affirmation?
  • Have you doubted yourself?
  • Do you think your actions are wrong?

Well, it is okay to feel that way. Everyone will get to this point. Therefore, there is nothing bad in the fears you have. It simply means you are concerned about getting it right.

Dreaming of pigs at this point in your life is not a red flag.

It is nothing to be worried about.

Anytime you are at a crossroads, you will dream of pigs as an assurance.

Pigs will come to you in a dream to tell you that what you are doing is right. They come to show that you are on the right track.

Therefore, let this message fuel your confidence to accomplish many more feats.

5) Take bold steps

Baby pig

Everyone faces uncertainties.

There are times we are not sure of what step to take, and the results we will get. However, we must learn to damn the consequences at times.

This is what dreaming about pigs is saying.

It is a message from the universe that inspires you to take bold steps

Even if you don’t have all the details; even if you feel uncertain about that step, dreaming of pigs is the extra push you need to take bold steps.

It helps you to believe that everything will turn out as planned. Furthermore, it stretches your capacity to dare great things. 

6) Love yourself

Pigs are not moved by people’s love or hatred. They don’t care if people want them to succeed or fail.

Pigs have healthy self-esteem.

They know how important they are.

You will never find a pig wallowing in self-defeat or doubt. This should be your life as well

Dreaming of pigs means you should fall in love with yourself.

Stop looking for people’s approval of you before you see something good about yourself.

Giving people too much power over your happiness will rob you of a lot.

Therefore, take this message and act on it from now on.

Seeing a pig in your dream inspires you to love yourself. It teaches you to see that you have more than enough ability in you.

7) Don’t Be Lazy

Spiritual confidence

Because of the confidence of pigs, they can sometimes be lazy.

This is why a lot of people assume that the pig symbolism talks about laziness.

They might be right, but understanding the underlying factor in this attitude is crucial. Now, when you become lazy, pigs will appear to you in your dream

This is a warning sign from the universe. Seeing pigs in your dream inspires you to work harder.

It has come to create a desire for more, which pushes you to get more disciplined and committed to your life and destiny.

8) You are in good hands

When it comes to relationships, seeing pigs in dreams might be all you need.

For example, if you dream of 5 pigs surrounding you, it means your friends are just like you. At other times, if you wear pig skin with your friends, this is also another spiritual sign that you are in good hands.

Dreaming of pigs comes to show that the people around you can be trusted.

It reveals good things about your friends to you and makes you confident in your company or association.

9) Spiritual enlightenment


Dreaming of pigs can lead to spiritual enlightenment.

It can help our spiritual senses to become more active. It can allow our minds to be perfectly aligned with the path of spirituality.

This is why you should always watch out for pig dreams.

If you dream of seeing 7 white pigs and piglets, it points towards developing high spiritual sensitivity.

It also encourages you to be more attentive to the spiritual signs around you.

Dreaming of white pigs is a sign of spirituality that should not be ignored. It also inspires you to pursue spiritual knowledge.

10) Constantly seek out ways to become better

Have you ever heard the saying “Nobody is perfect”? I bet you have!

Dreaming of pigs reiterates that saying. It allows you to see the other side of confidence, which is vigilance.

  • You need to understand that there is more room for growth.
  • Never be complacent with who you are.
  • Always look out for other ways to become better than yesterday.

Dreaming of pigs brings a message of evolution, growth, progress, and self-development.

Therefore, we have the responsibility to embrace this message and act on it.

11) Opportunities are coming

Whenever you dream of pigs, it is a sign of opportunities.

Spiritually, dreaming of pigs reveals that numerous and life-changing opportunities are coming into your life.

Perhaps, this has been the answer you’ve sought for. It has come. 

The dream of pigs you just had brings this message. In that dream, you will see many pigs eating.

Once you wake up from that dream, speak out your desires and expect to be blessed with opportunities.

Now, with this good news comes a caution.

What is this caution? The caution message is telling you to be on the lookout for these opportunities, and be prepared to take advantage of them.

What does a Pig Symbolize in the Bible?

Pig symbolism in the Bible

Biblically, a pig is a sign of sin. Anytime the Bible calls someone a pig, it refers to sin.

In the Jewish culture, gentiles are always referred to as a pig or a dog, and it means “not belonging to the faith”.

Therefore, if you are called a pig, the biblical meaning associates you with sin. God will show you a pig to make you repent of your sins and embrace holiness

This is what a pig symbolizes in the bible.

Are Pigs a Good Luck Sign?

Pigs and good luck

Yes, pigs are a good luck sign.

This is contrary to the general view, but it is true.

Whenever you see a pig, the first thing that should come to your mind is goodness, courage, confidence, and positive energy.

In the spiritual world, you will see a pig when the universe wants you to be courageous, or take advantage of opportunities. 

Final Words

What is your experience with pigs like? Whether good or bad, you need to know that a message is embedded in that pig experience for you.

As earlier stated, seeing a pig calls for immediate spiritual attention. Therefore, never let this opportunity pass you by (when you dream of pigs).

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